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This fanfiction is cross between How to Train Your Dragon and Halo: Reach. For no reason in
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The attack on Berk by intergalactic aliens (also known as the blowing up stuff aliens that blew up stuff by Stoic the Vast and other key Vikings) was a legendary battle in which the citizens of Berk, the Hairy Hooligans, were attacked by intergalactic aliens.


Gobber the Belch, just before being blown up by intergalactic aliens.

The Covenant, a bunch of intergalactic aliens, in their evil plan for world domination, decided to take over the world. Upon realising that the Isle of Berk was part of the world, they promptly decided to attack it.[1]

At first the battle was one-sided, with the Covenant blowing up stuff. During this phase, many stuff was blown up, with all the sheep spontaneously combusting.[2]

Arrival of the UNSC

The UNSC arrived a few days after the Covenant[3] and attempted to blow up the intergalactic aliens. Unfortunately, the aliens were far too strong for them and the UNSC was no threat as the intergalactic aliens continued to blow up stuff.

At this point, in order to celebrate their current position, the intergalactic aliens decided to party constantly while attacking the isle.

Turning point

With the aliens distracted by their constant partying, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the Hope and Heir to the Tribe of the Hairy Hooligans, took advantage and invented improved slipspace technologies, armour improvements, as well as slipspace missiles.[4]

After the UNSC received these weapons they mercilessly hunted down the Covenant, and blew them up.[3]

After effects

Having defeated the aliens, Hiccup once again became hero of the tribe.

This was soon forgotten in the passing days.


This is Sparta.

  • Hiccup, as son of the chief, was originally given the role of having the biggest gun, along with his friend Fishlegs (who was assumed to be strong as the son of the chief's best friend). After Fishlegs accidentally shot Master Chief, they were rescheduled to be medics.
  • The Spartan team Hiccup was in had 7 members.
  • Due to Astrid and Ruffnut not appearing in the book series, Hiccup had to fall in love with a spartan girl. This romance ended tragically when the Spartan demanded that every child should go and fight to the death until there was only one survivor.


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