WrathOfTheNightFury WrathOfTheNightFury 11 days ago

Pls don

Aight so I would rather you guys not talk to me today. My grandfather, who I was very close to, has... passed away. So I might be inclined to snapping and lashing out at people today.

Now, I don't want a pity party or ANYTHING like that, I'm just informing you guys.


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Nightfury4eva Nightfury4eva 19 days ago

I honestly don't know what this is about ;P

hi guys, as the title states I don't know what I'm doing but I had the irrational urge to do this and I have the impulse control of a toddler so HERE WE GO!

umm... I guess I want to talk about...ummm my art? okay so as of late I've been takeing a long time to make art while somewhat repeating myself. this is because I don't know what I'm doing. I think this new fandom design thing scrambled my brain because I'll start a drawing and then leave it to work on something else.

I'll go through multiple sketches just to delete them all and walk away. sorry I'm takeing so long with art I keep going in useless circles about what I want to do. speaking about what I want to do I'd like to talk about some changes I'm going to make with my pages. don't w…

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Tooothless2459 Tooothless2459 21 days ago

(over)10 things i seriously do not like(please be ready)

1:Stark Bots

Just so scary, they pack a hell of a a punch!


Scariest things of all time(followed me From steamy to pleasant)

3:The App Store


4:Jack Gourdon

Its a pumpkin. A pumpkin


My worst enemy

6:My Art

Visible reasons


Worst AGT acts of all time


Creepy things they are

9:Anyone who says the below video is bad


10:Anyone who reads the Royal Institute of Magic series and says its bad.

11:Just here to fulfil the title promise.

Pls Note:I will be slightly inactive in the coming days, as i have to make a RIM fandom.

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Tooothless2459 Tooothless2459 26 days ago

Well, cos Arach is posting facts, theres nothing stpping the pest doing it either(is there? idk)

ok, well, here goes.

1)the medley(again)



I don't want the place but the fishy on me

got a lot to be but the fishy on me

got a lot do do, ill slap your knee...

OK, im not gnna elaborate, for fear i maay doom you to a life of staying in reverse gear.

2)i lOoOoOoVe this preschool show named peep and the big wide world(its american-canadian, wh knows it?)quack the duck relates to me on all scaled(apart from being a blue duck, and wearing a sailors hat, and living in a pond, you get the idea)

3)SHUT UP AND LET ME CRANK(i love playing fortnite)


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Tooothless2459 Tooothless2459 26 days ago

Insults, Jokes and Memes, the constantly updating handbook.

SORRY NO MEMES, just ideas. I=Insult


I: (Girl to girl probably) Fake nails, fake hair, fake smile. *****, you sure you weren't made in china?

I: Isn't it rather dangerous to use one's entire vocabulary in a single sentence?(go disney there)

I: Ooh, I quiver with FEAR!(and again go disney)

I:Forgive me for not leaping for joy. Bad back, you know.(scar really is my favourite disney character)

I:You’re a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.(another disney one)

I:I'm not saying you're stupid. I'm just saying you have bad luck when it comes to thinking.

I:(proper girl to girl. your welcome, ladies) Eenie Meenie Minie Moe, you ain't nothing but a crow(hoe) you think you're cute you think you're classy newsflash girl your ******* nasty.


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Tooothless2459 Tooothless2459 26 days ago

Some kind of random rant thingy, idk

Hi there. I'm T. That guy who is using this blog post to just... I have no idea what the right word is so, leave it.

Something I should cover.

This wiki is like a lifeline for me, somewhere I can be who I am and not be judged(at least visibly). So just thank you to all those none people reading this just for in general being there. It's nice to be able to talk to people and not have them judge you(or at least judge you behind your back(of your screen, which makes no sense, I know)). This is a place I can actually properlly relax. Sure, I have great friends irl, but sometimes we just feel like we don't fit in, ain't that right. Then there are those times you just feel shunted, and wanna lock yourself up. Somewhere(those who post cliffhangers …

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Whenpigeonsfly Whenpigeonsfly 19 August

Dragontale First Build V0.0000000000000000000000001


The first Dragontale build came out... (horray...)

Don't have high hopes. it sucks. I'll keep adding to it soon, once i flesh out the storyline, do some pixel art, and lots of coding.

This is an experiment. The real dragontale will probably be made in Gamemaker.

play it here! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/418310037/

feel free to say it is trash.

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DeepFlame3 DeepFlame3 19 August

My Favourite Music Artists

Okeyyy well here is my blog. *looks around* it's pretty empty, but not for long. I'm about to fill it with music! Namely, all the music artists I listen to and would consider to be in my favourites. So buckle up, you're in for an extensive list :P

NF: My favourite music artist of all time. NF is his initials, they stand for Nate Feuerstein. He's a rapper from Michigan who has risen to the top and is ultra skilled. He is Christian, but his raps aren't specifically about Christianity - however they are still epic, he's incredibly skilled, and because he is a Christian he keeps it clean - never ever cusses or uses anything inappropriate.

Best songs: Paid My Dues, The Search, Only, Real, If You Want Love, Returns, WHY, Options, Outcast, No Excus…

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LightFury271 LightFury271 18 August

More Strange Facts about Light!

Ok, I'm going to build off of the last list of facts. The new ones start at 16, I think.

  1.  I am incredibly tall for a girl my age. I am 14 and am 5' 9". I also have very short feet that are wide. In Crocs, I fit a 7 or 8 in wide and they're almost too narrow...
  2. I have loved dragons and dinosaurs for a very, believe me veryyyyy, long time but, fell in love (I have always liked it but, this is love) with HTTYD after I saw the very first ad for the Hidden World and I saw the Light Fury. 
  3. I can be described as crazy for randomly getting really into my books or rtte and shaking the entire camper that my family currently lives in.
  4. I have SPD and am a sensory avoider. My sister (who also has SPD) on the other hand is mostly seeker. We both have very s…
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Nightfury4eva Nightfury4eva 15 August

uhhhh facts about me I guess, this is going to make some of you feel differently about me.

uh, so. I am going to get verbally attacked by the time this is over aren't I. oh well. if you think any differently of me when this is over then fight me I can take you >:3 

  1. I am a COMPLETE MANIAC. I hear voices in my head and am increadably violent. why you chose a could-be murderer as a chat/content mod IDK that's on you. but uh lol I got it under control no need to worry I won't kill anyone, probably. 
  2. I LOVE DINOSAURS!!!! they're just SO freaking cool! I can't with their level of awesomeness. my fave has to be eather Velociraptor or Dinonicus. because Velociraptor has those huge claws and they're smart but  small, Dinonicus just like raptors but they don't live in packs are bigger and dumber (to some degree).
  3. I love DnD, and LARP. yes I'…
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Facts About Me Part 2

Many peeps are making these so I guess here I am makin a part two.

1. I loved Dinosaurs! Not as much as dragons but I love then a lot! My favorite has to be the Carnotaraus, I have no idea why but I think that it looks so cool! My second favorite would have to be the Utahraptor because if you a dino fan like me you would know a Velociraptor in real life came up to your leg. Meanwhile the Utahraptor is about a foot taller then an adult human, its kind of like a giant raptor. And my third favorite has got to be the Dilo, sure it probably didn't have a frill or have the ability to shoot venom but we don't know that! It just has a cool look in general.

2. If we could bring dinosaurs to life with DNA I definetly would be a scientist and make the …

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Fengmei Qin123 Fengmei Qin123 13 August

Weird Factos About Meh (Not like anyone cares but imma just write this anyways)

Welcome to my blog post. (Inspired by none other than Arach's duh, I like bandwagons) Yes, you can have tea, kettle's on the table, please help yourself. Anyways I'm just here to present some weird facts about me I guess. Though it isn't really my thing to write facts about myself because I know myself like how a lactose intolerant knows cheese, both are very, unaware.

Anywasies, here's some weird facts about me that no one asked for.

1. I am lazy as hell. I mean, this one's known by almost anyone. My friends, my family, myself, maybe a few on here. I mean, I'm lazy to the point that I give up too early on things. Like for say, if I'm in class and going against a few smart students for some competition, I'm not going to participate because *…

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RumbleFury RumbleFury 11 August

Wind Gnashers have just become one of my favourite dragons!

I don’t know why I didn’t love them earlier. They are so cute, the stubby legs, the long, bumpy snout IT IS SO CUTE! I have one featuring in my fanfiction (Capture) called “Windy” and IT WAS MADE UP BY A DRUNK HUNTER- I AM NOT THAT BAD AT MAKING NAMES UP, OK?

I have also done some digital art of Windy which you can find on the recent (as of writing this) discussion post called “Capture- Chapter 3” or on the Wiki page for capture.

Arivederci, amici!

PS: I’m not Italian. I am (shoe) Polish.

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LightFury271 LightFury271 8 August

First time doing this and I think I might completely destroy my purposes...

Since everyone else is doing this, I guess I might as well jump on the bandwagon. I'm going to try to kill three birds (facts, loves, and hates) with one huge stone (this post) so... here it goes...

  1.  I am incredibly tall for a girl my age. I am 14 and am 5' 9". I also have very short feet that are wide. In Crocs, I fit a 7 or 8 in wide and they're almost too narrow...
  2. I have loved dragons and dinosaurs for a very (believe me veryyyyy long time) but, fell in love (I have always liked it but, this is love) with HTTYD after I saw the very first ad for the Hidden World and I saw the Light Fury. 
  3. I can be described as crazy for randomly getting really into my books or rtte and shaking the entire camper that my family currently lives in.
  4. I have SPD a…

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DeepFlame3 DeepFlame3 8 August

Facts about your resident depressed dude Deep (Alliteration peeps).

Hey all.

Have another 'facts about this user' blog post. Some of them are already on my profile, some are not. Hope you enjoy (If you're here... which you probably aren't...) *sigh* If you're around then have fun I guess.

1: My dimensions are: 6 feet tall, extremely lanky and skinny, bony, size 13 feet.

2: I can recite all of the dragon species from the HTTYD Franchise, not including game and comic ones, which I don't consider canon.

3: I hate all fruit (including the 'vegetables' that are actually fruit - tomatoes, cucumbers, etc). Ever since I was a kid and had an incident where I choked on a grape and nearly died, my body has not been able to handle fruit well. Only bananas.

4: I hate myself. What more needs to be said? I'm not a likable guy…

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Songs I recommend when writing

I do not know if anyone else listens to music while writing but I do and it totally hypes me up! If you haven't tried it you should try it for a bit as they usually motivate you to write more!

Different songs should be for different scenes or actions in a story. Here is what I think you should  listen to based on what you are writing:

Action Scene: Wolves By Sam Tinnesz, Legends Never Die By League Of Legends, Break Us All by KSHMR and Felix Show, Fearless by TULE

Creepy/Dark Scene: Heart Shaped Box By Neovaii, HUMANS By Kloud, Ticking By Tin, GRRLS by AViVa

Sad Scene: Crash by Neovaii, Ghost By Jacob Tillberg

Encouraging (When you feel like your story is trash): Outside by Ellie Goudling, La Da Dee by Cody Simpson

Neutral Scene: Sick Boy By The…

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Nightfury4eva Nightfury4eva 7 August

Random thoughts

okay, I'm gonna start with being onest, I have no Idea what I'm doing here. this is gonna be totally random and in no specific order. it's just as the title says, 'RANDOM THOUGHTS' so without further dilly dallying let's see what's inside of my dirty jacked up twisted mind.

  1.  I live in America, and there are some people here who live 'down under' aka Aussie! and that got me thinking, they're a day ahead of the US that means whenever I call my aussie friends I'm talking to a person in the future and they're talking to the past. would that mean that they know what happens here before it happens? what if they got like some news from the US and they could tell us what happens in that day. can you guys do that? if so that'd be awesome and I want …

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Facts 'n Stuff (Inspired by Arach)

Hullo, welcome to my 3 a.m. ramble, whoop. Please note that this was written from 2-4 a.m., so it might not make a whole lot of sense.

This is me copying off Arach again, thanks for inspiring this whole thing man!

Now I guess Imma just list off some facts about myself :P

1. I. Hate. Tomatoes.

How could anyone like the nasty, mushy, soggy, seedy, repulsive, disgusting, revolting, nauseating, sickening, vile, foul fruit?

2. Therapy’s the dream, man

Eyo, I’m a big old empath. You see, my dream has always been to help other people emotion-wise and become a therapist when I get older. I mean, technically I’m not extremely stable emotion-wise myself, but that’s none of my concern. I turn full-therapist to any friends who bring me issues, I tend to wri…

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RumbleFury RumbleFury 6 August

A blog

Hi. I have just found out how to make these. Do they have to be about HTTYD?

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WrathOfTheNightFury WrathOfTheNightFury 6 August

Things I HATE (Again, Arach started this)

Sooooo, things I hate. There are quite a lot actually.

1. Myself

Reason: My dark side

2. Bullies


3.Amazing artists who call their art bad (I'm talking about almost everyone on this wiki).

Reason: IT'S A LIE. Also, my art is NOT good, so I don't fall ito that category.

4. People who deprive themselves of sleep

Reason: IT IS WRONG (Says the person who sleeps for 6 hrs each day, and who stayed up for 50 hours straight for a dare, Ik, I'm a hypocrite OuO)

5. All Disney adaptations of books.

Reason: Just watch Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl movies, then you'll see what I mean.

6. Me choking

Reason: This happens in front of girls and it is sooo EMBARRASSING, because I'm an introvert.

7. People who won'…

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Dragons of destiny Dragons of destiny 5 August

Properly joining + art requests and trades

I decided it would be fun to join a wiki desiccated to one of my favorite books, apart from adding to a report. I do draw, an art example is at the bottom.

i will be taking art requests and trades.

i am much better at drawing dragons with a lighter color scheme so the line art is not odd-looking.


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Welp Here I Go Going On A Rant About A Game Nobody Plays Anymore

The peeps around here are thirteen and up, which means they were born around the time where game graphics were "ok". But there was this one game, several to be exact back in 2013 that I loved. To the utter. DEATH.

And it was called Skylanders. 

SO yeah this blog is just going to be about me going on a huge rant about this game I loved and still do now!

So, Skylanders, boy where do I even start, I guess I should start out with what exactly the storyline of Skylanders. Basically, Skylanders are these powerful protecters that weild one of the ten elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Tech, Life, Magic, Undead, Dark, and Light and they protected this world known as Skylands (With a bunch of floating islands as you would expect), they were basically …

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Miaou9 Miaou9 3 August

Late Night Akiro x Polarr Blog

Hey, what's up fellow dragonites? I've been wanting to create this blog for awhile, and I finally decided to do it! The basic gist of it is that whenever I'm bored at night, I resort to drawing- and it usually turns into Akiro and Polarr ship art. These two dragons are Echoers, a species created by Fengmei Qin123 , and they're made/adopted by none other than Esteria the Night Fury , a dear friend. 

The short story of the two, which may be factually incorrect considering they aren't my OC's, is that the dragons weren't originally intended to be together, but once Este discovered their personalities, she found them very compatible. Besides the fact that the Echoer species is just so darn fun to draw (and all of Polarr's colors make it 10x mo…

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Whenpigeonsfly Whenpigeonsfly 1 August


So everyone is doing this so i think it would be fun for me to do it too? ikd here we go

1. i read too much

2. i still go on scratch to code :(

3. i do digital art on scratch as well. it sucks but i don't have a better setup so...

4. my favourite youtube series is probably either underverse (jael penazola) or glitchtale (camila cuevas) both are amazing with cool stuff go see the latest episodes/teasers to see what i mean!

5. sometimes i snack in the middle of the night.

6. i have gone camping before... in my backyard

7. i am obsessed with peashooters

8. i play minecraft, terraria, roblox, and the ALMIGHTY UNDERTALE! i have also played deltarune chapter 1

9. my bedroom is a mess of lego, plushies, and paper.

10. my pencils keep disappearing.

ok 10 fac…

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WrathOfTheNightFury WrathOfTheNightFury 1 August

Facts (Inspired by Arach, the one who started all this)

Facts huh?

I bet you guys are reading this cos you have nothing else to do.

Anyway, get ready, buckle your seatbelts, put on your Weirdness protection V Netherite armour on (Just in case), hang on tight, and get ready to.... ummmm, Idk, read? Yeah, Imma go with read.

1. Soo, I like to read. A LOT. TOO MUCH. ALL THE TIME.

2. I also like to talk. But hate writing.

3. For some weird reason, I like listening to original soundtracks.

4. THE FLASH (Secon to httyd of course)

5. Marvel is okay, I guess, but I stopped liking it after Endgame. You see, after Tony's sacrifice, lots of people became Iron Man fans. I don't like that cos I'm an OG Iron Man fan, and I resent the guys who like him only so that they could say to others, "I saw this coming, Stark'…

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Whenpigeonsfly Whenpigeonsfly 30 July


everyone has been seen

doing these newfangled blog posts

so im doing it too

that was a haiku.

man i suck at poetry.


[  O   .   .  O   T

 \H L E SS /

i suck at drawing this sorta stuff too.

roses are red, beserkers are blue

the dragons are happy

'cuz hiccup beat you.

ok, pigeons out.

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Since there have been so many people creating blog posts...

... I'm making another one too. It's kinda a trend right now, but I have NO IDEA what to title these stuff so, yeah.

So, wiki ratings? Should I do that? Idk. Imma just do it.

  • Httyd fanon wiki :

Well, what can I say. This wiki is AMAZING, everyone is so nice, and it's a lot of fun to be on this fandom.

  • Httyd wiki

This was the wiki that introduced me to all of the others, so I really like it, but since it's canon, and they have separate wikis for all the fun stuff, it's not the best. I still go there a lot, but I do't post much there.

  • Riordan wiki

This one is VERY active, and the users are quite friendly, but the mods are very strict, and they are active ALL THE TIME. They have separate official posts for stuff, and a post for chatting, because the…

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Facts about your boi Arachnid Part 2!

I liked telling facts about myself to ya peeps so I thought why not make a part two?

1. I listen to music when I am writing, the song is usually based on the theme of the story, right now  writing Revealed secrets I listen to Outside because it somewhat matches the theme of the story.

2. I was planning on making an animation about all my Oc's and there friend, I am not sure when I am planning it but if you have any characters or dragon speacies you want me to add feel free to suggest it!

3. My pets besides my cat Tayton are: Swimmingpool (I was five ok?) the gold fish, Cleany the Albino Catfish, Splits and Emerald the frogs, Blaze and Turqoise the Betta fish, Chily the Chinchilla (babysat), Lalo the Bearded Dragon (Class pet), Tiny the baby l…

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DeepFlame3 DeepFlame3 25 July

Weird question

Ok this is a slightly odd blog post, but here goes.

So, is this just me, or does anybody else ever like, in their heads, see their dragon species taking on a Dragon Rider or being discovered for the first time by Hiccup or somat like that? Idk, I get that a lot with my Deep Flame and it's the kind of daydream that I like to sit back, close my eyes, and imagine lol. Like, I got one recently which went something like this:

So there's Hiccup, flying just along the surface of the crystal clear turquoise water, not even touching the surface as he skims over it on Toothless. It's a sunny day and even from above the ocean surface Hiccup can see the dancing light rays filtering under the water creating beautiful patterns. As he flies at top speed, p…

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Wiki Ratings (inspired by Arach)

This blog post was inspired by Arach

I am active on quite a few wikis, and there are many that I enjoy observing as well!!

So here you are, in no particular order:

HTTYD Fanon Wiki: I love this wiki because though it is a somewhat smaller community, everyone is kind, and we all know each other! Whenever something bad happens, we band together and take care of it. Everyone helps everyone. It's awesome.

HTTYD Wiki: This wiki was great at first, I enjoyed it because of how active discussoins were. But when OCs were pushed into the OC dump, I kind of drifted away, as I didn't find everything else quite as entertaining. Being a more active community, there are also more dangers, so overall, I avoid using it as often.

HTTYD OCs Wiki: The OCs wiki was …

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DeepFlame3 DeepFlame3 24 July

Deep Flame pic

Sooooooo the post brought you here. Fun fun! You can now see my sloppy 1 hour sketch of a Deep Flame. Hope you guys like it!

And, I'll say it again, remember to click on it to see it in better resolution.



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DeepFlame3 DeepFlame3 24 July

Random sketch

Here is the post now in blog form.

So, here’s a little sketch I’ve been working on recently. I was happy with it enough to share it on here, so here goes. *immediately regrets ever posting it because it’s literal rubbish*

Remember to click on it to see it in better resolution.


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Opinions on wiki's :D

Like some users, I don't just stay on one fandom wiki for the entire time. I go on other wikis I have been to so many others! So here is my rankings of wikis


1.How To Train Your Dragon Fanon: Great People everyone is so nice! You can let your imagination go wild! No matter what someone will always notice your work. They make you feel important! The admins unlike most wiki's I have been on are super nice and easy to talk to when you have a problem! Awesome wiki!10/10

1 1/2. Zizanian WIki: Ok at first thought you may think, what the heck is a Zizanian, well its something I made up, similiar to pokemon in a way, this wiki despite having only abut four users working on it is awesome! You can make anything you want! The admins there are a…

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Reb9287nadder Reb9287nadder 17 July

Hate on My Country

Hey this is random blog post. But whatever,

This blog will talk about why I sometimes hate my country. If any other Australians see this or people how love Australia please take no offence to it, I love Australia but there are times when I hate my country. And why other countries e.g. USA,Canada,England,NZ or any other countries really. But there are sometimes I would prefer to live in Berk and meet Stormfly.

1. Politics 

I wont go in any depth about that because I would get in trouble.

2. No Walmart 

Yes I know we don't have Walmart, I really wish we did. It would be better than Coles or Woolworths because you would have other intresrting stuff as well and including How to train your dragon stuff. I've never been in walmart and if I went for t…

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The Kunst Kid The Kunst Kid 16 July

Art Requests for The Kunst Kid

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Things I HATE

Henlo peeps! Wow I am making a lot of blogs aren't I? Welp heres the number one things I have a pure hate for and want to destroy them!

1. Pigeons

Ok stay with me here but I HATE pigeons to the utter death. I think that they are part of a secret group that are planning to overtake the world, pretending to be stupid and eating bread tossed to them but are secretly learning about our wolrds and information. Seriously I am not even joking I do believe this. I think my sister does to but doesn't take it much seriously. But I do, I hate them, I know what they are up to.

2. Small Compliments

I do not know why but I REALLY HATE when people in chat or in comments say a single word like "ok", "Cool", etc I think its because I feel like they are just sa…

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My first blog post

Hellooooooooo, welcome to my first blog post, which for some reason I am typing while reading Artemis Fowl.

I'm just your average friendly neighbourhood Httyd fan, but I also like:-

  • The Flash (TV show)
  • The Httyd books
  • Percy Jackson (And all the other series related to it)
  • Artemis Fowl
  • Alex Rider
  • Marvel
  • The Hunger Games
  • Divergent series
  • Many, MANY more, but if I include them, the list will be a couple of miles long, so Imma cut it short.

Aight, what else. You should know that I am a bit of a nerd. I like Maths, Science, English, History, Science, Science and Maths. Also a bookworm. A HUGE bookworm. And I'm proud of it. I don't like Harry Potter much, and would never had read it, but EVERYONE in my class had read it, and I was suposed to be the bookwor…

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Dragon5GMA Dragon5GMA 9 July

Derpy Art Trades

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Coding Requests

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LightFury271 LightFury271 8 July

The Results of a Rescue Mission

Hey, y'all! Snowflake, Astra, and I just came back from a crazy and very long rescue mission. We met hundreds of little dragons needing adoption and decided to bring them back to our little hideout island to put up for adoption. 

  • 1 Rules
  • 2 How This Works
    • 2.1 Layout
    • 2.2 Adoptions
  • 3 Adoptable Dragons
    • 3.1 The U.S.A.
    • 3.2 Still Needing Adoption

  1. Only two(ish) dragons per user.
  2. Only Blue Isle Dragon Riders can adopt from the BIDR dragons.
  3. If someone adopts the dragon you want before you, no complaining please, it is frustrating to deal with. Quietly message me on my wall to ask for a copy dragon with a different name.
  4. If you don't like any of the dragons available, don't get angry, there will be more soon!
  5. Please don't adopt if you don't plan on using them.

There wi…

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Reb9287nadder Reb9287nadder 8 July


Hey I would just like to say this about the Milneys (ignore this if you don't want to or have no time)

Anyway thanks so much for the many Milneys appearing by great, talented artists and I would like to thank them of course it finishes in a one or two days but I would just like to say this. 

-Thanks so much for the help.

-Thanks so much for the lovely art.

-Thanks so much to Arach and Eva who are second in command.

I can't wait to see more and be prepared because a Team Soteria will come out soon as well !

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Me and My sisters Wacky Dreams

  • 1 Super Hero
  • 2 Meerkats
  • 3 Gumball Eater/Jeep Jumper
  • 4 My Sister, the Scale shredder
  • 5 Zombie Cars
  • 6 The Sea Serpent
  • 7 Cabin Dream
    • 7.1 (Comment below which dream I should tell next!)

Ok this dream is very weird. I was about seven or eight when I had this dream. I dreamed that I was Griffin! (If you don't know who this is read my facts about me blog) but that wasn't all, I was surrounded by characters from my favorite game, Skylanders! Including Spyro (A purple dragon), Whirlwind (A unicorn-dragon hybrid), and Stealth Elf (A ninja elf), including some other...very distrubing characters from Dora the Explorer. Yes I watched Dora when I was younger, and for some reason a blue butterfly also wanted to join my team, and a cat. So I had this massive team and for…

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Reb9287nadder Reb9287nadder 7 July

Welcome to my mind

Hey its Reb,

Don't read this if you don't want to but if you want to please do :) 

I would like to tell you about my imagination, well its out of control. My imagination consits of werid things, httyd,narnia,lotr,movies,life and escaping to a new world. My own mind has also created a fantasy world based on different movies (mostly httyd) and being Stormfly (Ik so werid, but I always wish to be Stormfly).

My fantasy world is so big its about more than 10 pages long and even drawn maps. I share it with some people because I like it to be my own thing to run too. 

However this makes my mind go crazy, I don't know why ?

Thanks for reading my mind and knowing how I get lost in the httyd world.


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Nightfury4eva Nightfury4eva 7 July

feelings time with eva, because u guys need it!

hewo tis I eva, yall' know me! (I sur ehope you do) anyways since I last posted on this my mood has seriously changed. so u may dump all of ur issues here for me to take care of! because I'm happy and I don't think I'll get triggered again. so go ahead and participate in feelings time with eva and just tell me what's wrong I will listen. if u don't want me to I wont respond to ur post and I'll just listen hopefully this helps and isn't a total wast of time! ;)

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Facts About Mua Arachnid

1. I have a used to have a fat ragdoll cat named Tayton (R.I.P 2003-2020) and a samoyed dog named Everest They don't get along well (At least Tayton hated her, but before he died he let her lick and lightly nibble on his ears but other times he pretended she wasn't there)

2. I love Godzilla, Dragons, Ark, Subnautica, HTTYD, and a lot of ther things

3. I am christian

4. I have autism

5.  I have made an entire group of heroes, Griffin, Ninja Cat, Tti, Spirit, Rose, Ete, Azila, and Hydra, along with a group of supervillains Hornet, Dr.Goo, Sentinel, Giga Raptor, Hourglass, Plague, Black Hole, and Cutthroat

6. I have two younger sisters (counting my dog)

7. I watch MLP, Spirit:Riding Free, and Skylanders:Academy, 

8. Jobs I'd like: Author, Script Wri…

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Reb9287nadder Reb9287nadder 6 July

My First Blog

Hey this is my first blog post (I thought I should make one)

But anyways ummm I just wanted to talk about httyd and what I like and in case you didn't know.


1.When did you first get into How to train your dragon ?

Well when I was in grade 4. My friend who I miss got me into it. We played games about httyd, talked about it and well since it was in 2014 I watched Httyd 2 in the cinemas. It was amazing ! So I watched more and was obssed (prob even more than her now). I am also into fantasy/medival/viking type stuff so which is another reason why I like it.

2. What are your 3 favourite dragons species and why ?

  • Deadly Nadder- I loved how they had so many abilites and now wish I was them. Bc they can shoot spines, fire magnesuim fire,…
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Nightfury4eva Nightfury4eva 4 July

I need to vent, and this is the best way to do it.

hello, it's eva. the person who currently wants to impale themselves with a cheese stick. 

IDK why but for some reason I'm acting really weirdly, all of my self-confidence has died in a hole and IDK if I can get it back. so what imma do is rant, this is directed at NO ONE ok, I just want people to know that before I say crappy things.

okay, so it's stupid of me to have issues because I have a good life compared to others but some things have been bothering me and I need to say things. stupid issue number one, my new book, Before the riders, it sucks, sure people say its good but compared to other things it's hammered * * * *. is it good? sure I've been told that, but I look at other things and say to myself, I could never do this. everyone l…

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DeepFlame3 DeepFlame3 22 June

Deep Flame base!

So as you all know my other post didn't work. So here's the base! Feel free to make OCs with it, I'd be excited to see what you come up with! Please let me know and credit me for the species if you are using your Deep Flame OC in a fanfiction, page, or anything else. Thanks!

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Trending Pages- help please!

Hey there! I need halp, plez.

I cannot be active in discussion right now thanks to a glitch (which I am working to fix) so a blog post is the best I've got. Please only comment on here, not the discussion post, so that I may see feedback!

On to the point of this post, as many of you probably know, the navigation bar contains out-of-date characters and fanfictions that have all died. I am taking the job of gathering a list of trending pages to update that, but of course I might need opinions on what I am adding.

We'll start out with five of each of the following categories; Fan-fiction stories, Viking characters, and dragon characters. I might look into changing the 'featured' section into dragon species, but right now, I need to be clear, dra…

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Fengmei Qin123 Fengmei Qin123 15 June

Dragon Adoptables

Hello, and welcome to my stables! I have recently rescued a few dragons, and they are all looking for new homes. Most of them came from dragon hunter auction sites, and luckily me and Dusq were able to save them in time. A few are also from dragon arenas, and might take some time to cope.

Now that you're here, I'll take ya to the stables so you could start adopting. Of course if you don't like the name I gave them you can change it to whatever you like. Once I say the dragon is yours, you may do whatever you want with it.

1. Please no fighting. If you and a user both want the same dragon, you could decide if you want to give it up, or you can both take the dragon and name it something different.

2. Only ONE d…

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