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Andromeda the Light Fury is captured by Hunters and put in an arena to fight her own kind. With help from courage, a Deathgripper named Scorn, a Titan Wing Triple Stryke and dragons from another universe, can Andromeda escape from the Dragon Oppressors?

Character List

Andromeda: Female Light Fury, 17

Scorn: Male Deathgripper, 25

Trex: Male Titan Wing Triple Stryke, 23

Crimsone: Male Slavesoul Remorser Wyvern, 19

(BTW all species and characters that are not Dreamworks: Dragons are mine - Hydra Hyster (Seriously my hordes will find you if you don't ask permission for using my characters/species))

Chapter One: Trapped

Andromeda woke up covered in a sort of tarp. She tried to wrestle it off but found herself bound in chains. She opened her mouth to blast them off but felt a leather muzzle restrain her, she could talk, thank goodness, but not big enough so she could fire. A desperate roar escaped her and the tarp was ripped off. The Light Fury was being pulled by two beefy vikings wearing heavy armour on a wooden cart through a stone tunnel. They stopped and one of the vikings opened a wooden door and the other pushed Andromeda through. They hauled her off the cart, chained her to the floor and left.

"Ghastly animals! I am a Light Fury!" She roared at the closed door. A cackle from a dark part of the stone prison erupted.

"HAHAHAHA!! That's funny, Princess." Came a voice. Andromeda turned round and a large Deathgripper step out of the shadows. "Name's Scorn. Used to work for Surtur, a Screaming Death. Who're you, Princess?"

“Andromeda. And stop calling me that.”


“What is this place?”

“Dragon Fights.”



“Does anybody else ‘live’ here?”

“One other, but there used to be a Flightmare called Hex, but…”

“But what?”

“You see that funny rock over there with the flies around it? Well…” He cackled as realization dawned on her and a look of disgust appeared on her face.

“Why don’t you have a muzzle on?” Andromeda said, rather wanting to change the subject.

“Because I got some of these.” Scorn replied, retracting his tusks. He came closer until his chain grew taught and he raised his claw. Andromeda closed her eyes at the blow she was about to receive. SNAP! She slowly opened her eyes to find Scorn had cut off her muzzle and slunk to his corner, sat down and closed his eyes.

The door opened and the vikings pushed in a Titan Wing Triple Stryke with red markings - scars. They chained him down and he sat down with no attempt to attack them. They pointed at Andromeda.

“Shouldn’t she be muzzled?”

Scorn opened one eye and growled, unsheathing his stinger. This hurried the vikings out of the room.

“So Trex, how’d it go?” Scorn asked, eye closed again.

“He’s covered in scars, why would he be alright?!” Andromeda exclaimed.

“You should see the other guy,” Trex said, “‘Trouble the Tricky Timberjack’ won’t be fighting for the next few weeks…”

“So, what’s her name?” Trex asked, resting his head on the stone floor.

“Princess Andromeda.” Scorn replied.

“Why’s that? Daughter of the Alpha?”

“I told you to stop calling me that!” Andromeda fumed.

“Aaahhhh. That’s why.” Concluded Trex.

“How could you live in this place? It’s dark, dank and there’s A DEAD BODY!!”

“It’s Special Treatment.” Scorn said plainly.

“WHAT?!” Andromeda was now puzzled. How could this place be ‘Special Treatment’?

“I was talking with Charlotte the Speed Stinger the other day while we were fighting and it turns out our place is better than theirs. It’s cramped and the Hunters poke ‘em to keep them in the fighting spirit.”

“Talking? Weren’t you meant to be fighting?”

“Yeah, our system: People get show, Hunters get money, we get fed. Us dragons talk while fighting, they don’t understand Dragonese, so they think we’re just hissing at each other.”

He paused, “You see those cages over there?” He pointed through a small window in the rockface that showed the arena covered in night. There was two other rock-windows.

“The one on the right is the other dragons, prefer to make friends with them. The ones on the left… I don’t think they’re even from Yggdrasil...“


“Yeah, avoid them I’d say.”

“So get to sleep, as the new dragon you’ll be fighting tomorrow, Princess.”

Chapter Two: Crimsone

The next morning, a beam of light from the window woke Andromeda up. She stretched out recalling the past day’s events. Andromeda looked round. Scorn wasn’t there.

“Hey, Trex!” She said to the Titan Wing.

“What?” Despite seeming asleep, he used a voice that sounded like he was awake for hours.

“Do you know where Scorn is?”

Trex got up. “The Hunters took him a while ago to prep him for the first battle.”

“And this is normal?”


“Of course,” Andromeda was never going to get used to this.

She went over to the window as the commentator's voice boomed “Welcome folks, to the opening battle of the day!!”

The crowd of vikings erupted into cheers.

“Today we have Strike Class contender, a Deathgripper, the scourge of vikings - SCOOORN!!!”

‘Scourge of vikings?’ Andromeda thought as the crowd cheered. Scorn trudged into the arena through an armoured door. “Facing the boulder of a Boulder Class, Brutalis the Catastrophic Quaaaken!!”

The audience yelled as a battle-worn Quaken lumbered into the ring.

“Let the battle commence!!” The resonating boom of a gong filled the arena as the two dragons began their duel. Brutalis rolled into a ball and thundered towards Scorn. The Deathgripper deftly leapt over the Quaken - much to the crowd’s amusement. While the dragon unfurled, Scorn dove in and sliced Brutalis’ underbelly. Brutalis charged his opponent like a battering ram, hitting Scorn so hard a sonic boom exploded. Scorn got up fairly quickly, seeming alright, but Andromeda saw a trickle of blood leak from his mouth. He laughed as Brutalis roared and charged again. Scorn hit the Quaken in the face, mid-charge, with his bludgeon tail sheath. The stunned beast was then rammed into the wall, knocking the thing unconscious. The crowd cheered once more as the panting Scorn and unconscious Brutalis were led back to their cages. “Don’t leave your seats folks, for the next round is Crimsone the Slavesoul Remorser Wyvern against… A Light Fury!!” The crowd let fly excited bellows at the announcement.

Scorn was led back into the prison by two Hunters. He spat out blood as he entered the room and was chained down.

“That looked pleasant,” Andromeda said sarcastically. Scorn chuckled which frightened the Hunters as they started to leave the room dragging Andromeda by her chains.

“Good Luck.” Scorn called.

‘I’ll need it,’ thought Andromeda.

As Andromeda entered the arena she saw her opponent: Imagine a Light Fury that, instead of front legs it has wings, horns instead of nubs, nothing weird on its tail and a charred crimson colouration.

“So that’s why he’s called Crimsone.” She said to herself. Crimsone roared.

“...battle commence!”

Crimsone shot burning coals at Andromeda, which she quickly dodged, and retorted with several plasma blasts - most of which were evaded. Both contenders circled each other, hissing and growling. Crimsone made his move, launched himself at her, wings spread wide and bared teeth. Andromeda caught his attack and a dragon wrestling match began.

“You’ve got skills newbie,” Crimsone hissed, “But back down now - save yourself the trouble.”

“Pah! To the victor goes the spoils and I plan to have the spoils.” Andromeda growled. Crimsone charged up a Coal Fire-Blast. Andromeda looked him dead in the eyes, then scratched him straight in the face. Crimsone howled, clutching his snout. When he put his wings down, a bright red scar was fashioned across his face - freshly bleeding.

“I’ll make you pay!” Crimsone roared.

“No!” Andromeda yelled. Her eyes narrowed to slits and her face curled into a snarl as she charged up another round of plasma blasts. One by one they hit their target right on the bullseye. Crimsone whimpered. Andromeda rose into the air and roared a roar that would shake a Thunderdrum. The Battle was over. It took a few seconds before the crowd took in what just happened before they began chanting: LIGHT FURY! LIGHT FURY! LIGHT FURY! LIGHT FURY! LIGHT FURY! LIGHT FURY! LIGHT FURY!!”

Chapter Three: Light FURY

Days past in a blur. Andromeda found herself fighting many dragons from all over the Archipelago: Changewings, Snaptrappers, Hobblegrunts and seemingly hundreds more. Through all of this the festering idea of freedom grew and shrunk randomly. A question had stuck with her the whole time but was always so tired she hadn’t the time for it. Not tonight.

At about 11pm she asked the question. “Scorn!” she hissed.

“What, Princess?” he said, groggily and both eyes closed.

“Back in the fight with Brutalis, the commentator said you were the Scourge of Vikings.”

Scorn huffed and said, “You wanna know why?”. Andromeda nodded hastily. “Fine,” he said, “It all happened years ago…”

I used to live in a village of humans as a child. I didn’t hurt anyone and they fed me. I was the village pet. When I was 10, I was helping them hunt fish when a loud gong sounded. All the villagers were rushing into the forest with weapons and, out of curiosity, I followed.

Two Light Furies and their baby, a shortwing at most, were sleeping peacefully. Then the vikings attacked. The dragons woke to yells and were slaughtered, myself a witness to the murder of innocents. The baby was running as fast as possible, but was about to be killed - had I not stepped in. I roared, hissed and pounded, drawing their attention as the child got away. They outcasted me, my former friends, and every island I tried to live on, I got run out by vikings. Until I met Surtur the Sadistic.

“Woah,” Andromeda breathed. “Wait, how long ago was that?”

“Fifteen years ago.”

“When I was two my parents were killed, but before the vikings killed me, something distracted them and I ran away.”

Realization dawned on them both. They had known each other for fifteen years.

Andromeda went to bed that night. The festering thought of freedom had grown inexplicably after that story.

The following night, the inhabitants of “Special Treatment” heard a clunk from behind the door. It opened and a casket was chucked in, the door closing after it. Andromeda nosed it open. Hiss! An eel slunk out. The light fury pounced back and shot a plasma blast at it, firing it over to Trex. The Triple Stryke stung it and flung it over to Scorn, who sliced it to pieces calmly.

When Dawn broke across the sky, a Hunter walked in. “Enjoy my little surprise last night?” He laughed. Scorn flung the slimy Eel-Sushi into the hunter's face. They all laughed as the Hunter stormed out. While humiliating the Hunter was funny, Andromeda knew she must escape.

‘These Hunters think they can cage us, make us fight and torture us.’ she thought, ‘They’re wrong.’

Chapter Four: Rematch

Andromeda woke groggily to the sound of clanking chains. She looked out the window. The stars were still strung across above the arena's chain roof. 'Urrgh.' She thought. Trex and Scorn were still asleep. The door opened and three Hunters walked in. They took her chains from the floor and began harshly dragging her to another room through the corridor.

The room was filled with straw, and, once the Hunters took her chains off and left, she flopped down. To SLEEP, finally.

Sunlight streamed in through a door, startling Andromeda awake. "Morning," She said to no-one in general. The commentator's voice boomed, "A Special treat today, people! The Light Fury will face the dragon she made a fool of not that long ago in AN ALL OUT REVENGE BATTLE!!!" The announcement was met with a wild uproar of vikings.

'Fool of? What could that- Oh no, Crimsone.' She thought. A door to the Arena opened and Andromeda had to force herself to shuffle out. On the opposite side, another plated door opened. A snarling crimson dragon walked out. The cut on his snout still much evident and untreated. His claws gashing the stone floor.

The battle began. Crimsone leapt at her, whapping her in the face with his wing. She quickly retorted with plasma blasts which were swiftly dodged. Andromeda saw his eyes. Something was wrong. His left eye glowed green - in their last fight, his eyes had both been orange. Crimson howled wildly as he shot burning charcoal at Andromeda. "Y0u !gnor@nT M0roN!" he cursed through snarls, his green eye pulsing, "You D£fEteD M£ $o Th3y th0ught th3Y C0uLd @bu$e mE." His words were struggled, "N0vv ! dId Th£ 0nE Th1ng I c0ulD, B3c0me a M0NST£R!!!". Burning coals were blasted like spitballs. He had descended into MADNESS.

Andromeda grunted as she weaved her way through the flaming ammunition. "What," She said as she jumped to the side of a blast, "If I could get you out of here. Free?". Crimsone pondered for a moment, then laughed, "Y£aH |>iGht.". "No, I could!" "Hmm 1'M g0!nG to l3t yOu noT G3t kiLled fOr tHe n3Xt m!nUt3 or s0, FoR Y0u t0 £Xpl4in."

"Tomorrow, I'm breaking out. And bringing all the dragons with me - including you."

"I'll pretend T0 def3at you, s0 you can 8egin to pl4n." Crimsone replied. So, he shot a coal at Andromeda and she feigned unconsciousness. 'That still kind of hurt.' She thought. "I g0tta S4y - That waZ really fun." Crimsone laughed.

The day passed in a flash. Andromeda told Scorn and Trex about the escape and they agreed. "Oh, I was waiting to get out of this Thor-forsaken snakepit." Scorn had said. 'So, tomorrow the plan begins.' Andromeda thought as she went to sleep.

Chapter Five: Breakout

4 a.m. - Andromeda woke up and woke up Scorn and Trex.

4:30 a.m. - The dragons pretended to sleep.

5 a.m. - Hunters came in to take one of them.

As the Hunters moved to take Scorn, Trex stood up and stung them all. As they all flopped to the ground, Scorn hooked the keys from one of their belts and chucked them to Andromeda. "There ya go, princess,". The Light Fury fumbled with the keys and eventually unlocked her chains and, throwing them off, unlocked Scorn and Trex's. The Titan stung the hunters with his black stinger (Death!) before they all ran out of the room.

They tore down the corridors and found a way into the main tunnel-way. "Where too?" Andromeda asked. Trex sniffed, "That way," he said sprinting to the right as the others followed. when they came to another door, they opened it. They quickly woke up the dragons and began blasting the chains off. Scorn's Acid-Fire melted through the dragon-proof chain and he quickly did the others. The dragons left and blasted a hole in the wall with combined strength and flew towards the Wild, and freedom.

But Andromeda's job wasn't finished, following the Triple Stryke's nose they found the other-world dragons and opened the door. "When I said all of them I meant it!" Andromeda said to herself. They released the dragons who flew out quickly. Andromeda, Scorn and Trex joined the flock and the Light Fury said, "We must make sure these Hunters don't capture our kind again!". So the flock turned round and a catastrophe of blasts and fire and allsorts were sent down, and the arena blew up. Nothing left but flames and stone.

'Goodbye Hex, your spirit will be free, friend..." Scorn thought to himself.

Final Endings (Epilogue)

The dragons flew back to the Wild. The other-worlders flew back through a giant portal, Crimsone at the head. Scorn and Trex went off together and Andromeda flew on, to her next adventure.

The End.

"Hey, you've made it to the End! Well done. Thanks for reading and if you want stories on the continuations of Scorn, Andromeda and Trex's lives. Tell em in the comments. BYE." - HydraHyster
(Still don't use my characters or species without permission!!)

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