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Blueberry is a character in Before the Riders fanfic owned by Nightfury4eva. Blueberry was adopted from Fengmei Qin123 who also came up with his awesome species. thanks, Qinny!

“Go away, there’s not enough fish for you!”~Blueberry to Elka


Blueberry is mostly blue-grey, he has snow green details and purple-blue down his body and lining his wings. he has little blueish spots in the purple witch is how he got his name. he has scars covering his head and neck some appear on his 'arms'.


Blueberry was hatched in a dragon fighting arena. he had never known anything outside of dragon fighting. he was hatched specifically to become a champion. she was an amazing fighter despite him being uncommonly small for an Echoer. he was small due to malnutrition his skeleton never fully developed. Blueberry became a champion dragon fighter after killing the previous champion the Catastrophic Quaken. he was supposed to be shipped overseas to another fighting arena but he was intercepted by a girl and her Crimson Goregutter. he was brought to a strange place where he was treated very differently than he was used to being treated.

suddenly he was being fed three times a day never had to fight others for no reason and he no longer wore chains. the girl who had taken him away from his home was taking care of him. at first, he despised her for taking him away from everything he'd ever known. but he realized that she had actually saved him. he quickly warmed up to her and became her loyal protector. whenever he met someone new his instincts are to act aggressively so he often lashes out for no reason. Cinnabar keeps him in check most of the time, telling him to not be mean or to stop doing whatever he was doing. she is the only dragon he listens to.


Blueberry is pretty touchy, especially about his past. he doesn't like new dragons or people but he won't hurt them unless he has a reason to. he is pretty feisty and arrogant. he lacks most of his common sense telling him to be nice to strangers. he is very brash and irrational doing things when he feels like it and not asking why he feels like it, he can be very sweet and loyal but only if he seriously trusts you.



Blueberry doesn't possess fire, he instead emits a shockwave to stun, disorient, and neutralize his enemies. he then goes in for the kill, it was his shockwave abilities that kept him alive all those years in the arena. he knows how to use this ability very well and can turn it into a deadly weapon at times.


Blueberry can't see very well. being an Echoer his vision is limited and he can't see very well in normal conditions let alone in storms, underwater, and at night. to cope with that he uses his ears and sense of smell the keen senses that make him a tracker class dragon.


sadly Blueberry's strength is compromised by malnutrition, he is too small to be as strong as a normal Echoer. he can carry at least 500lbs (226 kg), he is most likely able to carry much more but that is yet to be confirmed. his forearms are unusually strong from arena fighting and he is able to climb better than most Echoers.


Blueberry isn't used to flying, he can't fly very far because of this. he has been raised in an environment where flying wasn't an option so he never really developed that skill. he is unable to fly more than a marathon. he is working on flying faster and farther but for now, he isn't very able to fly.


on foot, Blueberry is extremely agile. he had to be to stay alive in the arenas. in the sky, it's a different matter entirely. he is slow to turn and dodge in the air and he is bad at changing directions and pitch at a moment's notice. on the ground he is as agile as a speed stinger, he is able to weave through trees because of his small size and agile build. one of the few upsides of being tortured for most of his life.


Blueberry isn't extremely stealthy, but he's not easy to spot either. he can hide pretty well amongst rocks and grey clouds but with no cover and surroundings of the wrong color, he will stick out. luckily he is small, if he was bigger he'd be a very easy target for hunters and other dragons.


Blueberry is pretty intelligent, despite being irrational and brash he can be very intelligent at times. whenever he wants to he can think but he usually lets his instincts take over, especially when fighting. most of his decisions are based on his past from which his instincts have come from.


his decisions mostly come from his past. he is used to being treated horribly so he is quick to say that there's not enough fish for someone else or will snap at those who try to get their food before he gets his. he likes to make sure things are at least fair or go his way, he's used to the world trying to kill him so he needs to make sure to care for himself because no one else will. he also generally acts aggressively to anyone he doesn't know, he's used to meeting a new dragon and having to kill them so being nice to strangers is a new concept.

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