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THIS is a prequel to Hearts of shadow I suggest you read that first but technically the events in this story happened first. this fanfiction is made by Nightfury4eva it is not a traditional 'story' as it is a collection of shorts. also, they will be written out of order, it really depends on my mood.

(also my spelling and grammar might be really bad through out this entire book beacuse I have Dyslexia so....I'm not stupid I just have a disorder. now, onto the story)

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Character list

Kaya- the rider of Elka, Vera, Thunder, Sunstone, Echo, Scarlette, and Nightshade.short wavy dirty-blond hair tan skin greyish green eyes, the weapon of choice- dread fall ax

Elka - female titan wing woolly howl, her fur is pale purplish-teal with royal blue tips, her underside is dark violet with pale blue stripes, in a relationship with Copper

Copper - male titan wing sand wraith, his scales are golden brown with burgundy stripes from head to tail with unusual green eyes, in a relationship with Elka

Vera -female death gripper, black spikes on top and white underbelly, dark mineral blue scales on top of the spikes

Nightshade - female titan flightmare, light purple scales with bright sea green wing tail and spike tips

Sunstone - fireworm queen, orange-yellow with red dots and a pale lemon underbelly.

Scarlette- female grim gnasher, white body with red scales on her back and down her spine blue underneath.

Thunder- female Titan skrill, black with dark blue spikes and teal on her wings and underbelly.

Echo - female silver Deathsong. she has a pale blue underbelly, with dark blue spots on wings and pale blue wing details with pale violet.

Ashlyn- nicknamed Ash and a member of Forever clan. she has icy blue eyes grey-blonde hair blue-white shirt and skirt. her weapon of choice is two short swords.

Everett- Ashlyn's titan Snow Wraith, she is white with cobalt blue highlights and purple eyes.

Rayna- the leader of Forever clan, Rayna has reddish-brown curly hair tied back in a messy braid. she has warpaint around one eye. her eyes are bright green. her weapon of choice is a crossbow.

Cinnabar- a Crimson Goregutter, she has a black back with red details and a twilight-blue underbelly with bright teal eyes. her rider is Rayna.

Blueberry- a male Echoer (used with permission from the creator of this dragon Fengamie Qin123) he is bluish-grey with purple details.

Nikkie- a jerk member of forever clan. she has dark brown hair and pale skin. she has judging brown eyes and is incredibly spoiled getting whatever she wanted including a Light Fury.

Olivine- a major jerk of a dragon. no one likes her. she is a green-tinted LF with a gene mutation that messes up her thin 'sail' going down her back making it look more like ruffles. she has green eyes. and Elka thinks that Olivine is an ugly jerk.

you will encounter more characters as the stories continue.

Please note

this story contains cussing, moderate gore,  and dark events and suggestive language that small children might not like or understand. if you do not like or are sensitive to these things exercise caution when reading these shorts.

all of Kaya's opinions in these stories are expressed as mine, please don't harass me for my world views. if you want to talk to me about it please leave me a message on my wall.

I am not responsible for any damage caused when reading this, you have been WARNED

out of the nest pt1 

(kaya is 13yrs old) Kaya woke up to shafts of light peering through her window, she yawned and sat up, her hair was a tangled mess she ran her fingers through it to try to smooth it down. Elka roared at her side. Kaya looked at her fluffy purple dragon.

"you hungry?" she asked Elka.

Elka roared excitedly wagging her tail like a dog. Kaya laughed getting out of bed. she stuffed her feet into her warm boots and went into the kitchen area. she walked to the furnace that she used for cooking food and lit it up. the fire roared inside of the device and Kaya put the metal bars over the blaze. she turned around and cut a slice of bread and put it over the flames until it turned dark, she shoved the warm bread into her mouth and stepped down into her food storage area. she walked down the steps and stepped onto the cold ground of her meat keeper.

hanging of various hooks were fish and other meats and lining the walls were bottles of yak milk, yak butter, and chicken eggs. she took and Arctic Char off of the hook and tossed it up to Elka who caught it and wolfed it down licking her chops afterward. Kaya turned back to what she was doing and took some chicken eggs and yak milk. Elka roared down to her letting Kaya know she was still hungry. 

"Seriously?" Kaya said looking at her fluffy dragon.

Elka pawed at the air which is what she does when she wants something mostly food. Kaya took down another Arctic Char and tossed it up to Elka lazily. she then walked back to her kitchen and got her cast iron pan. she cracked the eggs over the rim they sizzled in the pan and Kaya went to pour herself some yak milk. Kaya shoved her food into her mouth and downed her yak milk. she needed to feed her other dragons so they didn't kill anyone.

Elka put out the furnace and Kaya grabbed a bowl and ran down the stairs. she grabbed various fish from the hooks and put them in the bowl. she walked up the stairs and closed the meat storage door. she walked outside Elka at her side and opened the doors to her personal stables. the village didn't have many riders but they gave the few riders that they had their own houses and personal stables.

"breakfast!" she called into the stables her dragon's heads peeked over the stall doors.

Kaya tossed the fish to her dragons, each one had their personal favorites: Thunder likes electric eel, Echo likes cod, Sunstone likes angler fish, Vera likes viperfish, Scar likes pike, and Nightshade prefers algae. Kaya reached into her satchel and pulled out two bottles of algae. she poured the glowing liquid into a bucked and fed it to Nightshade.

Kaya walked outside making sure to lock the door. she sat in her small garden behind her hut. poppies and buttercups grew around were her favorite sit spot was. Elka walked over and sat next to her.

"so what do you want to do?" Kaya asked looking at Elks.

Elka's tongue lolled out of her mouth and roared excitedly flapping her wings.

"that's what I want to do too," Kaya said getting up she knew her dragon wanted to go for a fly.

Kaya walked back to her stables and let out all of her dragons Elka trotting behind her. Kaya took the heavy saddles off of the rack. she put them on the various dragons. she went to go put Elka's saddle on but Elka always hated saddles. in fact, she had to get a custom saddle because Elka didn't use any other ones. Kaya chased Elka around with the saddle for about five minutes before deciding to give up and put a saddle on Nightshade instead. Nightshade sat still and let Kaya put her saddle on.

"see Elka Nightshade doesn't fuss!" Kaya pointed out.

Elka rolled her eyes. Kaya eventually managed to wrestle Elka and put her saddle on. Kaya led all her dragons out of the stables, group flights were rare she didn't really fly with all of them at once but today she felt like dealing with the headache that comes with her dragons. Kaya mounted Elka throwing her leg over one side of the saddle and hoisting her self up.

"ready?" Kaya asked.

Elka responded with a puff of cold mist. Kaya nudged Elka with her heals to signal her dragon to take off. Elka shot up into the air like a bullet, Kaya forgot how much of a rush this was Elka's tail whistled in the breeze and the wind whipped her face coloring her nose red. Thunder and Nightshade were close behind Elka, Echo was behind them and she was closely followed by Vera, Sunstone, and Scar trailed behind. 

"let's try this again," Kaya said shifting in Elka's saddle.

Elka's fur spiked telling Kaya that her dragon was either annoyed or anxious. Kaya stood up on Elka's back, trying as hard as she could to keep her balance. Kaya waited for Thunder to glide next to Elka and Kaya took a deep breath, Kaya stepped onto Thunder's wing and walked to her saddle and sat down.  

"yes!" she announced pumping her fists into the air. 

Thunder shot some lightning to celebrate, this was the first time Kaya had done that without falling. she stood up and turned around, Elka positioned herself behind Thunder. Kaya jumped off of Thunders back Elka swooped underneath her and caught her as they had practiced. 

"you've always got my back girl," Kaya said stroking Elka's fur.  

Elka roared doing loops above the clouds. Kaya barely clung on but managed to keep her grip. the rush of air flowing past her face, the wind whipping her hair. why don't I do this more often? she wondered laying back on Elka. an object whizzed past her ear. Kaya sat up, looking down there were at least three or four humans, also with dragons. they had blowguns and were trying to shoot her down. oh, that's why. because everyone loves to use us as target practice. she tried to maneuver Elka towards them. 

a white blur flew through the air and the next thing she knew she and Elka were falling through the air. not my best day. Kaya thought bitterly as she tried to shake Elka awake. Elka opened her eyes and steadied her wings a little they crashed in a forest leaving a trail of broken shrubbery in their wake. Kaya managed to get up, her entire body ached and her shoulder hung limply at her side.

"useless * * * * * * * arm!" Kaya muttered her nose was bleeding and her lip was split.

Elka groaned and she layed her head down "Elka!" Kaya yelled running over to her dragon.

her other dragons dove through the canopy and landed to make sure that Kaya and Elka were okay. kaya watched a figure move through the woods. she gripped her ax and took it off her back. 

"who's there?!" she snapped putting both hands on her ax and holding it out in front of her. no response, Vera brushed up beside Kaya tusks out snarling. Kaya looked around, even Sunstone seemed on edge.

"Echo, song," Kaya whispered.

Echo chirped out a little toon and the bushes rustled as dragons all-around came towards them.

"There are people here," Kaya muttered wondering if the people here would come out for their dragons.

another white blur flew through the air. this one hit Kaya, the sharp sting of a needle on her neck. she paused for a moment still shocked at what happened. her mind blacked out and she collapsed but before she fell her dragons went ballistic. 

out of the nest pt2

Kaya blinked her tongue felt numb as well as her fingertips. she shook herself awake and tried to stand up. she found that she was tied down to a chair. her hands were tied up in front of her and ropes wrapped around her torso. she didn't recognize where she was with a start she found that she couldn't see her dragons. she looked around again and saw Elka tied up and with a muzzle on her. Elka opened one of her hot pink eyes.

"I'll get us out of here," Kaya whispered to her dragon, she was mostly trying to convince herself not to panic.

without her dragons in the village, the raids from the wild dragons will grow insanely frequent. soon there might not be much food left. she knew there were other riders in her village but she had the most dragons. she struggled for a bit longer before deciding to look around the room again. it was dark there was a single table in the room and on that table were a few candles providing a flickering dim light. behind the table was a chair, not unlike the one that Kaya was sitting in except there was no one in the other one. her ax and shield lay on the far side of the room if she could just get over there.

she rocked her chair back and forth, trying to hop over to her weapons. all she ended up doing was falling on her side. she heard the door open and turned her head to look up. the person who had walked through the door was a girl, the girl seemed to be about Kaya's age. she had pale blonde hair with icy blue eyes, she had a white shirt on, there was fur lining the neck, and cuffs of the shirt and one sleeve was shorter than the other, dark blue dragon scales diagonally lining the shirt. her skirt was the same color as her shirt. she had greyish freckles and pale skin.

she looked around confused as if wondering where Kaya was, she then looked down and spotted her on the floor.

"what are you doing on the floor?" the strange girl asked.

"I fell," Kaya replied, her words were kind of slurred because her tongue was numb and her cheek was pressed to the floor.

the girl pulled Kaya's chair up and turned her towards the table. she then sat in the other chair. Kaya than realized that a Titan Snow Wraith was accompanying the strange girl in the background Elka began snarling. "Who are you?" the new girl asked.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," Kaya replied.

"why were you flying over our island?" the girl asked.

"does it matter?! you shot me out of the air!?" Kaya snapped.

"well yeah, we did, because you flew over our island!" the girl responded she seemed to be confused as to why Kaya was annoyed about this.

"so if a bird were to fly over your island would you shoot it down and it's it to a chair and proceed to ask it stupid questions?" Kaya asked.

"," the girl replied rubbing the back of her neck.

"then why in the world did you shoot at us?!" Kaya asked her voice growing louder.

"because we didn't know if you were a threat," the girl replied.

"well, now I am!" Kaya snapped.

"uggggh, we're getting nowhere!" the girl yelled.

"are you trying to interrogate me? what is going on here?" Kaya said almost laughing at the stupidity of the situation.

"you know what, let's start over, I'm Ashlyn, my friends call me Ash and that's Everett," the girl said sitting back in her chair and pointing to her dragon.

"I'm Kaya and this is Elka," Kaya replied reluctantly.

at the sound of her name, Elka growled.

"so you have a woolly? nice! I've never seen one before, they prefer to live where it's colder," Ashlyn said bending over to inspect Elka.

"I wouldn't get too close, she doesn't like it when people shoot her down and put muzzles on her," Kaya pointed out.

"well, she's really pretty," Ashlyn said backing up.

"so is Everett," Kaya replied admiring the Snow Wraith.

someone else pushed the door open, this was an adult she had reddish-brown hair pulled back into a messy braid. her shirt was the same design as Ashlyn's but different colors and it had red and purple scales, she had a Boulder class symbol on her chest and a Tracker class symbol on her belt. beside her were two huge dragons, a Crimson Goregutter and an Echoer. she carried herself with more dignity then Ashlyn and gave off a feeling of power. 

"Ashlyn thank you for doing this but I'll take over thanks," she said entering the room,  her  Echoer came in but the Goregutter stayed outside.

Ashlyn nodded and left with Everett. they Echoer seemed small for a dragon of its species but that didn't mean it was tiny, it was still pretty big bigger than Elka but smaller than the Goregutter. it snarled when it 'saw' Kaya and Elka. Elka hissed back at it. the woman put her hand on its snout and it calmed down. 

she pulled out a pocket knife and walked up to Kaya. to Kaya's surprise, the woman went to cut the ropes and not Kaya's neck. she felt the ropes around her body loosen and then fall off. Kaya then stood up went over to her ax and cut the ropes around her hand. she picked up her ax, shield, and knife. she slung the ax and shield over her back and sheathed her knife. she turned to see the woman trying to free Elka.

"a little help?" she asked looking at Kaya.

Kaya smirked and walked over to her dragon "Elka calm down," she soothed putting her hand on Elka's snout.

Elka let the woman take her muzzle off and cut the ropes around her body. Elka stood up and worked her jaw. the Echoer growled at Elka, Elka's fur stood on end as she growled back. 

"Blue stoppit!" the woman snapped.

the Echoer gave Elka and Kaya a glare but stopped growling, Elka let her fur lie flat and stopped growling but Kaya could tell that she was on edge.

"Sorry about all of that, we really need to stop doing that to people who fly over our island, anyways I'm Rayna the chieftess of this clan and this is Blueberry, and Cinnabar," she said pointing to the Echoer and then the Goregutter.

"I'm Kaya and this is Elka," Kaya replied. "hey, um where am I?" Kaya asked turning back from the door.

"oh, you're on Valdark," Rayna replied.

Kaya furrowed her brow "I don't know where that is," she replied.

"oh, where do you live?" Rayna asked.

"the island of Kalder," Kaya replied.

'Rayna frowned, "to be honest I've never heard of it," she said shrugging.

"well that's just great, I'll find my own way home," Kaya said walking out the door.

she then realized she only had Elka she walked back in the door "where are my other dragons?" Kaya asked.

"oh, they're probably in the stables, Ashlyn will show you to them," Rayna replied.

"and Ashlyn is...where?" Kaya asked.

"ASHLYN!" Rayna yelled.

Ashlyn ran in the door "Yeah, what's up?" she replied.

"can you show Kaya the stables? she needs to get her dragons," Rayna explained.

"Yeah, sure!" Ashlyn replied waving her hand to beckoning Kaya.

Kaya followed jogging up to Ashlyn, Elka trotting behind them next to Everett.

"This is our home, there are both huts and cabins, this is more of a clan than a village," as they walked Ashlyn pointed out different places, such as the mess hall, armory, fighting/ training arena, and Kaya's personal favorite the racing arena.

at one point Ashlyn went to point something out and turned around Kaya was right behind her they were standing face to face. 

"oh, uh sorry, sorry," Ashlyn said blushing as she backed up rubbing her neck.

"oh, no, it's my fault sorry,"  Kaya replied hurriedly she felt her face grow hot.

"let's just continue with the tour," Ashlyn replied trying to forget what had happened.  they came to a bunch of huge buildings in a 'U' shape, each one was a different color "these are the stables, each class has it's own dedicated stable, every trainer has a 'class' as well. if your main dragon is from say Tidal class than you are considered a Tidal class trainer and have these badges as identification," she said pointing to her belt and her chest.

"so you're a strike class trainer?" Kaya asked.

"yep! seems like you are too, when we found you you had three strike class dragons and wouldn't let go of her," Ashlyn explained pointing to Elka.

Kaya smiled "Elka's the first dragon I ever trained, I don't know what I'd do with myself without her," Kaya said petting her dragon.

Kaya watched a bunch of serious-looking people walking in and out of the tables getting dragons and going to a big dark building.

" what are they doing?" Kaya asked.

"oh, they're going to do some 'jobs'," Ashlyn said, her tone of voice had changed.

"jobs?" Kaya asked.

"if you join this clan you'll see what I mean," Ashlyn replied.

Kaya walked into the Strike stable she opened the stalls for Vera and Thunder they were overjoyed to see her she did have to stop them from killing Ashlyn but other than that they were fine, next she went to get Echo and Nightshade she had to calm Nightshade but Echo was relatively calm. she then got Scar and Sunstone. once she had all of her dragons she walked back to Ashlyn.

"wow, you have a bunch of dragons," Ashlyn said surprised.

"Yeah, I know they constantly remind me of that fact," Kaya joked.

"Hey um Kay, I know you want to get home and stuff, but could you stay for dinner?" Ashlyn asked blushing again.

"uh, sure this place seems pretty cool if I'm being honest I kind of want to stay," Kaya replied in all honesty. 

Ashlyn smiled "if you do want to stay I can talk to Rayna about initiating you," she said grinning.

what did I just get myself into? Kaya wondered this place seemed cool but there was something off.

"Kaya dinner you coming?" Ashlyn asked running ahead of her.

"race ya there!" Kaya yelled back running towards the mess hall.

Initiation (2)

after dinner

the sun was setting over the west side of the island, the last rays of light staining the mountain blood orange. Ashlyn lead Kaya to Rayna's hut for 'Initiation'.  "shouldn't we wait for tomorrow?" Kaya asked watching the sunset. "no, it's better at night," Ashlyn replied knocking on Rayna's door. the door creaked open and Rayna stepped out.

"Kaya wants to join," Ashlyn stated pushing Kaya out in front of her Elka sitting at Kaya's side. Rayna smiled "then come in Kaya, and we'll get started," Kaya tentatively walked in she was very uncomfortable, not sure if she should sit, or stand so she stood in the middle of the room while Rayna lit the torches.

"Please have a seat, now, first things first can you keep a secret?" she asked sitting down. Kaya found a chair and sat as well "it depends on who you are and what you tell me," Kaya replied.

"so that's a yes?" Rayna asked. Kaya nodded. and Elka curled up at her feet Kaya than noticed Blueberry walk into the room, he sat next to Rayna like a guard or a sentinel.

"good, to live here you will need to keep secrets, however, the final decision is not up to me, but the spirit of the island its self," Rayna replied.

"what do you mean?" Kaya asked.

Rayna smiled "all will be explained but first let me tell you a story," she announced.

Rayna got up and took a torch off the wall, she brought it over to the opposite wall and used it to light candles the candles illuminated a huge mural on the wall, showing the island and underneath the island was a picture of a huge dragon, a Foreverwing. 

"The first settlers on the island were traders, mercenaries, and unsavory characters, in general, the only reason you would come here was to disappear. Anyone who came here was running from someone. and they stripped this place of all of its resources. then one day someone different arrived, they carried with them a huge dragon egg, bigger than a boulder. they said that they were running from a very famous group of dragon hunters, this was enough to scare everyone on the island. the hunters of which the person spoke would stop at nothing to get what they want.

everyone packed up and left, except for the newcomer. he then found a whispering death tunnel and put the egg down there it looked just like a boulder. then the man left without a trace. it was said that the hunters searched the island until they died, but they couldn't find the egg. hundreds of years later the egg hatched," Rayna paused walking over to the mural and pointing at the Foreverwing beneath the island.

"yeah it's a Foreverwing, the *biggest known dragon," Kaya replied.

*note: at the time the Bewilderbeast was an assumed myth, making the Foreverwing (a dragon a little bigger than the Red Death) the biggest known dragon (and yes Valka was with the BB during the events of the story but she didn't tell anyone, unshared knowledge is still unknown)*

Rayna smiled "good, the Foreverwing is the patron of our island and the namesake of our clan. when it came out of its egg it healed this barren wasteland of an island and brought rivers and forests to the land. the forests protect us, if anyone who the Foreverwing didn't trust entered they'd never leave. between the shifting landscapes, Wood Spirit's, and the Foreverwing its self we make sure that no one unwanted can make it through our forests, and that is why we have an initiation ritual, I take you through the forest and if the Foreverwing thinks you're a good person than you will be let through and get to meet the patron of our island," Rayna said pulling out a map and pointing to an area of thick old-growth forests.

"sounds potentially deadly so in other words, why not," Kaya said getting up.

"glad you're so keen on doing this, ready?" she asked walking to the door.

Kaya nodded as Rayna grabbed a torch and mounted Blueberry Kaya mounted Elka. they took off Rayna taking the lead, by now the sun was gone and the stars had come out, Kaya spotted the other people on the island laughing and telling stories and singing around a huge fire she was so interested in what went on on this island, so much she didn't know. the stars glittered above her. but for a moment a black void enveloped some of the stars then it streaked across the sky and the stars came back. what was that? she wondered, maybe a dragon of some sort? 

"we're here," Rayna announced snapping Kaya out of her thoughts.

a dark forest stretched out in front of them, Blueberry dove, and Elka followed barreling down towards the ground. Elka opened her wings again and then folded them in landing on her forelegs the rest of her body dropping on the ground after her. Kaya hopped off of her dragon. Rayna dismounted as well she held her torch in front of Blueberry who blew it out. she could hear the crickets chirping in the tall grass. 

"Why did you blow out the torch?" Kaya asked.

"because it's better if we do this in the dark," Rayna replied.

"so before we go any questions?" Rayna asked.

Kaya thought for a second "um, yeah one, Ashlyn said we have 'jobs' here or something like that what did she mean?" Kaya asked confused.

"ah, yes I suppose I should've told you earlier, this is a clan of mercenaries, we take jobs from those who pay well enough, you have the right to say no to anything but the main jobs are like pest control, rescuing people, finding missing Vikings, stuff like that," Rayna explained.

"sounds cool!" Kaya replied.

"Yeah, but some of the stuff we have to do is...not what some people would find okay," Rayna responded.

"How so?" Kaya asked skeptically.

"you'll see," Rayna replied turning back to the forest.

Kaya frowned but walked up to the entrance into the forest.

"Rayna Bell Acre," Ranay announced her full name and Blueberry roared something the trees seemed to melt out of the way and let her in.

Kaya began to follow but the trees quickly blocked her path.

"say your name," Rayna yelled through the brush.

"Kaya?" Kaya replied confused as to what to do.

"your full name," Rayna explained.

"Kaya Valorie Ryder," Kaya announced the trees recoiled to let her through.

Kaya jogged through the entrance, it was kind of creepy that the trees did this. 

"good job kid, sometimes it doesn't let people through when they say their names, and I have to go get them," Rayna said in a joking tone even though she was serious. they walked in the dark, the night sounds grew louder the farther in they walked. in the shadows, she saw glinting eyes from the Wood spirit's. they'd glance at Kaya and then walk off.

"where are we going?" Kaya asked jogging to catch up to Rayna.

"We aren't going anywhere, the forest is taking us where we need to be, and the fact that the Wood spirit's haven't attacked you yet is promising," Rayna replied.

"wait what," Kaya muttered.

They continued walking in silence until Elka accidentally brushed against Blueberry and he lashed out growling at Elka. Elka stopper and backed up. Blueberry stopped growling as well he cocked his head to the side as if considering something. he then let out a sharp siren wail and Elka replied with a purr. Kaya assumed he had apologized but you never know with dragons.

"Blue play nice!" Rayna ordered stroking Blueberry.

Blueberry made a low rumbling sound and nudged her with his snout.

"some on, we should keep walking," Rayna suggested.

after a little more walking they came upon a clearing. the trees bent out of the way showing a clearing filled with moonlight. sitting in the middle of the clearing was the biggest dragon she'd ever seen. a grey and Green Foreverwing that looked like the stone its opened its eyes and raised its head blocking out the moon silhouetting the dragon's figure. its eyes were bright greed and it lowered its massive head to get a better look at Elka and Kaya.  

"This is the Foreverwing," Rayna said the dragon turned to like at her and lightly rubbed its huge snout against her.

"kid, come over here," she said beckoning Kaya over.

Rayna took Kaya's hand and pressed it against the snout of the Foreverwing. where Kaya touched it the green color glowed, the Wood spirit's gathered around growling and grunting.

Rayna let Kaya's hand go "kid, welcome to the clan," Raina said grinning.


no one left behind  

2 weeks have passed since Kaya joined the clan.

Kaya yanked the carrots out of the ground working in the small farm behind her house whenever she could.  there was a noise in the sky. she looked up, she saw the cutest baby fire terror in the whole world land on her shoulder. she had to stop herself from taking it into her house. attached to its leg was a rolled-up piece of parchment in Rayna's handwriting. it read:

I have a job for you if you're interested meet me by the mess hall and I'll show you who to talk to.


Kaya was interested, Rayna wasn't a very descriptive person so Kaya would be totally blindsided to what she was agreeing to but she needed something to do and she was low on gold. she got up left her carrots in her hut. she grabbed her saddlebag, ax, and shield. she ran out of the house and over to the mess hall, she saw Ashlyn and Rayna already there.

"hi Kay," Ashlyn exclaimed greeting her.

"hi!" Kaya replied.

she looked around there were two people she didn't recognize, it looked like a husband and wife, they both had bags under their eyes like they hadn't slept in days.

"This is Mr. and Mrs. Malamo, they have a job for someone, I believe this is a job for only one person so you guys decide who is more likely to succeed," Rayna Explained.

Kaya and Ashlyn nodded and walked over to an empty hut, they used this for keeping most jobs a secret. not everyone wants to tell everyone else why they're asking for help so the clan used this hut to talk about what needs to happen.

they walked into the hut and Kaya closed the door behind them, she lit the torches and candles in the room so they could see what they were doing. 

"so what do you want?" Kaya asked sitting in a chair across from the Malamo's.

"my name is Debrah, and my husband's name is Jack, our son Finn is missing," they explained.

"do you know when and where he went missing?" Kaya asked as Ashlyn clapped her hands over her mouth at the mention of the missing child. 

"yes, he was with his uncle, they were sailing to different islands to trade things, every time they'd arrive somewhere on time they'd send a terror mail," she paused pulling out a map with various marks on it.

she rolled the map out on a table, the map showed the route that the two had taken, there were x's on all the islands that they had gone to, but then the x's stopped.

"They were supposed to arrive here two weeks ago but we haven't heard from them since," she said pointing to the island where the x's had stopped.

Kaya looked at the map, she recognized the island. if she wasn't being promised a reward she would've stormed out of the room. it was Eklof island, that place was a death trap, and full of *Deathly draith nests.

*a species I'm working on*

Kaya furrowed her brow, frowning she stared at the map. " are you sure they didn't stop for something along the way?" Kaya asked.

Debrah pulled a piece of parchment out of her bag and handed it to Kaya, Kaya unfolded the piece of paper the handwriting was sloppy but she could still read it.

Dear sister,

I have been traveling with Finn for about a month now, we have seen so many cool things and interesting people, we should get to the next island by tomorrow. Eklof island is a dangerous place but I know some natives who would be most helpful and will give us some supplies. I will write to you again soon.

regards and much love- Davv 

"and it's been two weeks?" Kaya asked looking up from the letter.

Debrah nodded and Kaya handed the parchment to Ashlyn who quickly skimmed over it. 

"Kay, I think you should take this one," Ashlyn replied.

"Why? Everett can see heat, it would be easier for her to go," Kaya replied.

"yes but this would be helpful in a blizzard, not a forest where pretty much everything has heat, plus you have more dragons," Ashlyn argued.

"Okay, I'll do it," she agreed.

she turned back to Jack and Debrah " how much are you paying?" Kaya asked.

Debrah pulled a satchel of gold out of her bag and pushed it across the table Kaya was about to grab it but Debrah snatched it back. 

"find him, then you get paid," she stated.

Kaya nodded "hold on while I get my things," Kaya said getting up and running out the door. she ran out of the hut and straight into another person. 

"hey! WATCH IT!!" the other person snapped.

"you were in my way!" Kaya snapped back.

"WELL-...hey ur the new girl right? Trashlyn's friend," she said waving her hand through the air.

"that's not her name!" Kaya spat.

"my name is Nikkie, and this is my Lightfury Olivine. this is as close as you'll ever get to owning the best dragon on the flat earth," Nikkie said ignoring Kaya.

Kaya scoffed "Light Furies are LAME and overrated, they're only for rich brats why would I be impressed by that," Kaya sassed.

" it's better than your ugly purple rug," Nikkie said discussed pointing at Elka. 

"my 'rug' could whip your dragon's ass any day! but I need to go and get ready for the job I'm taking so good day, actually, I hope you have a terrible day!" Kaya replied storming off.

Kaya threw insults at that girl from under her breath people like that exemplify why we can't have nice things.

Kaya ran into her hut and pulled out one of her old maps, every island had a number, "Eklof island, Eklof island, AH HA!" she exclaimed putting her finger on it. it was number forty-seven. 

she then raced over to her filing cabinet and pulled out a small notebook, she flipped to page forty-seven.

Eklof island. island #47

inhabitants: Deathly Draith #20, villages of natives

she read through the rest of the page. she threw the book aside and rummaged through the rest of her cabinet. and found her book on dragons. she flipped to page twenty.

Deathly Draith,

Mystery class.

fire: none

this dragon can't smell, hear, or see very well it is also flightless. however, it can sense vibrations with its antenna, like footsteps, breathing, heartbeats, etc. do not engage in combat, they are extremely aggressive and pretty much impossible to train. these dragons have massive amounts of venom in their fangs and their spit is extremely acidic. they are generally polar bear sized but they can grow larger. they camouflage with color-changing pigments like chameleons.

as Kaya kept reading it became less and less likely that Finn had survived, but there was always hope.

"There is no way the kid survived," Kaya muttered shoving medical supplies into her bag.

she walked back to the hut where Debrah, Jack, and Ashlyn sat in awkward silence.

"Okay I'm ready to go are you guys coming or not?" Kaya asked.

she was internally hoping that Debrah and Jack would stay behind, she didn't meet two more people to look after. 

"yep!" Jack announced standing up.

Kaya cringed internally, they would also die immediately. but that wasn't her problem.

"How are we going to get there?" Debrah asked.

"Have you guy's ever flown?" Kaya asked grinning.

they shook their heads, "oh, this is going to be fun," Kaya said sarcastically.

she led them to the stables and told them to wait with Elka. who should I bring? Echo and Sunstone would be good for thier first time flying, but their abilities are bad against the draiths, Thunder and Vera would be more helpful, but they're bad for flying. maybe I could ride Thunder and Vera could fly by herself and they could ride Elka.  Kaya decided to let them ride Elka and she let Vera and Thunder out. she put a saddle on both of them and got them ready to go. "you guys will be riding Elka, I put the saddle on her earlier so be thankful that I don't have to wrestle her again. when we get there you are going to do whatever I say no matter what got it? when I say stop you stop!" she ordered.

they nodded and she helped them mount Elka who didn't look super pleased that they were riding her.  "oh come on Elks, just until we reach the island," Kaya soothed trying to calm Elka down.

Kaya mounted Thunder who roared to Vera. they all took off Kaya nudging Thunder to slow down to let Elka catch up.

"This island will be teaming with Deathly draiths, they are mostly blind, deaf, unable to smell, and can't fly but they can sense vibrations like footsteps, heartbeats, and sound waves, you will under no circumstance run, shout, or stomp got it?" Kaya explained.

they both nodded as did her dragons whom she was also sort of talking to. she saw the island coming up sharp rock surrounded it as well as broken boards. Kaya directed Thunder to bank right Vera and Elka did the same, she told Thunder to land in a forest. the air was so still that her breath seemed to hang there forever.

"How old is the kid?" Kaya whispered the Deathly draiths were deaf but it was hard not to whisper.

"ten years old," Jack replied.

Kaya nodded, if he's old enough to understand what to and what not to do he can survive here. Kaya thought looking around. 

there was a trail of broken shrubs but no draith prints around meaning that the draiths didn't make this trail. Kaya followed the trail of destruction. she didn't see anything moving around her that wasn't supposed to be there but every time she heard any noise she practically jumped out of her skin, on the inside. Kaya stepped down onto some extremely uneven ground, she almost fell on her face but Elka caught her before she fell. 

"Thanks, Elka," Kaya praised petting her dragon.

Kaya used her ax to clear the brush away. what she had stepped on wasn't a hole, it was a footprint. an enormous footprint her breath caught in her throat, it was about two meters long (approx  6feet) and one meter wide (about  3feet). 

"I didn't know they got this big," she whispered. 

"This thing has to be like six meters tall (19 ft)," Kaya whispered her tone ebbed with fear. "What now?" Debrah asked.

"we keep going, but be extra careful, there's a monster in these woods," Kaya muttered stepping into the footprint and walking.

every one continued but Elka hung back and growled to the footprint "Elka, come on!" Kaya whispered loudly Elka looked up and trotted to catch up to them. 

Kaya kept walking staying alert out of the corner of her eye she saw a dark shape move. before she knew it she turned to look at it, but nothing was there. she shook her head the island's playing tricks on my eyes, there's nothing there. she turned back around and continued walking, all the while she felt like she was being watched. 

she took a step without looking. CRUNCH! Kaya cringed at the sound she had stepped in something weird, it crunched yet it was cold and clammy she was kind of scared to looked down. she took a deep breath and looked down, her foot was shoved into the ribcage of a decaying body. she clapped her hands over her mouth to prevent her from screaming she didn't usually scream but this caught her off guard, she's fine with seeing a dead body but stepping in one is a different madder entirely. 

she scrambled backward her foot was covered in maggots she kicked them off and walked back to inspect the body. it had two large puncture wounds with puss welling up around them. whoever this was got bitten by a draith. Jack and Debrah's screams snapped her out of her thoughts as they looked at the body. 

"shut up!" Kaya whispered aggressively.

she covered their mouths with her hands to muffle their screaming. they quickly stopped and she wiped her hands on her skirt. 

"you need to be quiet! or none of us will survive!" Kaya hissed and they both nodded.

Debrah had tears streaming down her face and she walked over to the body "that's him, my brother Davv," she sobbed.

Jack came over to comfort her, Kaya sat back with Elka and her other dragons and let them have their moment. Kaya felt a small tremor pass through the ground it happened again, and again. she stood up grabbing her ax with one hand her other went straight to her knife.

"something's coming," Kaya whispered catching the attention of Jack and Debrah.

a huge head cam through the forest, it's three greenish-blue eyes snapped open and shut its mothlike antenna flicked every witch way and spit poured off of its fangs.  oh * * * * that thing is * * * * * * HUGE! She froze as did her dragons and Jack Debrah suppressed a scream and stood as still as possible. it looked in their direction and waved its feelers around and walked straight up to Kaya its fangs were inches from her face and its hot breath smelled of decay. it let out a little roar opening its mouth revealing two rows of razor-sharp teeth it then pulled back looked in the opposite direction and ran off. 

"you guys okay?" she whispered as the beast ran off.

"y-yeah," Jack whispered pale as the moon.

"Good, let's keep going, these things get worse at night," Kaya replied trudging on.

she walked through the forest, the quiet freaked her out. usually, there were birds chirping or the wind blowing, but here it was just quiet. other than the occasional growl from a Deathly death the only noise made was by her, her dragons, and Debrah and Jack. 

"Okay you guys stick with my dragons, I'm gonna go check something out," she muttered walking off into the forest hearing Elka call after her worriedly.

Kaya noticed smoke coming from up ahead, "what," she started but was suddenly cut off by a scream from up ahead. 

she pulled out her knife and charged out of the forest to see a boy about ten years old being pinned down by a draith. she clapped her hands and the draith turned its attention towards her. it charged fangs barred she rolled out of the way and plunged her knife into its side it would've let out a wail, but draiths have lost most of their ability to make noise. she pulled out her shield as it tried to jump on her she knocked it off with her shield and stabbed it through the head with the knife. she stepped back from the dead dragon, panting. the kid held up a torch waving it threateningly. 

"it's okay, I'm here to help you," she explained he seemed to not believe her.

"hold on, I'll be right back," she said cleaning her knife on her skirt and sheathing it. she slung her shield over her back and walked back to her dragons.

"I found him," she announced.

"Really!?!" Debrah announced running through the forest Jack right behind her.

"DON'T run," she sighed and shook her head and followed.

when she got there Jack and Debrah seemed to be suffocating Finn with hugs. she felt good that she had done something, not horrible. then she felt it, the tremors had returned but this time a lot faster. she felt hot breath on her back.

"RUN!!" she yelled Vera and Thunder scooped up the family and flew off. Kaya ran for Elka.

The enormous draith lunged for her "Elka go!" Kaya yelled Elka reluctantly flew off as the draith grabbed Kaya in its scorpion-like pincers. 

she struggled against it trying to grab her knife, it squeezed tighter and she was gasping for air. she looked over to see them flying off. at least they were gonna make it. she thought. Elka banked left turning on the dime she dove straight at the death. Elka blasted it full force it stumbled and dropped Kaya. Elka caught Kaya and sped of the draith snapping at them. 

"Elka, you are the best dragon ever!" Kaya exclaimed petting her dragon. 

Elka purred as they flew back to Valdark. they landed on the soft dead body free ground.

"We can't thank you enough for helping us, thanks to you only one person died on that island," Debrah said handing over the satchel of money. 

they walked back to their ship and sailed back to their home. Kaya felt good, she had helped that family find their son and had almost gotten killed in the process it was a good day. she decided to do a lap of the island on Elka Kaya laid back on her dragon than something strange caught her eye and all of the good feelings fell to crap. 

"Elka stop," Kaya ordered Elka immediately stopped and looked back at Kaya

Elka had sensed something in Kaya's tone maybe fear, desperation? Kaya sat up and looked over the forest there was a huge chunk that was littered with dead trees. 

"why hasn't the Foreverwing fixed that yet? something's wrong with the forest," she muttered scared.

who or what could do this? what could kill trees that are being protected by the Foreverwing, and Wood spirits?

bad ideas 

this story takes place when Elka and Kaya are 14 Kaya sat on her bed sketching a map of the forest, she flipped through the previous pages seeing the portion she had erased for the dead trees. what is going on with the forest? she wondered but her thought was interrupted by Elka growling.

“Elka quiet!” Kaya ordered.

Elka didn’t stop growling, in fact, the growling got louder.

“Hey, fluffy what’s up with you?” Kaya asked getting up.

Elka continued growling.

“Elka, invisible joe doesn’t exist, Ashlyn made that up to mess with you,” Kaya explained thinking that Elka was growling at ‘invisible joe’.

Elka stopped growling for a moment and looked at kaya like ‘wait what?! Invisible joe doesn’t exist?!’ but then she went right back to growling and ran outside.

"Elka what are you-," kaya paused, there was a huge flock of dragons flying away from something.

"what the hell," Kaya muttered.

Elka rammed her head into Kaya's knee caps Kaya fell on top of Elka and Elka flew off.

"Elka what the * * * * are you doing!?!" Kaya yelled swinging her leg over  Elka's body. 

Elka flew right up to the dragon flock, she stopped a monsterous Nightmare and gave it a sharp bark-like roar. it replied with a whimper and flew away, Elka hissed and dove down flying faster than Kaya had ever seen her fly.

“Elka WHERE THE * * * * are you going?!?!” Kaya yelled over the wind.

Elka didn’t respond she just sped up. She wove through sharp rocks and skimmed the choppy grey waters of the sea. Kaya got sprayed by saltwater as a wave crashed down onto a sea stack. As soon as her vision came back Kaya realized that there was a rock directly in their path.

“Elka TURN!” Kaya yelled.

Elka didn’t turn the black jagged rock came closer and closer.

“ELKA!” Kaya screamed trying desperately to turn her dragon.

Elka opened her mouth and shot the rock, it shattered and fell to pieces as Elka flew through it.

“Elka, if we survive this you are in SO much trouble,” Kaya said through gritted teeth.

Elka growled flying faster. They came to a thick fog and Elka slowed down, her eyes were little slitts. Kaya couldn’t see anything past the fog. There was a loud roar and the fog lit up with an orange glow, fire suddenly erupted from the depths of the fog, Elka growled and shot at the fire but it kept coming. Elka dodged and glided upward away from the frothing ocean and the fire. She flew over the bank of fog and Kaya could make out the fuzzy shape of an island, it looked like a huge volcano. She then saw where the fire was coming from. A huge dragon almost as big as the Foreverwing stood there. Five dragons attacked it, an orange Monstrous nightmare, a blue Nadder, a brown Gronckel, a green Zippleback, and a black... Kaya squinted. What dragon is that? A black Sand Wraith, maybe a weird Woolly howl, or a deformed Light Fury? Huh, wherever it is it sure is fast. Kaya thought, Elka suddenly stooped into a power dive Elka powered up her blast and blasted the dragon’s eyes. It roared snapping at Elka and breathing fire.

“Elka what the * * * * are you thinking?!?” Kaya yelled looking around no one seemed to have noticed.

Elka flew up and away from the fire Kaya knew she was going to come around for another pass.

“Elka NO!” Kaya ordered dangerously calm.

Elka stopped and hovered looking back at Kaya and whimpering looking from Kaya to the terrifying horror dragon.

“This is not our fight, we need to go home!” Kaya hissed.

Elka turned around and left but not before looking back and roaring the roar echoed through Dragon island all of the dragons stopped and looked around as Kaya and Elka disappeared into the fog.

gone free 

this story takes place one year later.


Kaya brought Elka back to the stables, they had gone on a really hard job. Kaya took Elka’s saddle off.

“* * * * Elks, you really beat this thing up,” she said laughing.

Elka wagged her tail hoping that she didn’t have to wear it anymore.

“I’ll take it to go get fixed today, hey um, I’m gonna leave the stable door unlocked so if you want you can go do whatever, I don’t think I’ll have any other things to do today so just take a break,” Kaya said walking out. She then popped her head back in.

“Be back by dinner or I’ll go looking for you okay?” Kaya said not really checking to make sure if Elka heard her.

Elka nodded wagging her tail. She yawned and padded around her stall, she settled down in the soft straw.

“I never knew they decided to put a purple rug in this stable, it’s not even that well made,” Olivine said sitting on the beam above Elka’s stall.

“haha very funny,”   Elka replied sarcastically.

“The rug TALKS!?!” Olivine replied shocked.

“Hey, you’re no model your self ass hole!” Elka snapped.

“Hey! At least I’m pleasing to look at!” Olivine snapped.

“Sure you are, if I’m pleased looking at trash then yes you’re pleasing to look at,” Elka replied with a fake smile.

Olivine let out a puff of smoke and hopped off of the beam she was sitting on. Elka smirked she was feeling pretty smug that she’d won that argument, she usually loses arguments so she was feeling extra good. She suddenly started thinking about what Olivine had said. Am I just a rug with wings? Ugh no I’m an amazing dragon so say my...friends...would they say that just to make me happy? Sounds like something they’d do. But then again Vera’s brutally honest. I don’t know anymore. Elka decided to go outside and clear her head, she pushed the door open and walked out. She looked around and took off into the bright sunny sky.

She sea shimmered and she flew low across the bright blue water feeling the sea spray in her face, she really didn’t like water in large amounts but being sprayed in the face was fine. She came upon a pod of killer whales and flew alongside them. They jumped out of the water to get a good look at her and she spun through the air playing with them. They made chittering and squeaking noises, Elka replied by roaring excitedly she stuck with the orca pod for a while she helped them hunt fish and they used their tail flukes to flip fish up and feed Elka.

she eventually got bored of the oversized dolphins and flew off. She turned upside down her horns barely scraping the water, a shape in the distance made her flip over, that and the blood rushing to her head. She tried to make out what it was by the time she realized what it was she was too close. It was a hunter ship, she tried to fly low to the water but she’d lose momentum to quickly and drown.

“ * * * *!” she roared frustrated at her stupidity.

“Welp time to whup some hunter ass,” she muttered to herself and blasted the ship.

Nets flew through the air and she dodged them easily she made a hairpin turn to the left and wrapped her wings around herself to boost speed blasting the ship again before spreading her wings and letting the updraft carry her. They launched chains at her and she used her tail to deflect them. She was gonna have bruises up and down her tail tomorrow that was for sure. They launched volleys of arrows at Elka. she tried her best to dodge the small objects whizzing past her head. One hit her right under her wing the arrow sunk deep into her flesh.

She yelped at the pain trying to keep her focus. She felt a chain wrap around her and she was ripped out of the air.

“ * * * *!” she hissed trying to struggle against the chains.

The hunters began to approach her and she growled blasting at them to stay back. She then got an idea, but if it failed she would be captured, and if it succeeded she might die.(authors note: one hell of a plan you got there Elka) she stopped struggling and let the hunters approach her. when one of them started to loosen her chains she wriggeled out and bolted for the side of the ship.

Without a second thought she dove into the icy saltwater, the arrow in her side stung more than ever but she had to keep focused to not die. She sawm away with little success she flapped her wings and moved her feet but was unable to go forward very far. The need for air started clawing at her chest and she headed for the surface. Her head popped above water and she gasped for air. Arrows rained down on her and she panicked swallowing a mouthful of seawater and heading back underwater.  She coughed and bubbles came out of her mouth her vision was ebbed with black in the distance she noticed multiple somethings coming towards her before blacking out one last stream of bubble escaping her mouth.

everything hurt, her face, her tail, her paws. she groggily opened her eyes to have sand pour off her head. She shook her self all of the sand cascading off of her body. She tried to walk forward but a splitting pain ran through one of her paws. She gritted her teeth lifting it up for her to inspect. A piece of coral was shoved into her foot and every time she stepped she shoved it in deeper. She wrapped her teeth around it and yanked with an oddly satisfying pop it came right out, as did blood but she didn’t really care about that. She licked the blood away as best she could and moved onto the arrow in her flank. She bent back and ripped it from her flesh, it hurt like a hot metal pole being shoved into her side she locked her jaw and shattered the arrow shaft. Great, now I have splinters in my mouth! Elka thought bitterly as she spat out the splinters. She then started coughing and it felt like the entire ocean just came out of her as she coughed up seawater. She stood up and everything seemed fine, she wasn’t dead, that was a good thing.

She couldn’t believe her insanely idiotic plan had worked, but she was hopefully never gonna do that again. The island she had come to didn’t seem that bad. But then she had a completely unrelated thought. How did I get here and not drown? She looked around for the answer and saw a bunch of large black fins pierce the surface of the water. The pod of orcas must have saved her she grinned having made new friends. she jumped up and flew around the island to see what she could.

Elka landed on the soft grass of the forest, the dappled light provided her shade as she went exploring this was a new island full of hidden possibilities, and dangers. She found a pond with a small island in the middle, she jumped up and fluttered onto the island. She lapped at the cold water and dipped her paw in and rubbed it along her face.she then straightened her fur and a sifting sound came from the beach. She looked up pupils slitting.

“H-hello?” she said out into the emptiness.

“hi,” a male voice responded.

She looked around a male sand wraith was sitting in the sand his kind green eyes staring at her. She felt uncomfortable under his gaze she shifted a little bit, something seemed off about him.

“What is your name?” he asked stepping on a stone path and walking towards her. She let him take five steps before she hissed at him and he stopped.

“My name’s Elka, what about you,” she replied calming down a little.

“Wow, your name is amazing I’m Copper nice to meet you,” he replied.

“So are you from around here?” he asked taking a few more steps forward she noticed but let him approach her at one point she shot him a glare for coming too close and he backed up.

“No actually,” she replied.

“well this is my home,” he said gesturing to the entire clearing.

“Oh, sorry for intruding I’ll be on my way,” she replied spreading her wings.

“Please don’t leave, I haven’t seen another dragon in a while it’s nice to have someone to talk to,” he said walking up to her. 

This time she let him.

“So are you going to stay the night?” he asked hopefully.

She slit her pupils again.

“No,” she responded shortly.

“Oh, okay” he responded downtrodden.

The shadows got longer and the light grew sparse, ” hey I’ve got to go, bye friend,” she emphasized friend to make sure he didn’t get any ‘ideas’.

“Will you come back?” he asked watching her fly off.

“Maybe,” she replied flying away.


midnight whisperings 

Kaya turned over to see if the other side of her bed was more comfortable. The side she was previously on was much too hot. It was dark outside and the stars littered the sky casting what little light they could through her window. Something moved out there, she got up and ran her fingers through her ratty hair and peeked out the window, someone was definitely out there. She lit a torch with the terror-mail terror that her clan had provided her with and ran outside. Whoever it was held something in their hand they looked back at Kaya and ran off.

“Hey!” Kaya yelled running after them.

They sped up and Kaya followed, she chased them through the dark forest the trees shifting around them. She slowed down when they reached the dead forest, so did the person she was chasing. They stopped and turned around, she froze trying to make out the stranger’s face. They lifted up their arm and threw something Kaya acted on instinct and dodged, the thing caught her hair and she realized the object was a knife. she wrenched it out of the tree, dark sap covered it and it looked like blood in the darkness.

"who are you?" Kaya asked.

"the island is dying leave before you die with it, you don't belong here!" they said their voice was Undestiguishable.

“Answer the question!” Kaya yelled back, she wasn’t quite sure why she was yelling, they weren’t yelling at her.

They threw another knife and this one didn’t miss, it sunk deep into her shoulder she punched the tree to keep from screaming with pain. She gritted her teeth watching the stranger disappear. She gritted her teeth watching the stranger disappear. She grunted pulling the knife out of her arm. She clapped her hand over her arm and ran back to her hut. She used her torch to light the other torches she rummaged through her pack and found the sticky pieces of fabric with Elka’s fur un the underside to absorb blood. She wrapped it around her arm until she couldn’t see the wound.

She walked back to the forest to collect the knives, maybe she could give them to a tracker class dragon and they’d find out who it was. To her disappointment, the knives were gone when she got back.

“ * * * *, that was my only lead!” She hissed kicking the tree, it was so rotten that it fell over maggots twitching inside.

“What the hell?!” she muttered she didn’t think that maggots lived in trees.

She poked it with her knife and they all exploded wriggling at least twice as fast. Kaya backed away, she’ll talk to Ash tomorrow she’ll understand, right? Kaya lay back down onto her bed she tried to keep off of her injured shoulder, she was too anxious to sleep. She waited until the sun came up got ready and left for breakfast.She grabbed a plate and took food off of the counter that they were serving it on, she went to go sit in her usual spot and waited for Ashlyn. Kaya spotted her walking over to get food, once Ash got her food she went to go sit down next to Kaya.

“Hi Ash!” Kaya exclaimed greeting her friend.

“Hey Kay,” Ashlyn replied.

Her eyes had dark rings under them like she hadn’t slept all night.

“Hey, you okay? You look tired,” Kaya pointed out.

“Rough night,” Ashlyn responded.

“so um, did you see anything strange outside last night?” Kaya asked.

Ashlyn frowned “strange how so?” she asked.

“Well last night I woke up and there was someone outside my window, I chased them into the forest and they said ‘the island is dying leave here before you die with it’ or something like that and proceeded to throw knives at me,” Kaya responded.

Ashlyn frowned again “sounds like a bad dream Kay,” Ashlyn soothed.

“It wasn’t a bad dream, they stabbed me in the shoulder!” Kaya lifted up her sleeve to show the red-stained makeshift bandage.

Ashlyn bit her bottom lip and muttered something under her breath.

“Are you sure you weren’t sleepwalking and accidentally stabbed your self?” Ashlyn asked.

“Wha- NO how is that even a possibility?!” Kaya asked something was up with Ash she was acting weird.

Ash shrugged.

"I got to go, pretty soon I'm gonna bleed through my bandages," Kaya replied getting up and a leaving.

"oh, okay bye see you soon!" Ashlyn replied and Kaya waved goodbye.

Kaya went back to her home and reapplied the bandages all while wondering who she saw that night, she needed to find out who it was.

leaving home 


Elka lay on her back playing with a ball made of yak hides, she threw it up in the air and caught it again. She was so bored, she then got an idea of how to be not bored. She smirked and repositioned herself adjacent to Olivine’s stall she threw the ball at Olivine and ran out the stable door wondering if Olivine would come after her.

“ELKA!” a dragon roared from inside.

Elka grinned and flew off. she noticed one of the fishing boats had come in she landed near the pile of fish, any dragons that managed to find the pile of fish could have some, that was the rule that the fishermen had told her. Cinnabar and Blueberry sat at the small pile the fisherfolk set aside for the dragons.

“Hi!” Elka exclaimed greeting them.

“Go away, there’s not enough fish for you!” Blueberry hissed.

“Oh, okay bye then,” she replied turning around and getting ready to leave.

“Blue! Seriously?! Be nice to her, she’s just a kid!” Cinnabar scolded moving Blueberry over with her tail.

“You’re fine sugar, take as much as you want,” Cinnabar replied. (authors note: Cinnabar must be short for Cinnamon roll)

“Really?! Thanks!” Elka responded.

“Blue apologize to Elka!” Cinnabar ordered.

“What NO!” Blueberry replied shocked,

“APOLOGIZE!” Cinnabar roared.

Blueberry seemed to shrink down “okayI’msorryElka,” he mumbled quickly.

“I can’t hear you!” Cinnabar prompted. (authors note Blueberry “AYE AYE CAPTAIN!” Cinnabar “OOOOOOOOOH WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA,”)

“I’m sorry Elka,” Blueberry whined looking at the ground.

“It’s okay, I understand you’re not used to being nice to others,” Elka replied

“Also I’m used to it,” she added.

Blueberry nodded.

“See, how easy it is to be nice to people Blue,” Cinnabar chimed.

“No,” Blueberry muttered.

“What?” Cinnabar replied shooting Blueberry a glare.

“Yes,” Blueberry replied speaking up. Elka suppressed her laugh, she took one fish from the pile and dragged it off to eat. She nipped at the skin of the fish until it broke. She used her teeth to peel the skin off of the fish so she could eat the muscles and flesh. She tore into the fish and quickly finished all of the meat and found herself licking and gnawing on the bones. She dug a shallow hole and buried the remains of the fish, she filled it in flicking the dirt off her paws.

And she was bored yet again she walked away. She sat down ans cleaned her face, licked her paws, and slicked back her fur. She looked around for something to do. Kaya doesn’t have any jobs today, so I can go wherever, but where should I go? She pondered this for a while pacing in circles and then she remembered something that one Sand Wraith had said to her a while back, ‘will you come back?’Copper asked ‘maybe’she replied flying off. Maybe she should visit him, what could be the harm in that? Sure he seems a bit weird but he doesn’t seem bad. Eh, what the hell I’ll go visit him. She decided, flying towards his island.landed on the island in the middle of the pond. what was his name? It was like Iron or silver? Some type of metal...oh right Copper, that was his name Copper.

“Copper?” she asked out into oblivion.

The gold-brown Sand Wraith walked out of a small hollow in the rocks, “you came back!? I mean oh hi,” Copper exclaimed then catching himself he toned down his excitement.

“Hi,” she replied.

“What are you doing here?” he asked bluntly.

“I was bored so I decided to visit,” Elka replied.

“Oh okay, let me show you around the island then,” Copper replied getting up and Elka followed.

“So it’s a pretty boring island, luckily there are no humans here,” Copper explained leading her through the forest.

“What do you mean luckily?” Elka asked.

Copper gave her a funny glance “humans are bad, they want to put us in cages,” Copper replied.

“Not all of them!” Elka stated indignantly.

“What are you like someone’s pet dragon?” Copper asked jokingly.

“I’m nobody’s pet! I do have a rider but she lets me wander when I want to and she’s an amazing human!” Elka replied.

“So you’re a trained dragon, that explains a LOT,” Copper replied circling her.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Elka growled thinking that was an insult.

“Not insulting you, it’s just your fur seemed way to tidy and shiny for a wild dragon, you’re not covered in dirt or mud, and you don’t smell like a wild dragon,” he replied.

Elka wrinkled her nose “how do you notice all that stuff?! That’s kind of creepy dude!” she replied backing up.

“Um, I’m just really good at noticing stuff,” he replied sheepishly.

He began approaching her and she hissed at him smacking him with her tail and running off. Well, he was a creep! Elka thought running away. She glanced around and he wasn’t following her, she slowed down, I’m never coming here again, she thought bitterly. She was about to take off when something white stopped her. She paced over to it, it was a white rose bush, her favorite kind. They reminded her of Azurine her old Light Fury play-mate, looking at the bush filled her with nostalgia of course the first friend she ever made had to die because life sucks. she sighed it felt like that rosebush was keeping her friend’s memory alive. Maybe I will come back to this place, but not for Copper.

Roses are white 


Elka left for the small island yet again, the only reason she liked going there was because of the white rose bush. She flapped her wings and landed in the clearing, looking around to check if the Sand Wraith named Copper was there. Okay, maybe he was kind of a creep but he wasn’t too bad. The more she thought about it the weirder she felt like her heart was in her throat, she shook her head freeing herself of the weird throat heart feeling.

She didn’t see the white roses when she walked over to where it should be, she looked around for a second, and to her horror, the bush was all brown and withered. She sat in front of the dead rosebush, the white roses had gone brown and the leaves were all withered she flicked her tail up and down sadly her face resting on her paws, she was barely aware of a shape in the corner of her eye, she was too sad to care. maybe it just needed some water...yeah that’s it! she thought desperately trying to save the rose bush and the memories of her dead friend. She ran to the lake and lapped up some water. The only issue was she kept swallowing all the water on accident. She eventually got enough water and ran back to the rose bush to find a new one in its place. Her jaw dropped and all the water fell out. Copper sat next to it holding a red rose in his mouth.

“Y-you?” she asked looking from the rose bush to Copper.

“Yeah, if you don’t like it I can just,” he replied looking down.

“N-no it’s amazing!” she replied.

She ran up to him and threw her wings around him, at first she had her doubts but he turned out to be really nice.

“Thank you,” she whispered stepping back.

He approached her and put the red rose right next to her antlers he smiled kindly and she returned his smile he walked up to her.

“I love you, Elka, always have, always will” he murmured.

She couldn’t find her words for a moment her heart went back into her throat at first she thought she didn’t like him and now, how could she not like him “I-I love you too,” She replied licking him.

His green eyes glittered with elation.

“Elka you need to meet my family they’ll love you!” Copper replied bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Whoah Copper, I’m not cheating on you with your family,” Elka replied joking.

Copper turned to her smirking “you know what I meant!” he replied.

“Come on!” he exclaimed flying off.

Elka followed, they flew to the ocean and landed on the beach. There was a small sea cave that Copper started walking towards.

“Is that where your family live?” Elka asked.

“Yep, well, my brother and sister, my mom died and we’ve disowned our dad,” Copper replied.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Elka responded.

“It’s fine, I don’t really think about it anymore,” he said walking up to the sea cave.

"Current, Pine I want you guys to meet my new friend," Copper yelled into the cave.

"NEW FRIEND!!" a little voice yelled and a small Sand Wraith came running out of the sea cave.

"Pine, get back here!" another dragon came out of the cave, she looked to be older then Copper.

“Hello! I’m Pine, what’s your name? You’re fluffy, why?” Pine asked bombarding her with questions.

“My name is Elka,” she replied watching the little dragon run in circles around her.

“Copper, something is wrong with the elk it doesn’t look like an elk, it looks like a dragon,” Pine whispered to Copper but he was loud enough for Elka to hear.

“No, that’s her name buddy, she’s a Woolly howl,” Copper replied grinning.

“Current get out here, come meet Elka!” Copper yelled.

Current stepped out her eyes scanned Elka “so you’re Elka when Copper came home and told me about a purple Woolly howl that he saw I was starting to think he’d made you up,” Current said walking up to Elka and sitting right in front of her looking really imposing.

“Well, hi, um… you’re Current right?” Elka asked nervously.

“Yeah, I’m his older sister he’s told us all about you, so you hit him in the face with your tail? Look, you seem like a good dragon, but if you hurt him in any way I will personally see to it that you are punished,” Current growled.

Elka smiled sheepishly “yep got it, no funny business I swear!” she replied anxiously.

Pine walked right back up to her “so you’re Copper’s friend, and you’re a girl…” he paused looking at Copper.

“COPPER’S GOT A GIRLFRIEND! COPPER’S GOT A GIRLFRIEND!” he chanted running around Elka.

“Pine, stop bothering her!” Copper yelled.

“You mean stop bothering your GIRLFRIEND????” Pine said smugly.

“Wait, so you’re Copper’s girlfriend, which means, YOU’RE MY NEW SISTER!!” he exclaimed.

“Don’t you already have a sister?” Elka asked looking at Current who was hunting for fish.

Pine looked over at Current “eh, she’s kind of boring, come on new sister let’s go playyyyyy!” he yelled leading her into the forest Copper followed.

Pine sat on a rock and puffed out his chest "let's play I am the alpha," he chirped.

"how do you play that?" Elka asked.

“It’s easy, I’ll start as the alpha, I ask for something and you guys get it, whichever one gets the best thing is the new alpha!” Pine explained

“Sounds fun!” Elka said grinning.

“Okay, I am the alpha! And you peasants must get me….the coolest thing you can find!” Pine stated.

Elka and Copper nodded and ran off. something cool, something cool...what would Pine find cool? she looked around. but all she saw were flowers and rocks. she sniffed around and found a bird skull. skull's are cool! I'll bring him a skull. she picked it up and ran back to Pine with the bird skull. She sat with the skull in her mouth waiting for Copper to come back. Copper came back with a shiny rock in his mouth.

“Okay, lemme see what you guys brought!” Pine said wagging his tail excitedly.

Elka dropped the bird skull and Copper dropped his rock. Pine walked up to Copper “why did you bring me a rock...I asked for something cool,” Pine said staring at the rock.

“It’s shiny,” Copper said nudging it.

“I guess...Elka, what did you get?” he asked trotting over to her.

“A bird skull,” Elka replied.

“That’s really gross, but better than a shiny rock and it would make a really cool hat!” he replied wearing it on his head like a hat.

“Elka wins because Copper brought a rock! You’re the alpha now Elka,” he said pushing her onto the null he was sitting on.

“Um, okay, I am the alpha bring me something….strange” she ordered watching them run off.

About five minutes later Copper came back gingerly holding a large frog in his mouth, Pine had a stick between his jaws as he trotted back joyfully.

“Okay, so what did you guys bring me?” she asked jumping down from the null and walking to Copper.

Copper set down the frog “it’s a frog,” her replied.

“Yes I can see that, exactly how is it strange?” Elka asked cocking her head.

Copper extended his paw and poked it with one of his claws. AAAAAAHHHHHH! The frog screamed it sounded a LOT like a human Elka wrinkled her nose and her eyes widened.

“Oka-,” Elka started before Copper interrupted her with the frog screams.

“Okay C-,” she was broken off yet again by the frog.

“O-,” the frog interrupted her again.

“COPPER WILL YOU STOP WITH DAMN THE FROG!!!!” Elka yelled annoyed.

Copper poked the frog one last time before stopping.

“I have to admit, that frog is very strange Pine Copper’s gonna be hard to beat,” Elka stated.

Pine dropped his stick "this stick has a triangle with something that looks like and eye in the middle, it's weird," he replied looking at the stick.

"that is rather weird, but not as weird as a screaming frog," Elka said looking down at the stick.

“Copper’s the alpha,” Elka announced.

Copper was about to take his turn on the null when a silver Deathsong interrupted them.

“Elka, there you are!,” Echo exclaimed.

“Hey Echo, what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Looking for you! You’ve been gone for over an hour and Vera was starting to worry,” Echo replied.

Elka frowned “that doesn’t sound like Vera,” she responded.

“I mean Thunder,” Echo corrected herself.

“That sounds about right,” Elka replied.

“Sorry guys I have to go,” she explained to Copper and Pine.

“Well, you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Echo mumbled.

“Echo, come on grow a spine one of these days I’m gonna have to teach you how to say no,” Elka replied.

"AWWWWW!bye-bye new sister!" Pine exclaimed sadly.

"bye Elka," Copper replied obviously trying to hide the fact that they were together from Echo.

"bye guys!" she replied flying off.

"who were they?" Echo whispered.

Elka looked back "just some friends," she responded.

"really, you guys are 'just friends' why am I not believing you?" Echo replied smugly.

"well...," Elka started and trailed off.

Echo sighed "you know what Elka, go ahead do whatever you want because if I try and stop you you're not gonna listen," Echo responded.

Elka smirked "race ya' home!" she announced speeding up.

"hey no fair! you're gonna win!" Echo complained.

the problem with wild dragons 


Elka flew out of her stables, Kaya had let her go off on her own again she flew to the island that Copper lived on. Now that they were together she didn’t feel so awkward being around him, she soared over his home and dove down. She landed on the island in the middle of the lake.

“Copper?” she asked looking for the golden brown sand wraith.

She didn’t see him. Something lept out of the water and tackled her. She fell down into the water yelping. 

“Copper, do you always have to do this?” she asked laughing. 

“No, but the look on your face is so cute!” he exclaimed.

She lightly smacked him on the head with her paw.  She stood up and shook the water out of her fur. 

“So your human let you out again?” Copper asked.

“She’s my rider, and she didn’t let me out she told me I could do whatever I wanted so I came here,” Elka said indignantly.

Copper sighed and then he perked up again “do you wanna race?” he asked excitedly.

“You’re gonna lose!” Elka replied. “We go on three, ready...THREE!” he yelled taking off.

Elka was caught off guard and trailed a little bit behind, “that’s not how you count!” she yelled laughing.

“I never said I was counting I said we go on three!” Copper replied smirking.

They wove through trees and glided through thin canyons. Elka was starting to catch up to copper the wind whipping through her fur. She flapped her huge wings and sped up. Copper looked back at her and flew straight up. She followed hard on his tail. He dove down gliding along a canyon she followed sticking close to the wall.

“Elka stop!” he said suddenly.

“No way you’re just trying to keep me from winning,” she replied.

“No, I’m serious stop!” he roared.

Elka opened her mouth to say something but a loud noise sopped her, a rockslide cascaded down from the cliff above.

“Oh, * * * *,” she muttered as the rocks hit her.

The last thing she saw was Copper racing to get to her. She opened her eyes her vision was very fuzzy. 

“Are you okay?” someone asked sitting next to her.

“Copper?” she asked groggily.

“I don’t know who Copper is but my name is Reed and you are?” he asked.

“E-Elka,” she replied her vision coming into focus.

“Elka, that’s a pretty name,” he responded laying down next to her.

She was weirded out and sat up.

“Hey don’t overexert yourself, just relax,” he said staring up at her.

“I’ll pass thanks,” she replied walking away.

“Where are you going?” Reed asked.“Where are you going?” Reed asked.

“To go find Copper,” she replied without looking back.

“What is that dragon your boyfriend?” Reed taunted.

“Exactly,” she replied looking back.

His pupils slitt and she noticed him work his claws into the ground.

“What did he ever do for you? He left you under the rocks! I had to come and save you because he left,” Reed stated angrily.

Is that true? She wondered did he really leave me to die? She didn’t know.

“Really?” she asked. “Really,” Reed replied.

She tuned out the world for a second Copper really left me to die? That doesn’t sound like him. But then again I didn’t meet him that long ago. She snapped back to reality, Reed had wrapped his wing around her and she didn’t really tell him not to if he had saved her then maybe he wasn’t so bad.He licked her and she purred if Copper didn’t care if she was alive then screw him, she was with Reed now.

“E-Elka?” a voice whimpered.

Elka turned and looked at who had said her name, it was Copper. She immediately felt extremely guilty. Reed stepped forward.

“Are you Copper?” he asked his pupils slitting.

“Yes!” he replied puffing his chest out.

“Why did you leave her to die?” Reed growled.

“What? What do you mean?” Copper asked. “Don’t play dumb! You left her under the rockslide,” Reed spat.

“I did NOT! I tried to save her and was buried under the rocks!” Copper replied.

“Elka come one let’s leave this weirdo,” he said becoming her with his tail.

Elka shifted uncomfortably but didn’t move. 

“E-Elka?” he said again voice wavering.

Reed grinned “she’s mine now, you left her to die and she chose me!” Reed hissed.

Copper looked more hurt than she had ever seen him he turned and ran, she was about to go after him but Reed got in her way.

“You’re with me now kitten, I won’t ever leave you to die!” he crooned.

"kitten?" she asked.

"what it's a cute nickname," he purred.

“I should probably get going,” Elka said turning around.

“Going where?” Reed asked.

“Home,” Elka replied.

“Home? kitten you live with me now,” he replied.

“I do?” she asked confused.

“Yeah come on!” He replied using his wing to heard her along with him.

He brought her to his home a hollow in a tree “you stay here and I’ll go get us some food,” he said jogging off.

I don’t know if I can trust Reed anymore he seems kind of perverted. Elka thought worriedly. She ran out of Reed’s house looking for Copper she needed to apologize to him. Something slammed into her side she crashed to the ground she got up to see Reed standing over her.

“What were you doing kitten?” he asked.

“Getting away from you!” she snapped.

Reed grinned “not if I can help it!” he said smirking.

Elka backed int a tree as Reed advanced she growled but he put his paw on her head and pressed her head into the ground so she couldn’t fight back.


Copper ran and kept running how could she, do this to me? I tried to save her!Copper stopped maybe Elka needed his help. He was probably gonna regret his decision, she shook his head and jumped into the air looking for Elka. he heard a growl of fear.

“Elka?” he whispered.

He found Elka pinned down by Reed, Reed layed next to her. She growled at Reed Copper couldn’t tell if she was scared or mad. Copper growled diving at Reed and blasting him Reed yelped backing up. Copper landed in front of him.

“Back away from her!” he hissed through gritted teeth.

Reed got up "why are you still here?" Reed growled.

“Does it matter?! Get away from Elka,” Copper growled blasting again.

“Don’t expect me to leave that easily Copper, you better sleep with one eye open from now on,” Reed hissed he then turned to Elka

“I’ll be back for you kitten,” he said grinning.

Elka hissed at him and he ran off.

“Glad he’s gone,” Elka replied shuttering.

“Did he hurt you?” Copper asked rushing over to her.

Elka nodded Copper begun checking her for injury.

“Copper, it’s pointless I can’t prove he did anything, he didn’t leave a mark,” Elka said dejectedly.

Copper rubbed up against her.

“Hey um, I’m sorry about what I did, Reed manipulated me,” she muttered looking at her paws.

“Hey, it’s okay, it wasn’t your fault, and for the record, I did try to save you I got stuck under the rocks as well,” he soothed.

“Wait, than who won?” Elka asked.

“Who won what?” Copper said confused.

“The race silly,” Elka chimed.

“I guess it was a tie,” Copper said.

“Rematch?” Elka suggested hopefully.

Copper wagged his tail and nodded “ready on three one-,”

“Three!” Elka roared breaking him off.

“Hey, no fair!” he laughed.

They both raced off and out of view.

chasing answers 

Kaya couldn't sleep, she just couldn't help the feeling that someone was outside, who knows what they were doing. she flipped over. who was that I saw in the forest all those weeks ago? were they the ones killing the forest? ugh! I'm done wondering I'm gonna find out who it is! in the morning of course because right now everyone else is asleep. she turned on to her back and got up, she lit a torch and shoved it into the torch fixture above her bed.

she grabbed her knife, charcoal pencil, and a blank book. she took her knife and rubbed its blade along the charcoal part of the pencil sharpening it to a small point. 

"Perfect," she muttered.looking at the pencil.

the flickering light of the single torch above her bed cast long shadows along the wall, it was barely enough light to see writeing in. so, who could I have seen outside? she wondered as she drew a map of the clan. well, they had a thin frame, that crosses out these houses. she thought crossing out three houses. they couldn't have lived far from me, if they did then they wouldn't have run so far, they'd have been out of energy. Kaya thought crossing out ten huts. she had narrowed it down to three people the first one could be Ashlyn, Kaya doubted this because Ashlyn wouldn't intentionally hurt her, but anything's possible. the next person was Aaron, he was the cook for the mess hall, he'd have access to knives and Kaya didn't know him very well. then there was Rayna, the chief of the clan why she's want to poison her own forest Kaya had no idea but it could totally be her. and last but not least Nikkie, a jerk who had it out for basically everyone, she wouldn't hesitate to hurt Kaya.

Kaya decided to go for a walk, maybe she'd see the stranger again. she put out the torch and walked outside, she decided to walk through the dead forest, maybe the stranger is there, maybe I can catch them this time. she thought hopefully. she found a small brook and sat next to it on the last few patches of green grass. she took off her boots and splashed in the cold creek. 

she loved the water, maybe too much. whenever she walks through the water she feels better. she saw a strange dragon figure in the woods, it looked like a Sand Wraith and it had bright acid yellow eyes. it sniffed the air, looked around, and slunk off.

the Wood spirits started growling as the Sand Wraith slunk away. funny, when I chased the stranger into the forest the Wood spirits didn't do anything, then the person I saw must be from this clan. she got out of the creek and shoved her feet into her boots. she was currently bord, so very bord. maybe she could go visit Elka. she walked back to the stables. she opened the stable door Elka was out of her stall all fluffed up and nervous.

"Hey girl, what's wrong?" Kaya asked bending over.

Elka ran into her stall and came back with a green plant in her mouth. Elka dropped it at Kaya's feet.

"What is this? it looks like one of those water reeds," Kaya muttered picking up the plant.

Elka started growling again "hey fluff ball calm down," Kaya murmured petting her dragon. Elka seemed to calm down a little "hey if I stay here will you be calm?" Kaya asked.

Elka wagged her tail a little. Kaya walked to Elka's stall and sat down in the soft straw, Elka sat next to her resting her head on Kaya's lap. Kaya still didn't understand why her dragon was so freaked out, Kaya leaned against Elka's body suddenly feeling really sleepy. Kaya shut her eyes for a brief moment and when she woke up the sun was barely over the horizon. Kaya got up and opened the stall door, she walked out and got ready for the day. she decided to go talk to Aaron first, being the cook he'd need to leave soon and make breakfast so she had a brief window of time to talk.

she walked up to his door and knocked. she waited for the thick oak door to creak open. the door swung open and a tall guy stood there, he had hazel eyes and a black shirt with scales on it like Kaya's and everyone else's. he had short dark brown hair that was kind of side-swept. he had a strange spear slung across his back it was tipped with sharpened Deathsong amber.

", wassup?" he said awkwardly.

she smirked "my name's Kaya, I feel like you should know that by now," she replied.

"well, I'm sorry I'm so bad at remembering names," he said crossing his arms and acting haughty.

Kaya rolled her eyes "hey, if you have a minute I'd like to ask you some questions," she replied.

"sure, but um...why?" he asked.

"oh just trying to figure something out," she responded casually.

"Okay sure I got a moment come in," he invited her inside opening the door wider.

"Thanks," she replied stepping in. 

she sat down in a chair and he got another chair and sat in that one. 

"so you said you had questions," he prompted.

"right, um how good are you with throwing knives?" she asked holding her charcoal pencil to her arm.

"oh I suck at throwing knives, watch," he replied taking a knife into his grasp.

"I'm gonna try to hit...that torch," he stated pointing his knife to the torch.

he grabbed the knife by the blade (per proper throwing form) and launched it through the air. the knife spun blade over hilt and it crashed through the window about one meter (3ft) from the torch. she winced hearing the glass shatter and fall to the floor.

" * * * *," he muttered.

she started laughing at his failure to throw the knife.

"Okay, um how far can you run," she said taking a breath to stop laughing.

"What kind of questions are these?! I can run pretty far, like maybe from my hut to the forest or farther," he replied looking out the shattered window.

"one more question, do the Wood Spirits like you?" she asked.

he shrugged, "I mean, they don't hate me they keep quiet whenever I walk through the forest," her responded.

"okay thanks that helps!" she said getting up.

"no problem?" he replied confused.

she walked out of the door and went back to her hut. so he was almost the person I saw, but he can't throw knives to save his life, and he seemed to be pretty calm when I was questioning him I don't think he's who I saw but I'll keep him in mind. Kaya thought writeing his name down in the 'probably not' category. she hid her book under her pillow and left for breakfast. she came back from breakfast and grabbed her book, she's go talk to Ashlyn next. she knocked on Ashlyn's door.

"Coming!" a muffled voice yelled from inside.

Kaya stood there for five minutes before the door finally creaked open. 

"oh hi, Kaya!" Ashlyn exclaimed opening the door wider.

"come on in!" Ashlyn announced opening the door all the way to let Kaya in.

"Thanks!" Kaya replied walking in.

Everett lifted her head and made a muffled purring noise "hey Ever," Kaya muttered petting 

Everett. Everett cooed laying her head back down and Kaya turned to Ashlyn "so um I came here to ask you a few questions," Kaya announced.

"questions? go ahead," Ashlyn replied sitting back.

"Okay, how good are you at throwing knives?" Kaya asked.

Ashlyn furrowed her brow "I'm decent at it, why do you ask?" she responded.

"just trying to figure something out," Kaya muttered brushing Ashlyn's question off.

Ashlyn frowned but said nothing.

"How far can you run?" Kaya asked.

"It really depends, if I have enough adrenaline then pretty damn far," Ashlen replied petting Everett.

"Last question, do the Wood spirits like you?" Kaya muttered.

"um, I honestly have no idea, can you tell if they like you? and what are these bull* * * * questions Kay, why are they relevant?" Ashlyn asked in a joking manner.

"They really aren't but as I said before I'm trying to figure something out, anyways thanks! and I'll see you later!" Kaya replied getting up and leaving.

"Okay, bye?" Ashlyn responded confused.

on the way out Kaya caught herself staring at Ashlyn when Ashlyn looked up at her Kaya quickly turned her head and looked away hoping Ashlyn didn't notice. I'm such a * * * * * * * moron! she thought embarrassed that she had done that. after about five minutes of screaming into her pillow, she was ready to move on to Rayna's house. she did the whole 'knocking on the door' routine again and was met with Blueberry's growl.

"Blue, stoppit!" Rayna muttered opening the door.

"oh hey Kaya, what can I do for you?" Rayna asked.

"can I ask you some questions?" Kaya asked.

"I don't know caaaan you?" Rayna asked grinning.

Kaya felt like rolling her eyes but this was the chief and she couldn't just do that "may I ask you some questions?" Kaya restated through her teeth.

Rayna smirked obviously loving this " yeah sure come in," Rayna replied opening the door all the way.

Kaya sat down and Rayna got her a cup of water and sat down in a chair across from her. "How good are you at throwing knives?" Kaya asked.

"knives? kid I don't throw knives, however, I got dead aim with a crossbow," she explained tossing an apple in the air grabbing her bow and shooting it.

the arrow sunk into the apple and pinned it to the wall right next to kaya's head "kid, toss me that arrow please," Rayna said holding her hand out.

Kaya held it near where the tip was and yanked it out, she then tossed it to Rayna "thanks kiddo," she replied taking the apple off of the arrow.

"Second question, how far can you run?" Kaya asked.

Rayna shook her head "nit very far I'm afraid, my stamina isn't what it used to be," Rayna replied honestly.

Rayna is definitely not who I saw, I don't need to ask any more questions. 

"okay, thanks for your time!" Kaya replied getting up. "no problem bye!" Rayna said watching Kaya leave.

Kaya walked home, the only person I think it could really be is Nikkie, it has to be her! right?


“Can’t catch me!” Pine yelled back. “We’ll see!” Elka replied speeding up her legs flying across the sand. Pine jumped up and made a quick hairpin turn, this was the most harrowing game of tag Elka had ever played, she tried to turn as well but her legs slipped and she rolled along the sand and hit the rocks by the tidepools. She had an amazing idea of how to win.

“Owch I am hurt!” she yelled out. Pine stopped

“are you okay?” he asked running over to her. “Yeah I’m fine it’s just...YOU’RE IT!” Elka yelled tagging him and jumping to the side running off.

“HEY, THAT’S NOT FAIR!” he yelled chasing after her.

“Hey, that’s your own fault! You decided to come over here!” Elka replied looking back.

She didn’t pay attention to where she was going and she hit a tree and fell back.

“TAG you’re it!” Pine replied running off.

“Oh piss,” Elka muttered turning to chase after Pine.

“LANGUAGE!” Current yelled from across the beach.

“ * * * * sorry Current, oh * * * * I did it again, UGH no STOP CUSSING ELKA!” She yelled at herself.

"wait, Elka what does * * * * mean?" Pine asked stopping.

"well's a bad word budd hiy, don't say that untill you're a little older," Elka replied sheepishly.

"oh, sorry," he responded running off.

Elka chased him and they ran into the forest, Elka did a better job of dodgeing the trees and this time she didn't run into any. she managed to almost catch up with Pine she climbed up a tree and jumped practically landing on him, she yelped in exitement and ran faster. Damn, this kid is FAST, he's like a * * * * * * * Speedstinger!

“Can’t catch me!” he taunted, looking back at her.

“Bet!” she yelled back speeding up she was practically on top of him.

They came upon a large canyon, she kept half an eye on the edge of the cliff while the rest of her focus was on Pine. she watched him continue running as if he had no idea of the oncoming danger.

“PINE, CLIFF!” she yelled.

Too quick for her to react yet with agonizing slowness the unstable ground beneath Pine gave way, crumbling and falling into the dark canyon along with Pine. he let out a squeal of fear as he plunged into the darkness below.

“PINE!” she yelped diving in after him.

She dodged through the rocks and grabbed Pine before he hit the ground, she spread her wings and twisted her body flying up and tumbling roughly on the grass surrounding the small canyon.

“Woo, that was fun! Again! Again!” Pine chanted getting up unharmed. “NO! No more tag for today, because someone is gonna get themselves killed,” Elka replied between breaths.

“Aww,” he muttered downtrodden. "yeah come on buddy, let's go home," she replied watching Pine run back to his home.

She watched him run off and was about to follow him when she heard heavy footsteps from behind, she turned around to see dragon hunters, she tried to jump away but they were too quick. They slipped the muzzle over her head and pinned her down. She tried to fight back but at this point, there wasn’t much she could do except let them wrap chains around her.* * * *! She thought growling as they dragged her off. 

they shoved her into a cage and took off the chains, but they kept the muzzel, they weren't dumb enough to take that off. she groweld at them barring her teeth. she smashed her horns against the bars over and over, the only thing she got from it was brain damage. she tried to reach through the bars and un-latch the door but the hunters noticed her and they jabbed at her with a spear to make her stop.

“What do you want to do with it?” one hunter gruffly asked slamming his spear into the side of Elka’s cage.

Well, I know exactly what I want to do, as soon as I get your damn muzzle off of my face! Elka growled looking from one hunter to the other trying to understand the situation.

“Dunno, we can’t sell it, who would buy it? It looks like a pink lion, no one would like it as a coat,” the other hunter replied eyeing Elka.

You’re no beauty your self * * * *! Elka hissed banging her head against the cage yet again.

“Do you think it’d make good sport? You know for our new trainees to hunt,” the first hunter recommended.

“Yeah that seems like the right thing to do with it, we can’t sell it, so maybe we could hunt it,” the second hunter replied looking at Elka.

Yeah that’s right I’m amazing sport, just let me out of the cage! Elka thought, banging her head against the bars.


Copper watched Pine trot back onto the beach, he was confused when Elka didn't follow. he got up and walked over to pine.

"hey buddy, where's Elka?" Copper asked.

Pine grinned "you worried about your GIRLFRIEND," Pine teased.

"yeah I am so please tell me where she is!" Copper snapped.

"she said she was going to catch up with me, guess I'm just too fast!" Pine replied puffing out his chest.

"okay I'm going to go look for her, stay here with Current okay," Copper replied jogging off.

"but she's BORING!" Pine yelled after Copper.

Copper ignored his younger brother, Current wasn't boring, she was just protective! Copper trotted off into the forest he looked around for evidence that Elka had been there. what if Reed did something to her? I've seen him him hanging around her but maybe she didn't notice that. he thought nervously speeting up his trot. he saw claw marks on the ground near the canyon, the claw marks got deeper and the grass flattened it looked like something was dragged to the north.

Elka! he thought nervously running to the north. he stopped at the border of a clearing, hunters littered the area their huge green cages stood tall around the opening, various dragons were caught in those cages. Elka! she's been caught! there's no way I can help her alone, what was that Deathsong's name, Echo? I'll go find Echo, maybe she'll be able to help me! Copper thought flying off. he kind of knew where she lived, he flew to a small village and landed on the outskirts, vikings and dragons everywhere! UGH Elka, why do you like humans so mutch? he wondered as he slunk through the village. He weaved his way through the guys and walked to the stables. He stopped and surveyed the serveyed the area, looking for the silver Deathsong. He looked in ever stable until he eventually spotted Echo.

"Echo,"he whispered looking into the stable.

"Oh, that one Sand Wraith that Elka hangs out with, hi what are you doing here?" She asked sounding friendly enough.

"Elka has been captured by hunters! Is there any way you could help her?"he asked nervously.

Echo frowned "I'll see what I can do!" She replied determinedly. Copper nodded and flew off, back to his non-human infested island. I hope she brings help soon.


Elka growled backing into the corner of her cage, she wanted to fight but with a muzzle it was pretty much hopeless. She felt herself moving and looked over to see a bunch of men moving her cage to a little pen, the pen was narrow just about the size of her cage, it had no bars just one door at the front, she was faceing into it and they stopped pushing.what now?

"the cage is in position!" one man yelled.

"good, we'll hold it there for a bit and at evening we hunt!" another one yelled back.

Elka turned around to see the men walk off, she smirked and as one of them passed by she hissed through her muzzel and jumped at the bars he screamed and fell back. the others laughed at him and Elka did too, it just didn't sound like laughter.

"oh, no! it's the purple flufffy kitty cat, what am I going to do?!" one of them teased.

"hey! that thing scared me okay!" the other hunter insisted getting up and walking off. yeah keep talking, pretty soon you'll all be scared of me! she thought smugly laying down in her cage. she opened one eye to keep watch, she didn't see much there, just grass and more grass and a tree. being in a cage sucked. she got up, the latch on her cage was just barely out of her reach, she stuck her tail through the bars and tried to flip the latch that way, it didn't really work. "damn it!" she hissed trying again.

"oi! what do you think you're doing!?" someone yelled from behind.

oh * * * *! Elka thought, growling. 

"stoppit!" the man yelled banging his sword on the side of Elka's cage.

Elka growled fluffing up her fur and lashing her tail, she jumped at the bars clawing at the hunter.

"shoot her! SHOOT HER!" he yelled as Elka tore at his arm with her claws.

the other hunters pulled out their crossbows tipped with dragoon root, they shot arrows pelted Elka sticking deep into her back she screeched through the muzzel letting go of the hunter. dragon root alone has the capability to drop a dragon out of the sky, this mutch will act more like Deathgripper venom, she collapsed breathing heavily. "that thing just destroyed my arm!" the hunter yelled.

"We'll need to keep more of an eye on it from now on," a hunter gruffly yelled.

"Get it's wings tied, we don't want it to fly away when we hunt it!" Another yelled.

Elka felt herself moving again, they pulled her cage back do the could tie her wings. The hunter stepped in with the chains Elka growled weakly and the hunter looked to his friends nervously.

"Stop worrying, it's not going anywhere it'll be hours before the dragon root wears off," a different hunter yelled.

The man carrying the chains wrapped them around Elka's wings. They clinked together by as he shook them to make sure they were tight.when did they get so smart!? Elka wondered groggily as she was being pushed back into that small courall.


Copper waited for Echo and whoever she was bringing with her,he sat down in the open and waited his bright green eyes scanning the sky. two dragos flew above him, they seemed to dive down when they spotted him, one was a white and red Grim Gnasher, the other was an amber colored Fireworm Queen. they landed in front of him, he realized the Fireworm Queen was blind, her usually red eyes were white and grey.

"are you that Sand Wraith, um was it Lobster?" the Grim Gnasher asked.

"uhm, it's Copper," Copper replied supressing a laugh.

"okay Cooper," the little dragon replied.

"Scar, stoppit, you know his name!" the Fireworm Queen responded. 

"what are your names?" Copper asked.

"I'm Sunstone," the blind dragon replied.

"I'm Scarlette, but if you ever call me that I'll slitt your throat in the night!" the Grim Gnasher growled.

"then what should I call you?" Copper asked.

"Scar," Scarlette replied.

"so you guys are friends of Elka?" Copper asked cocking his head. "yeah, you're like her boyfriend right?" Scar asked.

"yep!" he replied proudly. "hell of a job you're doing, letting her get captured by hunters," Scar remarked.

"like you could do better!" Copper snapped.

"guy's, guy's lets remember that we're here to HELP Elka, not argue," Sunstone soothed.

"I'll show you where she is," Copper replied walking off.

Scar and Sunstone followed him, he ran through the forest hearing their footsetps behind him. he paused when he got to the borderland. he hunkered down in the bushes Scar and Sunstone at his side. "she was in a cage somewhere around here," Copper muttered looking around.

"step aside girls, Imma do my thing!" Scar announced gettin up.

"Scar no!" Sunstone hissed looking after Scar as she ran off.

Copper sat and waited as Scar ran around looking into cages, Copper watched her clamber up onto the strange green rectangles, they weren't cages they were something else. Scar then looked back and them and flapped her wings Copper assumed she had found Elka.

Scar ran back to Sunstone and Copper “she’s in the fifth corral down, wings tied and sedated,” Scar announced.

Copper hissed as hunters swarmed the area again. They got up around the rectangles and began shouting at each other.

One of them pulled something out of Elka’s cage, the other was shouting orders at men running to and fro. One of them took a long pole and pulled something up, it was the door to Elka’s cage. They shouted at each other and someone blew a loud horn. The noise echoed out and they opened up all the corrals.

Dragons of all breeds and colors fled from the cages hunters chasing them Elka immediately locked eyes with Copper and fled the hunters who were chasing her she tore her eyes away and ran in the opposite direction jumping over the brush and disappearing.

“What the hell was THAT?!” Scar yelled.

“I have no idea,” Copper muttered.


Elka’s feet pounded the ground, she wanted to go to Copper but she couldn’t risk them hurting him, she had at least three hunters on her tail. A large stream blocked her path she didn’t slow down. She lept grabbing on to a stray branch her claws scraped through the bark of the tree leaving only smooth wood behind. She scrambled on to the branch clambering up into the tree, she jumped down the hunters splashing through the river behind her. She slipped and slid down a slope and ended up cornered in a small clearing, she growled as the hunters surrounded her.

arrows flew, most of them missing her she did get two stuck in her back and hissed in pain. she was going to have to fight, she grolwed clawing at a few of them  something rustled behind her she turned around Copper, Scar, and Sunstone burst out. they opened fire on the hunters shooting dow most of them.the men that survived left ran off, Copper pulled off her muzzel and Sunstone  bit the cains and heated up, Elka felt uncomfortable as the searing heat washed over her scales. the bright red chains melted off of her ans she jumped away from the hot liquid metal.

"thanks guys!" Elka muttered.

"no problem," Sunstone replied.

"you owe me!" Scar stated.

"Scar, I don't owe you * * * *, remember when I helped you with that thing last week, this is payback!" Elka replied grinning.

"* * * *, you're right!" Scar muttered.

Copper laughed a little watching Scar and SUnstone fly off "I'm glad you're okay," He muttered rubbing his head against hers.

"yeah, I'm fine, it could've been worse," she replied.

he sat next to her for a bit untill he yelled "TAG!" and ran off.

Elka grinned running after him "can't get away that easily!" Elka yelled back. she sprinted after him but something, someone made her stop. Copper stopped a little ways in front of her and standing there was Kaya, Thunder standing at her side.  oh * * * *! Elka barked nervously Copper growling at her side.


Kaya was confused, why were most of her dragons on this island, and why was Elka hanging out with a wild dragon.

"Elka, who is this?" Kaya asked pointing at the Sand Wraith.

the Sand Wraith was definitely wild, he grolwed at her. Elka turned and let out a sharp bark-like roar and he stopped looking at the ground. Kaya took a step forward and the dragon hissed at her.

"who is this?" Kaya restated her question.

Elka walked up to Kaya and grabbed her saddle bag, Kaya watched her dragon shuffle through it for a moment before taking out a coin and dropping it on the ground. 

"his name is coin?" Kaya asked looking at the sandwraith.

Elka gave her a judgemental look and used her claw to point to the coin again.

"money, metal, circle, umm...copper?" Kaya listed possable names.

upon hearing the last one Elka nodded and the Sand Wraith jumped back growling.

"Copper," Kaya repeated. 

"look, Elka, we can't just bring wild dragons home, I know you like to make friends but I have too many dragons to take care of already," Kaya explained.

Elka roared something to Kaya but of course Kaya didn't understand, she didn't speak dragon. 

"I have no idea what you just said," Kaya replied.

Elka snorted and got up. 

"so are we leaving?" Kaya asked mounting Thunder.

Elka nodded stretching her wings.

"okay, say bye to your friend and we'll go," Kaya ordered. 

Elka walked over to Copper and licked him, Kaya felt a grin spread across her face, her dragon had a boyfriend, it was an issue that he hated humans but he'd get over it. 

"you ready to go now?" Kaya asked.

Elka roared and took to the sky Thunder followed. Kaya looked back at the island. Elka has a boyfriend, that's adorable! she thought as Thunder took her home.


Kaya landed Elka getting off after a lap around the island, she stretched and cracked her knuckles. 

“So, you ready to do what some idiot pays us to without questions?’ Kaya asked looking at Elka.

Elka gave her a judgemental grimace and snorted mist.

“Yeah me too,” Kaya muttered. she knew she had to meet Rayna by the mess hall but she had enough time to fly around the island first. she walked over to the mess hall where Ashlyn and Nikkie stood.

"I thought trashlyn was enough, why did u bring HER???" Nikkie complained.

"hey, being with you is no picnic princess!" Kaya retorted.

"shut up! both of you!" Rayna yelled.

"I am so sick of your fighting, Kaya you need to learn how to ignore things and Nikkie, you need to learn how to be a decent human being!" Rayna snapped. Kaya, Ashlyn, and Nikkie stood there silently. and Rayna left, most likely to go get their client. 

"what do you think we're gonna do this time?" Ashlyn asked.

"no idea, but I hope it involves setting things on fire," Kaya replied.

"I hope it involves leaving you tow," Nikkie grumbled.

"I hope it involves no more argueing," Ashlyn muttered.

Rayna came back with a shrimpy looking guy, if Kaya could put a word to this guy's apperence it'd be stalker. she cringed away from him and noticed Nikkie and Ashlyn weren't too keen on meeting this guy eather.

"todays  job will have some restrictions, all three of you must go, and you may only fly on Everett and Elka," Rayna stated to the shock fo the three girls.

"WHAT!?" they all exclaimed pretty mutch in unison.

"now, go!" Rayna ordered watching the girls walk off.

Kaya crossed her arms and trudged after Nikkie and Ashlyn. this is stupid! why do I even have to do this, if it were just me and Ashlyn everything'd be fine, maybe even more then fine but Nikkie's comeing with us, she's going to * * * * up EVERYTHING. I hope the pay is worth it! Kaya thought bitterly. 

they got to the hut and everyone took a seat.

"so what do you want?!" Kaya asked her voice came out more of a growl then she had intended.

"I want a titan Echoer's egg," the guy responded leaning forward so his face was inches from Kaya's.

Ashlyn pushed him back into his chair when Kaya recoiled uncomfortably. this guy is weird!

"this isn't a * * * * * * * pet shop! you can't just walk in here and demand a titan Echoer's egg, do you know how rare that is!? go-" Kaya's rant was cut off by Ashlyn clapping her hand over Kaya's mouth.

"how much are you paying?" Ashlyn asked ignoreing the muffeled yelling from Kaya.

the guy pulled out a small pouch and dangled it from his fingers before snatching it up and shoveing it back into his pouch. Ashlyn and Kaya exchanged a glance, they were both thinking the same thing. 

"sure-" Ashlyn started.

"I require one more thing," the man said pausing.

Kaya shot him a skeptical glance "what?" she asked.

the guy pulled out a kinfe and cut her acros the arm, the sharp blade easily cutting through her skin "OW * * * *!" Kaya yelled pulling away as the creepy weirdo pulled out a bottle and started collecting her blood.

Ashlyn got up and knocked the guy back "what the * * * * do you think you're doing?!" she yelled wrapping cloth around Kaya's cut.

"it's none of your business what I'm doing!" he replied, "just get me my egg!" he snapped.

"well * * * * you too," Kaya grumbled following the others outside.

"that guy was weird!" Ashlyn muttered,

"eh, he cut Kay so he couldn't be too bad!" Nikkie replied.

Kaya slapped Nikki across her face and ran to Elka before Nikkie could kill her. so now I suppose we go and steal a titan Echoer's egg, this is going to be a HUGE cluster * * * *! Kaya thought bitterly her arm throbbing.

Kaya looked over at Ashlyn and Everett hair whipping into her eyes, "where are we going!?" she yelled over the wind.

"Echoer island!" Ashlyn yelled back.

"DUH!" Nikkie yelled back sitting behind Ashlyn on Everett.

Kaya rolled her eyes, she was willing to bet gold on the fact that Nikkie had NO idea that island existed. we're totally gonna get killed. Kaya sighed, not wanting ti do this at ALL, the guy was a psycho, she had to work with an asshole, and they only had two dragons. 

they flew for hours sometimes playing 'I-spy' but most of the things were just water, other times they would just talk. well, Kaya and Ashlyn would talk Nikkie would sulk. eventually they came upon an island. it looked more like a cluster of seastacks than an island, it was very gray and a lot of it was barren rock, there were some lush canyons and a few forests but it was mostly dirt and rock. 

"is that it?" Nikkie asked.

"I thought you knew where Echoer island was!" Kaya teased.

"well...I've just never seen it!" Nikkie replied.

"cha' right," Kaya muttered.

Kaya nudged Elka down and they all landed on the foggy island. every now and then an Echoer's siren would peirce the stillness it was kind of unnerveing to be there, she knew huge dragons littered the area but she couldn't see them.

"Ever, do you see anything?" Kaya asked.

Everett perked up looking around mouth slightly open. she shook her head  and lashed her tail.

"we don't need to see anything, let's just go," Nikkie ordered walking into the thick fog.

"seriously!?" Kaya muttered annoyed. 

Kaya stormed off after Nikkie and Ashlyn followed. Everett followed right behind them and Elka was practically tripping Kaya. Kaya loved Elka but sometimes Elka could get very in the way and this was one of those times.

"hey move!" Kaya whispered angerly at her dragon.

Elka got out of Kaya's way, mostly. every now and then Kaya has to watch where she steps so she doesn't step on Elka. 

"anything?" Kaya asked to no one in particular.

"no, I don't see anything," Ashlyn replied,

"I found something!" Nikkie yelled from within the fog bank.

Kaya and Ashlyn ran over to where she was and they saw nothing.

"look! it's a tooth!" Nikkie exclaimed and Kaya really wanted to punch her.

"give me the tooth!" Kaya demanded through gritted teeth.

"no way! I found this get your own!" Nikkie yelled holding the tooth away from Kaya.

Ashlyn yanked the tooth from Nikkie's hand and gave it to kaya. it was a HUGE Echoer tooth, it looked like a titan's tooth. 

"I think we should find the nest somewhere around here," she muttered holding the tooth out and Nikki snatched it back. 

"I think we're near a cliff," Ashlyn muttered looking around.

Kaya picked up a rock she tossed it to her left, it clacked along the ground and then it mad a different noise and stopped makeing noise all together.

"yeah me too," Kaya muttered.

she chucked another stone and it disappeared into the fog. 


Elka couldn't see a thing with the fog, her senses were rendered useless against the stuff. she jumped up and flapped her wings trying to blow the fog away. a cliff came into view for a moment and then disappeared. it was about one meter (about 2ft) from where she was standing, everyone backed up and away from the cliff.

Ever, can you see anything? you'd be better at it than me. Elka roared to her friend, Everett looked up and sniffed the air. 

Everett roared back nodding her head to the right yeah! there's a large heat mass up ahead  be carful though, it might be a titan Echoer. Everett paused looking back.

I sure hope so, Elka barked back she needed to let her rider in on that, sadly Kaya couldn't understand her roars but she might understand something else.  Elka nudged Kaya to the right.

"hey what are you doing!?" Kaya snapped.

I'm helping you! Elka barked nudgeing Kaya more roughly.  

Elka nodded to the right and then nudged Kaya again. "I think they found something!" Kaya announced.

"are you sure?" Ashlyn asked.

"I mean, Elka's bugging me about something, it's eather they found something or I forgot to feed her lunch," Kaya replied.

you also forgot to give me lunch. Elka roared annoyed.

"I mean it can't hurt to follow them," Ashlyn replied shrugging.

yes! follow please! Elka chirped spun in a circle and ran off. she heard Ashlyn, Kaya, and Nikkie following her, Everett at her side. 

the thick fog began to thin as they ran, Elka didn't exactly know where she was going but she would follow Everett. her friend came to a sudden stop and Elka mirrored her, digging her claws into the rocky ground and fanning out her wings to slow herself down.

what is it? Elka cooed curiously.

it's what we're looking for! Everett hissed.

really? how do you know? Elka barked inquisitively. 

I saw the titan Echoer, it left though I think it went hunting. Everett replied with a wag of her tail.

footsteps pounded behind them, the girls had finally caught up.

"this   had better   be worth it!" Nikkie said between breaths.

"I think they found what we need!" Kaya muttered running past Elka and to the Echoer's nest.

"wow, this was like WAY too easy!" Kaya exclaimed shocked.

Elka was also pretty surprised that there were no other obsticals between them and the egg. 


Kaya picked up the smooth egg, she carefully put it into her saddle-bag.

"why do you think they want the egg of a titan Echoer?" Kaya asked out to no one in particular.

"dunno, maybe he's one of those guys who thinks that an egg from a titan dragon will hatch a titan wing," Ashlyn suggested.

"well, that sometimes happens, but very rarely," Kaya replied jumping down from the rocky nest.

"or, he wants to eat it," Nikkie replied casually.

Everyeone stared at her, even the dragons.

"what the hell! why the * * * * would he EAT the DRAGON EGG!" Kaya yelled in confusion and disgust.

"I have no idea why he'd eat the dragon egg, but he might want to!" Nikkie argued.

"let's just not think about that," Ashlyn muttered turning around so they could walk off. 

"agreed," Kaya mumbled.

they began to walk off when the screech of an Echoer peirced the air. everyyone froze as the huge dragon landed in its nest. it sniffed around and then locked its white eyes onto them. it growled peeling its lips over its teeth.

"oh * * * *!" Kaya muttered.

they all turned and ran it jumped into the sky and repeatedly dove through the tree top. its head would stick through the tree and it snapped at them. there was a lone hut just a few hundred feet away, the Echoer let out an angry screech and seemingly disappeared. Kaya ran up to the door and tried to muscle it open. it wouldn't budge.

"Nikkie give me one of your knives!" Kaya ordered.

"what!? NO WAY" Nikkie replied.

"* * * *! just give me the damn knife!" Kaya yelled.

frightened Nikkied grabbed one of her biggest knives and handed it to Kaya. Kaya slipped the knife between the door and the wall she brought it up and the wood board blocking the door fell away with a clunk. Kaya handed the knife back and shoved the door open.

she waited for everyone to come in before blocking the door again. she stood against the door breathing heavily. she got up and looked around, thr house was dingey and it looked to be full of rot and bugs, old maps sat on the tables as well as some books stuffed with notes. while the others were catching their breath she grabbed all of the books that looked interesting and put them in her saddle bag. 

"what are you doing?" Nikkie asked.

Kaya jumped a little "uh, nothing just checking this place out," she replied trying to act like she wasn't rummaging through this place for no reason.

"ooookay," Nikkie muttered eather unimpressed or skeptical.

Ashlyn started walking around too, every board made a creaking sound and there were plants growing in the roof.

"I wonder what this place used to be," Ashlyn muttered looking around.

Kaya pulled some things off fo the shelves, they had some weird...decorative peice of glass? it was a hexagon and its rim had a weird dragon design on it, like a serpent eating its own tail. in the center was a pale blue peice of glass, no, a pale blue gem cut to fit the rim

she looked at it curiously. what does it do? she wondered tapping the pale gem with her finger. she decided it was cool so she stuffed it in her saddle bag, along with the maps, papers, and the Echoer's egg. 

"I don't know probably some hunter base," Kaya muttered looking at the sketches of weapons and dragons on the wall.

"or it could be a house, you know the kind that someone lives in," Nikkie replied.

"shut up, no one cares!" Kaya yelled back annoyed.

she walked past the window, the glass was all fogged up, it looked like something was moveing outside. she tried wipeing away the fog but it wouldn't go. It must be really foggy outside. she thought pressing her face to the glass. every time it felt like the fog had finally started vanishing it came back.

"Kaya, that's a window, not your pillow, stop being weird!" Nikkie yelled.

"hah, Kaya's makeing out with the window," Ashlyn laughed.

"AM NOT!" Kaya yelled back feeling her cheeks flush.

both Nikkie and Ashlyn started laughing and eventually returned to what they were doing. Kaya turned back to the window and was met with a gleaming white eye glareing back at her. OH * * * *! she had to remind herself not to yell about this. she turned to the opposite window, that one had a nose in it. 

"just our luck, both mom and dad are here," Kaya whispered feeling the blood drain from her face.

"h-hey guys, we need to go, like right now!" Kaya said as calmly as possable.

"why? did the window reject you?"Nikkie teased.

"enough with the * * * * * * * window!" Kaya yelled.

the Echoer closest to Kaya let out a screech, and the other one did the same.

"Kaya, what's going on?" Ashlyn asked.

"there my or may not be two Echoers outside, specifically the ones we stole the egg from," Kaya muttered.

there was a loud crash and the Echoer's head bust through the wall and snapped inches from Kaya's face, Kaya yelped yumping back as the dragon tried to break through the wall.

"unblock the damn door!!!" Kaya yelled.

"I can't!" Nikkie yelled.

"move! let me try!" Kaya snapped.

Nikkie stepped aside glareing at Kaya. Kaya threw off the wood beam blocking the door, she then put her shoulder against the door and pushed, it didn't move.

"what the hell!? something's blocking the door!" Kaya replied.

"TOLD YOU!" Nikkie yelled back.

"shut the * * * * up or I'll jump outside and let them rip us to peices!" Kaya yelled.

there was another shriek from right outside the door. CRACK! a titan Echoer's head burst through the door it roared snapping at them, its jaws inches from her nose.

"* * * *!" Kaya yelled  shoveing the Echoer's head out the door as it tried to rip her apart.

CRASH! the other Echoer broke through the wall and Kaya shoved the Echoers head back out of desperation. the hole in the door was cleared and they jumped through. they started running and Elka turned to fire but the Echoers released a powerful shockwave and the fire quickly faded.

"you guys keep going they only want the egg!" Kaya yelled stopping and turning around.

she waited for the Echoers to come, they circled her growling and hissing. she fumbled around in her saddlebag and brought out the egg. 

"okay, so I know you probably can't understand me but I'm gonna try to talk to you anyways, if I give you this please don't kill me, I swear I will kill the guy who made me do this and take all of his money, and I will leave your island alone forever! if you don't listen to that than listen to this, once me and my friends get off the island you will not follow, because I like living, and I'm sure you don't want to do somethign stupid and pointless," Kaya tried to negotiate with the dragons, but they're dragons so it didn't go very well.

Kaya put the egg on the ground and rolled it over to the Echoers, the picked it up and turned it over checking it for crackes. they looked up and growled at Kaya.

"you didn't listen, did you?" Kaya muttered.

the Echoer screeched as if to say 'no you mother * * * * * *! why the hell would we listen!?' they then charged at her.

"oh * * * *!" she muttered.

she turned and ran, as fast as her feet could carry her. she tripped over a rock and fell down her knee really hurt and blood started pouring out. she got up without thinking and continued running. she caught up with the others.

"what happened to it's the egg they want!?" Ashlyn yelled looking at the Echoers.

"apparently they also want revenge!" Kaya yelled back.

rain began to pour down and soaked everything the girls had, Kaya's saddle bag was compleately water proof, being made out of yak stomach. Kaya spotted a small crevice in the wall and ran to it, the others followed it was just big enough for the dragons to fit too. Kaya was smashed up against the wall in the pouring rain the Echoers closeing in. 

the Echoer's head blocked the exit and it roared snapping at them. it was so close that Kaya was able to smell its puterid breath. Nikkie was screaming and Kaya was resisting the urge to yell swear words. Kaya had enough space to slowly reach down and grab a rock, she then coated it in her blood and chucked it as hard and far as she could. the rock landed in a bush somewhere. the Echoers smelling her blood chased after it. 

Kaya burst out of the crevice and looked back waiting for the others, Ashlyn ran out and so did the dragons, the rain was really picking up and soon the Echoers would be back for them.  

"Nikkie come on we have to go!" Kaya screamed over the rain and wind.

"I-I can't!" she cried back. 

"why not!?" Kaya yelled. 

"my leg!" Nikkie yelled back.

Kaya looked at Nikkie's leg it had a huge bite-mark in it and was covered in blood. the Echoers screeched, their siren wasn't far away. 

"Kaya we have to leave now!" Ashlyn muttered tugging on Kaya's arm.

the Echoers were coming back.

"DON'T LEAVE ME!" Nikkie screamed tears streaming down her face.

should I help her? no, I shouldn't she's been nothing but a pain, and I'm fairly sure she's been poisoning the forest why should I help her! Kaya thought bitterly. she started to turn around and walk away.

"please, don't leave me," Nikkie sobbed wipeing away tears..

Kaya felt extremely guilty, her stomach felt like it was made of lead. the Echoers burst out of the trees and if they weren't mad before then they were now! Kaya did something that she might regret in the near future. she ran over to Nikkie and put her shoulder under Nikkie's arm. 

"come on let's go!" Kaya yelled urgeing Nikkie to walk faster.

"y-you came back? but I was a jerk, why would you do that?" Nikkie asked surprised.

"because I can, and I would've felt super guilty if I let you die," Kaya muttered.

the Echoers were right behind them.

"come on you're almost there!" Kaya urged running a little faster.

"I can't make it, you go!" Nikkie replied trying to let go.

"bull * * * *! I didn't risk my life just so you can die a different way!" Kaya retorted. 

Everett ran to them and Nikkie and Ashlyn quickly got on, Elka ran to Kaya. Kaya sloppily mounted her dragon and they took off, so did the Echoers.

"* * * *! they didn't listen to a damn word I said!" Kaya hissed under her breath.

Elka roared to Everett and Kaya felt Elka speed up leaving Kaya's stomach far behind. they quickly got to the ocean and Kaya looked back, the Echoers stopped at the island limits screeched at them and flew away.

"huh, they did listen!" Kaya said to herself.

"I don't know about anyone else, but that weird guy is gonna get the beating for a life-time from me!" Kaya announced.

"SAME!" Ashlyn replied.

"first one home gets first punch!" Nikkie suggested.

"hell yeah!" Kaya replied raceing them home.

Blood in the water 


Elka's heart beat quicker and quicker, she stood in the middle of a dark, clearing Copper, Pine, and Current lay dead at her feet. their dark blood covered the grass matting it down. this can't be right, this is a nightmare, it better be a nightmare! it felt so real though. 

"you'll never be free, not as long as you're mine," a soft voice chimed.

Elka froze, she took an unsteady breath and looked around, she saw no one she turned back to the bodies of those she loved and looked up, a dark Sand Wraith stood before her, his yellow eyes glowed in the lowlight. 

"do you like your gift kitten?" he purred.

"get away from me!" she hissed trying her best to sound level headed, her voice came out in a lower pitch than usual. 

Reed grinned, "you will join me whether you like it or not, and we will be together FOREVER," he said his teeth glistening with blood and yellow eyes lighting up with lightning and fire.

her eyes widened she was too scared to move. the world seemed to change around her the sky growing bright red. Reed seemed to grow bigger and bigger as she tried to shrink away from him. 

"don't look so scared, let this happen, close your eyes," Reed urged.

Elka glared up at him, hatred and fear running through her like electricity. he lunged for her the last thing she saw were his eyes wild and savage like a  poweful storm.

Elka gasped wakeing up, her heart was pounding in her chest. she looked around and in an instant she felt better, she was in her stall lying on her side in the hay, she looked outside rain was pounding the roof. a storm was brewing overhead.

"thank Thor, it was just a horrible nightmare!" she whispered to herself as the wind screamed against the roof.

she tried to calm down, but every bump and crack sounded more like a dragon then ever, she decided not to go back to sleep. she slowly breathed in and out realizeing that she was shakeing. it's fine, I'm fine! she told herself over and over again but one line from her dream freaked her out more then anything she had ever experienced. you'll never be free, not as long as you're mine.

She stayed up and waited for the day to come. Hoping to forget about her nightmare. She wondered if Copper was having as bad a night as she was. The door creaked open and Elka froze. She knows from experience that Reed knows she lives here. She stood up and hopped up onto the beam above her stall. She was relieved to see that it was Copper and not Reed.he looked up confused.

“What are you doing up there?” he asked.

“What are you doing here!?” she whispered back.

“I was really wet, and you have a roof over your head,” he replied stubbornly.

Elka sighed unlatching the door and letting him in her stall “are you still wet?” she asked from her beam.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Than go out and shake yourself,” Elka ordered.

Copper walked into the hall and shook the water off of his scales “now can I come in?” he asked pointedly.

“Yes, fine, I suppose,” Elka muttered not thrilled about the idea.

She’d be safe so it couldn’t be that bad, right? Elka hopped down from her beam and landed softly in the hay, she curled up next to Copper and felt his warm wing cover her. She couldn’t help but purr and close her eyes. She wanted to stay up but the heat made her sleepy. Her eyelids grew heavy and before she knew it she was fast asleep. She didn’t have any more nightmares, in fact she didn’t dream at all, it was just darkness. She opened her eyes to the bright sun above her, Copper was awake next to her.

“Oh hey, you’re awake!” Copper exclaimed.

“Quiet, everyone’s still sleeping,” Elka whispered worming her way out from under Coppers wing.

"oh, right," he whispered back getting up.

"want to come to my island?" he asked hopefully. Elka was about to respond when she remembered Reed lived there.

"um, I'd prefer to stay here," she muttered sheepishly.

Copper frowned "why wont you come?" he asked.

"is it Reed?" he replied.

Elka froze "yes," she sighed.

“Look, I haven’t seen him in a while and the last time a dragon threatened someone who was close to me they got their wings ripped off by Current,” Copper soothed.

“Wait, what?” Elka replied.

“Current will protect you, that’s the general idea of my statement,” he corrected.

“Fine I’ll come, but not for long,” Elka responded.

“Why not?” Copper asked.

“It doesn’t matter,” Elka replied.

Copper nudged the door open and took off, Elka followed. She flew along nervously constantly looking around for any other dragons. They arrived at the island a little later landing on the soft grass. They walked through the forest putting Elka even more on edge, every shadow seemed to jump out at her.They walked onto the beach and Pine came running out of the sea-cave.

“ELKA HI HI HI HI HI HI!!!” he shouted running over to her.

“Why do you never visit anymore? It’s been FOREVER!” Pine complained sitting in front of her.

“Two days isn’t forever Pine,” Elka responded.

“Yes it IS,” Pine replied.

Copper distracted Pine by playing a game, Elka didn’t want to join in, she wasn’t in the mood. 

"hey, you okay," Current asked. Elka jumped a little, she didn't see Current walk over to her so she was surprised when Current spoke.

"yeah I'm fine," Elka replied.

Current shot Elka a look, "are you?" she asked skeptically.

"y-yes," Elka replied sheepishly smileing.

Current sighed, "no, you're not fine, tell me you're not fine," Current muttered looking Elka in her eyes. 

"I'm....I'm not fine," Elka sighed.

"what happened?" Current asked.

"I had  really bad dream," Elka muttered

Elka explained her dream from last night and Current listened sympathetically.

"Elka it was a dream, there's no way that it's gonna be real," Current soothed.

"you think?" Elka replied.

"we're all still alive aren't we," Curren responded.

"yeah I guess," Elka said getting up.

she felt a little better maybe playing with Pine and Copper would help. she walked over to them.

"so, what are you guy's playing?" Elka asked.

" hide and seek," Pine replied.

"okay sure!" Elka replied wagging her tail.

"I'll seek!" Copper announced.

"okay! ready set COUNT!" Pine yelled running off.

"ONE!" Copper started.

Elka ran after pine it would be hard for her to find a place to hide. she climbed up a tree her claws leaveing marks on the bark. she got onto a high branch and hunkered down among the green trees. she watched Pine ran behind a big rock she turned back to the beach.

"TEN!" Copper yelled running into the forest looking around.

Elka sat there for about half an hour before Copper finally looked up.

"hey, I see you!" Copper replied looking up at Elka.

Elka jumped down with a large thud. it was probably a bad idea to jump down but she did it, and regretted it.

"do you know where Pine is? I looked everywhere, and he sucks at hideing," Copper asked.

"um, I saw him hide behind those rocks, but I didn't keep an eye on him so I don't know if he ran off," Elka replied nervously.

"well, he won could you call him out, he won't beleive me," Copper replied.

"PINE YOU WIN!" Elka yelled.

the roar echoed out across the forest. no responce. Elka started to get more worried she started walking around.

"PINE!" she roared again.

no responce, Elka sped up to a trott looking around she sniffed the air looking for him, she was met with nothing. she looked around eyes scanning the forest looking for any sign of him. I wish Kaya were here. she'd be able to find him, she's good at those kinds of things. Elka thought looking around. all she saw was grass trees and rocks. she found no foot prints or broken shrubs.

"do you think he ran up a tree?" Elka asked.

"I don't think so, he prefers to hide behind rocks and tree trunks," Copper replied.

"does he move around during hide and seek?"Elka asked. 

Copper thought for a moment and shook his head, "he likes to stay in the same place," he responded.

"he couldn't have gone far right?" Elka asked.

"no idea," Copper replied.

"PINE!" she roared again.

she was met with silence. she was starting to get agitated, she paced back and forth feeling her weird glowing problem start up again. no! stop glowing it's weird! she thought looking at her back wich was glowing silver. it looked like someone poured liquid silver on her back.  she and Copper paced around the clearing, she looked at where he used to be, she smelled him but she also caught a scent of someone else. she froze for a moment and sniffed again. Reed. she thought frozen.

"anything?" Copper asked.

"um....sort of," Elka mumbled.

"what is it?" Copper asked  walking over to her.

"Reed, what did he do to Pine?!" Copper growled.

"I-I don't know," Elka muttered.

she was fearing this, that when she came there Reed would see her and do something to hurt them. this was all her fault whatever had happened was her fault. she charged off into the forest following the faint scent trail the Reed left behind. she was going to find him, and she was going to kill him. he will no longer haunt her nightmares. 

his scent trail led to a small river, she paused to drink when something weird happened to the water. it's usualy clear surface turned red, the red colored stuff swirled around like mist in the current. her stomach dropped desperately hoping this was another of her dreams. she took a deep breath and tenitively walked up-stream. she prepared herself for what she was about to see, whatever it was it was definitely not a jar of weird strawberry jam.

she got to the source and it was every bit as bad as she thought it'd be. Pine's lifeless body was gently bobbing in the current a large cut on his throat leaked blood into the water. Elka almost choked on her tounge at the sight of him. acid clawed at the back of her throat she wanted to cry, scream , say something anything but instead she sat there silently sadly, staring down at the corps of her 'little brother'. sadness quickly turned to anger. why would he do this? why would anyone do this!? who could be psychotic enough to kill Pine!! why would anyone kill Pine!!! whoever did this is going to pay! wait, I already know who did this! (authors note: *oh no, she's on to me!*) it was Reed, there's no one else it could've been! (author's note. *fewf*) Elka flexed her claws feeling them tear through the grass.

"COME OUT REED! I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU!" Elka roared hoping that what she said was true.

"and why would you be scared of me? yiu have no reason to fear me kitten," Reed replied softly, jumping down from the tree he was in.

all of her talk about not being scared fell to crap instantly as she froze and she felt her fur rise. 

"what's wrong?" he asked circleing her.

"a whole hell of a lot of things are wrong!" Elka hissed.

"why did you kill him!?" Elka roared as Reed edged closer to her.

Reed glanced at Pines body and shrugged "I killed Pine so Copper would leave you, if he thought that I killed him because of you he will leave you and I will finally have you, all mine!" Reed purred.

"well, then you're wrong!" Copper growled stepping out near the stream.

Elka held in her smirk, Copper was here and he'd seen the whole thing. she wanted to attack Reed but for some reason she was now forever frozen in place and no matter how much she wanted to move her mind said 'no'. she was stuck, frozen.

Copper stepped forward growling, Reed hissed backing away from Elka. 

"don't think you've won, I'll be back!" Reed hissed running off.

Elka found the ability to move again and took a step forward. 

"are you okay?" Copper asked.

"yeah, I'm fine, but Pine-," she paused casting a somber look towards the stream.

"yeah, I guess I'll have to tell Current, she'll be so upset," Copper mumbled sadly looking at the ground.

"yeah who wouldn't be upset, Pine was so fun, playful, and energetic he was the best, and Reed killed him," she replied her voice growing more angry by the end of the sentence.

Copper stayed silent looking down.

"um, should I go?" Elka muttered feeling sad and uncomfortable.

"no, stay, stay," he replied.

Elka leaned against him and they sat together.

Racing disaster pt1

Kaya woke up to Ashlyn shakeing her, "KAYA WAKE UP!" she yelled.

Kaya was suddenly wide awake," WHA- WHO DIED!?" she replied freaked out. 

"wait what? no one died," Ashlyn replied.

Kaya glared at her friend, she then flopped back and buried her face in her pillow.

"NO!" Kaya yelled back her voice was muffeled from the pillow.

"Kay, you didn't even hear me out," Ashlyn replied.

"I know, I'm tired, go away," Kaya muttered.

"ugh, well there's a dragon race going on," Ashlyn replied annoyed.

"so!" Kaya responded.

"the prize is one thousand gold, " Ashlyn prompted.

Kaya turned her head on her pillow "sounds good, now leave me alone!" kaya yelled.

"you in?" Ashlyn asked.

"yeah sure leave me alone!" Kaya responded.

"cool! see you in a bit," Ashlyn replied walking out.

Kaya tried to go back to sleep but she was already awake, she was awake and she couldn't go back to sleep. she groaned and cussed under her breath getting up. she raked her fingers through her ratty hair untill it was smooth again and got ready. Kaya opened her door to see Ashlyn standing there leaning against the wall. 

"good morn-" Ashlyn started.

Kaya shoved her hand over her friend's mouth, "I hate you!" Kaya hissed not quite being legitimate.

"awwww, I love ya too! even though your a jackass," Ashlyn joked ruffing up Kaya's hair.

"mph! STOPPIT!" Kaya grunted fixing her hair.

"so, when's the race?" she asked interested.

"in about two hours," Ashlyn responded.

"oh cool," Kaya yawned.

"Imma go back to sleep," Kaya mumbled turning around.

"nope!" Ashlyn replied grabbing Kaya's arm.

"awwww!" Kaya whined.

after breakfast Kaya left to go get Elka and join the race, she let Elka out of her stall and was immediately showered in fur and licks. Kaya pushed Elka off of her and got up, she then lead Elka over to the raceing arena, she'd never participated in those races but she'd watched enough to know what to do. she walked in and saw a whole group of riders, some had Nadders others had Green Scales and Sand wraiths. she recognised some of the racers as she'd wached them race before. and one rider stuck out of the crowd.

she didn't know his name or his dragon's name, she called his dragon 'Red' because that was the color of his dragons scales. he owned a Flare Strike, this dragon was strong, could take a lot of hits, and do a lot of damage. this flarestrike was notorious for dropping other racers out of the sky, when she saw Red she started sweating, she'd seen what this dragon could do when it stacks up enough 'flame-up's' it'll be a streight-up masscare.

he turned and walked over towards Kaya "hey, never seen you before, you new to raceing?" he asked.

"well, kind of, I've watched races," Kaya replied eyeing Red as he 'talked' to Elka.

"nice! good luck and don't die," he replied then walked off.

she didn't quite know how to respond, that was one of the weirdest interactions she'd ever had. she stared off confused when Elka bowled her over and started wrestleing her.

"no! Elka bad! stop!!!" Kaya replied smileing.

Elka stopped and allowed Kaya to get up. Kaya brushed herself off and told Elka to knock it off. after looking around Kaya decided to commit to the race and grabbed Elka's saddle. she then chased Elka around for about ten minutes before getting her to sit still and wear her saddle. to get Elka to sit still Kaya forked over a handful of dragon nip. when she did this Elka stopped mid sprint and fell to the ground sniffing the dragon nip and sometimes chewing on it. Kaya dragged her lump of a dragon away from the dragon nip. she then talked with Ashlyn untill the race started. 

the cry of a war-horn rang out around the arena and kaya turned to look at the racers, they and their dragons all walked to the starting line she and Elka did the same, following the others to the starting line. kaya cracked her knuckles and took a few deep breaths while Elka looked up at her like 'dude, chill.' Kaya ignored her dragon's dissaproveing glance and continued acting like a dork.

there was another horn and the riders all mounted their dragons. she did the same shifting around in Elka's saddle. a large man stood on a platform as he yelled out the rules.

"all racers will take five laps around the arena, the first three racers will move on to the next race competeing against other clans and islands, they'll also recive one thousand gold," the man yelled.

" THREE, TWO, ONE!" he yelled.

Kaya felt Elka spread her wings and tense up. ready to push off into flight. a final war horn sounded and everyone took off. with a rush of wind Elka was in the air, she shot past everyone and stayed steady in third place. Kaya looked around for Red and that racer. 

"eye's up," Kaya muttered to her dragon.

Elka seemed more alert after Kaya warned her. there was a hiss and a scream Kaya looked back to see another racer falling through the air, Red was now right behind them.

"* * * *! Elka we need to speed up!" Kaya said hurriedly feeling her dragon go even faster weaveing her way into second place.

she looked around and she didn't see Red, she then looked up. Red was right aboive her.she freaked out feeling the heat of Red's scales on her face. Kaya dipped Elka's wing down, a sudden updraft caught them and Kaya held on as Elka flipped through the air and ended up above Red.  

"Power dive," Kaya muttered to Elka.

Elka obeyed swiftly tucking her wings in and  falling through the air, Kaya felt tears cluster in her eyes as the wind tried to rip the skin off of her face. she knew when Elka was going to spread she knew her dragon like the back of her hand. she tensed waiting for Elka to pull up. not even a second later she felt a yank on her neck, the air was drawing her backwards. she soon got back into raceing position and let Elka do her thing.

her dragon hugged the walls sometimes diveing inbetween them she looked back to see that Red had followed her the entire time. she desperately wished that she had something to throw in his path, like a rock, or a person anything would work. well, anything exept her dragon. she heard the hiss of its fire-up and knew she was in trouble. if it stacked up too many of those its blast would be too much for Elka to handle and she'd pass out of heat exaustion, and that would kill them both. 

Kaya was so focused on Red that she barely noticed the fact that she'd crossed the finish line. she looked down at the line. one down. four to go. Thor help me! she thought nervously. she turned her head and Red was gaining on them. she was growing more and more nervous and Elka must've sensed it. Elka shot at the canyon wall and rocks came slideing down. (the raceing 'arena' was a large canyon wich with the help of a lot of Quakens they carved into a circle) Elka sped up as the rocks fell and forced others to stop or slow down. Kaya grinned, Elka had saved her yet again, it was just less noticable.

Kaya could then focus on what was infront of her. ahead of her was Ashlyn, Ash was a bit ahead of her flying quickly through the canyon. Kaya was in second, she turned around and saw Red gaining on her.

"seriously!?" Kaya hissed nudgeing her dragon to speed up.

there was a hiss as a ball of flame passed by her ear, she gritted her teeth hoping that Elka would be able to dodge. there was another hiss and Elka let out a roar of pain and kaya came to the quick realization that Elka was hit.

"come on,come on," Kaya muttered putting her hand on Elka's head hoping it'd calm her.

Elka surprisingly stayed in the air, Kaya quickly spat on her hand and put it over Elka's burn marks. how is she still in the air? Kaya wondered shocked her dragon was still flying. Kaya could tell that Elka was struggleing but she stayed in the air and continued flying at top speed.

if Elka had gotten hit in the wings or head they were going down. Elka kept going but it was obvious that she was in pain and slowing down. she looked back to see Red catching up, she passed the finish line a second time. three more to go. Kaya thought nervously. 

Kaya heard hissing behind her, Kaya dove down and avoided another fireball. 

"just hold on a little longer," Kaya muttered to her dragon.

Red powered up his blast and Elka did something really strange, she spread her wings and glided backwardand above Red, she powered up her own blast and shot Red out of the sky.

"oh, * * * *! Elka what the * * * *!?!" Kaya yelled.

Elka looked back at her like 'what?' Kaya sighed and told Elka to dive. Kaya had Elka catch both Red and his rider she then put them on the canyon wall and continued the race. she was probably in seventh place now and was annoyed at what Elka did.

they crossed the finish line yet again and had two laps left to go. Elka weaved from raced to raced speeding up as if she wasn't in pain. Kaya bent over in proper raceing position to make their figure more stream-lined. in her head she was counting the places.

6th,5th,4th,3rd. they turned a corner hugging the wall, Kaya felt the force of their turn yank her back but she was used to it and held on. Elka did a barrel roll and dove towards the bottom of the canyon. the sped along the ground dust kicked up behind them.

they passed the finish line. a horn blew letting all the racers know that this was their fourth lap. the person infront of them was rideing a Singetail. the dragon looked back and shot at the canyon wall.

"ELKA UP!" Kaya yelled Elka swerved to the right and  pitched upwards.

they lost time in pulling those manuvers but at least they were alive. Kaya could tell that Elka was thinking the same thing as her. that singetail has to go! her grip tightened on the saddle when she felt Elka's body get colder wich was a sign she was about ot fire. Elka pulled back and shot Kaya sighed Elka knew the drill, she dove caught the dragon and the rider she threw them on the canyon wall  and dove down to amplify their speed.

they crossed the finish line and started their last lap, Kaya and Elka both knew that this was it, now or never. Kaya tensed up and Elka flew faster than Kaya had ever experienced. Kaya and Elka dove under Ashlyn and Everett. they slipped under the radar for a few moments before Elka banked upward and passed infront of them. the flew past the finish line and had done it, the had ended in first place. 

"w-wait, we-we won?" Kaya muttered landing on the finsh strip.

the guy manning the horn nodded.

"OH MY THORE WE * * * * * * * WON!" Kaya screamed hugging her dragon.

Ashlyn came in second, and this other random person got third. 

Ashlyn smiled "good job," she said high-fiveing Kaya.

"you're gonna have to keep it up for the second race," Ashlyn stated grinning.

"wait, there's a second race?" Kaya replied.

"yeah, but you still get the money now," the guy manning the horn responded.

Racing disaster pt2

Kaya cracked her knuckles she had just eaten breakfast and was ready to race. she walked outside to go get Elka but then realized. oh yeah, the final race wasn't held on Valdark. she remembered Elka was inside the house with her and felt stupid. she was on some small island called Berk. Berk was a small community of vikings and dragons, they had a small training arena and she was pretty sure the race was going to be out of the islands boundaries.

she quickly snatched Elka's saddle, and put it over the dragon's head before she could jump out of it. when Elka realized that Kaya had put her saddle on, she kind of freaked out. Elka jumped away and started trying to rub her saddle off on the floor. Kaya rolled her eyes grabbed a fistfull of dragon nip and used it to calm Elka down. 

Elka flopped to the floor. and Kaya was pretty much in the clear for the rest of the time Elka was wearing her saddle. for whatever reason Elka hated her saddle, she was the only dragon Kaya knew of that was trained and refused to wear any saddle unless it was her saddle whitch was made by a blacksmith for Elka because Elka hated all other saddles. but she still hates that saddle so Elka is just a problem when it comes to saddles. 

Kaya flopped back onto the bed of the hut they lent her for the time being. she just had to wait for the race. sh decided it'd be too boring to wait by herself so she got up and left Elka following along behind her. she walked into the arena and a few vikings sat in the stands, some racers were milling about in the arena and Kaya felt super out of place walking in there with her strange bright purple dragon.

there were a few people with Nadders, some had Silver Bellied Green-Scales, others had Sand Wraiths. there was this one kid, older than her by maybe a year he had a strange black dragon with bright green eyes. she'd never seen a dragon like it before. she tried to act like she knew what she was doing with her bright dragon. everyone else got monotone colored dragons and she had a bright ass purple one. 

she leaned against the wall and tried to act normal, or as close to normal as she could be. she kind of wanted to talk to the other racers. her mind told her to go ahead but she decided to wait untill it'd make sense to talk to anyone. she liked talking to people but had a hard time strikeing up conversations.

screw it, I'm gonna go talk to them. she decided walking over to the closest racer. it happened to be the boy and the strange black dragon. 

"hi," she said walking up to him.

"hi," he replied.

she stood there like a doofus ot quite knowing what to next.

"I'm Kaya, that's Elka" she eventully responded pointing at her dragon who was chaseing a butterfly and looking like an idiot.

"Hiccup, and this is Toothless," he replied.

"what kind of dragon is that?" Kaya asked looking at Toothless.

Hiccup gave her a confused glance "he's a Nigh Fury," he replied.

now it was Kaya's turn to be confused " a what?" Kaya responded.

"wait, you don't know what a Night Fury is," Hiccup replied surprised.

"no, should I?" Kaya asked petting Toothless.

"well, they're pretty much all gone, exept for Toothless, they're a powerfull strike class dragon, the unholy offspring of lightning and death its self," Hiccup explained.

"huh, well that sounds like it's  kind of over-stateing how scary this dragon is," Kaya muttered.

Elka ran over and hit Kaya with her paw as if to say 'hey, I need attention.' Kaya pet Elka while continueing to chat with Hiccup. Elka took one look at Toothless and started growling. 

"hey, stoppit!" Kaya muttered to her dragon.

Elka stopped but continued glareing at Toothless. 

"nice talking to you anyways I think I should go, because Elka is for whatever reason being a brat, Elka stoppit!" she responded walking away to go talk to someone else.

Ashlyn walked into the arena Everett at her side, kaya walked up and greeted her. 

"hey Kay, you gonna be mad when I crush you?" Ashlyn asked high-fiveing Kaya.

"psh, you wish!" Kaya replied.

"ha! alright we'll see," Ashlyn laughed.

Kaya pushed her friend jokeingly. Everett and Elka ran around blasting eachother. Kaya watched them out of one eye, she was kind of worried that they'd anger other dragons. 

"hey, Elka come back!" Kaya shouted across the arena.

Elka perked up and Ran back Everett by her side Elka decided to be annoying and continued running to make it look like she was going to run over Kaya. she stopped right infront of Kaya, and she wasn't happy about that. Kaya glared at her dragon. Elka was being an idiot, maybe Kaya had givin her too much dragon nip. 

"hey, stoppit," Kaya said calmly.

Elka  seemed to not hear her and started running again bowling Kaya over and running into Everett.

"hey!  Elka come!!" Kaya yelled at her disobedient dragon.

Elka stopped turned and walked back to Kaya hanging her head and drooping her tail.

"hey, sit," Kaya ordered holding up her hand.

Elka sat looking down shamefully. 

"calm down, stop ignoreing me," Kaya ordered.

Elka seemed to be paying more attention. Kaya stepped away from her dragon and turned her attention back to her friend. Elka was behaveing like normal and Kaya didn't know what was up with her dumb ass dragon.

"did you make my dragon high?" Kaya aksed Ashlyn.

she didn't know if her friend would do that, but it sounds like something she'd maybe do.

"no, is something wrong with Elka," Ashlyn repleid peering over Kaya's shoulder to look at Elka.

"I dunno, she's being a weird * * * * today, and I don't know if there's something wrong with her," she muttered.

Elka leaned on Kaya but the issue was Elka was almost bigger than Kaya. Kaya pushed Elka off of her and stepped away, Elka fell over looked at Kaya confused. 

"see? what the * * * * Elka!" Kaya scolded.

"hey, NO! you need to stop...whatever this is," Kaya ordered looking Elka in the eye and pointing to her.

Elka sat up and cleaned herself off. Kaya shifted her attention yet again to some of the other racers. she smirked. if Elka can get her act together we'll blow these losers out of the water. well, Ashlyn and Hiccup might be an issue, but we can beat them. we could if Elka stops being an idiot. Kaya looked back at Elka and she seemed to be fine. Kaya frowned, she could just be putting on an 'I'm fine,' act which is the opposite of what Kaya wanted.

"so, who do you think will be the most difficult to deal with?" Ashlyn asked putting an arm on Kaya's shoulder.

"Hiccup, the one with the black dragon," she replied.

"yeah, Night Fury, not a bad dragon," Ashlyn replied.

"how the * * * * do you know what dragon that is?" Kaya replied.

Ashlyn laughed a little "wait, you don't know what a Night Fury is?" she asked.

"well, I didn't untill, well, he told me," Kaya replied trying to stick up for herself.

there were a few moments of akward silence before Kaya spoke up again.

"anyone else catch your eye as a threat?" kaya asked Ashlyn.

"mmmh, that kid over there, with the Wood Spirit, they could be an issue...maybe," Ashlyn replied.

before Kaya could respond a large man stepped out infront of the arena and everyone started getting into a line. Kaya decided to follow their example Ashlyn lineing up next to Kaya. the man announced the rules.

"throught the island and the seastacks are sheep that have been placed for this race, everyone has a basket with the corrosponding colors of your dragons," he paused while everyone turned to look back.

Kaya found her's next to a black basket she then turned back to the man and waited for him to explain the rest.

"you will grab the sheep as fast as you can and bring them back to the baskets. the person with the most sheep wins, no killing, blasting, or trying to take out anyone else, no stealing sheep from other's baskets. other than that there are no rules," he ordered.

"riders, mount!" he yelled out.

Kaya mounted Elka ready to fly. shifting in Elka's saddle to get comfortable. Elka shook herself a little and spread her colorful wings.

a little old woman walked out infront of him holding up a purple cloth. Kaya tensed ready to go. the little old lady dropped the flag and Kaya got the signal to go. Elka took off and immediately caught a white sheep wandering around the entrance.

“Nice! Okay, we’re doing good,” Kaya muttered.

Elka caught two more sheep and for a while, they were doing fine. Elka dropped off three sheep into their basket and raced back into the isle of Berk. the Hiccup and Toothless were about to grab a sheep but Elka decided she wanted to be a show-off ass hole and flew low to the ground. She extended her paws and caught the sheep quickly veering to the left.

“Why did you do that?” Kaya asked her dragon.

Elka only looked back at her like ‘because I can,’ Kaya frowned Elka was being weird and she didn’t like it. They were flying back to their basket when something made her abruptly stop. A huge boat with a large cage was sailing in the general direction of Valdark. This made her nervous, the forest was pretty much all dead and that cage looked like it could fit the Forever Wing in it. She shook her head. It’s probably just a coincidence, right? There’s no way that’s right I’m just being anxious for no reason. She shook her head and got back to the ‘race’. A bright white sheep crossed their path, Kaya knew Elka saw it, they shot forward but a black blur darted in front of her. She recognised them as Hiccup and Toothless, Elka got super aggressive really quickly and went after them.

"Elka no, we're not allowed to blast anyone what are you doing!?" Kaya hissed to her dragon.

Elka powered up her blast following them.

"HEY STOP!" Kaya yelled Ignoring Kaya’s yell Elka shot causing the Night Fury to fall out of the air.

"ELKA * * * * YOU! WHAT THE HELL DID I TELL YOU!?" Kaya scolded.

"hey! you two!" someone yelled. A blond girl on a blue Nadder came over to them, she looked angry or at least VERY annoyed. Kaya smiled sheepishly and forced Elka to not fly away while she flew over.

"you're disqualified for shooting another racer, you should be ashamed of your self," the girl spat.

"I am so sorry, my damn dragon decided to not * * * * * * listen to me!" Kaya replied glareing at Elka.

The girl didn't seem to accept her apology " you can't blame your dragon, you're the one who trained it and you're the one who should take responcibility for its actions," the girl hissed.

"ha! you think I didn't train her correctly, no, she chooses to not listen because she's an entitled little brat!" Kaya responded.

the girl just glared at her makeing Kaya feel extreamly uncomfortable, she then turned and flew Elka back to the arena. she got off her dragon and leaned against the wall. Kaya glared at Elka.

"you happy with your self princess?" Kaya growled glareing at her dragon.

Elka looked at her innocently and Kaya pushed her dragon away. 

"stopit, I'm done with you right now, go bother someone else!" Kaya hissed annoyed.

Elka continued stareing at her.

"Elka GO AWAY, you're a total * * * * *! and a spoiled brat and, just...just go!" Kaya yelled at her brat of a dragon.

She sat there Elka running around probably eating dirt or something….Elka isn’t that smart. Kaya noticed Elka was eating something. she stood up and walked over to where Elka was. Elka turned around with something in her mouth.

"what is in your mouth? spit it out! you don't know where that's been!" Kaya muttered tugging whatever it was out of Elka's mouth.

it was a weird looking fish,"what's this? who gave you this?" she asked waveing the fish in Elka's face.

Elka lunged for her arm grabbed the fish and snapped it up.

"ew! spit that up don't eat it Elka you're gross," Kaya mattered kind of laughing.

Elka vomited up the fish and some other weird stuff, not just the fish but what looked to be a crap ton of dragon nip.

"who gave you this much dragon nip?" Kaya asked looking at the vomit.

Elka ran over to the baskets of sheep, she sniffed around and ended at a brown and green colored basket.

"who....the guy with the Wood Spirit!" she realized thinking out loud.

"that damn bastard!" Kaya hissed clenching her fist.

"Elka I'm sorry I yelled at you, it wasn't your fault, I'm gonna go punch the guy that fed you all that * * * *!" she muttered in apology.

they waited an watched other racers drop off sheep, whenever no one was looking she'd empty the contents of the Wood Spirit guy's basket into someone else's. she did this a few times before the race was over and everyone gathered to wait and see who won. to no one's surprise Hiccup and Toothless won, Ashlyn came in second, and Kaya WOULD'VE come in thrid if it weren't for high dragon. 

the celebrating went by quickly and Kaya gave Ashlyn a quick hug. and after the celebration followed Wood Spirit guy. eventually he found out she was following him. he turned around glareing at her.

"what are you doing?" he growled turning around.

"I'm just coming to talk to you, about this!" she spat holding up a fistful of dragon nip.

the guy just smirked, he didn't even look surprised. 

"no one will believe you, your dragon is crazed and dangerous," he replied.

"you're probably right," she muttered shrugging,

he gave her a confused look, "then what are you doing?" he asked.

she grinned and drew back her fist, she the clocked him. her punch caught him in the jaw and he stumbled back blood bubbled out of his split lip. she clenched her fist and punched him again breaking his nose. she then wiped her fist on her skirt and turned around and walked off.

she may have been desqualified bust she still felt like she'd won.

out of the woods

Kaya woke up in the night due to a loud shriek outside her window. She looked up fumbling around in the darkness tripping over her dragon’s saddles and muttering curses under her breath as she tried to make it to the window. She peered through the window and saw shapes moving in the darkness.

She had her terror mail dragon light a torch and she stepped out into the cool night air. as soon as she did a Wood Spirit bowled her over growling. she yelped surprised but the dragon as it dug its claws into her collarbone. she took her torch and shoved it hard into the face of the dragon she was fighing.

it let out a howl of pain and backed up shaking its head. in a moment of desperation and poor judgement she threw her torch into the grass starting a wildfire and illuminateing her enemies. the flames curled up to the sky and seemed to lick the stars. 

"what the hell was I thinking!?"she muttered backing away from the blaze.

other people woke up and went to go put out the fire and Kaya just retreated back into her hut to go back to sleep. 

why did they attack me? they usually stay away from us and protect the Foreverwing, why did they come out from their forest and why come here? she wondered staring at her ceiling. she looked outside, everyone else had seemed to control the fire she'd set. though she didn't regret a thing, she was glad she didn't burn anyone's house down. well, it honestly depended on who's house she burned down.

she had many enemies on the island so some times a little arson isn't so bad, right? she shook her head.

"I am seriously messed up," he muttered laughing to herself.

she turned onto her side hitting her elbow in her bedframe, which hurt. she sat up angry so like any normal person she decided to punch her bed frame because it hurt her. she shook out her fist still angry at her stupid bed. she actutally didn't get much sleep that night, the growls of dragons kept her up and by the time morning came she had dark rings under her eyes. she got up and tenitively stepped outside looking around to make sure she didn't get attacked by a Wood Spirit.

everyone was kind of milling around but they all had a nervous air to them. she caught Ashlyn walking about.

"hey what's going on? did I miss anything?" she asked tenittively.

“Wait you didn’t hear?” Ashlyn asked confused.

“Hear what?” Kaya asked.

“Last night the Wood spirits came out of the forest and killed Aaron a few other people went missing as well, this whole island’s spiraling into chaos,” Ashlyn responded.

“WAIT WHAT!?” Kaya yelled creeped out.

I could’ve died or gone missing last night! What the hell was I thinking?! I was going to die last night if I didn’t set the fire! She thought horrified.

“D-did you ever find the people who went missing?” Kaya asked.

Ashlyn shrugged “uh, parts of them, an arm here a leg there, and...are you okay?” she asked looking at Kaya and noticed she was freaking out.

“Y-yeah I’m f-fine why wouldn’t I be fine I could’ve died last night but pfffft it’s whatever you know it’s fine,” she muttered acting passively.

“What happened?” Ashlyn asked concerned.

Kaya showed the red marks on her collar bone, a nasty purple bruise had spread along her neck and it looked like someone had broken her neck.

“Oh, my Thor are you okay!?!” Ashlyn yelled seeing the injury.

“It was the Wood Spirits, I wonder why they’re going insane..” Kaya muttered trailing off.

“Yeah same,” Ashlyn muttered.

"anywho see ya later," Kaya mumbled hugging her friend and walking off.

she decided that she wanted to figure out why they were acting like that. so like anyone would do she walked into the dying forest looking for the murderous dragons. her feet crunched on the dead grass as she clutched her axe tightly. strangely the forest was quite empy and dead, mushrooms were sprouting evywhere and a weird dust hung in the air. 

she looked around feeling the ominous quiet of the mostly dead forest. she looked around nervous confused why she hadn't been attacked yet, or seen any dismembered limbs. the scariest things she ended up seeing were piles of rocks. she sheathed her axe before tripping on something interesting. she brushed herself off and stood up. she looked down to see discarded arrows on the ground. 

this meant something, but what? she picked up the arrows and sat down, staring at them. one thought crossed her mind. hunters. how does this all fit in? how does this work it all fits in some how, the forest, the Hunters, Wood Spirits, and the Foreverwing. I'm just missing some pieces of the puzzel. she thought looking at the arrows. She stood up and continued walking through the mostly dead forest. She didn't see anything or anyone else.

Where could they be? she wondered noticeing the lack of aggressiv Wood Spirits. She didn't even see any dismembered limbs. She turned around and walked back to Ashlyn to ask her about the dead people they found. 

"hey, Ash, where did you guys find those...uh dismembered body parts?" Kaya asked.

Ashlyn turned around "uh, they were found around, the huts..." she muttered.

"around the huts!?" Kaya said in shock.

"yeah, they came out of the forest, for whatever reason," Ashlyn murmered.

"but why?" Kaya whispered.

"no idea, they all just kind of came here," Ashlyn muttered.

Kaya looked at the hunter arrows in her hand she then looked out over the forest, "something is very very wrong,"she whispered.

Ashlyn put her hands heavily on Kaya's shoulders "some things you shouldn't question," Ashlyn muttered deadly serious.

she then walked off leaveing Kaya confused and slightly suspicous.

"what was that supposed to mean?! ASHLYN EXPLAIN!!" Kaya yelled after her.

Ashlyn turned her head the slightest bit and replied, "don't question it," she replied.

"what, what the **** is that supposed to mean?!" Kaya whispered in confustion. 

Kaya looked up and Ashlyn was gone. why didn't Ashlyn want me to question things? she looked back at the arrows.what's going on here? what does Ashlyn know that I don't know? Kaya walked around the huts and sure enough the bloody limbs of different peopl lay in the grass, exept where she'd set the fire. a black scorch mark kept out the blood bath that the  Wood Spirits tried to bring.  

"note to self, allways carry a torch," she muttered to herself remembering the events of that night.

she was pretty nervous and confused about the whole thing, something weird was happening noone else seemed to care, she was going to find out what was going on. 

death and answers

this took place two years after the last story. Kaya is the worlds worst detective because it's been like 3years since the forest started dying.

Kaya sat by the dock waiting for anything interesing to happen. Elka slept by her feet.

" 'take up dock duty,' they said 'it'll be fun,' they said," Kaya grumbled.

she then took out her knife and started useing it to clean her fingernails. she then wiped the dirt off of the knife and held it up to the bright sun trying to see if she could set a fire. smoke started appearing in the grass when she noticed the stranger arrive. she sheathed her knife and stood up as the stranger walked towards her. Elka who was sleeping at her feet started to stirr and stretched shaking herself and yawning. she then noticed the man walking towards them and started growling.

"hi," she said cautiosly as Elka backed up and stepped behind her.

"greetings, I am looking for someone to fill a job," the man replied.

he had black hair and a short black gotee beard thing, his clotheing was all black and he had a large swoard sheathed on his back. he looked very interesting she cast a glance at his ship. he's a hunter! she realized with a start.

"uh yeah we have a lot, of people ready to do that," she lied not wanting to get involved with the hunters.

the man looked at her skeptically, Elka continued growling behind her. 

"why don't you just come," he replied.

"uh, I'd rather not," she muttered sheepishly.

"not even to save the lives of all the dragons on one of my ships?" he replied.

she paused to think about it.

"I know you like dragons, we've tried to capture her many times so what do you say?" he prompted.

" what do I have to do?" she asked.

"you have to help me capture dragons," he explained.

"whoa, hey if you get rid of a boatload of dragons for me than how is me helping you capture a bunch of dragons in any way fair!?" she replied.

"well, you don't have to do it for dragons, I can provide gold enstead," he encouraged.

"and if I don't?" she asked agressively.

"well, there are some people in the market for a nice fur coat," he said staring intently at Elka who hissed in responce.

Kaya was now extreamly pissed off. who the hell does this guy think he is?! coming around here telling me to help him and threatning Elka with being a coat! PFFFF no one's makeing my dragon into a DAMN COAT * * * * *!

"fine! I'll do it for the dragons," she growled begrudgingly.

"good, now I'll allow you to go get at least one other dragon or whatever you feel like doing, but return to the docks in about ten minutes," he ordered.

Kaya cast a glare at him and stormed off. she let Echo out of the stabels and trudged back to the man. 

"you all ready to go?" he asked.


"yeah," she grumbeld.

"good, let's go," he replied leading her onto his large wooden ship.

Elka followed behind her and Echo was even more reluctant to leave with this amn. in fact Kaya had to practically drag Echo onto the ship all the while telling her she was being rediculeless. 

"Echo, stop freaking out, you're fine!" Kaya soothed dragging her reluctant Deathsong onto the ship.

the hunters came above deck to see what was going on they looked fromk the drgagons to Kaya and then back to the dragons. the then looked at eachother like what are we supposed to do...catch the dragons? shoot the girl? what-what are we doing?

she walked onto the ship and followed the man below deck, Echo had to duck to avoid the roof and Elka just kind of was a nervous adorable fluffball. he led her to a back room with a guilded door two chairs sat across from eachother on a wooden table lit by a single lantren. Kaya got flashbacks to when she first arrived at Valdark being questioned by Ashlyn was really akward and strange but she was glad she met Ashlyn.

Ashlyn was sweet and very very loyal. Kaya shook her head focusing on the task at hand and not her friends.

"have a seat," the man invited her.

she skeptically sat down. he offered her a little food, she asked him if he wanted some and if he didn't eat it then she didn't eat it eather. 

"so, where are we going?" she asked.

"Outpost island," he replied.

"never heard of it," she muttered.

"what we want you to do, is draw dragons in with that Deathsong of yours, can you do that?" ha asked her.

"yeah," she mumbled.

"good, and by the way, my name is Viggo, Viggo Grimborn," he announced.

"cool,I'm Kaya," she muttered.

a large man walked into the room, he looked somewhat like Viggo, but biggere, and dumber. he had two large jade-green swords attached to his back and a beard looked somewhat like a sword and he was bald on top. he cast a glance at her.

"who's she? what's she doin' here?" he asked gruffly.

"she is our current asset for hunting dragons brother," Viggo replied calmly.

the other guy glared at her, "I don't need any help," he muttered.

good, because I don't want to be here! she thought annoyed.

"Viggo, I need to speak with you," he announced.

he then turned to her looking angry when she didn't move "privately," he grolwed.

"oh sorry," Kaya muttered getting up and leaving the room her dragons following behind her.

as soon as they all stepped out the heavy guilded door slammed shut behind her, "jackass!" she muttered under her breath leaning against the large door earning her some weird looks from the hunters in the hall.

they obviously still didn't know what she was doing there, she had fun freking them out by glaring at them and acting  like she was totaly supposed to be there. she leaned back onto the door and heard muffeled voices from the other room. she put her ear against the door wanting to hear what they had to say, she knew what they were talking about definitely didn't involve her but it did neow so she was going to listen in.

"we've lost contact with our spy on Valdark, she's gone rouge!" Viggo's brother shouted.

"calm down! I'm sure she'll report back to us soon, if not we'll just have to pay that island a little visit," Viggo replied calmly.

Come one, a name just give me a name a letter ANYTHING! the thought desperately listening in.

"and no one knows or suspects who they are?" Viggo asked.

"only one person knows, but they're being threatened into silence," the other man replied.

"see Ryker what can happen when you pay attention to details," Viggo replied.

the man named Ryker made a little growling noise and she heard heavy foot steps leading to the door.she panicked quietly and quickly stepping back leaning against on of the cages and began petting Elka to look like she'd been doing this the entire time. she could feel his beaty dead cold eyes staring at her. she looked up at him and attempted to stare him down.

he tore his gaze away as she glared up at him and her stalked off fumeing. Kaya smriked feeling pretty smug that she'd managed to make the guy leave. then Viggo came out to see her sitting on the floor just petting her dragon. she must've looked pretty stupid because he gave her a weird look like 'why are you sitting? you can stand right?' she responded with shrugging and continued petting her dragon who at that moment decided she'd had enough of being pet and bit Kaya's hand to tell her to stop.

"Elka, you could've just walked away you didn't have to BITE me!" Kaya hissed yanking her bitten hand away from her dragon.

Elka looked as if she as sorry and began licking Kaya's injured hand as if that'd help anything.

"hey, stop that!" Kaya muttered.

Elka stopped and sat back down. right after Viggo cleared his throat to let them know he was still there.

"huh, oh sorry," Kaya muttered slightly embarrased that her dragon had bitten her infront of someone she didn't know.

"well, are you going to stand?" he asked impatiently.

Kaya stood and he walked back to that small room, she followed him sitting down in the chair.

"we should be there any moment," he muttered.

"it would've been faster if you just let me fly there on my own and then I wait for you to come," Kaya suggested.

Viggo seemed to find this funny. leaveing Kaya confused because she didn't remember makeing a joke. maybe his sense of humor was just really weird. the ship bumped knocking Kaya out of her chair she quickly stood up chacked to make sure her knife hadn't lodged its self in her side and dusted herself off trying to not look like an idiot.

"we're here," Viggo announced getting up.

Kaya  was mildly surprised that he didn't fall over. but then again, he was used to it. he led her to the deck of the ship and she jumped off along with the other hunters some of them came through a door below deck carrying huge cages for the dragons. there were usually four men per cage and when the put them down the sand rose up in clouds.

Kaya looked back at Viggo. he isn't coming? she wondered as he walked back. however the big guy, Ryker had just jumped down and was shouting orders. Elka growled at him and Echo joined in. he glared at them.

"keep your beasts under control!" he yelled.

"they're fine!" she snapped back.

"oooh, they wont be if they continue growling," Ryker hissed.

Elka and Echo shut up as soon as the words left his mouth. then looking very pleased Ryker walked off.  when they were all set up Kaya reluctantly asked Echo to sing. she could tell Echo didn't want to,  Echo sang more quietly than she usually did. but dragons from all around still flocked to her, Nightmare's and Nadders mostly a few Gronckles and maybe a Changewing, she didn't know, whenever she looked in the cage it looked empty, because Changewing.

she stood there telling Echo to continue singing for about twenty minutes all of the dragons she attracted were shot down. she looked over and he was insulting a nightmare and smashing another hunter's face against the bars of the cage before pulling him away. she shook here head.

" how the hell did I get to this point? trapping dragons, after rescueing all of mine from these guys!" she muttered angry. 

she walked over and leaned against a huge boulder. Ryker then looked over then pointed behind her. he pointed behind the rock and yelled "SHOOT THAT NADDER!"

Kaya backed away from the rock as a bright blue Nadder rose up from behind the rock. it kind of startled Kaya and she stumbeld backward as it shot into the sand. the dragon was immediately shot down flailing helplessly as it fell through the air.

Ryker watched the dragon fall putting down his bow, "when a Nadder shoots it's spines it always leaves it's belly exposed," he muttered. 

Kaya wanted no part of any fo that. she backed against the rock unable to help the girl or the dragon even though everything inside of her was screaming at her to help, however her issue was it was eather Elka and Echo, or this stranger.  they dragged the girl and her dragon onto the ship and Ryker ordered everyone to pack up. Kaya stayed where she was not wanting to get back on the damn ship.  

"come on! we're leaveing," Ryker shouted to her. Kaya frowned

"I can fly home myself thanks," she replied.

Ryker glared at her "that wasn't a question, get on the ship, or we'll make you," he growled.

Kaya was still very confused "but why? I gave you what you wanted, I don't think you're gonna give me what I want,

so we're all done here can I go home PLEASE!" she yelled back.

Ryker grinned, "what makes you so sure We're done here?" he replied makeing her feel uneasy.

if she was confused and worried before, it was nothing compared to how she felt now. she was very skeptical about going back onto the ship without more answers, "what do you mean..." she asked trailing off, hands subconsously going to her knife and sheild.

"we still need two more dragons," Ryker replied his hand going to the swords on his back. she tensed Elka and Echo didn't like the tension in the air and they seemed to feel the anxiety running through Kaya. 

"what kind?" Kaya asked dreading the answer.

"yours," he growled. 

before she could react  a volly of arrows had launched at her and her dragons, there were two of them and one sheild that she carried, one of her dragons was gonna have to get shot. but how could she do that? how could she choose between two living breathing intelligent animals. 

"I'm sorry Elka," she whispered running to Echo and holding her shield up.

the clang of metal on metal rang out echoing off of the rocks, Echo ducked down below the sheild curling around Kaya somewhat like a snake. Kaya looked over and Elka had been shot, a bunch of times. it hurt her heart a little bit that she had made the decistion to let her dragon get shot. but givin the choice Elka was more drivin to get back up and Echo would've givin in, she loved Echo but Echo was VERY submissive.

Elka struggeled trying to get back up, Kaya smiled, "atta girl!" she muttered proud of her fiesty furball of a dragon.

Ryker charged and Kaya awkwardly pulled out her ax and blocked both sword he tried to push through her defense. she grinned he was doing something very stupid she jammed her knee into his stomach and he stumbled back it was her turn to charge.

Ryker managed to catch her ax with his swords and flipped it out of her hands. 

"oh * * * *!" she muttered dissarmed.

to her surprise a glob of amber flew at Ryker it stuck to his foot and somewhat hardened, because Echo didn't have the strongest amber in the world it had tons of cracks in it almoast falling apart at the seams.

Ryker laughed, "oh no, my left foot what will I do!?" he yelled sarcastically.

he lifted his foot up and the amber shattered,"take out that miserable lizard!" he yelled pointing at Echo.

an arrow flew hitting Echo in the side she whimpered stumbleing backward, "NO!" Kaya yelled trying to catch Ryker across the face with her elbow. 

he just pushed her aside her head hit a rock as she fell and everything got VERY blurry and she stumbeld trying to get back up. Elka jumped into action latching on to Ryker's ankle and growling trying to pull his feet out from under him. he recoiled in pain and swiftly hit Elka on the head with the paumel (I think that's how you spell it) of his sword. 

Elka whimpered stumbled backward and fell to the ground struggleing to regain her ballance. Kaya uselessly grabbed at the sand being unable tho throw it. she clumsily got to her feet but Ryker had already advanced on Echo, Echo growled trying to act brave but shrunk back as Ryker approched. 

Ryker rasied his sword above Echo's head and Kaya was mid panic, she'd never experienced this before it was getting hard to breath her chest felt tight and her legs like lead. 

"NO! ECHO RUN!" she shrieked desperately tears welling up in her eyes. 

CRUNCH! Ryker brought his sword down on Echo's neack the silver dragon let out a loud shriek frightning some Night Terrors nesting near-by. blood stained the sand underneath Echo and she was gone. Kaya remembered when she first got Echo, Echo would sing whenever Kaya was sad to make her feel better, she was allways there whenever Kaya needed her. and now she's gone. 

tears of anger and sadness rolled down her face, she wiped them with her sandy hand she was seeing red. Ryker killed Echo, I am going to kill him and all of his dragon hunter SCUM. I am going to kill them all. her hands went to her knife pulling out the shiney steel blade.EVERY. she held her blade up to the sun. LAST. she found her footing watching Ryker turn towards her face covered in Echo's blood while hers was covered in tears and sand.ONE!  

he walked over to her probably goign to say soemthign stupid, before he could get any words out of his mouth she plunged her knife streight through the palm of his hand. the bloody tip of the blade stuck through the back of his hand blood poured from the wound as shestuck the knife in so deep that you couldn't see the blade from the handle side. 

he shouted in pain and she grinned. that was the better way of telling him to shut the * * * * up. she ran over to Elka leaveing her knife stuck in his flesh, she'd get a new one. Ryker threw the knife at her head but it enstead landed near her feet she bent over and swiftly picked up her blade and sheathed it still running to her purple furball. guess I don't have to get a new one after all, I do have to clean the blade, don't want to give myself or someone else dragon hunter herpes or something.  

"come on! Elka get up!" Kaya whispered trying to pick up her dragon.

Elka kind of stumbeld to her feet and Kaya helped her up, Kaya knew Elka had dragon root in her veins it'd be almost impossable to get her into the air, she was going to have to fight Ryker and time was not on her side, if she didn't  get into the air right now then she was going to have to fight Ryker with a knife. 

"Elka we need to go, we need to go right now!" Kaya muttered hopeing Elka'd understand the urgency in her voice.

Elka spread her wings and tried to get into the air grabbing Kaya by the arm. Elka's wings gave out and she fell back down. Kaya turned her head a bit and realized she was going to have to fight Ryker. two swords against one knife. I don't see how this could possably go wrong, oh Thor I am SO dead. 

Kaya stood a meter (about 2-3ft) infront of Elka faceing Ryker like a madwoman, holding out her silly little kinfe as if she could kill this monster of a man with it. well, maybe not kill him, but she does need to get his attention away from Elka or she'd end up like Echo. Kaya cast a sorrowful glance at the decapitated body of the silver Deathsong. 

she dashed at him and cut into his forearm, she then flew past him and planted her feet to stop, she grabbed her ax, now, it was even. she put her knife away and charged him again, this time she jumped back when he reached out his swords and used the half circle part of her ax, near the top, to push him back. 

he glared at her and pointed to Elka "is that creature really worth your life?" he growled most likely hoping she'd run.

" 'that creature,' IS my life," Kaya  replied holding her ground, Ryker wanted her to run but she wasn't going to.

Ryker shrugged "suit yourself," he muttered.

Ryker ran at her slashing with his swords, she nimbly dodged the first attempt but the second sword caught her, she attempted to jump back again a rock or log prevented her from doing so. before she could jump back the sword caught her across the stomach and blood immedeately began to darken her black top. she doubled over putting her arm over the cut, it felt very very wet. she was almost scared to peel her arm away knowing it was going to be dark red. 

Elka seemed to wake up a bit and freaked out. Kaya notice Ryker's shadow loom over her and she felt him hold a sword above her hed. she waited for the inevitable, she was going to die, but maybe Elka could escape. she looked up and Elka was gone. Kaya squinted, was she already seeing things? she hadn't bled out that much, right?

she felt something grab her roughly by the shoulders and she was expecting to see Ryker when she looked up. but no, it was Elka. Elka flew up and away from the ground leaveing Ryker to pull his sword out of the sand. Kaya pulled her arm away from her cut and pulled herself onto Elka's back. as she'd thought blood stained her arm, she was getting pretty dizzy. 

" * * * * * * * blood," she muttered realizeing blood was covering her and starting to stain Elka's fur.

"hey Elka, can you fly any faster?" Kaya asked she knew her dragon was pushing it by just staying in the air but flying faster was pretty much out of the question.

but if she didn't get back quickly she was going to die. blood loss was a very commen way to die and she didn't want to go out that way. Elka tried to speed up flaping wildly, Kaya opened her mouth to say something but instead crumpled forward blacking out.

she woke up with a start sitting up quickly, her fist flew out accidentally catching someone across the face. a shock of pain rippled up her body it hurt so much she didn't want to move out of her sitting position even though it was very uncomfortable. 

"ow," she rasped gingerly laying back down.

"speak for yourself," someone muttered.

Kaya looked back up, Ashlyn sat next to her resetting her jaw which Kaya had accidentaly struck. 

"uh sorry, I startle easily," Kaya muttered genuinely sorry. 

she finally took the time to look around she was in the part of the village that she knew the least; the healer's hut. she never had to go there before and she wasn't used to being there now. she didn't see Elka around but she assumed Ashlyn put Elka back in her stable, which wouldn't have helped because Elka can break out of that thing super easily and without damageing anything.

"where's Echo?" Ashlyn asked.

Kaya felt herself tear up, "dead!" she muttered tears falling down her face.

"what! how?!" Ashlyn replied.

"the hunters, this big one, Ryker. chopped her head clean off and did this to me," she hissed getsureing to the cut across her body.

"Ryker, never heard of him. if I ever see him, he better hope he brought an army," Ashlyn muttered her hands tightening one the hilts of her twin fangs.

"wait, why were you working with the hunters?" Ashlyn asked .

"they threatened me, they said they'd turn Elka into a coat if I didn't. next time I see Ryker I'll skin him alive and wear him as a coat," Kaya snareld.

"okay, creepy. but I'll do what I can to help," Ashlyn muttered hugging Kaya. 

Kaya hugged her back feeling a little but better, everything still hurt and Echo was still very dead but at least she still had her friend. 

"okay, I have to go, but I'll see you later okay," Ashlyn muttered getting up to leave.

Kaya nodded laying back down and just staring at the roof, waiting for time to go by, so she could exact her revenge on the hunters. 

what goes bump in the night...

Kaya looked up at her roof bored out of her mind, just tossing a little ball of grass up at the ceiling and then catching it when a little red fire terrror flew through her window caught the ball and sat on her face screeching bloody murder. Kaya picked the small dragon up by the scruff of its neck and took a note off of its hind leg. 

she let te screaming dragon go but it just sat on her chest screeching, makeing it impossible to read.

"for the love of Thor SHUT UP!" she growled at the cute little fire terror.

it calmed down and kind of made small garbeld roars of curiosity and then started pulling at the fur on the rim of her shirt. so she could finally read the letter. as she'd suspected, she had a job to do. she sighed getting up grabbing her weapons and startleing the little fire terror.

she got up to go find  Rayna, as usual she was waiting by the mess hall. this time with two people about Kaya's age. the kids standing by Rayna were probably seventeen or eightteen. but they were also different than anyone Kaya'd ever met. they ahd dragons which confused Kaya a little because most of the people she took jobs for didn't have dragons and needed her and her dragons to take care of something for them. not only did these kids have dragons but they also looked different then anyone Kaya ever met.

they had dark brown skin and in her opinion they looked AWESOME! the boy had a pale brown and gold Shadow wing that had a strange black iris and golden pupil. he had hair about as dark as his skin if not darker he wore leather armor and some pendants hanging around his neck, instead of boots on his feet her wore sandals and he had a spear slung across his back.

the girl had a Storm Cutter, a navy blue and gold one. it had bright yellow eyes as contrast to the Shadow wing's eyes. the girl had her dark hair tied back into multiple braids and put in some sort of a pony tail. she wore leather and metal armor similar to the boy's and around her neck hung a small seemingly human skull with a little hollow stick like thing coming out the top.  she was wearing nothing on her feet and had metal wrist gaurds and one long sword paired with a short sword.

they had a third dragon with them as well, a pale grey and black spotty Swift Sky that had bright blue eyes. Kaya seriously couldn't wait to introduce herself. they just seemed soo fricking cool! 

she walked up to them Elka at her side.

"hi," she said waveing at them.

"hello," the girl replied in a strange accent.

they definitely didn't speak norse as a first language. interesting, if that's true then where are they from? 

"so what's the issue you need me for?" she asked leading them to a small hut made for discussing job terms.

she opened the door and everyone took a seat and the dragons stayed outside, if they didn't then it'd be much more cramped.

"we need your help to rid our village of...a monster of sorts," the boy explained.

Kaya was confused but at the same time very curious about what they wanted her to do.

"my sister and I speak on behalf of our village we need your help to rid our home of this creature," he continued.

"are you sure you don't just have a dragon problem?" Kaya asked.

"no, this creature has been following us, chaseing our people from island to island and we can run no farther, this creature is called the Siriara we can tell you the story behind it later but right now we need you to help us kill her,"the girl replied.

"first I should probably learn your names, I'm Kaya and the purple fuzzball outside is Elka," Kaya responded.

"right, I'm Kit and that's my brother Leo, the Shadow Wing is named Mic, the StormCutter is Hazel, and the Swift Sky is Smokey," Kit named everyone kind of pointing them out.

"nice to meet you, and uh, sure I'll take the job," Kaya replied shakeing bith Kit and Leo's hand.

"thank you foragreeing to help us! my brother and I just needed one more person to help us hunt and kill this monster," Kit replied mounting Hazel

"you guys said there's a story behind the uh...the Siriara," Kaya said confused as she was mounting Elka.

"yeah, I'll tell you once we're in the air," Leo responded shooting into the air, followed by Kit and Hazel.

Elka and Kaya followed Leo and Kit into the air. 

"now will you tell me the story?" Kaya aksed getting somewhat impatient.

"yes, sorry. a long time ago, in a village like ours there lived a woman, she would spin lies and create chaos to entertain herslef. when she wasn't spreading lies she was impersonateing other villagers mimicing their voices and spreading furthur discord. the longer she did it,  the sloppyer she got. untill one day she was caught in the act of impersonating someone. the person who saw her begun to rally the villagers outside of her house threatning to cut off her tonuge.

in desperation she contacted evil spirits asking them for any help. they turned her into a beast, an emaciated beast, a large tonuge lolling out of its mouth her jaws. her jaws were fused shut the skin around them only allowing her tonuge  to pass through it. she was able to mimic any and every noise out there able to progect them for miles and miles (Kilomiters and kilomiters) around. perhaps one of the most terrifying features about this beast is the way she eats. at the end of her tonuge is a large barb, she plunges that into you and sucks out your blood and other internal fluids.

they say that once she gets a taste for your village's blood she'll hunt your village down untill every last person and animal is killed. it's true, she killed one of our people five moons ago and since then we've been running from island to island but still she follows us, talking in the night scratching at our doors whispering 'let me in, oh please let me in, I won't hurt you...for very long,'" Leo explained telling the story of the Siriara.

"wow, so that's creepy uh is it more active at day or night?" Kaya asked.

Leo thought for a moment, "Night," he replied.

"perfect," Kaya muttered annoyed.

"I know right," Kit muttered fiddleing with the skull thing around her neck.

"what's that skull thingy around your neck?" Kaya blurted not able to contain her curiosity.

"hmm, oh this, it's a death whistle a trader gave it to me want to hear it?" Kit asked holding it up.

Hazel seemed to stiffen, Mic grimmaced, Smokey eyed Kit woriedly, and Leo shook his head in a warning. despite all of the dragons, and Leo telling her 'hey, you probably shouldn't say sure,' Kaya was too curious at why it was called a 'death whistle'.

"sure," Kaya replied.

Kit put the whistle to her mouth and blew. the most terrifying noise Kaya ever heard escaped that weird skull thing, it was a combonation of a human scream, a mountain lion's roar, and a screech. it was horrible.

"why...WHY do you have that?!" Kaya asked when she could be heard.

"it's good for scareing my enemies," Kit replied traceing the whistle with her finger and turning it over in her hands.

"huh, I usually just punch my enemies, unless I have any social connection with them what so ever then I just passive agressively point out why I don't like them but in a way where they just assume I'm bringing up something random and feel guilty on the inside and when they confront me about it I play dumb and continue manipulateing them," Kaya explained.

"wouldn't it be easier to just I don't know, aviod them?" Leo asked.

"oh, yeah you're right. eh I like makeing them feel bad," Kaya replied confidently.

"yeah agreed," Kit responded

"you're all insane," Leo replied.

Hazel hissed at Leo and Mic stopped and growled back at Hazel. and they kind of argued with eachother untill Smokey broke in and stopped them.

They came to a small island mostly dry and rocky around the edges and a small dense forest kept it the middle like a small labyrinth. The forest was so compact that she and Elka couldn't land the trees seemed to be less than a foot ( less than half a meter) apart in some places.

"Here we are, our new island," Leo announced.

They flew to some small huts that dotted the barren landscape, some animals sat contentedly in small poorly made pens but assuming they've only been here for a couple of days or weeks this wasn't a bad village they'd put together.

They landed in a small clearing on the outskirts of the village Kaya hopped off Elka who shook her fur out. Hazel licked herself and growled something to Smokey.

"We wait till night, then we kill the Siriara,"Kit explained.

"Solid plan, one issue though it's currently the middle of the day," Kaya replied.

"Yeah we're gonna talk to some of the villagers first, maybe we won't get bored to death waiting," Leo responded.

He pretty much dragged Kaya around their little village introduceing her to all of the people, letting her pet all of the animals for like twenty minutes because she was tired of walking, and pointing out where the most recent Siriara attacks were. He was talking to her about goats or something when an old man stopped them. He said something in a language Kaya didn't know or understand but everyone here spoke it, except for her.

Leo responded in the same language and Kaya just stood there watching and petting Elka, like an idiot. The old man began leading them somewhere Leo gestured for her to follow while Kit continued speaking with the man.

he led them to a broken fence with a bunch of goats inside, one was laying dead in the dirt it's sides sunken in revealing it's bones through it's skin.

The man pointed to it and talked more to Kit and Leo. Kaya not really paying attention wandered over to the goat a deep puncture wound was visible in its side. It didn't seem to be dead for that long, it didn't smell and there didn't seem to be any blood.

She traced her fingers along the wound and the ribs. It was almost unnatural, the animal looked as if it had died painfully. Leo came over and talked to her in his language, she just kind of looked at him askew.

"Oh right sorry, you don't speak our language," Leo replied sheepishly.

"You got a straight up ax between your ears dude, very sharp," she replied sarcastically.

"What I meant to say was, that's the third one tonight, we left in the middle of the night not knowing where to go. a trader recommended your island an see got there by daybreak, in that time the Siriara killed two more goats and one little kid," Leo replied.

"You're going to help us kill this beast, before it kills us," Kit muttered walking over to them.

"Sounds easy enough,"Kaya replied.

"one issue, we can't use traps she's too smart, she'll find a way to get past it," Kit mumbled.

"You mean you can't use never learned how!" Leo smirked.

"Get over your self!" Kit fumed.

"Are we gonna wait for this stupid monster or not?" Kaya asked trying to tell above Kit and Leo's bickering.

"Right, follow us,"Kit beconed Kaya to follow her.

Kaya stood up and followed Kit and Leo over the rocks and through the dry grass. She waited for the others to catch up and show her the way to their home. She was easily jumping from rock to rock while the others stumbled and failed to jump the rocks.

They eventually came to a small but on the edge of the village, near the forest. Large deep claw marks lined the door. speaking of the door, it was slightly ajar kind of falling off the hinges. The house had borded up windows and a reinforced roof as if...something had been desperately trying to get in.

Hazel fluttered up to the roof and landed on a small overhang positioned over the door. She watched everyone as they walked inside. Mic roared at her and Smokey sat outside occasionally button in to stop Mic or Hazel from shooting each other.

"MICA SHUT UP!" Leo yelled.

"Did I miss something, who's Mica?" Kaya asked looking back at Leo as she stepped through the door.

"Oh Mica is Mic's full name, he prefers Mic though so we barely call him that," he explained.

"Oh," Kaya replied.

She turned and walked through the door. The hut was interestingly large for how it looked on the outside.

"Dragons stay outside," Kit mentioned as Elka tried to follow Kaya through the door.

"Elka, that means you,"Kaya muttered removing her dragon from the door way.

Elka kind of glared at Kaya she huffed and sat outside mildly annoyed.

"I'm sorry 'princess' let me know if I can get you anything else, a pillow to sit on perhaps?" Kaya mocked.

Elka just kind of rolled her eyes and growled a bit. Kaya smirked and ruffed up the fur between Elka's horns just to piss her off because she can't fix it without dunking her head under water. Elka nipped kaya's hand, she didn't draw any blood with the bite but it definitely wasn't an 'I love you,' nip.

"you're just gonna have to live with being outside for now okay," Kaya explained fixing the fur she ruffed up.

Elka nipped her again but it was a bit 'kinder' than the other one. Kaya turned and walked inside closeing the door behind her.

"does your dragon have a nipping problem?" Kit asked looking over her shoulder.

"kind's not a huge issue, she only really nips me, it would become an issue if she went around nipping everyone but she doesn't do that," Kaya replied.

"oh okay," Kit replied turning back to her swords which she was rubbing a strange bright green...liquid on.

"what's that?" Kaya blurted.

"oh, it's a poison, made from the plants here it's very very deadly worse then Odin's Scourge as you call it,"Kit replied holding up her blade for Kaya to see.

"cool, I'm going to go look at it from...over there," she muttered nervously backing away from the sword.

"okay," Kit mumbled going back to rubbing the poision on her blade.


Elka sat outside with Mica, Hazel, and Smokey. she looked around eyes landing on the thick forest behind the hut.

"not thinking about going in there are you?" Hezel asked leaping down from the roof of the hut.

"what? no, I was just thinking it's such a thick forest," Elka muttered.

"good, you know there's a reason it's called the labyrinth," Hazel responded sharply.

"yes and we're going in there today Hazel! don't you think this is a bad idea?!" Mica snapped

"oh shut up Mica, you can fly!" Hazel growled.

"call me MIC!" he hissed lashing his tail.

"would you both stop?!" Smokey growled.

silence followed Smokey's roar, as everyone just kind of sat there akwardly. Elka shifted her weight uncomfortably before Hazel spoke again.

"you're a Woolly Howl right?" she asked looking at Elka.

"yes," Elka replied.

"you don't look like any Woolly howl I've ever seen," Hazel muttered.

"what do you mean?" Elka asked confused.

"they usually aren't bright...purple and uh...they also don't usually have horns," Hazel mumbled.

"okay, the purple I can't explain but I'm a titan Woolly Howl...or so I'm told which is why I have horns," Elka replied.

"huh, I guess," Hazel muttered.

Elka was slightly offened by that but she couldn't give hazel too much crap about it, titan Woolly howls weren't just seen walking around...unless it's her. Elka got tired of sitting and lay down on the dead grass outside the door of the hut.

"how long are we going to wait outside?" Elka asked.

"untill it gets dark," Smokey mumbled.

"and we're going to stay outside WITH the monster that wants to make us dragon drinks?" Elka asked.

"it doesn't kill dragons," Smokey replied.

"why not?" Elka responded confused.

"don't know, she just dosen't," Hazel broke in.

"but it kills humans and goats..." Elka replied not quite understanding Hazel.

"yes," Hazel said impatiently nodding.

"but not dragons..." Elka finished.

"good job, you were paying attention!" Hazel exclaimed sarcastically.

"why though?" Elka muttered.

"you didn't hear me did you?" Hazel hissed very annoyed.

"oh I did, I just didn't understand," Elka replied.

Hazel frowned lookign at Elka askew "I thought Woolly hows were supposed to be smart," Hazel snarked.

"oh shut up!" Elka laughed rolling on to her back.

Hazel whacked Elka's face playfully with her wing, Smokey yipped exitedly and ducked into a play bow in front of Hazel. Mic joined in playing with Smokey by whacking them on the head with his paws. they played together and Hazel just kind of sat there still hitting Elka on the head with her wing.

"ow, okay okay stop it Hazel," Elka laughed.

Hazel whacked Elka on the head one good time on the head and then stopped and sat down. Elka got up and shook herself because she was filthy. she sat around watching Mic and Smokey roughhouse. Mic threw Smokey into Elka, just kind of bent back and Smokey got up apologizeing and inviteing Elka to join in their antics. Elka just kind of noped out and backed up not really interested in playing with others.

she sat down next to Hazel and lay down by the door.

"you don't want to play with them?" Hazel asked cocking her head.

"no, not really my thing," Elka replied.

"agreed," Hazel muttered fluttering back onto the roof.

Elka walked away and settled down in the tall grass between the rocks closeing her eyes and just waiting wishing she was anywhere else, or at least one of her friends happened to be with her, or Copper she'd be happy to have him here as well. these dragons were nice but...she didn't know them.

she lay her head on her paws closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Kaya Kaya sat back in the small chair, she'd taken the leather strap holding her weapons and gear off and slung it around the back of her chair. it was a but too quiet so she kind of hummed to herself and played with her hair because her hands were bored and demanded to mess with her hair. after she felt like she'd screwed with ehr hair enough she took out her charcoal pencil and began to draw on her skin. If Kit or Leo asked her what she was doing she'd probably respond with 'I'm unsupriveised this is what you get,' it's not untrue.

Kaya pretty soon got very bored of drawing all over her arms and turned around.

"do you gys know any stories?" Kaya asked looking for something to keep her entertained.

"uh...what stories do you want to hear?" Kit asked.

"any!" Kaya replied.

Kit begun to tell her a story about....a dragon...and a person...and they were cursed or something...Kaya couldn't remember the details she just remembered it was a good story. by the time they finished crickets could be heard outside and Hazel roared loudly from the roof top.

"what's going on?" Kaya asked.

"Hazel does this every night, it tells the villagers to head inside because it's officailly night," Kit muttered getting up and grabbing her sword.

"then why are the dragons outside?" Kaya asked worried.

"because the Siriara doesn't kill dragons," Leo muttered.

Kaya was still confused but she decided to sling her bandilear of weapons over her shoulder just in case. Everyone stood there weapons in hand, it was silent for a moment notheing made noise only the occastinal shifting of the roof and the creaking of the house. they stood there in tense silence for a full five minutes before a faint rustleing noise came from the direction of the forest.

everyone in the room was a little starteled by the small noise but after that they heard nothing, untill Kit blew her death whistle it was quieter than last time but defintely scared the * * * * out of Kaya and Leo.

"what the hell are you doing?!" Kaya hissed.

"it's attracted to noise," Kit whispered back.

she clanged her swords together and then dropped them Kaya cringed at the clatter that her blades made as they hit the ground. but sure enough outside there was a twitter, like that of a bird's. outside they also heard growls like those of their dragons.

there was a loud shriek that sounded like that of Elka's Kaya instinctively ran to the door ready to jump outside and save her dragon. Kit grabbed Kaya's arm before Kaya started running.

"what are you doing?! let go of me my dragon is in trouble!" Kaya yelped.

"I told you, she doesn't hurt dragons she's lureing you outside," Kit explained.

Kaya stopped strugleing ralizing how dumb she was, that dragon had totally fooled her. the screeching continued and Kaya had to fight every instinct she had telling her to go outside and help her dragon she had to keep telling's not Elka, it's the Siriara. but she had this little nagging voice in the back of her head telling her, Kit doesn't know what's she's saying.

"still don't trust me? watch," Kit muttered.

Kit walked up to the door and tapped on it instantly large claws broke through the door Kit leaped back the monster growled in frustration and backed away. Kaya had gone completely pale, she was right all along, it was a big trap. this monster was smarter than her. the thing outside the door started making different noises, it kind of resembeld Kit and Leo's language.

Kit yelled something back at it and Leo talked back as well, but in their language, not norse. the thing at the door responded to them...and in their voices. they were talking to it, and it was talking to them. it looked at Kayta through the door it's bright yellow irs's creeped her out, it started speaking again. and Kit responded with one word.

"Norse?" the monster asked Kaya jumped back in surprise.

she didn't expect it to speak Norse.

"what the actual hell!?" Kaya yelled startled.

"you speak Norse, correct...why don't you come out here and we can talk?" it asked.

"why aren't the dragons attacking it?" Kaya whispered.

"it can uh, hypnotize Dragons, it can't make them do anything against their will but they lure them into a false sense of security and the dragons just kind of sit there stuck inside their minds," Leo replied.

"well, that's just perfect," Kaya muttered.

Kaya tapped the door again and the monster attacked the door she then backed up and threw the door open with the monster still stuck in it. the monster turned out to be not a monster at all. it was a species of dragon called the Lyre song, everything made sense.

Kaya ran to the dragons who were just kind of sitting dormant in the grass. she shook Elka awake and Elka just kind of blinked at her.

"come on Elka, go kill that thing!" Kaya hissed as the Lyre song dislodged it's self from the door.

Elka blinked at her again and purred. Kaya pushed Elka forward becuase Elka wasn't doing * * * *. Elka just looked back at Kaya and then at the Lyre song and growled. Elka leaped for the Lyre song tackleing the brown and red dragon. Kit and Leo ran out of the hut and woke up their dragons.

by the time Elka was hypnotized (again) all the other dragons were 'awake'. the lyre song looked up, screeched and ran off into the dark forest. Kaya ran up to Elka and woke her up, as soon as Elka was able to stand Kaya Kit and Leo ran off into the forest after the lyre song.


Elka ran after Kaya and everyone else as fast as she could. but when she got to the forest, Hazel, Mica, Smokey and her were sepparated from their trainers.

"this is probably really bad," Elka muttered nervously feeling her fur prickle in anxiety.

"yeah, no * * * * ," Smokey muttered also scared.

"okay, guys, calm down, we're all going to split up," Hazel muttered.


"got any better ideas?!" Hazel snapped.

"no, but we're not splitting up," Mica mumbled.

"hey guys, can I come up with a plan?" Elka asked annoyed.

"fine kid, come up with the damn plan!" Hazel growled hideing her nerves behind rage.

"we follow the footprints, pretty damn simple," Elka muttered.

"sure, whatever...let's go," Hazel muttered.

Elka trotted off after Hazel, Mica, and Smokey. soon the print trail ended and they were stuck in the middle of a dark forest night sounds all around them. Elka getting an idea shot into the darkness a screech echoed from the brush and the barely visable outline of the dragon psaaed by them before climbing a tree and dissapered into the Night, Elka instinctively chased after the dragon heading into the trees as well.

she jumped from tree to tree, not wanting to step on the branches knowing they'd break under her weight. she chased that dragon until it got too far ahead of her. she slipped on a branch and fell. she landed on her back immideately squirming to get back up. she got to her feet and shook herself off looking around and realizeing she was lost, at night, in a forest nicknamed 'the labyrinth'.

she kind of wandered around confused and lost. she seemed to walk in circles before eventually she got the idea to just fly. she jumped up into the air powerfull wings lifting her off of the ground. she passed the treeline and looked around. to her dissapointment the trees were too thick, she couldn't see through to forest floor. she dropped out of the air and braced herself for hitting the ground she landed akwardly but to her shock nothing broke.

"are you lost?" someone purred from behind her.

Elka turned to meet to bright yellow eyes out of the dark came the Lyre song. Elka freaked out fur spikeing she felt the nitrogen riseing in her throat the white gas that came off of the substance flowing out of her mouth and pooling on the ground.

"oh calm down would you child?" the Lyre song muttered.

the Lyre song's eyes vibrated and Elka felt herself calm against her will, she sat down feeling completely calm. the Lyre song blinked at her.

"much better," the Lyre song murmured.

"are you lost?" she asked looking at Elka.

"yes," Elka muttered ashamed.

"I could help you find your friends, if you stop trying to kill me," she muttered circling Elka.

"but, but you kill people, and animals!" Elka piped up feeling the strange calm sensation begun to quickly dissapate.

"and you kill fish for food, am I not allowed to eat? look, I'm sorry I like humans I really do in fact I kill animals whenever it's an option but a girl's got to eat I don't want to starve," she replied loostening her control on the Woolly howl.

Elka was rendered speechless, never had she thought there was another side to evil. she'd allways been taught kill the bad, they have no emotions and no-one cares about them, for some that may have been true but this dragon was trying to survive.

"please don't let them kill me," the Lyre song replied.

Elka locked eyes with the dragon, behind her amber eyes lived fear, this dragon was afraid. Elka blinked wanting to help this dragon...but she also wants to please Kaya. but now that she had a conversation with the Lyre song Elka couldn't let her die.

"I will save you," Elka replied nodding.

"thank THOR! the others wouldn't listen to me you are the only thing that could keep me alive," she muttered blinking and letting Elka have her will back.

"Elka! what are you doing with that dragon?!" Kaya yelled looking at Elka and the Lyre song.


"Elka move, let us kill it!" Kaya yelled.

Elka continued standing infront of her. Kaya tried to nuge her dragon out of the way, "move now!" Kaya growled trying to shove her dragon out of the way.

Elka growled at her and pushed Kaya back. Elka looked back at the Lyre song and roared to it, the Lyre song starred back at Kaya.

"Elka, says don't kill the Lyre song," the dragon replied.

"what is going on?" Kaya whispered to Kit and Leo.

"I don't know..." Kit muttered.

"your dragon is evil, we have to kill her," Leo muttered quietly.

"no, we can't kill her!" Kaya yelled.

"then you tell me what to do!"Leo hissed back.

"Elka says you don't have to kill the Lyre song," the Lyre song repeted.

"I KNOW THA- wait, can you say that agian," Kaya muttered.

"Elka says you don't have to kill the Lyre song," the Lyre song muttered.

"...key word...don't have to..." Kaya muttered putting down her ax and knife.

Kaya approched the dragon, holding out her hand. the Lyre song didn't run. Kaya pet the dragon surpriseingly it didn't try to hurt her. she stood back up.

"guys, I uh...I don't think it's a threat currently," Kaya muttered sitting down next to the blood sucking dragon.

"what do you mean, of course she's a threat she's been killing for years!" Kit interjected.

"of course, I have to kill it's how I eat...but have to is very different then WANT to," the Lyre song murmured.

everyone was silent for a moment, trying to figure out what to do.

"Dragon hunter island," Kaya finally muttered.

"what?" Leo replied confused.

"we could take her to the forest on Dragon hunter island, she can live there and kill the hunters no one will miss em'and they're about as smart as rocks," Kaya exclaimed.

"let us talk for a moment, okay," Kit muttered looking at Leo and then at Kaya stepping away from her and the Lyre song to talk to Leo in a low voice.

they turned back to Kaya and nodded. well, now we have to fly to Dragon hunter island but at least we don't have to kill the Lyre song like first intended.

Kaya mounted her dragon and told the Lyre song to follow, she hugged her new friends and said bye before flying off. a few hour later they arrived at Dragon hunter island. Kaya manuvered Elka to fly low near the south coast of the island as to not be spotted. Elka weaved between the sharp dark rocks as the sea spray soaked all three of them.

Kaya yelled orders to the dragons but her words were lost to the wind and ocean. she realized yelling was not helping. She eventually got Elka to land on the dangerous island dismounting her dragon she said goodbye to the Lyre song and headed home.

the secret in the woods

Kaya, Ahslyn, Nikkie, Orin, Ala, and a few other people sat in a semi-circle around Rayna at the border of the dead forest. the pale grey light of dawn shown over the mountains but otherwise it was completely dark.

"okay everyone listen up I'm going to say this once and only once so if you're not listening well, I'm sorry," Rayna paused scanning the exprestions of everyone prenteding to be super serious, " nah I'm just kidding but pay attention please...I don't want to repeat my instructions more than twice. so we are going to be playing hide and seek."

Kaya immideately burst out laughing, "wait mean hide and seek the CHILDRENS GAME is being used to rain us," Kaya said between her giggleing fit.

"yes, now everyone is going to be paired with one other person, choose can choose now," Rayna announced watching everyone shuffel for a partner.

Kaya got up and ran over to Ashlyn while atempting to sit down next to her friend Kaya fell backwards akwardly and got up dusting herself off and trying to look composed. she thenmanaged to sit next to Ashlyn who was beside herself with laughter.

"you sat with sutch confidece though, like 'HUH'," Ashlyn laughed acting out kaya's fall.

"yes thank you for that...totally nessicary story on something we ALL witnessed," Kaya said sarcastically.

"are you two done?" Rayna asked.

they both quieted down to let Rayna speak.

"Nikkie will be seeking because well, she's pathetic and no one wants to partner with her," Rayna replied " the rules are, if she sees you you're out, no running from her. the game ends ONLY when everyone is found or when Nikkie's out, this happes when one of you amnage to tag her, boundaries are the forest," Rayna explained.

"go you have twenty minutes!" Rayna yelled.

"let's go!" Kaya muttered grabbing Ashlyn's arm and leaving.

they ran off into the woods and when Kaya turned around she couldn't see the clearing.

"okay,I think we're good for now," Kaya panted.

"yeah but we're going to have to get moveing soon, Nikkie's gonna try to get to me first," Ashlyn pointed out.

"wait why?" Kaya asked confused.

"if you didn't realize she doesn't really like me," Ashlyn replied quickly.

"fair point," Kaya muttered.

they turned and kept trudgeing through the dry ferns, they sat near a fallen log to catch their breath for a moment a small river bubbled behind them, Kaya spotted fish swimming through the river, it was weird they were still alive is a forest that's dead.

"I think we should stay here for the night, Kay, can you collect rocks for the fire pit, I need at least twenty," Ashlyn ordered.

Kaya nodded and wandered off to find rocks. she gathered five rocks in her arms and dropped them off at their campsite. she walked off again to go find more rocks.She wandered a bit farther away from their campsite she found a couple of good rocks before finding some strange looking sticks between the dead ferns,  she bent over and parted the fearns to see three hunter arrows, and a bowl of dragon root. The hunters are back?! Did they ever leave? What are they trying to do here?So many questions ran through her mind.

she took the bowl and arrows back to their campsite "ASHLYN! found something!" Kaya shouted.

Ashlyn trudged over to Kaya "try shouting a little louder, I don't think the whole archipeligo heard you yet," Ashlyn muttered annoyed.

"oh...right sorry," Kaya muttered sheepishly "but look what I found! hunter arrows and a bowl of dragon root,"

"where?" Ashlyn asked seriously.

"over there," Kaya muttered pointing over her shoulder.

"interesting...didn't expect them to come this far into the forest," Ashlyn muttered.

Kaya frowned becomeing extreamly suspicous of her friend "what do you know that I don't know?" Kaya asked dryly.

"I thought you would've figured out by now," Ashlyn muttered.

"you're the forest killer aren't you!" Kaya glowered.

"that's what she want's you to think," Ashlyn replied.

"what?" Kaya wondered slightly taken aback.

"it's Nikkie, it's allways been Nikkie," Ashlyn growled.

"but I!" Kaya demanded.

"she was the one who stabbed you that night, I wanted to convince you it was a nightmare or an accident so you wouldn't get yourself killed, the next night I wnet out and found out who it was, she threatened me into silence sometimes into trying to convince you that I killed the forest,that's why she wants to find me first to make sure I don't tell this to you, now you know and I might die if she finds out..."Ashlyn explained.

"oh wow, that makes so much sense,...I am going to KILL Nikkie next time I see her!" Kaya muttered.

"not yet friend, I think there's a better time to kill her but not right now," Ashlyn reasoned.

"but...that's not fair you tell me who killed the forest and brought the hunters and you don't want me to kill her?!" Kaya replied.

"Kaya we both know you wouldn't do're not very good at hurting anyone you know personally, even if they're a jerk, besides she could lead us to the huner's base, they have one set up on the island with a HUGE cage but I havent found it yet even Everett hasn't seen any of their heat signatures," Ashlyn muttered putting her hand on Kaya's shoulder in an attempt to calm her.

"can you stop being right! it's allways so annoying whenever I try to argue with you I can't because-"

"because you allways stumble on your words and scream gibberish makeing both of us fall over laughing every time?" Ashlyn guessed breaking into Kaya's sentence.

"I don't do that!" Kaya said crossing her arms.

"every time you do it, every single time you start yelling gibberish, I'm honestly surprised you havent done it yet." Ashlyn mused.

"n-NO! I don't yell gibberish when I argue with you! you're just saying that because you're're a yrrrghffle so uh...take that I guess.." Kaya said her confidence deminishing quickly.

"oh my Thor, you are stupidly cute when you try to be mean but fail," Ashlyn said in stitches of laughter.

"am not!" Kaya protested barely able to hold in her laughter.

"okay, we still need more fire rocks," Ashlyn reminded her gieing Kaya a pat on the back before collecting more sicks.

" * * * * you," Kaya smirked walking off to collect rocks.

"aw, love you to Kay," Ashlyn yelled back.

Kaya collected the rest of the rocks by the middle of the day, she sat down and waited just talking to Ashlyn. she sat near the hollowed out stump the fact that they were playing hide and seek actually seemed to not be relevent anymore because they hadn't heard a single thing for the past few hours.

the sound of wingflaps silenced them immeadiately, Kaya instinctively dove into the dead ferns and Ashlyn just kind of scrambeld behind a the stump. looking up she realized it was Rayna on Blueberry. right of course, Tracker class dragon to make sure she could find everyone. but then why is she here? Kaya wondered looking up.

"girls, what are you doing?" Rayna asked.

"I am a bush now," Ashlyn replied smirking.

"we were just hideing from you, ya know like the game suggests," Kaya explained getting up and brushing herself off.

"so uh, Ala and Orin are out. and Nikkie's walking North at the moment so uh...heads up," Rayna announced mounting Blueberry again and takeing off.

"that's good so...she's not walking in our direction," Kaya suggested brightly.

"Kay do you know whick way North is?" Ashlyn asked.

"uhhhhhh...that way," Kaya muttered pointing in a random direction.

"no, that's West," Ashlyn replied.

"well, fricking it doens't matter what direction I'm going!" Kaya replied indignately.

"she's comeing our way Kay, she's walking towards us," Ashlyn explained.

"oh, I don't know directions," Kaya muttered.

Kaya sat against the stump stretching her legs and closeing her eyes for a moment.

"what are you doing?" Ashlyn asked.

"blinking, for like a few seconds," Kaya replied tired.

"hey, you have to stay awake!for the idiot squad," Ashly said shakeing Kaya's shoulder.

"for the idiot squad," Kaya said loudly and pumped her fist in the air.

"wooo!" Ashlyn replied pumped.

the idiot squad was something they'd come up with, it was them, and a group of boys they often hung out together and did dumb crap with eachother. they would sing dumb songs, smash things with hammers and yell innapropriate jokes at the tops of their lungs because someone dared them to.

they'd all split up during this game and had promised eachother to stay in as long as possible saying 'if one of the idiot squad gets out, all of us do,'. Kaya smirked tapping Ashlyn's fist with her own. SNAP! Kaya and Ashlyn froze Kaya closed her eyes again, but this time listening, no more noises, the soft rustleing of leaves, the swish of ferns.

It could just be the wind, or maybe part of our idiot squad...but they didn't move like that, they were careless, this sounded more like a hunter, carefully stalking them, making sure they didn't know they were there. Kaya sat stark upright opening her eyes again. she slowly got up and backed away from the noise.

"Ash,we need hide now!" Kaya whispered urgently.

"read you loud and clear partner," she whispered back her voice so quiet it'd barely stir a feather.

Kaya carfully crept into the ferns getting down on her stomach and hideing her face makeing it harder to distinguish that she was a person and not the ground. this harmless game suddenly got real, she knew it was a game, no one would get hurt, but what she didn't know was what Nikkie would do to her or Ashlyn is she suspected anything.

she risked a glance at their campsite, Nikkie walked through the campsite looking frustrated. something in her eyes had changed, maybe it was because Kaya could see the truth behind her mask, she was evil it was very clear the secrets hidden behind her eyes now that Kaya knew what to look for.

Nikkie looked around, and Kaya could feel, her dark eyes boreing into Kaya's. but for some reason, Nikkie didn't seem to see her. Nikkie took a step forward bumping her foot against the bowl of dragon root, and the arrows. she picked up both of them and Kaya could see something glitter behind her eyes. eather, rage or fear.

Nikkie clenched her fist around the arrows her knuckles turning white and the arrows snapped. she let them slide through her palm shakeing. Fear. Kaya guessed,she isn't mad. she's SCARED.

The secret in the woods pt two

Kaya watched from the fearns as Nikkie looked around trying to find them, Kay was pretty sure she was going to kill them once she spotted them.

"I know you're here, why don't you just make it easyer on yourself and come out," Nikkie announced yelling.

oh Thor, we're * * * * * *. Kaya thought hideing her face again. she heard a sudden loud noise that was about twenty feet from her. Nikkie went off to investigated and Kaya got up and moved from her spot in the ferns.

"Kay, Ash overhere," someone whispered.

Ben sat hunkered in the bushes he was a key member of their idiot squad, Jake sat next to him. Kaya quietly jogged over to them and fist buped them both.

"why is Nikkie so agro at the moment?" Jake asked.

"oh because she hates the world," Ashlyn replied walking over to them.

"seems about right," Ben replied frowning.

"okay, let's get the hell out of here she'll realize we rescued you soon enough," Jake muttered backing up.

"uh, yeah what exactly is your preception of 'soon' because you guys rescueing us is probably pretty far down on the 'probably never gonna happen' scale," Ashlyn replied.

"less talking more getting the * * * * out," Kaya muttered backing away.

" agreed," Ben whispered following Kaya.

as soon as they were out of sight and earshot they ran as far away from Nikki as they could, stopping when they were out of breath.

"take that death! I evade you once again!" Kaya announced pointing back the way they came.

Ben and Jake looked at eachother confused, "you mean figuratively right? like it's all part of the game," Ben asked.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you just said...your word choice confuses me," kaya muttered calming down.

"you meant death like, in hide and seek, not actual death no one's dying...right?" Ben restated.

"oh yeah totally, no one's in any actual danger, it's all just a game," Kaya replied quickly.

Ben was a very nervous guy, he almoast didn't fit in with their idiot squad, he was smarter then most of them, and he was safer then most of them would like. but he was an outcast like them so he fit in that way. Ben took some strange substance out of a yack-stomach carrier, it looked like cream... soap. kaya rolled her eyes.Ben what the hell dude?! soap?! sure... she used soap whenever she wanted to clean herself, which was everynight. but she only did it at night, Ben here decided that soap was like water and whenever he wanted to be clean he's just rub soap all over himself.

he walked over to a small brook (they'd followed the same stream back to jake and Ben's camp/ hideout) and washed the soap off. she was struggleing not to tell him 'hey what the hell are you doing?! you don't just rub soap all over yourself,'.

"so, now what do we do? there's absolutely nothing to do, I am bored," Jake announced getting up and paceing.

"Jake, dude what the hell, we've been sitting here for literally, five seconds," Kaya replied leaning forward.

Jake picked up a stick and made some marks in the dirt," want to play tic tac toe?" he asked holding out a stick.

"sure, why not," Kaya said dryly hideing the fact that she was also bored.

Kaya and Jake scratched letters in the dirt untill the clearing was full of tied games Kaya was done, she just didn't want to do this anymore. She threw the stick and sat back tired. She couldn't even enjoy the forest because Nikkie decided to RUIN it. why did Nikkie kill the forest? She did it for the hunters right? But what did they want from our island...the Foreverwing, I think they want to kill and sell the Foreverwing. She was getting extremely fidgety nervously shaking her legs up and down with her foot. She messed with her hands a little, peeling her skin back, poping her joints, and twirling her fingers.

"Do you need to go on a walk?" Ash asked.

"Huh," Kaya replied looking up.

"I've been watching you destroy your hands for the past ten minutes, your u need to take a walk," Ashlyn responded grabbing one of Kaya's slightly beat up hands and holding it up.

"Fine," Kaya replied getting up.

kaya got up and walked away,the strange nervousness followed her. She didn't like this at all, she also sort of got the feeling that Nikkie was done with the exercise and had gone to do other things. She also could be useing it as a cover, but for what?

SNAP! Kaya jumped startled out of her thoughts, she looked around for any signs of another person. She quickly made sure that there was no one around before looking to see if she had caused the noise. She had stepped on a stick. She almost chucked the stick into the ferns but at the last moment decided against it.

She was slightly more on edge now, still constantly worrying about nothing in particular. She had something that she was worried about but has forgotten what it was. She continued walking through the dead forest, there was a airt of eerie serenity about the place. The ferns were still really scratchy on her legs and. Crunch, She paused. It was a small noise but she was curious.

She definitely didn't make the noise.

"I swear to Thor Jake if that's you...." she whispered loudly.

No response. uuuh, if it's Jake he's doing a better job of freaking me out then usual. she let her eyes zone out for a moment looking for any movement on the blurry brown tones. A dark shape mover out of the corner of her eyes. She immediately focused her vision on the dark figure but it was gone.

Alright well, * * * * me. Kaya thought briefly terrified. She then became extremely curious looking around and then following where the figure went. She quietly jogged over to where she saw the movement, sadly no one was there, however she did see footprints. She scoffed at herself knowing she's never have noticed them if she wasn't looking.

She followed the prints for a bit before they just dissapeared. what? she wondered looking around. Thankfully there was no one in the trees looking to ambush her but she had lost the trail. She was slightly annoyed about that.

Now what was she going to do...if she went back Jake was going to call her out and she'd NEVER hear the end of it. eather I can go back, and have Jake ask me what happened and figure out I screwed up, or I can stay out here and find out what that was. the second one sounded better to her.

She walked on, the dead bracken crunched under her feet, she continued to stay somewhat alert because there was something or someone around here. SNAP! A loud noise came from the thicket of hazel. actually, no I don't like this I'm leaving NOW.

She stiffly turned and jogged off wanting to back with her friends. She eventually found her friends arguing about whether to make a fire or not.

" Oh Kay, hi what are your thoughts on fire?" Ben asked.

"Um, what are your thoughts on full sentences Ben?" She replied.

"No," Ben replied playing along.

" If I'm being honest, yes fire, it's going to get COLD," Kaya responded.

"See! Kaya agrees with me!" Ashlyn argued.

Jake smirked and glanced at Ben. Kaya cringed a little she knew exactly what they were thinking. NOOOO that joke is stupid don't do it please! actually she quite liked the joke, it was long running and it made fun of her but it was funny, she just didn't want them to make the joke right now.

"Fine! We'll get the sticks, Ben come in let's go," Jake said grabbing Ben's hand and walking off.

Kaya smirked, it subtle but she caught the joke " I SHIP IT!" She yelled after them.

She gathered rocks and put them in a ring around the fire, they didn't want a large fire, just enough to cook fish and keep them warm-ish.

"So Jake and that a thing now?" Ashlyn asked.

"Nah it's something they made up to screw with me," Kaya replied absently.

"huh, I'm dissapointed,"Ashlyn replied smirking.

"Agreed," Kaya laughed.

She was sort of glad Ashlyn didn't ask her WHY they did this to mess with her, they both knew the reason, just one of them wasn't aware of it. Kaya stacked up the rocks, every time accidentally knocking them over.

"Okay, my turn," Ashlyn said stepping in after Kaya knocked over the rocks again.

"Yeah okay I know stacking rocks was never my best skill," Kaya replied.

"You're not very good at stacking anything," Ashlyn replied.

"Yeah nice insult to injury there Ash," Kaya snapped.

"Oh calm down, you're fine," Ashlyn replied.

Kaya smirked putting on her fake sad voice " but you hurted my feelings," Kaya lied.

Ashlyn mimicked Kaya's sad voice" oh I am sorry I won't do it again," she replied.

Kaya lightly punched her friend causing Ashlyn to knock over the stack of rocks.

"Ash, look what you did, you have to be more careful," she replied grinning.

Ashlyn promptly threw a rock at Kaya's head. Kaya put her hands up in an attempt to block the rock. Instead it collided with her nose the shock of pain almost got her to scream. she just stiffened and breathed in. Quickly after her nose began to run, it didn't feel like snot, she put her hand under her nose and droplets of blood landed on her hand.

"Ow," she said loudly to grab her friends attention.

"Good, Thor what happened to you!?" Ashlyn asked.

" A rock," Kaya stated.

"oops," Ashlyn replied apologetically.

"ya' damn right oops!" Kaya grumbled.

Kaya took one of the last living and fuzzy thimble berry leaves and stuffed it up her nose to slow the blood. CRASH! A loud noise came from the forest. Kaya jumped a little.

"What was that?" Kaya whispered.

She reached for her ax, but her hands closed around air. right. Kaya thought annoyed. She sat there quietly as the crashing got louder. Ben broke out from the brush twigs and bits of moss and leaves in his hair. Kaya got up quickly.

"where's Jake?" She asked quickly.

"Taken, hunters, RUN!" Ben replied breathlessly.

" What?" Kaya replied shocked .

Ben frowned, " I just told you what, do I need to repeat?" He asked annoyed.

" You're not funny," Kaya replied looking.

" Wasn't trying to be," he mumbled.

Shouts and footsteps echoed throughout the woods, " yeah, we should go like now!" Ashlyn said urgently.

" We should get to the stables, we need the dragons," Kaya announced turning and dashing through the forest in the direction of the stables.

The hunters shouts got louder, they were gaining ground. They needed a way to run but not get caught. Kaya frowned looking around for anything she could use to their advantage. Then it hit her, she stopped and started climbing a tree.

"Kaya what are you doing!?" Ben whispered angerly.

" Saving our asses, thats what I'm doing!" She snapped back .

The tree branch groned under her weight as her friends dashed out of the way. The hunters followed, she jumped on the branch reaching up for the next one as she jumped the branch cracked and fell knocking all the hunters to the ground she let go jumped down and ran to catch up with Ash and Ben.

A thicket of thorn bushes stood in their way but Kaya was way to high on adrenaline to care, she held her right arm in front of her face (the arm that was actually covered) and she barreled through the thorn brush as she burst out the bushes tore at her face and clothes but she refused to stop. she broke out and had left a big enough space for the others to pass through.

" Kay, you're actually crazy," Ben stated.

" tell us something we don't already know," Ashlyn replied removing a branch from Kaya's hair.

Kaya didn't bother responding, something was wrong. She walked into the village all of the doors had been busted open some had been knocked down or split open.

"They're gone, all of them..." she muttered running her fingers along one of the doors.

"No, that can't be right...a whole village taken out by hunters no way..thats can't be..." Ben trailed off walking around the ghost town.

"Kay...Ben you guys might wanna look at this..." Ashlyn replied.

Kaya turned and walked over to Ash who was standing by the stables, all of the stalls were empty. The dragons were gone.NO, that can't be right...there has to be some dragons left . she ran to another stable and checked that one, empty one by one they searched every stable all of the dragons were gone.

" We're done, this is it we're dead. No dragons no weapons no way to call for backup," Ben muttered sitting down " might as well sit here and wait for the hunters."

Ashlyn frowned clearly thinking about something. " Not Elka though," she muttered.

Kaya was confused " what do you mean not Elka, she's not here she's been taken," Kaya replied trying not to think about it because is made her feel like crying and she didn't want to cry in front of Ben.

"Think about it, in the past what does she do when you're not there or don't need her for a while?" Ashlyn prompted.

" She go hang out with Copper. Ashlyn you're a genius! " Kaya exclaimed.

" But even then, how do we know she didn't come back earlier and get caught," Ben suggested.

" Ben shut up, no one likes you," Kaya snapped.

Ben went quiet, " what happens now?" Ashlyn asked.

" We wait," Kaya replied.

" I don't think that's an option if you didn't realise hunters happen to have eyes..." Ben stated.

" They're comeing towards us...we can't stay," Ashlyn replied casting a worried glance at the forest.

" But...we have to stay...Elka-" " might have gotten taken by the hunters." Ben finished.

" Ben you are asking for me to punch you right now ," Kaya snapped.

" Guys it isn't up for discussion, we're leaving," Ashlyn stated .

Ben began to follow and Kaya reluctantly followed. Ashlyn stopped and turned around looking back at Kaya.

" Not you, you have to stay, we can distract the hunters if Elka comes back go for help, if you can't get help leave go somewhere safe," Ashlyn explained.

Kaya frowned " will you guys be okay though?" She asked .

Ashlyn paused "...sure," she replied uncertainly.

" Yeah you're a horrible lier," Kaya muttered.

" look, just stay okay," Ashlyn replied.

" Bye guys," she responded giving Ben a handshake and Ash a hug.

Kaya then stepped back watching them run off and the hunters follow being them, she she regretfully turned around and walked back to the stables. now, it's a waiting game.

Queen of the hill


(This happens during the secret in the woods)

Elka sat patiently staring at the stall door, pretty soon she was going to be able to leave and go visit Copper, Kaya was playing some games or something, so Elka wasn't really needed. Elka swished her tail impatiently.

" You know what, I'm leaving now." She hopped up onto the stall door spreading her wings for balance.

She took off flying out the open stable doors. She looked down and saw a few people gathered in a semi-circle around someone else.

She hovered for a moment. Kaya's going to win no problem and if she loses then well, I'll be dissapointed.

Elka looked away and continued flying looking for the familiar island that Copper lived on. She felt sad as she flew past the stream where Pine was killed. She pushed that thought to the back of her mind, she didn't like to think about it.

She landed in a tree and jumped down to the grass. It had been a while since she'd last seen the island and was genuinely struggling to figure out which way was which.

she looked around just in case she recognized one if the landmarks but no, she was kind of sort of, pretty lost. She decided she was going to run streight and maybe eventually she'd find her way around.

Elka picked her way through the forest and to a beach. Cioper jumped out of the sand startling her a little bit but she was kind of used to it by now.

"Elka HI! It's been FOREVER!" Cooper exclaimed.

" Yeah I know, it's been too long," Elka replied rubbing up against him.

" So, what were you doing?" Elka asked.

"Oh I was hunting fish," Copper responded.

" the sand?" Elka replied skeptically.

"I hadn't made it to the ocean yet and then I got distracted," he argued.

" If you want I remember there was a river like a little bit that way and I saw like, ten salmon in there," Elka muttered.

"Sure, the ocean wasn't a super good place for fishing anyways," he replied following her into the woods.

She trotted over to the river and sad down by the bank. The shore was muddy and she was able to pick out animal tracks, deer, boar, fox, wolf, and... Monsterous Nightmare.

" Hey Copper I bet I can catch more fish then you!" Elka announced playfully.

Copper eyed the river warily " hey um, maybe we should go back to the ocean," he muttered.

" Why you scared of loseing? " Elka said with a salmon in her mouth.

"Elka, we should leave," he replied again.

Elka frowned, "why?" Elka asked worried.

" there's a large monsterous nightmare that's pretty territorial and he 'owns' this river," Copper explained nervously.

Elka understood why he was concerned but didn't want to leave. you can't OWN a river, that's can't do that! I kind of want to stay here and fight whoever this is just to knock them down a bit.

" Copper, I kind of want to stay and fight the nightmare," she eventually replied.

" What!? Elks no why would!" Copper stammered.

" Whoever this nightmare is they can't own a friggin river, water and fish are for everyone!" She stated.

" Yeah I know it's wrong but there's nothing we can really do about it this is a dragon that could easily take out both of us because my scales aren't very fire proof and you have issues with heat," Copper argued.

" Well, fair point. But it's two v one we can take him the odds are in our favor," Elka suggested.

" Elks seriously, we don't have to do this the nightmare isn't even here right now we can just grab some fish and leave why do we need to fight the stupid dragon!?!" Copper whined.

"Oh my Thor, Copper stop, I love you I really do and I appreciate your concern but it'll be fine, I'll be fine," Elka soothed.

" I wouldn't be so sure about that," someone else growled from behind

Elka turned around fur fluffed up ready for a fight, a large blue and red monsterous nightmare towered over her smoke curling out of it's nose. She was starting to have second thoughts on her amazing plan.

" So you're the domestic dragon that keeps coming to the island huh," the nightmare hissed circleing.

" I'm not domestic! I just like to hang out around humans," Elka spat indignantly.

" And I'm a mouse, do I look like I hatched yesterday? You're so clearly domestic. bright eyes, soft untangled fur, no scratches scars sores or other injuries, and you smell like humans too I don't want to kill you it won't be a challenge so I'm telling you to leave," the nightmare snarled.

Copper stepped up beside her, " oh it will be a challenge because you'll have to get through both of us!" He snapped then quickly cast a glance at Elka looking for her approval.

Elka smiled at him she could always count on him, he was a total simp but at least he was a cute simp.

"Get off my land," the nightmare growled embers shooting from it's mouth as it hissed.

" I challenge you for this river if I win I get control of it, meaning it is mine, any part of it that crosses through your territory!" Elka growled regaining her confidence.

The nightmare didn't respond he simply drew his head back like a viper waiting to strike glareing down at both of them. Elka crouched tenseing her muscles ready to jump out of the way if need be. In a blur of red and blue the monsterous nightmare spat flames at them the tree tops erupted all around them as well as the greenery.

Elka leaped out of the way trying to avoid the blaze as best she could, with all the smoke in the air she had the advantage of sight. The nightmare snarled looking for them. Elk crouched hidden behind a burning tree if the smoke wasn't there to sheild her she'd be incredibly obvious.

The nightmare advanced it didn't see her yet but it was close, Elka snarled and blasted it's neck leaping for him as he staggered back in shock, however he may have staggered back too far and was ready for her. THUD. The nightmare has used his tail to knock her back she slammed into the ground. She had barely managed to tuck in her wings to keep them from breaking on impact.

The nightmare drew his head back once more and Elka franticly scrambled to get up and out of the way. Copper shot at the nightmare his blasts of gold sand temporarily blinding the dragon. Now was her chance. She leaped again this time making contact with the nightmare's back latching on with her claws she bit the blue and red dragon as hard as she could. He screeched in pain turning in circles trying to buck her off. But then he stopped and Elka realized why a little too late, the entire dragon lit on fire and for a moment Elka was stunned.

She couldn't move. The nightmare bucked again and this time managed to throw her off. She came to her senses as she hit the ground quickly getting up to avoid the torrent of fire the nightmare shot at her. Copper pounced at the nightmare this time , but the nightmare was ready it pulled back its head grabbed his tail and threw him to the ground.

It charged up it's fire ready to shoot, Elka blasted at it's mouth turning the fire to fizzleing embers and leaving the nightmare sputtering. she ran up and stood between the nightmare and Copper flareibg out her wings and barring her bloody teeth. The nightmare snarled sitting up as tall as it could to look bigger and more ferocious but she wouldn't back down.

It's mouth lit up dripping with fire as it blasted her. She reacted with her own blasts she only had four left untill she'd reached her shot limit.

She used her nitrogen to combat the fire as much as possible trying to keep the flames away from her and Copper as the Nightmare continued to spit flames. suddenly the nightmare stopped, it stopped breathing fire she knew it wasn't at it's shot limit, but she was.

Instead of more fire it lunged for her, grabbing her by the neck and yeeting her into the air. She instinctively opened her wings and tucked into a dive reaching out her front paws and latching onto the neck of the nightmare.

The force of her impact knocked the nightmare to the ground she then backed off hoping to lure the dragon into the air if it was dumb enough to come it'd be swimming in her waters.

The Nightmare howled in fury and took off after her . She smirked whirling around and speeding away. She dove down winding through the trees looking back every now and then to see if the nightmare followed. She spun in the air looping up and around trying to see if she could catch the nightmare off center and knock it down. It lit it's self on fire and hovered for a moment keeping its bright yellow eyes on her.

It shot at her, multiple balls of fire flew her way, she dodged them with some difficulty but managed to do it none the less. She turned towards the nightmare quickly wheeling around towards it catching it off guard . She slammed into its side it roared in fury falling out of the air. She hovered watching the dragon fall out of the air feeling accomplished. She roared in victory spinning loops in the air.

She started to dive down to go see if Copper was okay and maybe gloat a little when something slammed into her back. She yelped in surprise realizing it wasn't over. The monsterous Nightmare had attempted to knock her out of the air the same way she'd taken it out. She growled turning around but it didn't make the same mistakes as she went to attack it pulled back grabbed her by the back of the neck and sent her hurtling towards the ground.

She fell through the air trying to tell her wings to open, she barely managed to get herself together before smashing into the canopy of the trees. She turned back to glare at the nightmare but was met with a fire ball. She yelped trying to avoid, but it was no use. The fire ball slammed into her back sending her spiralling to the ground.

There was no saving herself this time, she hit the ground with a loud thud. All of her nerves felt like they were on fire and she kind of didn't want to get up. She glanced around as much as she could without moving but Copper was nowhere near her. She heard heavy wing beats overhead, the nightmare had come back. She heard a this behind her and knew it was there. She had to get up.

She gathered her legs beneath her and started lifting herself up. Her wings dropped at her sides she didn't know if she wanted to try and lift them yet, she tried to look as menacing as she could while obviously being very beaten.

She snarled at the nightmare she had her fire back, now it was even-ish. Elka powered up her blast and shot . She shot again and again untill she'd exhausted her blast limit. When the most cleared the nightmare had backed away from her a large streak of blackened shriveled scales ran down it's neck and to its wing. It roared at her now it was trying to seem tougher than it was.

The air around them was cold and the grass shattered under foot. It'd be a bit before she had all of her fire power back but she knew at least one shot had regenerated by now, it may not be strong at all but it'd be threatening enough.

She growled powering up her weakened blast the nightmare wasn't buying her act and it started powering up its own fire. She started to panic a little she needed something else.

she heard footfalls behind her she swallowed her blast for a moment to turn and look , Copper burst out of the bushes his blast charged and ready to be shot. Elka powered up her blast this was the advantage she needed.

The nightmare looked less sure of it's self it suddenly started backing up and slowly swallowing it's flames.Elka swallowed her blast and jumped forward roaring at the nightmare and spreading her wings she was pretty sure her dumb silver glow started up again she was sure the nightmare would attack her for being weird and having the strange glowing effect.

The nightmare's eyes widened and to her surprise it backed down bowing its head and avoiding eye contact with her.

Elka sat down confused. I won, right? What just happened why did he back down, can someone explain what the hell just happened.

" I'm sorry the river's your's you win," the nightmare muttered turning and flying away.

Copper stood there for a moment, for once he didn't have anything to say, but that wouldn't last for long.

"...what?" He asked more confused then she'd seen him in a long time.

" My thoughts exactly." Elka stated just as confused.

" you do realize that nightmare doesn't back down right? Like this is the first I've ever heard of him loosing and backing down...I am so confused." Copper explained .

" Maybe I'm just that awesome," Elka smirked.

" I'm sure that's it. mhm, makes perfect sense to me." Copper said sarcastically, hitting her lightly on the head with his paw.

"Okay cool, now that we figured that out let's go catch some fish ," Elka said getting up.

" Wha- no, we're not done here! You know you could have gotten us both killed right?" Copper scolded.

" well, I mean... I didn't know that but like, we're still here right? No harm no foul." Elka said hopefully.

" You need to stop getting into fights with random dragons," Copper stated.

" from now on I promise I will only get into fights with dragons I know," Elka joked.

" Elka, I'm being serious, actually don't okay," he said flatly.

" Okay," Elka muttered.

She didn't really like it when he was being serious mostly because whenever he was serious it was because he wasn't supper thrilled with something she did.

" Can we go get fish now?" Elka asked.

" Why do I get the feeling you weren't listening to me..." Copper asked.

" I was listening! You told me not to get into any more fights and that you were being serious and you also said that you're better then Current," Elka said repeating what he told her and adding to the list.

Copper smirked " well, that's all true but I don't remember saying the last bit," Copper replied.

" Liar you totally said Copper is better then Current," Elka joked.

" Hey how about we just go catch fish,'" Copper suggested probably fed up with her teasing.

"About time," she replied nudging him roughly.

They walked over to the river teasing each other along the way. Elka ended up catching more fish than Copper even though he claimed that he purposely lost but she knew he was just comeing up with crappy excuses for losing.

"Hey, um do you think Current will be mad at us, for getting in a fight with the nightmare?" Elka asked worried.

Copper picked up his fish and began to walk back to his home waiting for her to follow before replying "no, she'd just be mad at you," Copper replied.

Elka knew he was just jokeing but it was probably the truth Current didn't exactly love her, like at all.

"You're probably right," Elka muttered slightly worried.

"You'll be fine her bark is worse then her bite most of the time, she's all talk," Copper said lightly.

"Most of the time," Elka said flatly.

"Well..." Copper trailed off stopping at the borderland leading to the beach.

Current sat there waiting for them looking very very annoyed. Current glared daggers at  Elka. Current really didn't like her.

" What were you THINKING?!" Current snapped.

"What?" Copper asked trying to play dumb.

" do I look like an idiot to you I SAW you two get into a fight with the monsterous nightmare!" Current snarled.

" That may or may not be true," Copper said glancing at Elka who didn't dare open her mouth.

" tell me a story, what the hell was going on," Current demanded.

" So, we came to this river and Elka-" "Elka." Current hissed breaking Copper off.

"Current." Copper growled.

"come with me we need to talk Elka, you stay." Current demanded leading Copper away.

Elka decided to lay down having nothing else to do but wait. I honestly never thought his sister was this terrifying, like if I had to choose between fighting her or the nightmare I'd choose the nightmare. What the hell how is she so scary? Elka wondered making herself laugh a little.

A couple of minutes later Copper and Current came back glaring at each other. Copper sat next to Elka still glaring at his sister. Elka sat up and leaned against him which earned a growl from Current. Copper picked up his fish and started to walk towards his home Elka not wanting to be left alone with Current picked up her fish and followed behind Copper.

"Are you two good?" Elka asked worried.

"it depends, not if she does something stupid," Copper hissed turning to glare at his sister.

They dropped their fish by some logs which Copper lit on fire to warm up the cave Elka didn't mind the fire or the cold she was fine eather way.

Current walked into the cave after them and Elka could feel Currents glare burning into the back of her head.

" Hey Elka the sun's starting to got down don't you need to go back to your human or whatever?" Current asked hopefully.

"Hm? Oh no, not this time, she's playing some survival game right now, and the game should last for at least two days so I can stay now," Elka replied turning around and trying to be as respectful as possible.

However that was the wrong answer, "hey Copper Elka and I are going to have a quick chat," Current said practically dragging Elka along with her.

As soon as they were out of earshot of Copper Current stopped.

"Look, I don't know what games you're playing but I can assure you if you step out of line like that again you'll be gone, okay, no more getting Copper into fights none of that bull **** okay," Current hissed.

"Okay," Elka replied backing up warily.

Current's gaze softened a bit but she obviously still had some resentment behind her eyes probably because the whole Pine incident was Elka's fault. Current the shouldered past Elka walking toward the fire and the cave leaving Elka on the beach alone.

everyone thinks the best time of day to be by the ocean is day, but those people have obviously never been to the beach at night, as the sun went down the stars started to appear in the sky.

Elka stared at the dark water watching it lap at the shore. She walked up to the waters edge and sat staring at her dark blurry reflection.

She watched the reflection of Copper walk over to her and sit next to her.

"Dude, your sister scares me," Elka said laughing and looking up .

" Yeah she is kind of terrifying at times," he admitted dropping a salmon at Elka's paws making her remember that she hadn't eaten.

Elka quickly snapped up the salmon finishing it in a couple of quick bites.

The moon rose higher in a the sky, Current eventually walked over to them seeming to have calmed down a little.

"Whoever finds the north star first wins!" Elka stated randomly.

" You're going to lose!" Copper replied.

"Good one Copper you don't even know which way north is!" Current laughed.

" She doesn't know that!" Copper snapped.

"I do now," Elka smirked.

" Who's fault was that?hmm!?" Copper muttered shooting Current a glare.

Elka looked to the sky trying to find the north star instead she saw a dark shape glideing throigh the sky. It seemed to be flying closer and closer to the island she then realized it wasn't really flying it was going to crash into the beach.

" Guys, back up!" She exclaimed backing up.

" What?" Copper asked confused.

" Just get back," Elka yelped.

Copper and Current managed to get out of the way as the dragon crashed into the shore.

" * * * *!" Elka hissed running over to the dragon.

Current held her tail out infront of Elka making her stop. The dragon got up slowly it was another sand wraith.

"Coral?" Current asked stepping forward.

The sand wraith was pale blue with light pink stripes on her face and down her back. she didn't resemble Copper or Current her spines were white and she had a lacy membrane running down her back and at the tips of her wings, above her eyes, and on the sides of her chin.

"You know her?" Elka asked looking at the strange sand wraith.

"Yeah, she's a friend of mine Coral what are you doing here?" Current asked worried.

Elka noticed Coral had arrow shafts sticking out of her back as well as multiple puncture wounds and a deep cut on her shoulder that was slowly oozing blood.

"Hunters, they're taking over the island capturing every dragon and viking they find," Coral started.

"Which island?" Elka broke in.

Elka was worried about her island, it wasn't too fare and hypothetically one could fly from there to here while drugged with dragon root.

"Elka, we live on the same island," Coral croaked shivering.

" No, there's no way for one thing I don't even know you, and I'm assuming the only way you know my name is because you're Current's friend," Elka stated talking quickly trying her best to forget the fact that she was and should be worried.

" I'm one of the few wild dragons on our island, I stick to the sea most of the time so you probably haven't seen me before," Coral responded.

Elka went quite for a moment, not sure of what to do or say.

"How many hunters," she muttered eventually.

"Excuse me?" Coral asked not quite understanding or hearing Elka.

"HOW MANY?!" Elka roared.

Coral shrunk away from Elka " at least three hundred," she said quietly.

Elka hissed Misty nitrogen started pouring from her mouth. She took off flying towards her island.

"Elka NO!" Copper shouted taking off after her.

Elka looked back Copper was far behind her she wasn't super worried about him catching up all she was focused on was getting home.

she was suddenly hit out of the air Copper had seemingly come out of nowhere slamming into her side and knocking her off balance.

She managed to catch herself and glided down to the beach landing somewhat roughly.

"What the * * * * Copper!" Elka shouted.

Copper landed infront of her looking as annoyed as she felt.

"Why would you EVER think that was a good idea?!" He snapped.

"I'm sorry for trying to protect my friends and rider," Elka said annoyed.

"Elka I know you care about them but three hundred hunters, no one can take that many on alone or with anyone else for that matter. If they have survived they're probably captured," Copper said calming down a bit.

"And what are you suggesting I do about it then?" She asked.

Copper was silent for a moment " I don't think you should do anything about it, you're safe here and I think it should stay that way," he said looking away.

"Safe is a relative term Copper, for one thing Reed lives here too and another thing is I won't give up on them," Elka stated.

Copper sighed backing up possibly defeated but Elka wasn't quite sure yet, " if you want to go then do, but I go with you and if we don't find them we come back here no complaining," Copper said moving out of her way.

Elka knew he'd back down eventually "okay," she agreed leaping into the air and flying away, she heard Copper take off soon after both of them flying towards her island.

let's just hope it's not too late.

Race to the edge

Kaya sat in the dark, alone. Her friends all ran away, granted they told her to stay behind but she wasn't any happier about it. her dragon was gone friends captured and all she could do was sit in the dark and wait. Occasionally she heard voices or foot steps some of them might have been imaginary she couldn't tell anymore.

She leaned against the strike class stables tired as hell but she couldn't close her eyes, it was too risky. She heard voices and footsteps behind her she stood up and backed into the dark stables she watched some hunters come out of the brush close to where she used to be sitting.

She frowned turning and climbing up onto one of the stall doors she then leaped up onto the cross beams holding up the roof.she sat there watching the hunters walk beneath her.

This is going to be a long night. she sighed quietly, leaning back onto crossbeam watching the hunters leave the stables. Maybe it'd be safe to close her eyes for a moment up here. The thought briefly crossed her mind before she heard another voice.

"Well, have you found her yet?!" A girl's voice rang out.

Nikkie. Kaya got up, Nikkie wasn't stupid. She was a trained mercenary and would know where Kaya would go and what she'd do. This could be a problem.

" No, have we caught everyone else?" One hunter asked, they sounded like they were right outside.

"Well almost everyone we're still trying to bring in Ash, figures the two most annoying girls on the island would be the last two caught," Nikkie said walking into the stables and looking around.

"And you're sure you checked everywhere?"Nikkie asked.

Kaya held her breath, hopeing it was too dark for them to see properly.

"Pretty sure," one of the hunters said.

Nikkie muttered something inaudible and walked out of the stables. Kaya listened to them walk away, three loud, one soft. She waited another five minutes until she didn't hear them anymore and quietly hopped into the stall door, she then jumped over to the window and slipped out that way, she didn't really trust the door. She peeked around the corner of the building. No one.

She walked over to the door again and climbed up under the eve she'd get a better view up there, plus she could jump down if she had to. She saw hunters moving around in the darkness however they were all too far away to see her. she looked up, and around surveying the skies for Elka. She instead spotted Ashlyn. Kaya smiled briefly feeling very proud of her friend for getting away, but Ashlyn wasn't looking around for hunters she instead had her gaze fixed on the sky. Kaya followed her eyes, two dark shapes flying fairly quickly were headed towards them.

There was hope after all! Elka had left before the hunters came, now Kaya could get help. Kaya looked around again and realized that Elka couldn't land, or hover. the island was crawling with hunters she'd be shot down in an instant.

With a sinking feeling Kaya knew what Ash was thinking looking at Elka, she was going to get caught. No! she didn't quite know why but just the thought of Ash getting caught was making her tear up. She could feel her face getting hot and her eyes started to hurt. She wiped her face and pretended she wasn't crying.

Kaya couldn't do anything, she sat there and waited for Ashlyn to get herself caught, in the chaos she'd climb into the roof mount Elka and go get help. That was the plan she was invisioning even though she hated it.

Ash picked up a large stick and rested it on her leg. SNAP! she broke the stick over her leg Kaya could hear the snap of the stick from her perch under the eve, all hunters in the area would've heard it. Like ants all of the hunters rushed over to where Ash was standing, Ash then turned and ran giving them a chase to get them away from the dragons.

Kaya turned and climbed up onto the roof, Elka was clearly visible now along with Copper, the wild sand wraith that hated people, not the ideal dragon to bring to an island full of people but whatever.

Elka spotted her and dove towards the roof. Kaya watched Elka land, for whatever reason her dragon was burned and scratched, bleeding in a couple of places but she seemed fine.

Kaya mounted Elka normally she'd hug her dragon but she was in a bit of a hurry.

"Let's go come on," Kaya muttered taking off, she needed to make it to outpost island before it was too late.

Elka flew as quick as she could probably able to sense that Kaya was freaked out. Elka skimmed the top of the waves displaced g the water below her, Kaya made sure that she was bent over so she didn't create drag. Copper followed behind them not quite as fast as Elka. Elka took a sharp turn left her wingtip dipping into the water. They were probably flying after than most dragons, in fact this was probably faster than even a Light Fury.

hell, the only dragon faster would be Thunder, Kaya remembered what it was like to be on Thunder when she'd ride lightning. That was faster than any dragon could go.

Kaya spotted something in the distance. A large seastack lay infront of them and looking back she noticed Copper was having a bit of a hard time keeping up.

"Elka, let's land on that seastack," Kaya yelled above the wind.

Elka spiraled up landing gracefully on the formation , Copper followed. They just needed a moment to catch thier breath. Kaya had very little on her a spy glass and a Yak stomach to carry water. Kaya took the spyglass and put it to her eye, it wasn't incredibly helpful but it allowed her to see a small settlement on the island.

"Okay, we ready to go?" She asked looking at the dragons.

Copper growled although he didn't seem as agressive as usual. Elka barked enthusiastically.

Kaya nudged Elka again and they took off flying towards the front of the island. She noticed a group of people on the island, maybe she could go talk to them? As they approched the island the people came into view, she recognized them, from Berk.

The race that she was kicked out of. Elka recognized them too, whether that was a good or bad thing was anyone's guess. Elka stopped and hovered staring at the night fury... toothless that was his name. Kaya started to panic remebering that Elka didn't exactly like the black dragon.

"Elka no," Kaya hissed.

They were in the open it was only a matter of time before the riders spotted them, she needed their help and hovering above their island like a spy definitely wouldn't help her earn their trust.

Elka roared starting to dive towards the island Kaya panicked useing her leg to guide her dragon away from the island but it was too late the riders had seen her. Before she knew it she had five dragons chasing after her. her only real concern was the night fury he was fast, very very fast. Elka flew low to the water Copper following close behind.

The night fury growled blasting at them. Elka yelped barely dodging the blasts honestly Kaya was surprised that Elka was able to dodge the blasts in the first place. According to the dragon manual night furies never miss so Elka dodging the blasts was pretty crazy.

Elka turned around and blasted at the night fury, he dodged it and the blast ended up taking down the Gronckle.

"I got her!" Someone shouted from behind.

The rider with the monsterous nightmare raced forward. Kaya nudged Elka weaving between sea stacks and taking a sharp turn now flying over the island. she looked back only Copper had been able to follow. She'd lost them.

She turned to land Elka but a nadders came out of nowhere.

"Stormfly spine-shot!" the rider yelled.

The nadders obliged shooting it spines. Elka yelped unable to dodge, the spines hit her underbelly but Elka stayed in the air charging up her blast. Circling the nadder and the blond girl. Copper just hovered unsure of what to do.

the other riders appeared out of nowhere surrounding her and Elka (who was still holding her blast). Kaya flew a lap around the circle trying to find a way out. She shot at the Gronckle who moved out of the way opening up an exit. Kaya nudged Elka who shot forward trying to escape. She heard the Night fury charge its blast and before she knew it they were falling out of the sky.

Kaya landed on her back for a couple of seconds she couldn't breathe, the wind had been knocked out of her. Once she caught her breath she tried to stand up, she seemed to be intact. Elka got up beside her glaring up at the sky. Copper landed next to them edgeing away from Kaya.

Toothless landed infront of them growling and spreading his wings defensively. His rider, Hiccup dismounted and stood beside his dragon. the rest of the riders landed next to him, the blond girl glared at Kaya her nadder poised to shoot. The rest of them seemed to not care as much, the boy who rode the Gronckle was fumbling around with some cards he kept looking at them then looking up at Elka. He was strange.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a rock heading for her face, she ducked out of the way and the rock bounced harmlessly off of a tree. She looked up at two boys, or maybe two girls?

"He did it," "she did it," they said in unison pointing at each other.

Hiccup took a step forward "who are you?" He asked.

"You first," she replied unable to think of anything better to say.

" I'm Hiccup, that's Toothless, Astrid Stormfly, Snotlout Hookfang, Fishlegs Meatlug, Ruffnut and Ruffnut and Barf and Belch," he said pointing to all the riders and their dragons.

"I'm Kaya, that's Elka and he's Copper," Kaya said pointing to her dragon and Copper.

" Is that a titan Woolly Howl?" Fishlegs asked comeing forward to look at Elka.

" Yeah," Kaya replied.

" How did you get one?! They usually only live in the far north," he asked inspecting Elka.

" Found her when she was little, must have been on a crashed hunter ship or something swam to shore," Kaya said calming down a little.

" That's where a know you from!" the girl said, angry " you were with the hunters when they took Stormfly! you the purple dragon and a Death Song."

The girl put her ax against Kaya's neck forcing her into a tree. Elka growled.

" You don't know the whole story though," Kaya replied motioning for Elka to calm down.

Astrid backed away, lowered herer ax and stood next to Hiccup

" let's hear it then,"

Kaya told them pretty much everything, about her island, the hunters, Echo, and why she was here. Astrid frowned turning to Hiccup.

" What do you think?" She asked.

"I think she's telling the truth," Hiccup said, quietly.

"Can we trust her though?! She was the rider who shot you down in that race remember," Astrid replied.

" Can you just make a decision already?! I'm bored!" Snotlout yelled up.

" shut up Snotlout!" Astrid yelled back.

" If I may, I think that if there's so much as a chance that she's telling the truth we have to help, according to her there were over a hundred dragons and people on that island plus the Forever wing, we let the hunters kill and sell all of those dragons and they'd be unstoppable," Fishlegs said, looking to both Hiccup and Astrid.

" He's got a point Astrid," Hiccup muttered.

" Then it's settled, we leave in five minutes," Astrid replied.

" Oh and one more thing, I can't wait that long, I'll leave Elka here she can lead you to my island, I'll take Copper back, if you don't see me don't wait okay," Kaya explained edgeing towards Copper.

Copper growled at her backing away.

" You don't have to like me, but I need you to trust me okay," she muttered.

Copper glanced at Elka and then back at Kaya he went quiet and stopped backing up. he let her aproch him. Holding her breath she mounted him. And to her surprise he didn't buck her off.

" Okay, let's fly," Kaya muttered taking off.

They flew low to the ocean all the way back to valdark. Kaya steered Copper to the roof of her house. Kaya hopped off of Copper and slid down her roof. The door to her house had been kicked open. She grabbed her ax and her knife, she was going to save her friend.

She dashed through the forest stopping at the borderland to the cost. green cages lined the beach. Hunters of all sizes charged into the woods, they're searching for the forever wing.

Kaya ducked between the cages dodging in-between them. She slowly made her way to the boat pressing up against the cold metal. She ran into a bit of a problem, the closest cage to the boat was partly submerged in the ocean. She'd have to make a run for it.

She glanced around no hunters. She dashed over to the ocean. The cage was covered by a tarp, she looked around again, no one near. She took out her knife and cut the tarp off. Thunder sat in the cage, she was defenseless, without her blast and weakened by the water.

Kaya reached through the bars putting her hand on Thunder's snout. Thunder's gaze shifted from her to something behind her. Thunder barred her fangs growling defensively.

Kaya stepped away and glanced over her shoulder. A hunter stood there his bow drawn. Kaya ducked as the arrow whistled by, it ricocheted harmlessly off the cage. Kaya turned around and ran towards the hunter, she hit him with a right hook just above his ear. He fell to the ground out cold.

She climbed onto the ship and slipped below deck. She went from cell to cell, looking for her friends. She walked up to the fourth cell, Ben and Jake were chained to the wall.

Kaya took the ax off her back she swung it at the wall separating the cells. She heaved it out of the wall and swung again and again. Eventually she was able to fit through the gap. She squeezed through and got into the cell.

"Kay!" Ben exclaimed looking up he had dried blood all over his face as well as a black eye, jake looked just as bad.

"I'm getting you guys out of here," Kaya said holding he ax to the metal cuffs.

The acid on the ax ate through the metal. The cuffs fell onto the deck with a a loud clattering noise.

Kaya heard footsteps from above deck.

"Damn it," she spat halfway through Jake's cuffs.

The last cuff fell to the floor and they ran out the gap in the wall.

"Do you guys know where Ash is?" Kaya asked.

"Uh, yeah your girlfriend is at the end of the hallway to the left," Jake said smirking.

"she is my friend, not my girlfriend, I don't have a girlfriend," she said turning away so they didn't see her face, she was fairly sure that she was blushing.

Ben and jake ran above deck and presumably got off the ship, at least she hoped they did. She ran down the hall and sure enough Ash was there.

She busted through the wooden decider and cut her chains not bothering to take the time to melt the cuffs.

"Kay!" Ashlyn said as Kaya helped her to her feet.

"Come one we have to go," Kaya said hurriedly ushering Ash out of the room.

The hunters had gotten below deck now, and blocked their way out. Kaya dashed back into the cell dragging ash along with her.

"You can swim...right?" Kay asked.

"Yeah, why?"

Kaya didn't respond, she swung her ax at the wall the planks splintered revealing the ocean below them, she looked to the side the beach wasn't too far away. Kaya threw her weapons onto the sand and jumped Ashlyn jumped in after her.