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<p dir="ltr">I was frozen where I stood. How had I seen this dragon before I’d read about it? Maybe I’d heard of it before?</p>
I was frozen where I stood. How had I seen this dragon before I’d read about it? Maybe I’d heard of it before?
<p dir="ltr">I shook my head. I was just imagining things. Purely coincidental.</p>
<p dir="ltr">I shook my head. I was just imagining things. Purely coincidental.</p>
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<h2 dir="ltr">3- Seeing Things</h2>
<h2 dir="ltr">3- Seeing Things</h2>
My alarm went off Monday morning, ending the weekend. Sunday had been pretty normal, no more dragon nonsense. I slipped out of bed and trudged over to my dresser, unhappy to go to school.
<p dir="ltr">My alarm went off Monday morning, ending the weekend. Sunday had been pretty normal, no more dragon nonsense. I slipped out of bed and trudged over to my dresser, unhappy to go to school.</p>
<p dir="ltr">I brushed my teeth and showered, then pulled my hair into a single braid. I left out two sections to curl around my face, to frame it.</p>
<p dir="ltr">I brushed my teeth and showered, then pulled my hair into a single braid. I left out two sections to curl around my face, to frame it.</p>

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A Fading Star will Rise Again (HTTYD FanFic) <Being Rewritten>
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Modern Setting


Lyra Stellar is a 15 year-old girl living on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean. The human world is at war, death and blood devestate human civilization. Lyra's life changes when she finds an old book washed up on the beach. Somehow protected and preserved, The Book of Dragons decodes itself and allows Lyra to read it. Lyra is now vulnerable to those who seek the book and the information within, but she is protected by a mysterious beast.

As the titanwing Night Fury, Alpha of all dragons, Esteria the Night Fury is extremely powerful. She is tasked with portecting Lyra, as well as her kingdom, The Hidden World. The Hidden World is in danger of collapse, and the dragons within are no longer safe there.

Will Lyra be able to aid Esteria in bringing dragons back into the world safely? Will the duo be able to cease the war and bring peace to humankind?

[1] Esteria & others


"She's coming!" The Master sang. Nightfall struggled, bound in leather restraints, a leather strap keeping his snout shut. The only thing keeping him from blowing The Dark Soul to pieces. "Oh, c'mon," The Master whispered, leaning closer to the black-and-white beast. "Aren't you excited? Together, we can do everything we've ever wanted. Once they're gone, the world will be ours for the taking."

Nightfall growled, but couldn't deny The Master's plan. He had everything prepared, it would take a miracle to defeat him.

"Calm down, dragon. You'll get your prize soon enough." The Master whispered. Nightfall wanted to blast him so hard right now. He gave a final struggle, but then yelped as Master stuck a needle into Nightfall, a venom powerful enough to force him to bend to the Dark Soul's every whim. "Now let's kill that Alpha."

1- Visions

I woke up Saturday morning at 9:00 am, groggy. I rubbed my eyes, yawned, and sat up. My heart leapt as I remembered the date, No school!

I Slid out of bed feet barely touching the cold floor, then walked over to my dresser, picking up my hairbrush. As I brushed out my tangled chestnut-brown hair, I made my agenda for the day in my head.

Make waffles or cinnamon rolls for Kitty

Make Kitty get dressed for the birthday party

Get dressed myself

Go out to the park and sketch

Make lunch (Turkey and cheese sandwiches) for me and Dad.


Skate time!

Mom makes dinner tonight, so don’t worry ‘bout that.



I smiled as I tied the final elastic, finishing my pigtail-braids. I had the perfect Saturday all planned out.

“Kitty!” I called out for my 9-year-old sister. I called her Kitty, though she argued, it was her nickname and she’d never live it down.

“It’s KATIE!” She retorted. I could hear the grogginess in her voice.

“Waffles or freezer cinnamon rolls?” I inquired, ignoring her.

“Duh, waffles!” She laughed. I smiled to myself and got out the ingredients for waffles.

After breakfast and taking Kitty to her best friend’s birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese, I walked to the park with my sketchbook in hand. Sitting on my favorite bench, I opened to a blank page the rough paper insisting me to draw something.

What to draw today… I wondered. I gazed around the park, looking for inspiration. I’d done the playground, the trees, the flowers, the pond, and basically everything else. But what for today?

“You should draw a dragon.” A small voice said from beside me. I jumped a little, then turned to see a little girl standing there.

“A dragon, huh?” I questioned, now smiling at the little blonde girl. She looked to be 6 or 7 years old.

“Yeah. A little pink one.” She responded, climbing onto the bench beside me.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Arilia.” She said. “But you can call me Ari. Only my friends call me Ari, but you are drawing me a dragon, so you can be my friend.”

I laughed. “Okay, Ari. Now tell me what you want this dragon to look like.”

For the next ten minutes, Ari told me exactly how her dragon looked. She named it Dawn, and it was small, and she told me that it was 6 feet long, and a foot 5 inches tall, with a 6-foot wingspan. I laughed at how exact she was. She called it a “Terrible Terror.”

When I finished the drawing I tore it out of my sketchbook and handed it to Ari. She thanked me and ran off giggling. I smiled after her, then gathered up my supplies and ended park time a bit early.

The walk home was pleasant, the autumn air cool enough to be just right while wearing a jacket the trees around ignited with oranges and yellows. I heard the crunch of the crisp leaves beneath my feet as I walked. The sky was an endless blue, cloudless and clear.

After sandwiches and reading 3 chapters of my favorite book, I tied the laces on my teal quad skates and headed out onto the trail.

The skate was delightful, a great way to clear my mind. As I came to a slight downhill, I allowed myself to glide down, my eyes closed.

I tried to imagine the happy memories from when I lived on the US mainland, before the war. But today I closed my eyes only to see the raid in my town, houses collapsing, people screaming, blood everywhere, gunshots…

I gasped and opened my eyes, feeling my feet slipping out from under me. I fell on my behind, breathing heavily. I wish the memory could just disappear, I live on a secluded island safe from the raging war. I just need to forget.

But sometimes the memories you most want to forget are the ones you always remember.

I sighed and clambered back onto my feet, resuming the skate.

As I glided along the section of trail that went along the beach I stopped myself and sat on the edge of the trail, setting down my skate bag, untying my skates and taking off my thick rainbow socks. I slid my bare feet into the sand. I tried to calm myself by listening to the sound of the crashing waves. I closed my eyes once more, my heartbeat falling in sync with the ocean’s peaceful noise.

This time my mind wandered to images of dragons, like Dawn, Ari’s dragon from earlier, but there were many of them, all different colors. And there were bigger ones, dragons with horns and spikes, dragons with huge wings, all of them crowding around a cavern that looked like it had collapsed. Debris strewn all over the place. By what looked like it used to be the entrance stood a medium-sized black dragon. It had three large ear-like nubs around its face, as well as two smaller ones on the top of its head. It had a long tail, two smaller wings at the base and two tail flukes at the end. Folded in at its sides were larger wings. Along its spine was a long row of spikes, all fused together. It has a sad expression on its face, its brilliant blue eyes looking desperately at the collapsed cavern.

A larger dragon approached the black one from behind, this one was mostly a light blue color, accented with lavender. Its face had a smashed appearance, and it had a large crest, this also lavender-colored, resting on its forehead.


Carefully, this crested-dragon lifted the debris, revealing a dragon almost identical to the blue-eyed black dragon, but larger. This dragon’s eyes were closed, and its chest didn’t rise and fall like it should. Its body was misshapen, smashed by the collapse.

It was dead.

All of the dragons except the blue-eyed black one bowed their heads and raised their wings, shaking them. The black one walked over to the dead dragon and curled up beside him, wrapping its long tail around itself, hiding its face.

The collapsed cavern, as well as the rest of the rocks and algae, all flickered. They all glowed strangely, but suddenly the light dimmed.

I opened my eyes, reaching my hand up to my cheek. I found it tear-streaked.

What did I just see? ​​​​​​

2- Discoveries

I wiped the tears off my face and reached for my socks, ready to put them on when I saw something lying near the trail a few meters away from me.

I stood and walked through the sand, picking it up. I dusted off the cover of the book, finding a dragon-shaped carved into the leather. I opened the book to find it written in unfamiliar runes. I was about to close it when the writing appeared to be moving. I stared as the writing morphed into English.

The Book of Dragons.

I turned the crumbling yellowed page, revealing an illustration of a dragon. Page after page there were drawings of different dragons and information about them. I reached a page with a dragon symbol on it and the word Strike. The next page showed a dragon called The Skrill. The next showed an illustration of what looked like the dragon I’d seen in my vision - The black one.

A night fury.

The illustrations were very similar to the black dragon, but there were some differences. Like the illustration’s spines weren’t all fused together, and the snout wasn’t short quite like the one I’d seen.

Flipping the page again I found what looked somehow more ‘recent’ than the other pages did. It was on the Light Fury, and it looked extremely similar to the night fury but white and iridescent scales rather than jet black with a short thin sail down its spine and on its legs. I gazed at the pictures, tracing them with my fingers. The dragons were absolutely beautiful, so much so that I had to draw them.

I turned the page again, revealing a less yellowed page with an illustration nearly identical to the black dragon I’d seen in my mind's eye. The page had obviously been added to the book long after the others. It was even written in another language, spelled with recognizable letters. And it was more a journal entry than the other pages. Again, the writing translated itself into English.

“I found it. The Hidden World. It was guarded by changwings, but I dodged their hypnotism and dove in. It is beautiful and colorful, and so full of dragons. I wish I could have seen more but I had to keep myself hidden or they would’ve eaten me alive.

I traveled to a corner of the deepest depths of the Hidden World. It wasn’t well lit, in fact, it was extremely dark. Within, once my eyes adjusted, I found what I’d been looking for. Night Furies. Well, not real Night Furies. I believe they are light furies, and somehow they’ve adapted to be able to live in the dark area, I’ll call it, ‘the Shadows.’ There must have been something they wanted in there.

These Light Furies had a short snout just like normal ones, and the sail on their spine had hardened into cartilage and gained spikes. Their entire figure had begun to not be as smooth.”

I smiled. So I must have seen one of these ‘new’ Night Furies. I continued reading.

“I’m going to call these dragons Night Furies since the original species is almost completely dead. The Night-Light breed is diminishing adding to the demise of the amazing Night Fury.

Their personality seems to be very similar to what Toothless’s was described as though they still retain their caution. One of them spotted me, I feared for my life, but it seemed all it wanted to do was say ‘Hello.’ Though when an elder Night Fury approached, she did not act the same. That’s when I had to go. I wish I could learn more, but I need to document what I can before I lose my life. Others must know of this secret kingdom.

Adorjan Ingerman”

I was frozen where I stood. How had I seen this dragon before I’d read about it? Maybe I’d heard of it before?

I shook my head. I was just imagining things. Purely coincidental.

I looked around the beach for anyone who might own the book, but it was deserted. The book was interesting enough, I decided to stick the book into my skate bag and head home.

That night as I dozed off, I found myself in the strange glowing place Adrojan Ingerman had described as the Hidden World. Instead of seeing the Night Fury I’d read about, I was the dragon.

I flew through the Hidden world, around the glowing algae of all different colors. Around pillars of pink and blue rocks, over pools of crystal clear water. It was beautiful.

For some reason I was panicked, weaving between the rocks quickly. I slowed as a white dragon, a Light Fury, I believe, zoomed towards me. She made a sound, kind of like a cat’s ‘Meow.’ But I understood it as The main cavern.

I sped up franticly flapping my wings as I sped towards the main cavern. The whistle of the air beneath my wings thundered through the Hidden World. As I arrived, all I could hear was my heart pounding inside my chest.

The once lively cavern was lifeless. Empty. I glided towards the center, where the largest rock once stood. It was now crumbled, scattered all over the place.

I landed on the largest shard and sat down. Thud thud thud. My heart pounded. My mind was flooded with images of a majestic creature, much like the dragon I was, standing on the rock as the other dragons surrounded him and trembled their wings.

This dragon was the alpha- I thought. This dragon is dead. My vision came back to me, the lifeless beast lying on the ground.

Grief flooded my body, and the dragon I was let out a painfully loud scream, before curling up on the rock. The pain convulsed through me, pulsing through my veins. It was all I could feel.

My father, my Alpha, is dead. I thought.

“Lyra? Lyra!” I suddenly heard a voice call. Kitty’s voice. My eyes fluttered open. My gaze flickered to my clock, it was midnight. “Are you alright Lyra?” Kitty asked.

I gulped and nodded. “Just… a bad dream. I’m fine.”

Kitty smiled sweetly. “You sure?”

I nodded once more. “Yes, go back to bed, Kitty.”

She walked out of the room, and I sighed. My heart still pounded, the dream felt so real. I rolled over in bed and closed my eyes again, picturing my happiest memories so I could drift off peacefully.

3- Seeing Things

My alarm went off Monday morning, ending the weekend. Sunday had been pretty normal, no more dragon nonsense. I slipped out of bed and trudged over to my dresser, unhappy to go to school.

I brushed my teeth and showered, then pulled my hair into a single braid. I left out two sections to curl around my face, to frame it.

I changed into light-blue jeans and a black t-shirt, then walked out of my room towards the kitchen. As I walked past the sliding glass doors at the back of the house, I saw something large an black out of the corner of my eye. My eyebrows shot up and I looked out into the backyard.

There was nothing there. I must be going crazy! I’m seeing things now!

I laughed at myself and walked into the kitchen, preparing breakfast for Kitty.

When she woke up, I could tell. She smelled the chocolate waffles and ran out to me faster than the speed of light. “Waffles!” She yelled.

“Shh, Kitty, you’ll wake the whole neighborhood!” I laughed. She stuck her tongue out at me and piled three waffles onto her plate.

I put a waffle on a plate and walked towards my Dad’s room, but as I walked by the glass door I saw something again- a silhouette against the pink-tainted sky.

I turned towards it and this time it didn’t disappear, it remained sitting in the center of my yard.

It sat at maybe six or seven feet tall, and what looked like a tail wrapped around it from behind. It had four ear-like nubs on each side of its head. The figure looked exactly like the black dragon I’d seen in my mind.

“Ly? You alright over there?” Kitty asked, her voice muffled thanks to a mouth full of waffle.

I nodded. “Yeah, I just like the view.” I said, and it wasn’t entirely a lie. I tore my gaze away from the figure outside and walked to my Dad’s room, handing him the waffle. He thanked me and I walked out. As I walked back through my hallway, my vision blurred. I fell to my knees as my surroundings disappeared, and once again I found myself to be a black dragon.

I sat atop a large pink crystal next to the dragon’s father. Must be before my previous visions… I figured. Father’s roar thundered through the cavernous area as dragons gathered all around us.

As the the flow of additional dragons slowed, the King’s voice spoke, and I understood it like it was plain English.

“My daughter, Esteria, ahs come of age to take her place as your princess!” He said. “You will treat her as you do me, with respect.”

The dragons roared in response.

“And this means, if anything should happen to me, she will become your Alpha, receiving all responsibilities and powers.” He continued.

Another roar came from the crowd of dragons.

The King roared. “Esteria!”

In return, the name was repeated throughout the cavern. “Esteria! Esteria! Esteria!”

The vision stopped, and I saw nothing but black for a few seconds before once again I found myself as a dragon, atop a pink crystal, the same as before. But this time, I was alone.

The crowd of dragons gathered around, and a large Stormcutter, as I’d learned from the Book, came before me. It spoke in a booming voice.

“You have gathered to see your new Alpha become official, due to the unfortunate passing of King Stormcloud.”

The dragon gestured for me to stand. I obeyed.

“I hereby declare that Esteria shall act as Queen of the Hidden World, and Alpha of dragons.” She said proudly.

The crowd cheered, but I did not feel like cheering. I wanted to go die in a hole, to disappear. I wasn’t ready for the pressure, being a 15 year old dragon. Why did they feel I should do this? There are so many more worthy dragons. But none wanted the responsibility, no one would challenge me. They only wanted to fulfill my Father’s dream, of me being Alpha. Of me being Queen.

“Her majesty, Esteria!” The Stormcutter announced.

“Lyra! Lyra?” Came a familiar voice. I gasped and opened my eyes, to see Kitty standing there. “You okay? You where as pale as a ghost!”

Breathing heavily, I looked at her and plastered a smile across my face. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

She, anxious to return to her waffles, gave a me a worried glance before running back to the


I sighed and shook my head, it now throbbed with a splitting headache. I walked to the back door, grabbing my skate bag, and walked out back. I sat at the edge of my yard that met the front. I yanked on my high-top teal skates and laced the white laces up.

As I stood carefully, using my toe-stops for balance, when I felt warm breath rickling the skin on the back of my neck.

I turned abruptly, and screamed, jumping several feet away from the tall, dark figure standing on four legs before me.

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