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Bearded Dragon
Draginfli's Bearded Dragon.jpg
The Bearded Dragon shown in different poses

Species Type

Bearded Dragon


Roughly the same size as a Night Fury

Eye Colour

Golden to reddish brown

Scale Colour

Light tan to dark brown

This dragon species is based off the Australian lizard also called a bearded dragon. As the real lizard does and is named after, this dragon can "fluff" or extend their underside skin on their chins and create a half-disc shaped "beard" that darkens to black with anger or aggression. Despite this, these dragons are known for being the most affectionate and cuddly dragons a Viking can own. They are exceptionally easy to train and tame from the wild, and they look up to their trainers like dogs look up to their owners. They have many traits the Australian lizard has, including basking in the sun, with their wings outstretched catching the most amount of sunlight as possible. They're generally slow walkers, and their sprint looks more like a fast waddle. Bearded Dragons are roughly the same size as a Night Fury. They are omnivorous, and often lick up bugs with their sticky tongues; they mostly eat large bugs and small animals as young dragons, and become mainly herbivorous as adults.

Bearded Dragons are among the heaviest sleepers, and once the sun sets, it seems the Dragons are out cold. They also tend to sleep in strange positions, sometimes with their heads shoved against a wall, or completely curled up with their tails on their heads and all limbs pointing backwards. It is nearly impossible to wake up a sleeping Bearded Dragon.

They have a wide range of fire capabilities: anything from a subtle, pinpoint fire beam, to a wide, sudden blast.