Armadillo Dragon
Draginfli's Armadillo Dragon
The Armadillo Dragon shown in different poses

Species Type

Armadillo Dragon


6 feet to the shoulder

Eye Colour

Light and dark blue

Scale Colour

Armor varies from pitch black to light grey, skin varies from dark grey to white

Fire Abilites

Close-range blast

Species Abilities

Can roll into an indestructible armored ball


Slow-moving, low-flyer

The Armadillo Dragons have white skin under their grey armor. The wing armor segments separate, and the skin stretches to large wings that allow them to fly; though they can't fly very high, due to their weight. The wings also make up most of the surface area when they roll into a ball. When curled into a ball, they are like rolling battering-rams, crushing victims under their weight when they roll over them, or bashing open stone walls and doors. The Armadillo Dragons are like the shotgun of dragons: they have a very powerful fire blast, but it's short-range. They like to fight up-close-and-personal, and virtually nothing can harm them, because of their thick armor. They have a poor sense of smell, but have excellent eyesight and hearing. They are almost completely herbivorous, eating only an occasional meaty meal.

They're known for being loyal and protective of their friends. In the wild, they live in packs and are left alone by smaller dragons, but larger ones that put up a fight won't leave unharmed. They will also be territorial to other wild dragons. Armadillo Dragons can be stubborn sometimes and won't move unless taunted with food. They will also be playful, and often goof-off when they're training.