This is a deadly Dragon that although never more than 18 feet long, is a dangerous killer.


This is a mostly black Dragon, but it has a greyish brown underbelly. It has strong back legs that allow it to run at 15 MPH and it has a sickle claw on each foot like a Velociraptor. It has wings instead of front limbs that span 25 feet each. Combined, it's wingspan is 50 feet. It's sickle claw contains a venom that slowly kills it's prey. First, you start vomiting blood. After 12 hours of this, you will get dizzy and start to swell up at the neck, making harder to breathe. You will still vomit blood. After another 3 hours, your nose will bleed heavily. After another 8 hours of these symptoms, you die. It's head is like that of a Python, but with teeth like those of Wolves. It's tail is like that of a Peacock, but the feathers are replaced with long stretches of skin with sharp scales that cause blood poisoning if touched. It also spits a very potent but not poisonous substance that attracts females in the mating season. It's fire is blue and is twice as hot as the fire of a Deadly Nadder. Black Spitters hunt in huge packs of 30 - 45.


The Black Spitter is related to the Terrortooth.

Fright Factor

Deadly, this Dragon is enough to give even Fatal Claw nightmares. 9.9/10.