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Amaria has light brown skin with freckles dotting her face and almost black dark brown hair. She often wears black and golden brown clothing usually with a trim of red. We have a black cloak and headbands in her wavy hair. She is also found with a golden spear and a basket or pouch of some sort. She has pale green eyes and winter boots


She was born into a Clan that was at constant warfare with its rivals. Growing up in this brute society and taught her the glory of battle and how to use weapons. After around 13 years of battling for her clans, she was aloud on a siege raid party that would hopefully demolish the other clan. The riad was going well and Amaria had snuck into their arena. she was told to steal the dragons so they could sell them for money. While looking for dragons she stumbled on a TripleStryke. She marveled at the dragon never seeing his kind before. She didn't notice that the other clan's warriors were approaching. She was cornered and suddenly the Triplestryke lashed out blasting flames through the bars at the warriors burning and scaring them off. Thanks for saving her life she released the Triplestryke and named his scorpion. They made a powerful bond quickly and Scorpion let Amaria ride him and together with the pair help out with the attack and defeated the rival clan's island. The two have been inseparable since


She is described as Quickwitted and curious coming up with comebacks to insults on the spot. She has a bit of a sarcastic and thrill-seeker side loving the thrill of battle and the adrenaline rush. She doesn't really like wild dragons too much usually leaving them alone or scaring them off from villages. She does have a soft spot for strike class dragons thought mesmerized by their power and beauty. She is super determined and loyal to friends often visiting them for weird challenges she comes up with. She has a knack for being late all the time as well


Keith Flutterbane

Amaria is best friends with Keith. After they got their dragons they had met on a Dragon Arena. Keith got scared and flew off on his rumble horn. After a bit of confusion Amaria had decided to find Keith while he was flying home. At first, both of them thought they were the enemies and started attacking but after a few heated conversations, they realized they were both neutral. Amaria loves Keith dearly but more of in a sibling way. They have both been through a lot and Amarias is willing to protect him until the day she dies

Tania Viridian

Amaria grew up alongside Tania and as loyal friends. When growing up together they would often play hunting games and participated in a clan game together called "Wrestle the Grapple Grounder" as a team. When Amaria told Tania that she was leaving the clan to find her own destiny, Tania said she wanted to go with her. With the Help of Amaria Tania successfully trained a BoneKnapper.


  • Amaria was a valedictorin in her battle skills class, and of course, Tania was in second place behind her.
  • Loves Blueberry Pie and Chocolate muffins, and also enjoys baking them often
  • Is terrified of Zipplebacks and Snaptrappers for some reason, possibly because of oft their multiple heads
  • Admires strike class dragons a lot, for their power and ablity
  • The idea for Amaria was based on Rubys, Blueberry Pies, and Spears
  • Her personality changed around when I was thinking about it I finally settled on her being a combination of Astrid, Heather, and Ruffnut
  • Amaria is sort of a take on my personality in a way, I have included some facts and beliefs about myself in here also