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The 'New' Night Fury

The (New) Night Fury (NNF) is a Light Fury subspecies that adapted into a darker environment, gaining spines and other such Night Fury like features as time progressed.

These dragons are referred to as Night Furies in a modern day, as the original species became extinct after Toothless. They live in the Hidden World, usually remaining in the darker corners known as 'The Shadows.'

Adaptation Theory

Toothless was the last existing night fury, and long after he passed, night fury genes were completely bred out of existence.   In a modern day, Light Furies would have had ages to reproduce and adapt.

Light furies are a white color, though in the hidden world this trait would not protect them from potential predators (Other dragons).

So as light furies reproduce, light furies with extra melanin (darker coloring) might become favored as they disguise themselves more easily, effortlessly, even. So in the mating process, their offspring are also darker.

So as these darker Light Furies are breeding with each other, more and more are created. They separate themselves as a subspecies, different from normal Light Furies, and relocate themselves to live in another area within the Hidden World that better fits their presence.

As the new subspecies continues to adapt, the 'sail' on their backs would harden into fused spines and gain more Night Fury like features as requirements of the new habitat, to help protect themselves from predators. Their four sets of wings become more 'pointy,' and they gain more 'nubs' on their head.

This new subspecies now looks very similar to original Night Furies, though differences still are obvious. The spines are larger, they sill have a Light Fury's fin along their legs, and they can use a 'cloaking' ability via their Plasma Blasts.

This subspecies is still a member of the Strike Class, and in the Fanfiction "A Fading Star will Rise Again," humans mistake them as Night Furies, though genetically the dragons are not really related to the original species. They are a smaller population, though there are quite a few that exist and they continue to reproduce.

Thank you @DopScratch for this theory idea! You inspired the whole thing!



The new Night Fury's coloration can vary from dragon to dragon, from colors like jet-black to silver. All  dragons' coloration, though, must be somewhat dark in order for them to blend into the shadows. Their underbellies are sometimes different colors from the rest of their bodies, like a Light Fury might have a blue underbelly but otherwise white scales. This coloration detail does not appear in all NNFs.


The Light Fury's 'sail,' or their single spine that runs all the way down their back, mutated for the new Night Fury. It became a row of spines that have the appearance of being 'fused,' and it runs not only down their back, but also along their sides. These were developed as an extra layer of protection from sneak attacks, and it may be hard to spot oncoming attackers in the dark. These spines are razor-sharp and retractable.



New Night Furies are natural leaders, they are protective of their family and friends and they tend to sort of form a 'pack' with those they are close with. They always protect their loved ones with their lives and are natural descision makers, and have compassion towards all dragons.

Dominance and Aggression

New Night Furies often have what some might consider 'anger issues,' where they feel they must show dominance over any stronger dragons and are often quick to judge those that they think might be dangerous. They are especially competetive when it comes to mating, as they may fight for the one they love.


These dragons are often extremely playful, especially when they are still at a young age. They enjoy doing tricks through the air and showing off.


Being derived from Light Furies, some new Night Furies may be considered extremely vain. They are proud of their appearance.

Abilities and Strengths


The new Night Fury can blast a Plasma Charge, these charges can vary in color. They are deadly to any human, but merely disorienting to other dragons.


If a new Night Fury flies straight through their own plasma blast, their scales become super-heated and reflect the surroundings, making the dragon nearly invisible. They do not often use this ability, though, because the heat can drain their energy faster.

Lightning Shot

The new Night Furies love storms, as it is their preffered battlefield and the lightning's electricity can give them extra power. Since these dragons are agile, quick flyers, and easily disquised in the dark, battleing in a stormy sky gives them many advantages. This includes a Lightning Shot, where their scaled attract electricty and as the lightning gathers around them, they can aim and send all of the gathered energy to an opponent. This is exhausting, though, so it is used rarely.


The NNF's agility is incredible, they are slim and can slice through the air quickly and their quick reflexes allow them to dodge obstacles with ease. 


In the dark, new Night Furies are extremely stealthy. They are silent on their feet, and in the air, plus their dark coloration, they can sneak up on other creatures extremely well.


Direct Sunlight

As the NNF species live in a dark cavernous area, they are not accustomed to direct sunlight. In sunlight, their energy is drained quickly and their shot limit goes from 6 shots to 5. They cannot fly long distances in the sun, nor can they spend much time running on the ground.

Extreme Heat

New Night Furies, as mentioned earlier, are not accustomed to the heat. In hot temperatures like in the desert, they would be uncomfortable and unable to fly long distances. But in extreme heat, like in fire, though their scales are fireproof it would have major effects on their body, causing them to be unable to fly quite so well and even sometimes results in passing out.

Daytime Flying

Flying in the day is not a good idea for and new Night Fury, as the sunlight would not be good for them, and they would not be disguised in the slightest. With their dark coloration, they would stand out against blue skies. This makes them vulnerable to attacks.

Aggression and Dominance

Night Furies may try to show dominance to any dragon that they think could be stronger than them, which is really a sign of insecurity. This is common in NNFs, being a somewhat small dragon. They feel the need to be aggressive towards others just to prove ther strength.

Growth Process

  • The baby NNF begins as an egg, as dragons do.

    Nightfury4eva's Amazing Artwork!

  • When it hatches, the NNF may not have all of it's ear plates/nubs, and the spines on their sides and back are tiny and sometimes don't even appear yet. These hatchlings also don't have all their abilities yet, though they sometimes may accidentally summon a Plasma Blast unintentionally.

    Nightfury4eva's Hatchling drawing! So CUTE!

  • As the NNF continues to grow, it gains the rest of it's nubs/ear plates and their spines, and the begin learning of their abilities. When they reach their teen years, they usually have all of their abilities mastered.
  • Adult NNF's may expirience spine growth, making their spines larger that they used to be. Otherwise, the only change is they may grow a few inches taller, and their wingspan might expand.
  • The NNFs lifespan is currently unknown

Light Fury Cross-Breeding

Light Furies

Being closely related to the Light Fury, new Night Furies are able to mate and breed with the white dragons. The offspring of this combination would be known as a new Night Light, with a combination of the Light Fury's white scales and the new Night Fury's dark scales.

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