Alex Snakefang Haddock II

Alex Snakefang Haddock II is the Brother of Hiccup & the Main Antagonist of the series, He is a demonic, evil Viking with a coat of weapons & a mechanical hand with sharp claws for nails.


After the events of the first film, Alex Snakefang Haddock II was born from an evil powerful Dragon underlord named Balkorn. After the Underlord used Red Death's power on Green Death, a dragon of the "Death" family, he gave a connection to Green Death as his servant. When born, he was sent on the Haddock's doorstep from an unseen person. The town was excited about Hiccup's brother in training, though his training was better than Hiccup's as he did grateful stunts than no other Viking can do. After, Hiccub has a nightmare about the Green Death destroying the village as he sees Alex on Green Death. The next day, Alex hunts for a new dragon which he later calls "Karkul". He then, takes it to the village to show the people, his new species of Dragon.

As Hiccup discovers that Karkul is a Blackwing, a new species of Dragon & the Night Fury's cousin. After the village discovers that Alex is gone, Hiccup & Toothless finds him on the Dragon's Nest, where the Battle of the Red Death used to be. Discovering that the Dragons he speaks to are a new evil race of dragon that cannot be stoped or controlled. They also have no weakness so they can be turned to the allied dragons. Hiccup & Toothless then fly back to Berk to discover that Alex is the main son of the Underlord. He also explains that those dragons were the dragons of Green Death. After the village is shocked about Alex & the Green Death, the village then goes to war, as they arrived on the nest, Alex, with his dragon, Karkul, waits in the entrance of the cave, as he replies "So be it", the war starts as the evil dragons starts killing the Vikings, as the battle continues, Green Death arrives to the battlefield, as the village fight off the evil, Hiccup & Alex fight each other, Hiccup then throws a piece of spear into Alex's back, losing some of his own blood. Alex then almost tries to kill Hiccup, but is then killed by an arrow from Astrid, As Green Death starts to escape, Alex, who is still alive, climbs up with Karkul as they escape. As the battle ends with most of the evil dragons dead, the Evil remains victory, but they will return as the village is in Peace.