• Bows4life

    My First Fanfic

    August 7, 2019 by Bows4life

    It was a rainy day, and and not a soft rain a hard rain that makes you think the clouds shall never leave. A ship quickly pulled up to the dock. Hiccup and Toothless were taking a flight to make sure no unwanted guest came to Berk. Toothless immedeitly noticed the ship.

    "Toothless!" Hiccup yelled, " what are you doing?" Hiccup looked and saw what toothless was looking for. "What is that?" he whispered. He looked at the boat, it looked nothing like the hunters ships. It looked like something without a top. "toothless bring me close." he whispered. Toothless went in close, only one person one board. Hiccup jumped ontp the small boat, "Who are you?" He asked. "Who am I?" She said, " who am I? Do your people not speak of the amazing lady? Avery…

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  • Rinilya94

    Newbie here!

    June 11, 2019 by Rinilya94

    Hi all!

    I just joined the wiki as of tonight. :) I am no stranger to writing on a wiki website and have had the urge to get into writing HTTYD stuff since re-watching the Hidden World, figured this was the place to try after coming across it by chance!

    Haven't written anything here as of yet, but I wanted to give a quick hello to the community.

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  • MyanCatRocks

    I'm thinking of renaming my dragon species page "Mimic Splitter", and changing the name to Mimicker. If you have any objections or other name ideas, please tell me.

    I am going to change the name on 5/20/2019.

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  • MyanCatRocks

    My Character

    April 14, 2019 by MyanCatRocks

    Eira is Berk's current healer. She pretended that she was a refegee from an island destroyed by Drago, but in truth she was actually Ruff and Tuff's long-lost cousin.

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  • Aniju Aura

    Active Members

    February 17, 2019 by Aniju Aura

    Quick question but is there any active admin still here or do I have to give admin rights to someone? It seems the person I left in charge is no longer active and I want to know if they gave admin rights to anyone before leaving? 

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  • Alaska 27

    Wiki Users’ Birthdays!

    February 11, 2019 by Alaska 27

    This may seem entirely creepy but, I would like to know when everyone’s birthdays are! Instead of going from Userpage to Userpage, I’d like just one page for Birthdays. If you’re uncomfortable saying your birthdate, you don’t need to. I’m not going to push anyone past their limits.

    🔥Alaska 27🔥~Talk 10:04, February 11, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Alaska 27

    Inactive Users

    January 22, 2019 by Alaska 27

    Hello HTTYD Fanon Users! Ok, so, I know I’ve said this on the Discussion Page and some other places too but I must know, why is no one on here active anymore? This Wiki is lovely and a great way for people to create their own dreams and stories about Dragons and their own Vikings. Please, why is nobody active?

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  • Swordsofwrathadmin

    The Lycanwing

    November 2, 2018 by Swordsofwrathadmin

    Some time ago I decided to write a spooky story and as I was big into the Dragons: TV series at the time it ended up being about a Lycanwing. And I thought now it was Halloween I would share it with the people here. Note: I am using this wiki as the main one has a rule against fanfiction. I entirely understand the need for moderation so if this is not the right place do not hesitate to let me know.

    We sat watching the campfire. This was mainly due to the fact that the sun had now long set rendering the fire the only thing there was to view but in part because it gave us a sense of community. This was in some senses a shame; this beach was such a wonderful space in the daytime.

    However, this did give us an opportunity to talk. And talk we did…

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  • Chipper the Crow
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  • Dusk Iron

    I did a video :p

    June 3, 2018 by Dusk Iron

    Helloooooooo fellow riders,

    So I love BTS and I love HTTYD and I love Robert IDK so I was like....let's combine them.

    I made a video using the cover of Euphoria (A BTS song) done by Rober IDK using footage from the movies. If you could please check it out and tell me what you think that would be highly appreciated.

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  • Blade Viluf


    August 9, 2017 by Blade Viluf

    Ok so basically I was checking out the rukes on the Fanon for role plays as I was thinking of doing one. It said no Mary-Sues. It states that a Mary sue is something or someone that is to perfect. So that got me thinking. The Night Fury is kind of like a Mary Sue. Now before the hate floods in let me finish. The Night Fury can be this adorable flying cat/dog then the deadliest Unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. The rules also say must have some weaknesses. Hmmm, well the Night Fury has no huge weaknesses except for eels but every dragon hates eels *Spike gags*. I know that the RP rules don't apply to the actual Franchise but I find it ironic that the rules are that ( Which I totally agree with because having extremely powerful…

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  • Logo8th

    I have some ideas for dragon species and characters that could be added to Rise of Berk that aren't already there. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below. This is a start off list now, but will grow bigger in time. All fanon dragons listed that were not created by me belong to their respective artists. Now, on with the list:

    • Normal Fireworm
    • Mudraker
    • Devilish Dervish (franchise)
    • Silver Phantom (franchise)
    • Purple Death (franchise)
    • Eruptodon
    • Shellfire
    • Fire Terror
    • Moldruffle (not a "Rockstomper", an actual Moldruffle)
    • Stinger (from the Live Action Show)
    • The four remaining unknown dragons (from 'HTTYD 2')
    • Unknown dragons on Hiccup's map (from 'HTTYD 2')
    • Unknown dragons on Hiccup's RTTE map (from 'RTTE')
    • The three unknown dragons (from…

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  • Socrates the mudwing

    Hey guys! 

    Yesterday I officially came out of the closet as an asexual, which makes me the first person in either my family or my youth group to come out as a sexual minority. Yay me!

    So I'm throwing myself an online coming out party here.

    For those who don't know, asexuality is the absence of sexual desire. No joke. It exists. I'm not lying, or scared of sex, or abstaining solely for religious reasons, or into plants. It's one of the least common sexual minorities, but it is a thing.

    Anyway, a running joke among aces (short for asexuals) is "What's better than sex? Cake!"

    I concur. (Puts a huge chocolate-and-peanut-butter ice cream cake on the table) Dig in, everybody!

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  • (2142)Gen.Reaper

    With The Gene Corp Wars series nearing it's end with the second act of the Great War, I am now slowly working on idea for it's planned sequels; World War and Secret Wars, both of which will take place after the Gene Corp Wars.  However though I also want to improve on the faults that I will admit are a problem including the following: 

    • Too much focus on the United States. In the future I will be trying to give the other Coalition nations more attention; primarily Russia, Europe, and Israel. Later chapters in The Great War will improve on this as well World War, which will be focusing on the conflict between the Isotxians and Eastern Imperials. 
    • HTTYD Characters need to play larger roles in the story. I will be the first admit that I often put a majorit…
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  • Socrates the mudwing

    I was inspired by a couple of excellent webcomics (Darths&Droids and Friendship is Dragons) to try rewriting the story of How to Train Your Dragon (the books, of course) as a Dungeons and Dragons-ish gaming Campaign.  This blog post is where I'll post notes about it; if I ever actually write it, I'll make a page for it.


    Daniel is the Game Master. He's spent two years lovingly creating a magical world, and now he's finally playing with it. The fact that he horribly NERFed all the spellcasting classes and went way overboard with his obsession with dragons unfortunately meant that he could only find two people to play with him. But he's alright with that; this setting is better with a small party anyway. He's very helpful and lenien…

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  • Heather the dragon rider

    There are not many fanfic stories on this wiki, and especially not many good ones. But I would really like to read some more, so I wanted to ask if anyone out there knows of some good HTTYD fanfics on or something like that, could you please let me know about it? I don't really want to go browsing around on anywhere but Wikia, (cause I know it's safe) because I'm very careful what I read. I do NOT want any dog poop cookies. (excuse the expression.) What I mean is, it may be well written, but if it has bad language, I do not want to read it. I also don't want any mature or innappropriatte content. Sorry if I sound picky. Anyways, if you know any fanfics that fit this, I would be very obliged if you could link me to them. Than…

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  • HTTYDPokemonFan

    New Name

    March 24, 2016 by HTTYDPokemonFan

    Hi, I used to be StoryGirl1997, but I have changed my username for the wiki so that it's different than my FanFiction username.

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  • HTTYDPokemonFan

    New to the Wiki

    March 19, 2016 by HTTYDPokemonFan

    I'm new to this site, and the blogging idea, so this may not be the best thing I've written. But I would like to say that it's great to be making contributions to this website, and I look forward to you all getting chances to read my work, and appreciate my contributions.

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  • Socrates the mudwing

    The Twelve Days of Doomsday

    By Socrates the MudWing

    On the first day of Doomsday, my Fate it gave to me, 

    A Sea-Dragon with no teeth!

    On the second day of Doomsday, my Fate it gave to me,

    A Sword with a Secret,

    And a Sea-Dragon with no teeth!

    On the third day of Doomsday, my Fate it gave to me,

    A shield from Rome,

    A Sword with a Secret,

    And a Sea-Dragon with no teeth!

    On the fourth day of Doomsday, my Fate it gave to me,

    A non-existant arrow,

    A shield from Rome,

    A Sword with a Secret,

    And a Sea-Dragon with no teeth!

    On the fifth day of Doomsday, my Fate it gave to me,

    A small round Ticking-Thing!

    A non-existant arrow,

    A shield from Rome,

    A Sword with a Secret, 

    And a Sea-Dragon with no teeth!

    On the sixth day of Doomsday, my Fate it gave to me,

    A Ruby Heart's St…

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  • Aniju Aura

    Just a Blog

    December 28, 2015 by Aniju Aura

    Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had a good time and if you don't celebrate anything, I hope you are doing well and just enjoying yourself.

    I just want to leave a blog. I haven't really be too active here. I like creating characters, but that's about as far as I get. I am not very good at writing stories and fan-fictions. I see we have some new users here so that's good. Welcome new people!

    So I created a new dragon for one of my characters I had for awhile named Sego Lilium. I have a picture of him here. I'll try and maybe make a more Viking looking outfit for him later. He is from my planet called Earph, which is where most of my OCs come from these days. I made him a dragon, a Death Song who I lack a name for. If you have any sugge…

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  • RainPhee


    December 2, 2015 by RainPhee

    All right, first of all, I'd like to bring your attention to the wiki's fifth rule:

    Yup, guys. We need some SERIOUS help. Far too many pages are poorly made, have innacurate spellings, or simply are empty. We need a MASSIVE clean-up operation, and I suggest we start now.

    I'm going to go through EVERYTHING and fix spelling, grammar, ect. If I find an empty/uncategorized page, I'll either contact the owner or ask a mod to delete it.

    We also need new, more active mods, too. That would be INTENSLY useful.

    If you'd like to help me, please, by all means, go ahead. We can get this wiki spick and span in no time!

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  • Aniju Aura

    Mustang Bros

    November 3, 2015 by Aniju Aura

    Mustang Bros is kind of a MLP story but the characters wander around a lot to whatever Fandoms I am interested in. The characters in the story represent my friends. I was never able to write it, I suck at writing fan-fictions T-T but I do have a summary of it.

    It's basically about a group of friends on the planet called Earph who obtain super powers kind of. Their friend Mich can transform into an Alicorn, and uses his powers for good. Then the trickster Havok shows up and started causing some trouble. At some point int he story, the friends accidenly eat the shards of a Shayd horn and gain some special powers of their own. While fighting Havok they get transported to Equestria and soon are able to travel to other worlds. How to train you Dr…

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  • Aniju Aura

    Attempting to rewrite the old Helfury story for here. 

    This story takes place in-between the first and second movie and slightly before the Netflick exclusive series. 

    Winter was nearing it's end. The snow on the group had been becoming slunge as the days warmed little by little. Berk was alive with villagers shoveling snow from the pathways and dragons using their hot breath to melt the snow. There was a comotion at the docks when Trader Johann's boat sailed into port. He began to tell one of his crazy traveler's tales again.

    "I heard there has been stranges lights in the sky and in the forest or seen out over the seas," He started off with. "The other night I was sailing across the salty sea. The stars were glimmering over head as a cold br…

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  • Aniju Aura

    Dragon Wars

    September 22, 2015 by Aniju Aura

    Not entirely sure what to name this, call it that for now, because I can. Anyways here is another story that I thought of. It's kind of a crossover. I'll just be jotting ideas down here. I would rather draw this out than type it, but I am not the best at comics yet. Probably sme misspellings, sorry. 

    This story kind of breaks the lore I have been creating for my HTTYD universe. Here are just things to know. 

    Knight Watch is a unicorn from the land of Equestia, he is a MLP character. Yup. He controls the shadows and has the need to put the world in order, the order he believes is right. He is the leader of the Order of Harmony. He has gain the ability to travel from world to world, still keeps his powers. In HTTYD world he takes the form of a…

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  • RisenPhoenix

    Good news Dragonites! Dreamworks recently released a video on DreamworksTV (their YouTube channel). Recently they read a story called "Astrid and the Underground Terrible Terrors" by George Valtom as part of their Fun Fiction series . Keep writing, and with some luck, you might be next!

    Fly high!

    Ώ Rider ranger47 ][Talk Contributions ]

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  • Mythies123

    So, guys. My totally favorite dragon of all time is the Deadly Nadder. However, I am confused about some things. 

    NADDER POISON. So, these dragons of awesomeness apparently have poisonous spikes. That's cool, yet another neat thing about the Deadly Nadder's endless and tricky defenses. 

    But, I am a curious person, so I start to think. No one has ever been hit by a spike... What kind of poison is it? Is it lethal? Or paralyzing? Or sedating? Or an irritant? What?????????

    So, I have a few things. 

    1. Those spikes are HUGE. If you're a small dragon or human, being impaled on one of those will make poison the least of your problems. 

    2. Speed Stingers are related to Nadders, apparently, so the poison could most likely be paralyzing.

    3. Anyone can to…

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  • RisenPhoenix


    April 9, 2015 by RisenPhoenix

    Currently, this wiki's bureaucrat is inactive. I am requesting to adopt this wiki, if anyone has any questions about this please let me know.

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  • CattyTheOrchid16

    Okie dokie, so I'm gonna be putting here picture of a blank template coding and then we can start.

    First and foremost, the background. You'll have to choose a color, eh? I choose my background colors in a site called It gives the RBG value of the color you chose. Another way to chose the color is going to thispage. 

    To change the color of the background, simply replace the -insert RBG/color here- text. For now, I'm gonna use cyan, mein fave color. So now the coding is gonna look like this:

    You get me? Now, the 'color' part is for the color of your text, the latter which we'll be discussing much later on. Remember, ALWAYS put a hashtag sign (#) before the RBG value. For this one, I'll be using the '00008B' RBG value, which is stron…

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  • RisenPhoenix

    written here are random bits and pieces of ideas for a new fanfic,the rider rangers of berk,a crossover between how to train your dragon and the rangers apprentice series. most things written are incomplete,so if you have any suggestions post them in a comment on this post and i will make sure you get credit in the story if i add your suggestion. Rider ranger47 (talk) 15:12, July 21, 2014 (UTC)

    • Rider ranger47
    • Ruffnut21


    everyone on berk knows the story of the rider rangers,rider ranger 46 and his 5 riders dieing to save the village from the red death... (incomplete)

    (intro stop)

    rider ranger secret to training stealth class dragons died with ranger 46

    stealth class dragons (4 needed) which can all camo like the cannon change wing can breat…

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  • ThornadotheThunderdrum


    July 10, 2014 by ThornadotheThunderdrum

    Has somebody heard of Wattpad? Other HTTYD fans go there to write their stories. So if this helps, you could write a fanfic on Wattpad.

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  • Aniju Aura

    New Fury Story

    March 22, 2014 by Aniju Aura

    I can't think of a name for this story that popped in my head today so I will work on it here until I can think of a good name for it. Then I will make a page for the story. I am putting my other stories on hold because I am having trouble with plot and maybe this one will help get my creativity juices going.

    I was thinking of calling the story Hell's Fury, but I wanted to be a little more clever with something related to dragons, and I didn't want two pages with similar names popping up if I decide to add links. If anyone comes up with a good name, you can suggest it.

    I usually avoid fan-fictions using the canon characters, but this one makes more sense to have Hiccup and the crew together in this one. This story doesn't follow the story li…

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  • (2142)Gen.Reaper

    I'm creating this page so people can post and talk about their favorite How to Train Your Dragon fan fictions that are not available for viewing on this wikia, either it be crossovers and ETC. 

    One of my personal favorites is the somewhat frequently updated web comic, HTTYD2: The Dragon Whisperer by InHonoredGlory which is available for viewing on DeviantArt , ,Tumblr , and it's website official website . I prefer however to view it on the official website and DeviantArt because of the art he posts on it, but I will also add that the story is dark and very(very) long and will take some time to read, but I like it because of it's complexity. 

    Besides Dragon Whisperer I also like to…

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  • (2142)Gen.Reaper

    The Struggle of Nations is my planned second series of How to Train your Dragon fan fictions that will focus on the Hairy Hooligan Tribe and it's allies and enemies as they are unexpectedly drawn into the global conflict between two major world powers, the Federal Republic of Isotx and the Eastern Empire when their worlds are connected by the opening of large portals which is caused by the wake of a disastrous secret weapon test by one of aforementioned powers. However this series will not only just focus on the HTTYD characters, but also characters from the two major world powers' militaries and governments including from their heads of state to the basic foot soldiers will get their share of attention. 

    The world known to me as "The Isotx…

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  • Aniju Aura


    November 28, 2013 by Aniju Aura

    I felt like having a blog where I can post all my art I post on this wikia. Helps me keeps track of things. 

    Pictures of my dragons.

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  • Aniju Aura


    November 19, 2013 by Aniju Aura

    I've created two templates for us to use on this wikia. I straight up took them off of a Bronies Wiki because they were the easiest to use.

    The first one is just plain called Character Info. To use a Template, while editing, on the right hand side click on the downward facing arrow next to Templates. The the arrow is facing up than simply look for "Add other templates." The screen will go black and pop up a small box. If it's not in "Most frequently used"  then go to the search bar call Search For a template. Simply type in the search bar Character info and click on it when it pops up.

    Filling out the template is straigh forward. I've filled this one out with basic information about the template. If you wish to not use particular sections in…

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  • Aniju Aura

    How To Create Your Dragon

    November 13, 2013 by Aniju Aura

    I decided to make a blog for Flash Games people can use to design and create their own dragons, for people who don't believe in their artist skill yet. Most design Flash Games are free to use on DeviantArt as long as proper credit is given. However on other web sites that's a bit difficult so I'll give credit to the creators here on a blog and give links so other people can find the Flash Games easily. If you come across one, please leave a link to the game below in the comments so I can add it to the list here and give credit.

    If I find any good human design games I will post them here, however I am looking for ones that can be used to Vikings, rather than modern day people.

    Various Dragon desiger games.

    Night Fury Maker - created by Wyndbai…

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  • Majoras revenge!!!

    Attention: I am making a story, about Dinosaurs and Dragons, and I want to know who else wants to be involved.

    • No T-rex fanboys/fangirls, a Spino will kill one.
    • This will not be a joke of Any sort.
    • This story will be so awesome it may hurt some user's faces.
    • Anyne may join.

    • How to train your Dragon main characters
    • Sysmic: unknown
    • Toothache: minor antagonist
    • T-Rex: main antagonist for most of the book
    • Spinosaurus: another major antagonist
    • Others coming soon

    Well hope you join the newest big story on the wiki!

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  • Aniju Aura

    Things To Remember

    March 4, 2013 by Aniju Aura

    This is a blog for me to jot down ideas or just to keep thought about unfinished ideas.

    Create and Name story

    Draw Aniju, Dante, Smokey and Ember

    Finish up designing Rafola and Cantona

    Create some female character

    A list of Aniju Aura's characters whom don't have pages.

    Name: Whiplash

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Quiet, friendly, shy, soft-spoken

    Appearance: Short-hair black on one side and long hair on the right

    History: Met Cutthroat and Hangnail, been hanging around with them every since

    Clan: Ivory and Frost Fall





    Fears: A bit intimidated by Jasper


    Dragon: None

    Name: Fokiir (Frost-Child)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Calm, observant, timid, intelligent, logical  

    Appearance: Pale white/silver skin, white…

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury

    Any HTTYD related dreams? Look at A Weird Warp Dream.

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  • SpazzyFox

    Hey, guys. I'm kinda upset because....

    I keep on spotting these random pictures of dogs on this wiki. How do they relate to HTTYD!? Which user is being annoying enough to post these? I love dogs, but you should post those pictures on the Dogs Wikia. Not here.

    I know you think it's funny, but no, it's messing up this wiki which was make for HTTYD fanfiction, not pictures of dogs labelled; "THE BEAST" or "OLD LADY MONSTER". I mean, jeez, guys, put that random junk on the Random Wiki, which Potatogurl so kindly created. Thanks for reading.

    SpazzyFox 17:02, March 27, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Manga Maniac

    New Rules?

    March 21, 2011 by Manga Maniac

    I suggest we implement a new rule system:

    1. All articles must be more than one paragraph.
    2. All articles must have correct spelling.

    Humour stories are exempt from the second rule, providing the spelling mistakes are intentionally bad for comical reasons. Breaking these sacred rules will have various punishments: The smallest (and most common) being a small comment suggesting some spelling errors to fix the story (any users may, naturally, do this service) to outright deletion of an article.

    Any opposition?

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  • SpazzyFox

    "The Dragon Pack" Stuff

    February 25, 2011 by SpazzyFox

    Hey, guys!

    SpazzyFox here!

    Now that I've been writing The Dragon Pack for a while, I've decided to make some changes.

    In the beginning of the article/fan-fiction/whateveryawannacallit, it has a section on the characters. Whenever I look back to it, it reminds me that I have to put in the characters I've listed in there. So, I'm going to delete that part of the section. And, plus, it doesn't spoil the story for ya~ :) And, there's a female Skullion named "Fang", and I've already got a Saber-Toothed Driver Dragoness in my story named Fang... Whoops. So, here's the point of the blog:

    I want YOU to post a comment on this blog or on The Dragon Pack having information of a dragon you want me to put in a story. Fan-made or real, I don't care. Any bre…

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury

    Spoof HTTYD

    January 28, 2011 by Jurassic Park Treasury

    Make the funniest HTTYD spoof.

    Like this:

    Hiccup: What is that, a giant monkey?

    • King Kong runs in and grabs Astrid*
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  • (2142)Gen.Reaper

    My Short Story

    January 17, 2011 by (2142)Gen.Reaper

    I have been working on two Short Story "Universes" relating to HTTYD.

    One of them is called the "Clan Wars Universe" in which a dimensional rift created by a Military Experiment in 2111 bridges a futuristic version of our world to the HTTYD Movie Universe. It combines the HTTYD Universe with a universe of my own creation that I originally created for a Red Alert 3 Mod. The United States at the time is now controlled by a Single and powerful Political Party called the American's People Party or APP that has it's own armed branch separate from the regular US Armed Forces called the American's People Military (APM) that has it's own small Navy and Air Force and is allied to Europe, Russia and many other countries in the world. The Story itself…

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