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Black Soil Dragon
Black Soil Dragon.png
The Black Soil Dragon, in full view and in the process of catching prey


Solid black


17.5 feet




West coast of the New World


Ambush tactics, seismic receptors along sides


Helpless if the entire animal is above ground

Danger Rating

Very hard to see it coming to do anything about it---8

The Black Soil Dragon is a medium-sized, snake-like dragon that lives underground.


Black Soil Dragons can grow over 15 feet long, and are found on the west coast of the New World. They are generally active at night, in loose, moist sands or soils. As long as there is this type of ground medium, this dragon can live just about anywhere. Due to this subterranean lifestyle, it has lost its eyes and its wings are in the process of doing so, becoming vestigial.


Black Soil Dragons eat animals from on top of the ground. They catch this prey by lying in wait only a few feet below the surface. When something walks close, its footsteps cause vibrations in the ground that the dragon picks up with seismic receptors along its sides. When the prey is close enough it launches itself out of the ground, grabs the struggling victim, and descends again to its private, underground realm.

The dragon and Vikings

Due to its obscure range and habit, these dragons are rarely seen. Many have tried to train this beast, but none have succeeded due to its hungry nature and underground lifestyle. The closest anyone has gotten was supplying a herd of sheep for the dragon so it learned to know "where the food was."

Production Notes

This dragon was based off a subspecies of the California legless lizard.