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It was a month ago when Kek hatched from his small egg but he is the first to ever wish never to hatch. When he hatched there was no stinger to take care of him. This whole month, we are all so shocked he is surviving on his own, well barely to be honest.

He found food, water, and protection for himself. He wished he had parents all the dragons would bully or bruise him because he was the weakling. Most stingers found him as the bottom of the pack, similar to a male hyena. He ran away to a dark cave in the Hidden World.

"I hate good when I grow up, they will suffer and I will the king !" Kek mumbled to himself as he was alone in the cave.

Days went slow but quick and Kek barely took the sight of another dragon, if he did than he would be bullied again. Kek never felt the feeling of love, kindness and happiness which had a great impact on his mind. He drew plans with his sticks that one day he will create a dragon army to kill and make people respect him, in a evil way.

"I hate love, its yuck and its deadly than my tail" He was holding his small tail in his hand as if he was speaking to it and understanding his words. He got up and as a small dragon he roared, like a baby dinosaur with power like an adult.

He was a year old, in the cave, helpless but a survivor. Pain, whatever he thought, pain is was brought me here. He opened his eyes to a young adolescent stinger. He knew it was time for his Revenge !!!!

"I will find stingers or dragons like me, so I can build an army, I will serve as there leader and will always obey me" He whispered to himself as he walked into the bright light. ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAR he roared like a hurricane to the early sunrise. He ran off like a speedy asteroid in the distance.

He left the Hidden World, ran over the seas to a damp and dark forest. With no viking or dragon living on it.


"That's not fair I only got a small amount of the berries our parents gave to us" Petunia, Achlys twin sister was upset ."Well, it's my or the I way, and the I way is that I get the good ones" Achlys acted like she was a queen and her little sister was a peasant.

Petunia gave up and decided to be busy with something else. She played with the rocks instead and thought about her sister to herself.

Petunias Mind she kept questioning herself...

'Why is my sister like this, I don't want to call my sister a devil or a villain, but she is meaner than a wild boar'? My parents even know but they don't control her well to be honest my parents are too sweet'.

Achlys only left the dried out, rotten berries and wouldn't let her sister eat them unti... well when she didn't see.


The ground rumbled and the speed stingers looked around as acid poured trees

“Deathgrippers!” Their alpha shouted and the young speed stinger trembled as they tried to escape.

“We can’t get away!” One shouted to the alpha who looked at her.

“Then we distract them and escape, “ he said before grabbing the royal blue speed stinger and charging away from the pack.

The death grippers followed she could hear their wing flaps as she tried to wriggle out of his grasp. He dropped the young speed stinger on the ground and ran away “goodbye, my daughter”.

The killers closed in and she curled into a ball knowing she couldn’t escape. Suddenly she heard an ear-splitting roar and turned to see a pack of Speedstingers the Alpha mercilessly killed the Deathgrippers and walked up to her.

“I am Kek leader of the Milneys, “ he said raising his frill “I’m here to offer you a place in my pack!”

”We don’t have room for hatchlings in our army!” The Speedstinger next to him hissed, Kek gave her a warning glare and she quieted down.

“On one condition, “ she said lashing her tail and smiling, he gave her a look “I want revenge”.

Kek smiled his teeth glinting in the sunlight “welcome to The Milneys” they started to walk off she followed quietly.

The alpha paused and tilted his head slightly to look back at her “what’s your name little one?”

“I do not have one,” 

he stopped as if thinking “you are Sapphire and you are my champion!“ from that moment until her death he would have her unwavering loyalty, he was her father and she was home.

Smoke filled the air and the Speedstingers ran no hope of escape. Emerald ran as fast as he could but the fires separated him and he tried to find a way around. The smoke began to clear and he looked around the scorched forest. His pack was gone.

by @Nightfury4eva, (I will refrain from using cuss words in this, because IDK if reb would let me XD)

"Boars incoming!" a Speed stinger yelled.

Delta turned to see a pack of wild boars heading straight for her and her pack. she snarled pulling her lips over her rows of sharp teeth. she roared waving her stinger threateningly she ran at them feet flying over the ground, the boar's black beaty eyes surveyed her it grunted making one thing very clear, it wanted blood.

"you want blood, I'll give you blood," she hissed mostly to herself.

the boar screeched charging at her "Delta run!" someone shouted from behind her, she wasn't about to run from a good fight.

she jumped into the air landing on the boar's back, she raked her claws across it and it squealed in agony trying to buck Delta off. she plunged her stinger deep into it, it froze and became a statue paralyzed. she hadn't realized this but there were so many boars. she ripped her stinger out of the frozen boar and charged off slashing five more that happened to get in her path.

she heard a sickening crunch and looked to her left, her stomach twisted into knots when she saw what had happened. her alpha's body hung limply out of the mouth of the largest boar, his head was crushed between the massive jaws of the slobbering beast. she recoiled from the boar insanely mad, this shouldn't have happened when she was able to stop it! this was her fault. she roared lungeing at the boar, it grunted dropping the body of her alpha and charging at her. she latched onto its flank tearing flesh out of its side.

she felt something yank her off of the boar she turned around it was a Speedstinger she wasn't quite familiar with.

"what are you doing!?!?!" Delta spat snapping at the dragon.

"saving your life! that beast would've killed you!" the Speedstinger retorted.

"I hope it kills you!" she hissed.

the dragon shot her look and ran off, her entire pack had dispersed, she was the only one left. they all abandoned me, why? I would never abandon them! why did they do this to me?  she was violently broken out of her thought by a tusk impaling her side, she gasped in pain backing up. the boars grunted and surrounded her. she glared at them, she was going to kill them, every last one of them or die trying. since blood was water falling from her side and she was left alone she was probably gonna die trying.

she roared spreading her arms and flaring out her frill, another speed stinger echoed her roar she paused cocking her head to the side, the boars squealed and ran off. her ruby-colored eyes searched the scene but she couldn't see anything other than the boars.

"what the," she murmured as the boars fled around her.

two Speedstingers were standing where the boars once were, one of them was an alpha he had bright red stripes, he held up his head scars covered his face and neck, he flared out his blood-red frill and she lowered hers. the dragon next to him had small red stripes and a green frill. she didn't quite know how to react. she kept her frill down but as they approached she pulled her lips revealing her sharp teeth.

"We don't want to fight, but will if need be," the alpha stinger announced, she calmed down a little bit but kept her guard up.

"you don't speak for me! I'd like a good fight," the other dragon muttered.

"shut up!" the alpha hissed the other dragon recoiled bowing their head.

"what's your name dragon?" he asked putting his stinger under Delta's chin.

"Delta," she hissed.

"well, Delta my name is Kek, I'm in search of dragons to recruit for my cause, a pack I'm calling it the Milneys," Kek stated.

"We don't want her, she's weak and injured," the other dragon hissed to Kek, but she was loud enough for Delta to hear.

Delta growled at the other dragon "we'll see how 'weak' and 'injured' I am when I'm kicking your butt," Delta hissed.

"pay no mind to my second in command, Achyls, this is how she acts," Kek growled casting a glare towards Achyls he seemed to put more emphasis on the words 'second in command'.

"What makes you think I want to join your stupid pack! I have my pack!" Delta hissed.

"where are they now hmm? they've all abandoned you, when you were there for them they didn't support you! if you stick with me I will make sure you give what you get, I can protect you better then they ever could! what do you say, will you keep protecting the dragons that abandoned you or join a new pack, a better pack," Kek persuaded circling her.

Delta thought it over, the choice was obvious, she was joining them no questions asked "I'll join!" she stated.

Kek grinned his red eyes lighting up with delight "good choice," he replied standing confidently in front of her his frill raised.

Warning: Consider yourself warned! XD Just wanted to let you know their are some violent fights and animal cruelty but their is barely any gore!


"Mph! Keep him still!" A dragon hunter roared.

A hatchling roared, his mind was a powerful current, he could barely even focus on his thoughts.

Whats happening-Mom and Dad-What to do-what happened?

An uncomfortable jerk came from his neck, he was forced to whirl around and faced a human.

"What's going o-" The hatching started, but suddenly something was put over his tails and mouth.

"That'll keep him from harming us." A second Dragon Hunter grunted.

What happened? The dragonet wondered.

A sharp pain in the side of his leg made him step forward in pain.

"Get in there ye ugly hybrid!" The first Dragon Hunter snapped, jabbing him with a scary-looking spear.

The dragonet whimpered and advanced forward into a cage, it could barely fit him, his wings squished up against the ceiling and he bumped his nose.  He tried to turn around and get out but the cage door slammed instantly behind him.

I don't understand. The Dragonet thought fearfully, What did I do? 

The second hunter walked up to the front of the cage and folded his arms, Flashsting couldn't understand him but the hunter said smugly "He'd make a fortune."

Then a man came, just looking at him made the dragonets heart turn to ice. The man had the skull of a Tarscale, and on his arms were two dragon-like claws made entirely out of iron. He had an eyepatch and a cruel smile on his face.

"What's this?" he asked eyeing the Dragonet with pure interest.

What do I do? Flashsting thought nervously, I don't want to be taken!

"A FlashSting." The Dragon Hunter said proudly, "Strength and size of a Triple Stryke, Speed, and Intelligence of a Speed Stinger."

The man put his hand on the bars of the cage and the dragonet whimpered backing up.

"Does he make venom?" he asked.

"Oh yes, the venom from both species." The hunter said.

"Then I'll take him." The man said, an even crueler and scarier smile creeping up his face.

"That will be 50 golden coins." The hunter said.

Something pricked the Flashsting in the neck, his legs couldn't support his weight and he fell on the floor, scared and confused, he tried to stay awake, but his eyes began to close. Until he was asleep.

Chapter 1

"Keep dripping you stupid Flashsting." A Human snapped, stabbing the Flashting so hard blood began to drip.

Flashsting didn't mind it, he got one every day, he was used to the pain. Five years ago he was captured by dragon hunters, he hoped every day that someone would come to rescue him. To save him. But nobody did. Nobody loved him. He was forgotten.

Flashsting sighed and continued to drip his precious poison into multiple jars. He hadn't eaten in days. He was so hungry. He had to drink to dew on his cage just to survive. 

"Why did you stop?!" The Hunter snapped as the Flashstings tail stopped dripping, "Keep going!" Flashing felt the spear stab him once more, he tried to squeeze out more, he tried, but he was out.

"I don't want to punish you. But I will if you don't give me more venom!" I know your lying. The Flashsting thought bitterly, I know you want an excuse to torture me.

"I'm going to count to three." The Hunter growled, "And if you don't give me a single drop. I'll punish yah."

A punishment. The Flashsting seen multiple dragons get punishments. They usually died the next day. And he definitely did not want to die.


Flashsting tried everything, shaking his tail, rubbing it, everything, but nothing came out.

"2..." Flashsting turned to the Hunter shooting him desperate glances.

"I'm trying!" he snarled.

"That's it. Reaper will here of this." And with that, the hunter picked up the jars walked off. Flashsting followed the hunter with his eyes as he disappeared.

"Well, well, well." A voice from the left of him said, "Little Flashsting finally got into trouble..." "Shut it Razorwhip" The Flashsting growled.

"I never expected the human leader's favorite dragon could even get punished." The Monstrous Nightmare on the left of him mocked.

The Flashsting bared out his teeth, "Your lucky my tails are bound." he growled.

"And if they weren't what would you do? Chase it?" A Deathgripper cackled.

All the dragons in the room burst into laughter.

Anger flared through the Flashsting's veins, he wanted to rip every throat out of each and every one of them. They were so close he could nearly touch them. Maybe if-

Footsteps of humans caught Flashstings attention.

At least six hunters had entered the room, the first took out a chain full of keys, and inserted one of them into the lock of Flashstings cage.

The door swung open.

"Out." The hunter growled.

The Flashsting felt uneasy, in five years, the only time he was out of his cage was when they were moving him to a larger cage. He stepped slowly out of the cage, a large amount of space was wonderful, if the Flashstings wings weren't bound he'd stretch them as wide as he could go.

"Stand still or will kill you with or without the boss's orders." The human growled.

The Flashsting held himself has still as he could. The hunters began to attach chains to his legs, head, tail, wings, and arms. 

What kind of punishment is this? The Flashsting wondered.

After the hunters were perfectly sure the Flashsting couldn't move, he suddenly headed towards the Razorwhip cage and opened it, then he opened the Monstrous nightmare cage and the Deathgripper cage. All the dragons looked just as confused as the Flashsting was.

The hunter took a few steps back, then yelled out a single word, "ATTACK!" At first, all the dragons looked at him confused. The Flashstings heart started beating faster and faster as looks of glee shone throughout the dragon's faces.

They were attacking him.

The Deathgripper came first, stabbing her tail into the Flashstings back. He tried to block it but the chains kept him from moving. The venom didn't affect Flashsting but the pain did. Agony exploded throughout the Flashstings back and he let out a howl of agony.

"I always wanted to do that to you!" The Deagthgripper grinned.

The Monstrous Nightmare came second, shooting a stream of flames that licked and singed the Flashstings back. 

The Flashsting thought he was used to pain, but nothing was ever like this before.

Finally, the Razorwhip stepped forward.

"What are you going to do? Kill me?" Flashsting asked weakly,

"Oh no I'm going to do something much worse," she said.

And with that, she turned around and smacked her sharp tail, straight into the Flashstings eyes. 

The Flashsting's shriek was so loud even the hunters jumped back, startled.

The eye that was stabbed was leaking blood, he could hear the dragons roaring with laughter, the humans as well. He could barely see. Only three words formed in the Flashstings head.

How. Dare. They.

He felt a surge of anger, the most fury he had ever felt in his entire lifetime. He curled his two talons into fists. His tail's curled.

And suddenly Snap the metal binding on his tail broke off. Nobody even noticed they were too busy mocking and laughing at him. The anger was still there, burning endlessly.

The Flashsting then separated his for tails, aimed, and impaled three of the humans with his tail.

The laughing instantly turned to painful screams and Flashsting yanked out his tails.

Now, who's screaming? he thought smugly.

"He's out of control!" One of the men yelled, "Get reinforcements, he killed three men!" And you're next. Flashing thought. Summoning the flames from inside him, he released a stream of orange flames, setting the three men on fire, they yelled and began to run around screaming.

He stabbed and clawed at the chains and broke them off easily. Just in time to avoid a pounce from the Deathgripper. He rolled to the side and lashed out his tails. The Deathgripper avoided it and leaped at him, her two tusks grabbing him in a deathlock. The Flashsting grabbed the two tusks with his claws began to lift them off his neck. He could tell the Monstrous Nightmare was coming for him, so he flicked his tail and stabbed the Deathgripper in the underbelly. He came falling over and he turned just as the Nightmares jaws closed in on his tail, he wriggled one tail free and attempted to stab him. Yet the monstrous nightmare avoided it.

"Try that again idiot!" The Nightmare jeered.

"Count on it." the Flashsting growled, his tails shot out again. His left tail missed the Nightmare. But the Nightmare began to get too full on himself and tried to avoid the Flashstings left tail by flipping.

The tail gored him right in the face and he fell on the floor, paralyzed.

The Flashsting barely could rest when something grabbed his face and bit down on his nose.

He roared in agony and fire a stream of fire at the enemy he couldn't see. 

"Can't see me when you are half-blind!" The Razorwhip called in a sing-song voice.

"I may be blind but I killed six humans!" The Flashsting roared, he lashed out a tail and once again missed.

There was a wisk of wind and a searing pain blazed through his tail. He bellowed in agony.

"Had enough already?" The Razorwhip asked, "How bout you give up?"

"You could have run," The Flashsting hissed, "We could have been friends, but instead you gave me this." 

He gestured to the eye.

"Think of it as a token of gratitude." she said, "Here let me make it better."

A talon stabbed into his hole-of-an-eye and the most pain he ever had flashed out, he roared and could feel tears forming in his working eye.

He turned and snapped at her talon and felt a rush of wind just as she avoided it. There was a long moment of silence, the Flashsting could not hear the Razorwhip. Suddenly something landed on his back and he crashed on the ground. A searing pain came from his belly and he assumed blood was leaking from his underbelly.

Then slowly, he fell limp, the Razorwhip relaxed her grip on him.

Then at lightning speed, the Flashsting's left tail shot out and closed around the Razorwhips neck. Catching her by surprise.

The triumph in her eyes quickly changed to shock, then fear.

"Who's the one in trouble now?" Flashsting hissed.

The Razorwhip only stared back at him fearfully.

"Not a talker eh? Oh well, I can help you with that."

He tightened his grip on her neck and snapped her neck, then he released her and she dropped to the floor like a fish.

The Flashsting stared at all his dead victims.

Good, now to have a little meet-up with the hidden world.

He spread his wings, something he hasn't done in a long time and launched into the air.

There were multiple voices and the Flashsting looked down to see multiple humans shouting.

Ah, a bunch of humans coming to stop me? I'll take care of that.

He dove down and dodged the boulders and arrows thrown at him, he shot a wide stream of flames and set the entire place ablaze. 

That should do it. The Flashsting thought, One more thing...

He entered the arena and found the Monstrous Nightmare, who was still paralyzed. He wrapped a tail around the dragon's throat.

Nightmare gel sets on fire eh, well let's see what happens when it comes in contact with my flames.

He flew higher into the sky until the base was barely visible. Then he released the Nightmare, the dragon fell and fell and fell, then the Flashstinger released a stream of white flames just before the Nightmare hit the base.

The Nightmare exploded along with the base, and the Flashsting had to shield his eyes from the smoke. When it cleared there was no trace of any base, dragons, or humans.

Nobody tortures me. he thought. Then he whisked off towards the ocean, to search for his home five years ago...

Chapter 2

The Flashsting flew for a long time. No breaks or stops for a meal or drink. He kept on flying straight, his anger fueling him. If he kept going straight soon he would be home.

Why did nobody come for me? What happened to my parents. he thought as he flew onward. All these unanswered questions flurried around in his mind like a bunch of angry bees. His stomach was clawing with hunger. I have to find something to eat he thought. He spotted a large island with a forest in the center. Possibly could have prey. The Flashsting dove downward and landed lightly on the island, trying to be as quiet as possible to not disturb and possible meals. He sniffed the air, no scents of prey, but yet again, he caught the hint of a dragon. Not the most appetizing meal, but it works, I'm used to bitter tasting food He crept through the bushes, tracking down the smell of the dragon. Finally, after passing through a large and thorny bush (which he set on fire). He finally found his target. A lone Bloodtrailer, red as a ruby and orange like lava, seemed to be feeding off something dead. The smell of rich flesh and blood, filled Flashstings nostrils.

He needed to get to that food. Yet how? Flashsting wanted to hit himself. For goodness sake, he had fire and three tails! Of course he could take this thing on. Yet I remember mother saying something about Bloodtrailers, they are very hard to hit because they are quick. So I need to catch it off guard. A plan formed in his head, he slowly took a few steps away from his spot and laid down on the soft ground. He bent his wing in a weird position and laid in a way so that his scarred eye was visible. Lets see if this works he thought, then he opened his mouth and let out a roar that sounded like he was in pain. It was very loud, echoing across the entire island, surely the Bloodtrailer had heard him, several minutes past and Flashsting was beginning to feel restless. He opened his mouth to let out another fake cry when suddenly the sounds of thumping stopped him.

The Bloodtrailer emerged from the thick bushes. Sniffing the air, Flashsting let out a fake whimper. It looked at him from head to tail, noticing his scarred, scarred legs, and scorched scales. It continued to advance towards him, just as he planned. The second the Bloodtrailer's teeth touched his neck, the Flashsting rolled to the side and clamped his own jaws on the Bloodtrailers neck. Taken by surprise the Bloodtrailer barely even fought back, the Flashsting released his jaws on the Tracker Class dragons neck. It won't be that entertaining if I didn't kill him in a fair fight. The Flashsting thought, licking the blood off his teeth. The Bloodtrailer took no time to release a jet of scarlet flames. Flashsting could feel it brush his scales as he just missed it. He released hit own stream of flames but missed entirely. A glimmer of confidence appeared in his oppodents eyes and the Flashsting knew it found his weakness.

It took a flying leap and landed on Flashstings blind side. A strong force slammed into his side, his head hit the ground firmly. Maybe I should of killed him right then and there. Flashsting thought, he launched out his stingers but failed to hit them. A painful burn let him know the Bloodtrailer had stabbed its needle into his leg.

For the first time since his escape, Flashsting began to wonder if he was going to die. He couldn't get up, he felt light headed, he was starving. It was the kind of torture the hunters put on him. Yet suddenly the barb released from and the Bloodtrailer roared in shock. As Flashsting got up he heard something fall over, the sound of something stabbing through a dragons scales, then the Bloodtrailers roar turned into a scream, and then... Skkrip!

Blood splashed right over Flashstings face. He turned, stingers out, to see what had happened, a grey speedstinger with mutiple yellow dots and blue fins was standing on top of the Bloodtrailers body, stinger impaled in the stump of its neck. The second speedstinger was blood red and cave grey, with multiple scars in the shape of eyes dotting his scales, in his mouth was the bleeding head of his victim. "Thanks." Flashsting grunted, "I could of taken care of him myself."

"ƳƠƲƦ ƜЄƛƘƝЄƧƧ ƜƛƧ ƧӇƠƜƝ ƊЄƛƬӇ ƜƛƧ ƛƬ ƳƠƲƦ ƇԼƛƜƧ" The Scarred Speed Stinger spoke in a demonic like voice.

"Watcher is right." The grey Speed Stinger agreed, "You did look like you were losing."

"You want to see what it's like to lose?" Flashsting growled curving his tails.

The Watcher Speed Stinger dropped the Bloodtrailers head and aimed his tail at the Flashstings heart.


Flashsting crouched into a battle stance, ready to fight when the grey and yellow speed stinger jumped in.

"Watcher! Peace! We don't want to make an enemy while are pack is low in numbers."

I think its already too late. The Flashsting thought bitterly. But then he noticed how many injuries he had. Maybe it was best not to get into another fight this time.

"Whats you name?" The grey Speed Stinger asked him.

Flashsting racked his brain, "I don't remember." he admitted,"I was seperated from my parents years ago by dragon hunters. I was called the Flashsting."

Great job, revealing your past to strangers. A voice in his head thought bitterly.

"Why don't we call you that?" she suggested, "We'll call you Flashsting."

The newly named dragon shrugged, "I guess."

"I'm Kyanite, I was abandoned as an egg, and now I'm a Titanwing Death Song."


"Wait, aren't you a-" Flashsting started, but then he caught a look from Watcher, "Nevermind."

Ok then, she's a "Deathsong"

"Ɩ ƊƠƝ'Ƭ ӇƛƔЄ ƛ ƝƛMЄ." The red Speed Stinger announced, "Ɩ ƓƠ ƁƳ ƬӇЄ ƜƛƬƇӇЄƦ, ƬӇЄ ƜƛƬƇӇƖƝƓ ƊЄƔƖԼ."

Flashsting nodded,

"Nice to meet you." He muttered, he wasn't used to being treated this nicely, never in his entire life.

"Uh, can I eat the Bloodtrailer now?"

"Sure, why not?" Kyanite answered, stepping off the dragons body.

Flashsting muttered a small thanks before tearing off a chunk of the dragons leg.

"ƬӇЄ ƑԼЄƧӇ ƠƑ ƛ ƊƦƛƓƠƝ ƖƧ ƬӇЄ ƠƝԼƳ ƑԼЄƧӇ ƜЄ ƑЄЄƊ ƠƝ." The Watcher said, then he unexpectedly bent down and ripped off the Bloodtrailers neck.

"So you guys are in some sort of pack?" Flashsting mumbled, bits of meat dropping out of his mouth.

"Yes." Kyanite said nibbling on the Bloodtrailers leg, "Were called the Milneys, led by a Speedstinger named Kek."

"How many are there?"

"Not many, me, Watcher, Kek, Delta, Spark, and Ace." Kyanite said, listing off packmates. Hm,impressive Flashsting thought. "ƳƠƲƦ ƁԼƠƠƊ ƖƧ ӇƛԼƑ ƧƤЄЄƊ ƧƬƖƝƓЄƦ ƖƧ ƖƬ ƝƠƬ?" Watcher asked, a bit of dragon flesh dripping from his mouth, "ƳƠƲ ƇƠƲԼƊ ʆƠƖƝ ƬӇЄ MƖԼƝЄƳ'Ƨ." Flashsting narrowed his eyes, he could join this little pack of there's, the two he met seemed fine allies to make. But he wasn't sure if he was ok with being ordered around by this "Kek" dragon they spoke of. Plus he had plans for the Hidden World. Yet if he joined them he knew that they'd make a strong pack, and nothing could stop him. "I'm up for joining the Hill Knees." he said. "Milneys," Kyanite corrected him. Flashsting narrowed his eyes, "Fine, Milneys, but right now I have some unfinished buisness to do." "And what is this buisseness of yours?" Kyanite asked. "Finding my parents." "I never met my parents." Kyanite remarked, "I was abandoned as an egg." That explains a lot. Flashsting thought. "What about you Watcher?" Watcher growled and stomped on the head, drawing out blood. "ƬӇЄ ƤƛƧƬ ƖƧ MƳ ƤƛƧƬ." he growled, "ƝƠ ƝЄЄƊ ƑƠƦ ƖƬ ƬƠ ƁЄ ƬƠԼƊ." Flashsting glanced at the sun, it was almost dusk. "I have to go. Got to get to the Hidden World before dawn." "Nice meeting you." Kyanite said, "If you want to join we will be at Tree Ledge island." Flashsting nodded and with a few flaps of hius wings he was off.

Warning: This story contains detailed gore and violence, read at your own risk. ßlððÐ & £lê§h...Ðð †hê¥ mïx wêll?

Ì'm ¢µrïðµ§...§ð ¢µrïðµ§

£êrrð, Ðð ¥ðµ lïkê ï†? Ðððððð ¥ðµµµµµµ?

Ferro shivered, her body trembling into a jittery mess as she couldn't believe what was before her own eyes. The jade-green Speed Stinger backed away, her mate's severed head lay on the ground, fresh blood still spurting out from the place where it had been cut off. Speechless, she tried moving further away from the insane red dragon in front of her, but she only failed and fell to the ground in fear and despair.

£êrrð, Ì lðvê ¥ðµ §ð mµ¢h.
Ì lïkê ¥ðµr þrꆆ¥ ê¥ê§.
Ðð ¥ðµ lïkê m¥ þrê§êñ†? Ì måÐê ï† jµ§† £ðr ¥ðµ.~ The blood-stained Speed Stinger purred, his voice almost like the vrrring of a mechanical machine. It was filled with blood lust and insanity.

The Speed Stinger shrieked, "Stay away from me! Don't come any closer-" Her mouth was slightly foaming, and she was choking from her venom as her mind burst with grief and despair over her dead partner. Her last images of the world were the bright red eyes of the killer, and her eyes flipped as she fell down on to the ground, dead.

Öh £êrrð, ¥ðµ wêrê ålw奧 §ð þrꆆ¥...¥ðµr ê¥ê§ ålw奧 måkê mê §ð håþþ¥ åñÐ ¥ðµr §†µþïÐ må†ê ålw奧 måÐê mê §ð åñgr¥...
ßµ† ñðw...¥ðµ'rê ðñl¥ mïñê...åñÐ mïñê £ðrêvêr £êrrð.

Within the darkness, a Speed Stinger pulled a dead corpse into his own cave, the head of her original mate remained abandoned, tossed into a lake for the fish to eat as if it were garbage.


"Dreader, have you seen Ferro lately?" A yellow and black speed Stinger asked as she walked into the cave of the alpha Speed Stinger.

"No, unfortunately, I have not. Though, I'm pretty sure she's hanging out with Horizon, her mate." The grey and blue Speed Stinger said, his frill still flattened.

"Dreader, I'm afraid Horizon has gone missing as well. He just disappeared. He told me that he would appear to help me hunt this morning, but he didn't show up. He wasn't even in his cave, I've checked everywhere." The yellow dragon said with worry.

Dreader hissed, a sudden snarl and vicious expression appeared on his face. He seemed to be angry for some reason after hearing about the two's disappearance. His frill raised and his eyes slit for a split second.

"What's the matter Dreader? Did I say something wrong?" She frowned.

"How dare they run off and betray the pack!" Dreader roared, his frill flared in fury, eyes burning.

"What? Could they have run off? They couldn't! Ferro and Horizon would never!" She exclaimed in disbelief.

Dreader remained angry, his bright blue eyes were like two embers. "Don't you understand, Wasp? The two are couples, they think that if one day they could just leave the pack, then they could be all lovey-dovey with each other and feel free. But they have vowed loyalty to me! And now, they have broken it."

"Oh Dreader, what if this was not the case? Maybe Horizon forgot about the hunt and went to spend time with Ferro. Maybe they got lost somewhere, shouldn't we go search for them?"



The first word the creature heard as she hatched from her egg. Disgust. Her small eyes struggled to keep focus on the black Speed Stingers in front of her, who all seemed to be turning away in horror at the little hatchling. She was a tiny thing; half the size of a normal Speed Stinger Tiny Tooth, and she had a rich golden coloration all over her body, contrary to the shadow-colored frames of her parents. The dark dragons in front of her turned without a second thought, leaving her to walk alone in the big world in front of her.

The little dragon walked out of her egg. ‘Daddy? Mommy?’ She whimpered as she stumbled through the looming forest. She took as deep a breath as her little lungs could give her and just ran.

*14 years later*

Now a teenager and a Broad Wing Speed Stinger, the dragon was still small for a Speed Stinger, around three feet tall, but she was deadly. She had learned to hunt in a new way; if a bit unconventional to other Speed Stingers, but no matter. She was a loner.

She approached a boar, very carefully, making sure to not be seen. Then she leaped out of the brush, her bright colors dazzling the tusked beast as she circled it at high speed, closing in and finally pricking it with her stinger, causing it not to freeze but collapse into a heap of fur and muscle.

As she ate her boar, she didn’t notice slit eyes in the shadows behind her.

Kek gave the signal to one of his soldiers, testing this lone yellow Stinger’s fighting capability. The soldier signaled to obeyed accordingly and leaped out of the bushes, however, Kek’s suspicions that this new dragon’s fighting was nothing were misplaced, to say the least. Within a minute his soldier was slumped on the floor as the boar, and the small, yellow Speed Stinger who had got him to that position still standing, breathing heavily.

Kek nodded excitement, and greed in his eyes. He stepped out of the bushes with the rest of his pack. The new yellow dragon stood immediately on guard, hissing at the sight of a pack. The memory of hers abandoning her was too much when she saw another full pack; another pack where every member had been accepted; well so she thought. She didn’t know that they were all from different places, collected together by the leader, Kek, into a group.

She waved her stinger in the air at the bigger dragons, but Kek wasn’t afraid or disgusted. He walked up to her and looked at her with some sort of compassion in his eye; something our small dragon hadn’t seen before. It caught her off guard. It scared her. But Kek spoke with a confident voice. ‘Who are you?’

‘I don’t know,’ she replied with a sweet, dripping voice full of viciousness under the surface.

’Well, if you’re going to be joining my pack you need a name, don’t you?‘

This was unexpected. The small creature stuttered and lowered her guard slightly, ‘Wha-what? Me? No, no I’m the runt. The loner. I don’t need people on my side.’

Kek replied, ‘You were abandoned, weren’t you? Your size. Your snout is from the Shadow pack, I can see that, and they wouldn’t want you to be a member with your bright color and inevitable stealth problems. But I see potential in you... Honey. If you join me, we will take what is ours. Revenge on all those who left us.’

A name. A name, potential, a pack she could trust. It was too much.

’It’s now or never, Honey.’

Honey nodded. ‘I’ll join you.’

- Hicctoothhugs

The dragonet made one final jab at the eggshell which confined it with its tail, and the thick shell fell apart. 

Her eyes watered at the sudden sunlight, as she had spent the last few months in absolute darkness.

She saw a pack of Stingers, looking down at her.

In their eyes, there was no pride or happiness. Just cold, merciless disgust.

"What is that?" a male Stinger was the first to speak up.

"Is that one of usssssss?" another piped up, hissing in a dry voice that cracked like a whip.

"Look at its colourssssss. It'll never be able to blend in."

"It must be one of those mongrel albinosssss." a particularly large Stinger snapped. "What a disssssappointment."

"It can't be one of usssss, Alpha! There must be some sort of a missssstake!" a female Stinger retorted. There was an angry muttering from the crowd of dragons.

"Ssssilence." the large dragon hissed. "We musssst tesssst itsssss venom firsssst. Any volunteersssss?"

Concerned muttering from the crowd.

"Come on, you cowardsssss," crowed the Stinger. "a dragonet'ssssss venom issssn't sssstrong enough to kill."

Finally, a muscular, heavily-built Stinger spoke up.

"Me, my King." the dragon bowed low and approached the hatchling, snarling menacingly.

What he didn't know was that the hatchling thought that he was prey.

The Stinger cracked his tail in the air with the sharpness of a whip. He brought the poisonous sting close to the dragonet's little head.

The hatchling snarled back.

Taken aback and extremely offended, the Stinger lost it completely. Young dragons were supposed to respect their elders, not snarl at them.

He went mad.

He charged.

The little dragonet did not even flinch. With a movement of pure agility and speed, the dragonet brought its tail forward to face the charging Stinger.

The razor-sharp stinger pierced the dragon's tough hide.

The dragon froze.

His limbs made jerking movements, and his tail fell limp.

He shivered, his mouth opening in a reflex action...

And dropped to the floor, stone dead.

The young hatchling swished its tail menacingly.

The Alpha screeched in terror.

"Thisssss... thisssss... thissss isss impossssible!" he yowled in fury. "We have not sssseen sssuch powerful venom ssssince... ssssince..."

And then, something almost incredible happened.

The Alpha Speed Stinger, in all of his demanding glory, backed away and snarled defensively. He even tucked his tail in between his powerful feet.

"Retreat..." he hissed, a dying sound from his half-closed lips.

And then louder. "RETREAT!"

All around, his order was echoed: "Retreat... retreat... retreat... we must not let hisssstory repeat itself... retreat..."

The young Stinger, now scared and disoriented, screeched in shock. The older Stingers mistook this for an incoming attack and sped off in a cloud of dust as fast as their strong feet would carry them, leaving the dragonet all alone, stinger drew, teeth bared menacingly.

It stayed in this feral position for the next few hours, until...

Thump. Thump. Thump. The sound of feet penetrated the sinister silence.

The sound of a Speed Stinger's feet.

An ominous growling started in the unknown Stinger's throat.

The Speed Stinger stepped out of the shadows. Behind him was a gorgeous female Stinger, followed by all sorts of other Stingers, most of them injured, missing an eye, a leg, a stinger, or even a sail on its head - all growling ferociously.

The female Stinger puffed out her throat and blasted acid at the dragonet's feet.

The dragonet did pretty much the same.

The two Stingers began circling each other, preparing for a battle.

"Now, now, Achyls." the Speed Stinger in front of the female said mockingly. "Give the hatchling a chance."

Another Stinger stepped forward in the speed of lightning and stabbed the dragonet with his stinger, straight in the heart.

The dragonet hissed and turned its head slowly to his direction. The venom had no effect whatsoever on it... why was that?

It charged towards him, stinger raised.

It stabbed him in the same place as he had stabbed it.

The Stinger's heart stopped.

He fell to the ground with a sickening crash.

The Leader of the Stinger pack looked surprised. The look of surprise soon turned to a smug grin.

He approached the hatchling, a look of interest in his eyes.

"So," he muttered, regarding the dragonet with respect. "you are the only one that I have seen with such strong venom since... since..."

Why did they always stutter when they said that?

"Since my best, and most faithful pack member, Drake."

When the Leader said that name, Drake, the other Stingers whimpered and backed away, a low growling rumbling in their throats.

"His venom was the most powerful that I have ever come across." continued the red-striped Stinger. "Because of that, he was a tremendous asset to the pack." Suddenly, the Leader stopped.

"Since his... death, I have been scouring the Archipelago for another dragon just like him." he whispered confidingly. "And now, I have found you."

He lifted the little dragonet's trembling head with the blunt end of his stinger.

"Join us..." the Leader hissed, his amber eyes glinting tenderly. "Join us, and we shall live like kings..."

The dragonet stopped shivering. There was something about that dragon that gave off a calming effect.

"Join us," urged the Leader. "together, we will do great things."

An echo from the other Stingers came: "Join us... join us... join us..."

The dragonet nodded slowly.

The Leader grinned.

"And thus I christen you..."


- Esteria the night fury

Wind swept across a grassy plain, moonlight dancing along a pond of crystal water. A single egg lay alone, abandoned, underneath a tree with branches fanning out above it.

The egg cracked, and a small Speed Stinger hatchling waddled out, slimy and wet. She called out for her family, for her pack... but there was no one. She was alone.

Being alone meant that surviving would be a lot harder for her. Somehow, she knew this. She was clever, finding places to hide, observing the dragons around her and anticipating their every move. She lived on an island, with a volcano in the center. The only thing she really depended on, was one little blue crystal that shone from a lava rock in a cavern.


Kyanite was what the Stinger called herself, believing that she was like the gemstone. Strong, powerful, beautiful...

She trained herself to be smart and cunning, swift and clever. She knew everything there was to know about everyone around her, which scared others. But it was a disadvantage to her as well.

She dove so deep into learning about other species, that she believed she was another species. Each day, she believed herself to be different.

"Well, well, look what I've found." A young Nadder approached Kyanite one morning, and she stood up, shaking herself off, and holding her head high. After all, she was a Stormcuteer, no mere Nadder could bring her down.

"Morning, Piston." Kyanite said through a snarl.

"Kya, the lonely loser of a nobody. But you know, you could be somebody." Piston replied with a sneer.

Kyanite frowned. Piston was insistent on using her, telling her that she would give him a higher ranking among others if she would only be his mate. Her whole life, she'd searched for her purpose. For somewhere she belonged.

And she knew one thing for sure- she didn't belong with Piston.

"Aw, too self conscious that you need a big dragon to cry on?" Kyanite smiled at him innocently.

"Hah, I don't need you. I'm simply nice. I'm offering you something that you just shouldn't turn down."

"Why would I want to be with a vain egomaniac like you?"

"Ah ah ah, but Kya," he stepped closer. "I'm the only dragon in the world that would accept you for the nobody that you are."

"I'm not a nobody!" Kyanite roared. "I'm a Stormcutter, big and strong and much smarter than you!"

"Stormcutter, eh?" Piston chuckled, shaking his head. "Where are those big strong wings of yours?"

Kyanite looked at the small yellow frills on her back, flapping them hopelessly. "They're still growing in!" She said defensively.

"Oh, you're such an idiot." Piston let out a roar, and a deathsong appeared behind him. The Deathsong gave her a dashing smirk, before coating her in amber.

Kyanite was forced to watch helplessly as Piston lifted her casing into his talons and flew off, over the vast ocean. They neared an armada of ships, and he dropped her.

Kyanite plummeted into the ocean, and began sinking. She screamed, but it was no use.

I'm dead.

But maybe that's what's best.

No, I have a purpose, I have a destiny.

Just hold on a little longer...

Minutes later, Kyanite was pulled out of the water, wrapped in a net, and thrown aboard a ship full of humans who held bows armed with green-tipped arrows.

She was rolled to a lower deck, where they brought her to a previously captured Deathsong and forced it to crack her casing. As she stood, the hunters backed away, all staring at her tail.

Her tail was useless, though. What she really needed were her wings, strong enough to blow these blasted hunters far away.

Stupid wings!

Kyanite dodged an arrow that shot over her head as she lunged for the hunters, who were trying to lead her into an open cell. She leapt over their heads, though, running fast as she could to reach the top of the ship and jump off.

SHe hit the water, expecting to have to swim, but she kept moving her legs in a running motion, and found herself running along the surface of the water.

Odd. I never thought Stormcutters could do this.

Hunters kept shooting at her, but she dodged most arrows. One skimmed her left side, leaving a small cut, but she shook off the pain and kept running.

By nightfall, Kyanite arrived on the shores of an unfamiliar island. She collapsed to the ground with a grunt, chest heaving as she panted.

"Up." A voice said. Kyanite's eyes fluttered open, and she winced as sunlight flooded her vision.

Kyanite stood weakly before a Speed Stinger, green with red stripes. She looked back at her side, to find her wound wrapped in a makeshift bandage.

"Kek." The Stinger introduced himself. Kyanite couldn't help but admire the way he stood handsomely before her, scales glittering in the sunlight.

"Kyanite..." She responded shyly. Kek stepped forward, and instinctively, Kyanite took a step back, looking away as she waited for him to hit her like most dragons did.

But he didn't.

"You're alone?" Kek asked.

"Mhm." Kyanite nodded.

"Do you want to be alone?"


"Then join us." Kek said, gesturing to a group of Stingers that stepped out behind him. They were all colors and sizes, but all Speed Stingers.

"I hardly think that a Deathsong like myself would fit into your group." Kyanite said.

Kek blinked in confusion.

Kyanite paused for a moment, trying to imagine what it would be like living in a pack. A part of her said that she needed them, that a pack was what she had always wanted.

She wanted to belong somewhere. She wanted a purpose. She looked again at Kek, in all of his majestic glory, and nodded.

"Alright, sir." She responded. "I'll join."


Lightmoon woke up, her stomach was rumbling and her father hadn't come back with the promised food. She was only about 2 years old now. Her mother had run away, ashamed of her daughter's pink scales. Her father was a lower-ranked Speed Stinger in their pack. So they ran behind and usually got the scraps of every hunt. "Father?" she squeaked. Lightmoon looked around at the dangerous forest.

"Father?" she repeated.

The ground shook under her as her pack came running back. Lightmoon counted the Speed Stingers and thankfully only two were missing.

"Father?" she squeaked as she rushed up to her pack.

Lightmoon's father stepped out and rushed to her."We have to go Lightmoon, now!" he said quickly.

"Why?" Lightmoon asked. Her top frill flattening as she saw her father's fearful eyes.

"Leave the runt here, Grunt." the alpha hissed.

The other dragonets ran out of their underground caves and took off with the pack. Lightmoon tried to keep up. She failed and was left in the dust of her former pack, and her father.

"But father....." Lightmoon squeaked. She sat down and whimpered. She trudged back to her cave and sat down, waiting for her father to return.

It has bee barely six months since her pack left her and Lightmoon has trained to get faster every day. In that time period while she was out on a run she went too far and got lost she made a new cave for herself and settled in there.

Lightmoon sighed as she looked up to her small entrance. It was sloppily done and very sharp. Her eyes traced the forest scenery visible from inside her small rock cave. She picked up a few small, sharp stones and threw them out. She finally trudged out of the cave and jogged to a nearby stream. She bent her head down, eyes scanning the forest around her. She drank a bit of water before speedily returning to her cave. A silhouetted figure stepped in front of the cave's entrance. Lightmoon squinted and snarled. "Whoa,whoa, Moonbeam, it's me." Grunt said, stepping closer. "I have come to save you." Lightmoon stood up. "You left me behind to save myself. You're going to be the one to need saving." she says. "One...." Her father runs out of the cave, tripping on the sharp stones Lightmoon had grown accustom to. "Two....." Her father leapt over logs and small streams, hoping to get away from his insane daughter. "Three." Lightmoon took off like a bullet. Grunt stopped near a wider stream and bent down to drink some of it's eel infested water. One of the eels swam to the surface and barely missed Grunt's snout. He reeled away, hissing. Lightmoon was watching and leapt at her father. They tumbled into the muddy bank and the eels snapped at them. Lightmoon got off her father and backed away, deathly afraid of eels. "So, you're afraid of eels, eh?" Grunt asked. Lightmoon snorted. She ran towards her father, a blur to the eye. Her father tried to run, but he was soon paralyzed. Lightmoon's wicked grin was the last thing he say before he was ripped apart limb from limb.

Later only shreds of Grunt remained as Lightmoon smiled wickedly. A rustling noise came from the bushes and out stepped an alpha Speed Stinger with his second in command following right behind him. "Kid, you want to join us? You seem like a good fit." he says. "Who are you? I don't go with strangers." Lightmoon says. She runs around them, a pale pink blur. "Well excuse me." the alpha Speed Stinger spat." I'm Kek and this is Achyls." "This is a dragonet Kek, you can't be-" Achyls began. Kek shot her a glare. "What do you say, Lightmoon?" Kek asks. Lightmoon narrows her eyes at hearing her name. "Alright. As long as my pack gets what they deserve." Lightmoon hisses.


This story may contain slight violence and gore, read the following at your own risk

The moment the dragonet broke out of his shell, he heard one sound. "Run." So he ran. He instinctively ran with all his might. And he left his pack behind. 'Mom? Dad?" he whined. There was no answer. He was all alone.

Ten long years later

Frill, as he called himself, was waiting in the forest. About two minutes later, a pack of Deathgrippers would be coming to this place. And to Frill, Deathgrippers meant food. After his pack had abandoned him, he quickly realized that he was different from the other Speed Stingers. He had been faster than his pack, and they had not been able to keep up with him, and not the other way round. Frill had also realized that his main weapon, his stinger was useless. For some reason, his stinger did not have poison, instead, it was barbed.

He decided that he would have to make amends for that with his brains. The first few years of his life was spent i hunting small animals and observing bigger dragons. He took into account their weapons, their behavior, but never their size. His motto was 'Size isn't always strength', 'There is always a way to outsmart your opponent' and 'Fight with your brains and your brawn.'

Frill heard a roar coming from the direction he was facing. So his estimate had been right, the Deathgrippers had taken the path he had expected. Only seconds later, seven Deathgrippers flew into sight and landed in front of Frill's hiding place.

"I smell Speed Stinger. Food." said a Deathgripper, walking towards Frill's hiding place.

"Poor creatures." thought Frill, "They have no idea what is in store for them."

Just when the Deathgripper pounced, Frill streaked away behind a few trees. Before leaving his spot, Frill had spread thorns where the so-called predator would pounce. It landed face first in the thorns. The poor victim staggered away, blood leaking from scores of wounds on his body. After taking a fey steps, he collapsed. There the Deathgripper lay, twitching as life slowly leaked out of him. One down, six to go.

Frill, behind the trees, waited for the remaining Deathgrippers to smell him out.

The apparent leader said, "This is a dangerous hunt, but we shall not give up. Take caution. Kiyon, Lamia and Andrio shall go, the rest shall stay here."

"That was unexpected." thought Frill, "But it doesn't matter." he streaked out of his hiding place, into the open, where the attacking Deathgrippers stalked him.

"Come on." thought Frill, "Do what I want you to do" And they did. Two of the dragons flanked him from both sides, while the third one walked up to him. Frill, pretending to have broken his leg, ran through the forest. The Deathgrippers fell for it, chasing Frill. Frill came to a halt in front of a tall cliff.

"We have you now." said one of the Deathgrippers.

They moved in for the kill. Frill waited until the last second, it was all about timing now. Just as the dragons bearing down on him, Frill ran. He turned round, and used his barbed tail to cut of the Deathgrippers wings. There was too much momentum for the Deathgrippers to stop now. Frill ran back to where the rest where waiting, leaving the others to plummet to their deaths.

The Deathgrippers' leader looked at Frill and said "He must have his pack hidden away somewhere, they are helping him kill the others. Let us attack him now. He will have no chance. The final three Deathgrippers bore down on him, determined to avenge their fellow dragons. This was exactly what Frill had wanted.

But the Deathgripper thinking that he was part of a pack had angered him, and Frill also wanted to show off for the Speed Stinger hiding in a patch of mud, watching him. It was a very good disguise, but from Frill's eyes, nothing could escape.

With this in mind, Frill started to speed around the Deathgrippers in a blur. He was moving so fast, it appeared that htere was a whole pack of him. Finally, the danger of the situation dawned upon the Deathgrippers. they tried to run, but it was too late One fell down, blood leaking from his throat, then the second, then the third.

As he stood over their dying bodies, Frill said, "I work alone."

Frill then walked over to the patch of mud and said, "You can come out now, show's over."

"Wha-." said the Speed Stinger, "How did you know I was here?"

"I know lot's of stuff." said Frill, waving away the question, "I'm Frill."

"I'm Kek." said Kek, "That was some impressive fighting you did out there Frill, do you want to join my pack?"

"I work alone." said Frill, "Since I let my pack behind, and then later killed them, I work alone."

"You took revenge on your parents." said Kek, "You are good enough to join the pack. We are the Milneys, and we could use a Stinger like you."

"You need a planner." said Frill, "I won't join unless you say you need me to join."

Kek growled, and more Speed Stingers that had been hiding deeper in the forest came out.

"Join now, or never." said a female Speed Stinger.

"Stand down Achyls." commanded Kek, "This Stinger could be a real asset."

"I'll join." said Frill, "But that does not mean that the other Milneys will get a share of the Deathgrippers I hunted."

"Fair enough." said Kek, "Welcome to the Milneys."

'Survivor. That's what I am.' 7-year-old East thought as she rummaged through the disaster that used to be her home. Just earlier that day a group of hunters had invaded, killing and destroying everyone and everything except East. The horrible images of her family being killed still ran through her mind as clear as the moon in the cloudless sky. A snap sounded through the forest. East's head shot up.

"Who goes there?" She demanded. No answer.

"I said, WHO GOES THERE?" She screamed letting her anger at the hunters rip through.

"Ah, a fighting spirit," A Speed Stinger happily grinned as he made his way through the underbrush.

"Who are you?" East asked gruffly.

"I am Kek," The Stinger said with an air in his voice, "Leader of the Milneys. I have come to ask if you will join."

"Yeah right," East mumbled under her breath, glaring at the Stinger.

"What was that?" Kek asked.

"I said 'Yeah Right', I don't know who you are or what you want with me and to be honest I don't care," East retorted. Kek grinned.

"Why are you grinning like that?" East shrieked, readying her stinger to hit Kek.

"You are exactly what I need in my pack, I have come to ask that you join me," Kek said calmly.

"You already said that," East glared.

"So, will you join?" Kek asked, a glint of need in his eye.

"Fine," East said, "I'll join." Kek turned to the smaller Stinger.

"What do you want more than anything?" Kek asked smoothly. East glared at the ground and stamped her leg.

"I want to kill the hunters. All of them. And repay them for killing my parents," East explained, anger in her voice, "But, I also want my parents back. I know that's impossible but, I do. If I can't figure out a way to bring them back... I'm going to kill every last hunter I can get my claws on." Kek smiled at her want for revenge.

"I can't give you your parents back, even though I'm sure they'd be proud of who you are but, I can become family," Kek said.

"What do you mean by that?" East asked.

"You look younger than me," Kek mumbled.

"What?" East asked, confused.

"How would you like to be my sister? I will help you kill every last dragon hunter to avenge your parents and give you safety from the enemy. Do you accept?" Kek asked, demanding an answer. East stayed silent for a while before answering.

"If you mean it then yes, I accept," East said in an emotionless voice, trying to hide her excitement.

One year later:

"Kek!" East screamed at her adoptive brother, "Behind you!" She stabbed a hunter's neck with her tail as she watched her brother heroi- er evilly slash at an attacking hunter. She pulled her stinger away from the limp, dead body, and ran to help her brother slaughter as many hunters as possible. She ran past seven hunters, paralyzing them, to leave for Kek to finish off.

"We... work pretty... well together!" The out of breath East grinned at the sight of the large pile hunter bodies she and her brother had killed.

"Yes, we do," Kek growled.

"Go again?" East asked hopefully.

"Oh yeah."

- Miaou9


Disclaimer: Please, don't be worried about me since I wrote this. I'm not a psychopath and I will never become one, this is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to people, living or dead, is not intentional.

Trigger Warning: murder, manipulation, impulsivity, stalking, and basically psychotic behavior

Ace's eyes narrowed- he studied his father with unwavering interest. The brush around the dragons burned, releasing heavy black smoke. All the Speed Stingers had escaped, but his father had come back to look for him. It was a perfect crime.

Clover wouldn't know, he never would, that Ace had set the fire. It was all a mind trick to him, he wanted to see the fear in Clover's eyes when the dragon realized there was no hope left. When he realized he'd burn in the fire, all because he had come back to save his little son. It thrilled Ace; there was nothing quite like the fear in someone's eyes before they died. "Help!" Clover screeched as the flames drew closer. Minutes passed, the plains filling with the Stinger's screams.

Ace felt a dark twinge of satisfaction. His work was done.


The purple dragon roamed as a loner, searching out ways to fulfill his impulsive desires. He attacked dragons, left them for dead. The adrenaline that came every time his mind wrapped around one of his plans worked as a fuel, giving him energy to fight packs of dragons. He became swifter, leaner, stronger. His only motivation was pleasure- something that confused other dragons. Usually beasts like him sought power or a mate: Ace wanted neither. Rouges like him steered clear of him, the stories passed along by word of mouth. With no dragon to pick fights, Ace began to ambush and manipulate in order to satisfy his needs.

Humans, who were dumb enough to not fear him, would pet his head and play with him. Killing measly squirrels was enough to deter them, but the act soon became dull to the dragon. Ace learned of Kek's tribe, the Milneys, and his mind could not let go. The stinger threatened other dragons, stalked Kek, and found where the Milney's lived.

His original intent was to wipe the Milney's out, but, for once, the Stinger felt something. Over the course of a month, Ace lived in the background, searching, studying, learning everything about Kek. And then he confronted him.

Then Kek accepted Ace into the tribe.

The first dragon fearslasher had ever killed in her life was the alpha of her pack of speedstingers. After her alphas death followed all the other speedstingers in her pack. When she had let her sharp claws rake against the alpha's neck, the whole entire pack was advancing on her, for she had done the most treasonous act of killing another pack member. Fearslasher still did not know what exactly made her kill. Perhaps it was the cold eyes that stared at her when she came out of her egg, or the looks on their faces as they joked about naming her eggplant after the unusual colors of her scales, or that she was a straight out murderer from the start, a monster from helheim itself. What ever the reason was she knew that she would slash fear into the hearts of dragons just like the name she gave herself. Fearslasher.

The time Fearslasher met the her true pack the milneys, was peaceful quiet day. She was busy hunting a dramillon, which was quite hard to catch but their flesh was to die for as she cornered the dragon into a cave, she poisoned him with her stinger. Just ten heard talonsteps and she found herself face to face with a pack of odd group of speedstingers, their colors varied from red to black to yellow. The alpha who was up in front had the traditional green, red scale, and had scar rippling down his body.

"Hello little one" he hissed with a wicked grin on his face. "Would you care to tell us your name?"

"I am fearslasher the murderer of the redscar pack and if you don't leave now i will kill you right in this spot."she hissed back.

"Fearslasher, I am kek and we mean you no harm,only to join us" kek said.

"But why,no other pack had ever offered me a place in their pack because im a monster" Fearslasher adked.

"Fearslasher, monsters aren't meant to be kept locked up inside a box never to let out, we're dragons and we are all murderers. So join us and you will be the could show the world that you are a monster and if they don't respect you, they can easily be eliminated. So will join us in our rise to power?"

"Yes....yes i shall" kek led the pack back outside with another member in the team of the Milneys...

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