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Snowflake (left) and Sunset (right)


Book Two in the Ember Series

Book One is New Horizons, I recommend reading it if you have not done so already.


Now a 14 year old, Ember must learn how to be a cheiftess but, when a letter comes to the Dragon Riders of Berk and they get a lead on Håber's father, Ember must decide how to go about learning how to lead and possibly find and save her little dragon's father.

As the Dragon Hunters play a bigger role in Breaking Daylight, this story includes some slight violence and blood. If you are sensitive to that, read with caution!

Viking Characters from New Horizons

Ember Akasie

Now 14 years old, Ember is learning exactly what it means to lead and what her role will be when her father gives her the title of "chieftess". Ember rides a Light Fury named Snowflake.

Cedar Akasie

Cedar Akasie is Ember's 10-year-old brother. He's very brave and often comes along on his sister's escapades. He is very skilled at finding strange ways to get off his Cloudshatter, Stryker.

Chief Acer Akasie

Ember's father and the chief of their tribe, Acer has begun to teach Ember how to lead her tribe and strengthen it to prepare for the Dragon Hunters. Acer rides a Stormcutter named Solvinge.

Strøm Skyfjær

Ember's cousin who is 13 almost 14. Her nickname is River due to her name meaning stream or brook. She is best friends with Ember and Ember has promised her that when she becomes chieftess, Strøm will become her 2nd in command. Strøm rides a Dramillion named Skyflash.

Wyndy Ørn

One of Ember's many friends, Wyndy rides a Tideripper named Mist. She is the quieter of the group of girls but, is still very fun to be around. Her friends call her Wyn or Wynd for short.

Willow Ørn

Willow is Wyndy's twin sister. She also rides a Tideripper, named Fog. She also has a Light Fury named Whitewater, who is blind. Breeze, Ember's little sister, calls her Lilow.

More characters will be added. For more info on characters that appeared in New Horizons, check out its page here.

Dragon Characters from New Horizons


Sweet 4-year-old Håber is a little bundle of joy. She hasn't grown much in the past 5 months but, despite having three real legs, her personality sure has. She is best friends with Whitewater and Snowflake and is always eager to make new friends.


Ember's loyal Light Fury, Snowflake is a fairly calm dragon who would rather play with her friends than have to fight an enemy. She has adopted Håber as her sister and is good friends with Whitewater.


The blind and three-legged Light Fury, Whitewater has incredibly good hearing and sense of smell. She is led around by the Tideripper Fog, who is Willow's dragon. She enjoys hanging out with Snowflake and Håber and hearing them tell of the world around them.


Chief Acer's Stormcutter, Solvinge is a powerful dragon. His name means Sunwing because of his bright yellow wings. The rest of him is a reddish-orange. He often feels that he needs to be in charge because of his rider being the chief.

New Characters

Ignus Selgere

Ignus is a 15-year-old boy who is the son of a chieftain and is stranded at dragon hunter station.


Sunset is Ignus's Dusk Fury. He was injured and became sick as a result of Dragon Hunter arrows.

Breaking Daylight


Silence filled the night air. Only the mighty flap of the Dusk Fury’s wings and the breathing of his rider could be heard. The rider sighed happily at the sight of the bright moon and the clouds that gracefully laced the edges.

“If only all nights were like this,” The rider whispered, awe in his voice. The Dusk Fury shot up into a cloud and dove sharply, making his rider joyful and laugh. This pleased the dragon. Having his rider happy made everything the Fury did worth it. The bright moon reflected off of the dark sea as the dragon and rider skimmed the surface of the water, making water fly up behind them. The Dusk Fury climbed higher into the sky until islands became as small as Fireworms. The dragon’s rider, Ignus, the son of a chief, had found the Dusk Fury at a young age and bonded with him, naming the dragon Sunset. To relieve the stress of his position, Ignus would fly in the night, where silence abounded and worries seemed to float away. At the horizon, a fleet of three ships appeared. Ignus and Sunset didn’t notice the approaching ships as they tore through the sky. The looming ships grew closer as the dragon and rider flew, carefree. Arrows whizzed by the surprised dragon.

“Sunset!” Ignus yelled, “Get us out of here!” His warning was too late. An arrow planted itself firmly in the dragon’s side. Sunset roared in pain before falling from the sky, unconscious.

“Oh please wake up,” Ignus clung to the dragon’s scaly neck as they fell, “Please wake up, Sunset!” A net was flung from the ship and wrapped tightly around the dragon. The Dusk Fury and rider plunged into the ice-cold water and, after what felt like an eternity, were pulled up on deck. Dragon Hunters formed the crew of the ship and were the ones hauling Ignus and his dragon from a watery death. Ignus tried to stand and confront the hunters but, the net prohibited this action and even if the net wasn’t there, he was far too tired to fight. The unconscious Fury and his rider were escorted to the lower deck, where cages lined the walls. As Ignus walked past, he looked into the cages. Furies of all sizes were inside. Some were curled up in corners, glaring and growling at the hunters as they walked past. Others lay sleeping, sprawled out in the small quarters. One thing about all the dragons was the same. Ignus noticed that all of the dragons’ ribs were showing. A realization came into his head that made his blood run cold. Sunset would become one of these dragons. The hunters gruffly put the limp Dusk Fury and Ignus into one of the cages. Unlike most metals, the metal used in making this cage was a strange, eerie green. The heavy door clanged shut and Sunset and Ignus were alone.

Chapter 1: Håber and Manta

Ember sat comfortably on her bed, book in hand. Snowflake lay in front of the window, basking in the sunlight while resting. Ember looked out the window where Cedar was playing with their cousin, Wolfe. Over the winter, Cedar and Wolfe had become really good friends and Cedar often would purposely go over to Wolfe’s house to get snowed in. Now the snow from the long winter had gone and spring had taken full control of the weather. Breeze was sitting on the steps that led up to the house and was cheering her brother on as Cedar chased a small red, leather ball. Ember smiled at the happy scene before turning her attention back to the book she was reading. Half an hour passed with peaceful quietness filling the atmosphere. Three loud thunks from downstairs made their way into Ember’s ears. Snowflake woke up and jumped.

“What do you think that was?” Ember asked quietly. Snowflake purred and settled back down to soak in more of the sun. Ember slid off of her bed and silently slipped down the stairs to investigate what made the sound. Håber, the four-year-old Light Fury, had pushed a chair to the counter and had proceeded to climb up onto the chair. Ember watched as the little dragon stretched to get a wooden spoon and then jumped to the floor. Håber’s prosthetic leg was beginning to be a little small for the growing dragon and now, she walked with quite a noticeable limp. Håber, after getting the prized spoon, pranced outside. Ember followed, careful to not make a sound. After getting outside, Håber flew to a tree with plenty of shade beneath it and soft grass that she promptly laid down on and began to devour the spoon.

“Håber!” Ember scolded while she tried to not laugh as she ran across the lawn. Håber’s head shot up with half of the destroyed spoon in her mouth. “Håber…” Ember groaned as she picked up the small pieces of the demolished wooden spoon from the grass, “You know you’re not supposed to eat spoons.” The little Light Fury hung her head before perking up as Willow and her two dragons, Fog and Whitewater walked over.

“Hey, Ember!” Willow called as she waved.

“Hi Willow,” Ember cheerfully greeted her friend. Fog, Willow’s Tideripper came slowly behind Willow as Whitewater, affectionately known as Water, the Light Fury, took her time to sniff out a flower. Whitewater was blind and needed Fog to lead her around. Over the past 8 months, the two dragons came to work well together, although Whitewater was quite persistent in what she wanted and poor Fog had to go with her blind friend to make sure the Light Fury didn’t get hurt.

Whitewater, like Håber, was missing part of a leg and had to wear a prosthetic to be able to walk efficiently. Ember and Willow, along with Lavendel, had found the Light Fury several months earlier and had been Willow’s loyal dragon ever since. In an effort to give Whitewater some freedom, Willow tied a rope to her saddle and then to a loose collar around the Light Fury’s neck. Fog was resistant at first but eventually became very protective of Whitewater, treating her as she would a baby dragon. Håber and Whitewater had become very good friends.

“How has Whitewater been?” Ember asked.

“She’s been doing good,” Willow smiled, “She has done really well getting back onto her feet after she sprained her leg.”

“I still can’t believe she was able to get into that tiny crack without Fog getting stuck as well!”

“It was pretty funny that it slipped by Fog!” Willow giggled. Two weeks before, Whitewater had wandered off without Fog and managed to get herself halfway up a mountain and stuck in a gap, where she sprained her leg. Whitewater had to stay close to Willow and be inside most of the day. “Hey, I taught Water and Fog a new trick! Do you want to come see?”

Ember nodded and ran off after her friend.


Ignus groaned. He had barely gotten any sleep the night before, partly out of worry and care for his very sick dragon and partly out of discomfort. He had pulled the poisoned arrow out of his dragon’s side and was now keeping an eye on Sunset. The Light Fury in the cage on the other side of the ship looked lonely and hollow, like a part, or more, of him, was missing. Ignus observed the Light Fury for a while, desperately wanting to go and defeat the hunters who had taken him, Sunset, and all these other dragons captive.

A small whimper came from a dark corner of the cage Ignus was in. Sunset stirred and whined. Ignus turned his attention back to the Light Fury as he stroked the sick Sunset.

“Hey buddy,” Ignus whispered to the Light Fury. He turned his sad eyes toward the boy. “Hmm, you need a name. I can’t just call you buddy this whole time,” Ignus laughed as much as his sore sides would allow.

“How do you like the name Blizzard?” Ignus asked. The Light Fury’s ears perked up and a small amount of life leapt into the hollow, blue eyes. “Ok! Blizzard it is!”

“Hey boy!” A guard’s rough voice thundered into the hull, “Stay silent! Or we’ll have ta’ silence ya’!” The Dragon Hunter laid a hand on the hilt of his sword. Ignus shut his mouth abruptly and nodded, not daring to make a sound. The whimper came from the corner again and Ignus turned to see what the sound was.

Whatever had made the sound was small, meaning it was not the Dusk Fury. Ignus stood up slowly and went to investigate. Curled up in the corner was a tiny dragon. After examining the small creature, Ignus decided that it was a female baby Silver-bellied Green Scale. After coaxing the shivering baby out of the corner, Ignus noticed that the baby was missing her wings. Ignus petted the small baby gently. The poor dragon’s ribs stuck out, like all the other dragons who were on the ship. The baby started to whimper and whine.

“Shh, little girl,” Ignus whispered to the tiny dragon as quietly as he could, “You’ll be ok.” The little dragon rolled over onto her back, revealing her pale blue belly, and purred contentedly.

“You know what?” Ignus quietly asked the little dragon, who responded with a questioning yap.

“You need a name! And I think one that fits you is Manta! Do you like that?” Manta responded with a lick on Ignus’s hand. For a little while, Ignus played happily with the little dragon. Manta loved to bat a small ball of crumpled-up paper around. Ignus chuckled quietly to himself as he watched the dragon. Sunset groaned before squirming around like he was in a bad dream. Ignus quickly went to his dragon’s side and placed his hand on the Dusk Fury’s shoulder. At the feeling of his rider’s hand, Sunset settled down into a fitful, but resting, sleep.

Chapter 2: The Hunter's Island

Thumping sounds came from the other end of the hull. Ignus leaned forward as much as he could without having to move the sleeping Manta from his lap. He had learned the day before that Manta was not the type of dragon to be woken from her nap if you didn’t want to be nipped or bitten.

“Which dragon’s are we bringin’?” A gruff Hunter’s voice asked.

“Viggo wants them all,” Another Hunter grunted. The ship jolted like something had blocked its path and it wasn’t able to move. A cage door would clang open, sounds of Hunters struggling with something would follow, and then multiple heavy footsteps would go up to the deck. This routine repeated itself several times before Ignus got to see what was happening. After a cage was opened, the Hunter would enter and muzzle the dragon’s mouth shut then if it was a Fury, they would bind the tail fins down. The dragon would be taken away and then the process was repeated.

Once the Hunters had finished the side they were working on and taken Blizzard away, they restarted on Ignus’s side. Instead of just satisfying his curiosity and saving him from waiting for the process to make it to him, Manta, and Sunset, they started at the front like they had the other side. As each door clanged open, Ignus marked one cage down in his mind, one cage closer to him, one cage closer to whatever awaited him.

The Hunters eventually made it to him and his dragons. The door was opened and the Hunters advanced toward the very sick Sunset. Ignus gently put Manta down, making sure not to wake her, and stood up.

“Wait,” Ignus glared at the Hunters and blocked them from reaching his dragon, “Where are you going to take him?” The two Hunters exchanged glances. The one farther back shrugged.

“None of yer business, boy. Don’t ask any questions and follow behind, quietly,” The Hunter spit out, putting his hand on his sword. The Hunter moved forward toward Ignus and Sunset and forcefully shoved Ignus out of his way. The first Hunter, who had spoken, fastened the leather strap on Sunset’s head, while the second moved to his tail and tied his tail fins together. Sunset weakly stood up and started walking when the Hunter prodded. Up on deck, Ignus had a clear view of where he was. The ship was docked at a small island that was covered in fog. The strong smell of rotting fish penetrated his nose. As he and his dragons were led through the island, Ignus wondered how long he would be there.

The layout of the island seemed to be pretty organized. Dragons cages were arranged in a grid, and by class, species, and color arranged the dragons in the cages. Clearly, the one running this whole island had a purpose for these dragons. What the purpose was for this, however, Ignus had no idea in the slightest bit. Sunset and Manta were put into a cage nearby some other furies. Ignus was led right past all the cages for dragons and led into a fortress carved into a mountain.

Inside, it was damp and the only light came from torches hanging on the wall. The fortress was almost a maze as it wound through the mountain. Eventually, it dried out, and the passageway widened. A strange-looking, reddish door was at the end of the passage. It had some dragons carved into it and odd-looking flat discs embellished its corners. The Hunter who had been leading Ignus stepped to the door and opened it, the door creaking as it opened.

Chapter 3: Decisions to be Made

In the corner, a man sat writing something on a piece of paper. He was illuminated only by a small candle on the edge of his well-built wooden desk. Ignus squinted to get a better look at him in the low light.

He wore charcoal armor over a burgundy dragonskin shirt. That sight alone made Ignus wary. He had armor on his shoulders that were covered in large spikes. His hair was short and such a dark brown shade, in the low light, it nearly looked black. His face was badly scarred on one side by what looked like a burn.  

After examining his page for a while, he finally acknowledged the presence of the two others in the room.

“Haldor,” The man spoke in an accent Ignus was unfamiliar with. “Who did you bring?” Haldor, Ignus thought, so that’s his name. Ignus glared at the man who spoke.

Haldor cleared his throat before speaking, “A boy, Viggo. He was riding a dragon.” Viggo eyed Ignus suspiciously.

“A Dragon Rider?” Viggo asked, “Boy, do you know Hiccup?” Ignus bit his tongue to prevent saying something he’d regret.

“Answer me,” Viggo demanded.

“No sir, I do not,” Ignus growled.

“Why then, do you ride a dragon?”

“My dragon saved my life a while back,” Ignus stated, shortly, “We’ve been a pair ever since.”

“Haldor,” Viggo said, “What species of dragon does he ride?”

“Well, sir,” Haldor stuttered, “Almost like a Night Fury but-”

“A Night Fury?” Viggo’s face showed interest.

“Almost sir, he has orange wings and a blue spinal ridge,” Haldor blurted.

“Interesting,” Viggo said, “I’m sure he’ll sell for a price.” This was the last thing Ignus needed to hear. The fire burst out.

“HE IS A DUSK FURY AND YOU WILL NOT BE SELLING MY DRAGON OR DO ANYTHING OF THE SORT,” Ignus yelled as loud as he could. Had his arms not been tied tightly behind him, something unnecessary would have likely happened.

“Hmm, a strong spirit,” Viggo noted, then, turning to Haldor, he whispered, “He could be quite useful for our cause.”

“Just what do you mean by that?” Ignus hissed.

“It means that we could use a hunter like you,” Viggo explained, “With my intelligence and your spirit, we could make an empire from the money earned by capturing dragons. My brother is all brawn and no intelligence, he does whatever I tell him. He’s also planning on taking me down to make his own army. I have a feeling that if we work together, I would be able to put you in his place as my second in command. What do you say?” Ignus considered this for a while.

“What happens to my dragon?” Ignus asked.

“What happens to him depends on your answer,” Viggo said, slyly, “You join me, your dragon is safe. You refuse, and we’ll see what happens to him in the auction.”

“Viggo, sir,” Haldor told his leader, “His dragon was hit by an arrow and is very sick. I do not think he will sell well.” Viggo pondered this.

“Is this so?” Viggo asked. Haldor nodded.

“Well, in that case,” Viggo paused for a moment, “If you join me, we can find a way to heal your dragon. If you refuse, we will see what nature does.”

“What would happen to Manta?” Ignus asked, his tone demanding an answer.


“She’s a baby Silver-Bellied Green Scale but, has no wings,” Ignus explained, “I want to be assured of her safety and well-being.”

“Both Furies and Green Scales are known for their beautiful skins, they sell quite highly,” Viggo said, “Since both are so valuable to me, I cannot let both go. You may choose which dragon you want to keep. If I were you, I’d choose the Silver-Bellied Green Scale.”

“I won’t ally with you,” Ignus glared at Viggo, “Dragons are my friends. To turn against them would be betrayal. Betrayal means being a turncoat. I don’t want to -I can’t- be a turncoat. It’s against my honor.”

“Fancy words can only go so far,” Viggo said, “Believe me, I know. You will want to join someday.”


Ember drummed her fingers on the table. There was nothing to do. Earlier in the week, Håber had decided she was completely done with her prosthetic leg and had taken it off and buried it somewhere on Blue Isle. After three hours of searching, Ember and Cedar declared it lost for good and, with Håber no longer taking her “leg” off, life had become quite boring.

Breeze had discovered the joys of pictures in books and was now happily flipping all of the books she could find. Cedar was just as bored as Ember was. He and Stryker had flown around Blue Isle multiple times and the once exciting places had lost their charm. It wasn’t helpful that their friends had nothing exciting going on either.

“So…” Cedar started as he walked through the doorway, “Have you found anything to do yet?”

“Nope,” Ember said, wishing there were something.

“Oh yes,” Breeze commented from her book-filled corner, “Books!” She held up the one in her hands with a proud smile. It was about dragons and the plants they could and couldn’t eat and was being eagerly read upside down.

“What’s that one about, Bree?” Ember asked.

“Flowas,” Breeze grinned and turned back to her book.

“What type of flowers?” Cedar sat down next to his little sister.

“Da pupule one wite he-ya,” Breeze pointed to a picture of a lavender bud.


“Yep,” Breeze stated before pulling the book closer to her face.

“I think she’s done talking, Cedar,” Ember smiled. A loud thunk sounded from the kitchen window.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Cedar nearly yelled, jumping up.

“Flowas,” Breeze muttered under her breath.

“I highly doubt it was flowers Bree,” Cedar said.

“I’m going to go investigate whatever made that sound,” Ember told her siblings before going out the door. Cedar followed her.

“Cedar!” Ember called.

“What? Do you know what it is, Em?” Cedar rushed to his sister’s side. In her arms there was a navy blue Terrible Terror with black markings on it’s back. Around one of it’s back legs, there was a note tied on.

“Can you go get some water in a bowl? This little one is probably thirsty,” Ember instructed. Cedar nodded.

“Can you bring it inside?” Cedar asked. Ember looked down at the tiny dragon.

“Yeah, that would probably be good. Little One is really hot,” Ember moved the dragon so that is was within her shadow and walked inside. Breeze was now sprawled out on the floor but still deep into her book. Cedar grabbed a bowl and rushed back outside to get some water for the little dragon.

Ember gently untied the note from the Terrible Terror’s leg and unrolled it. The note inside was written in charcoal and a very beautiful handwriting.

Greetings to whoever has received this note. I am Ignus Selgere, son of the chief of Horn Island. My Dusk Fury and I have been captured by Dragon Hunters. They are planning on selling off my Dusk Fury and waiting until I am 16 (six months from June, when I wrote this) to do anything with me. I can’t get off this island and my dragon is very sick. I’m praying this finds its way to the right hands.

-Ignus Selgere

P.S. The Terrible Terror’s name is Astra. Please treat her kindly.

Ember stared at the note for several minutes before Cedar tapped her shoulder.

“Hey Em! I got the water! Little One has almost finished the entire thing!” Cedar excitedly announced. Cedar eyed the note. “Who’s the letter from?”

“A guy named Ingus,” Ember said, still observing the slip of paper. A grin made it’s way onto Cedar’s face. A small snort escaped his mouth.

“What?” Ember asked. Cedar continued to grin at her.

“Oh, you know… just something that happens about your age,” Cedar gently elbowed his sister’s side while still grinning like a happy Deadly Nadder.

“CEDAR AKASIE!” Ember nearly yelled. She kicked at his ankles, missing both. Cedar jumped away, now loudly laughing. Breeze peeked over her book to see what was going on.

“THIS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT SORT OF THING!” Ember now yell-giggled. Cedar’s grin became wider.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure it’s not. But… one of these days-” Cedar was cut off.

“Here read it,” Ember said in a much more calm tone. She thrust the note into Cedar’s hand. Cedar scanned over the page, his face getting more serious as he read on.

“Don’t you think we should take this to Dad?” Cedar questioned.

“That’s what I was thinking. Do you know where he is?” Ember asked.

“I’m pretty sure he’s at the stables,” Cedar said. “I think he’s starting to discuss Bree getting her dragon,” he added in a whisper.

“Do you know where Mom is?” Ember asked.

“Yep, she’s going through and sorting out winter clothes upstairs,” Cedar pointed to the stairs behind him.

“Ok,” Ember smiled, “Hey Bree, we’re going to go outside. Mama’s upstairs if you need her. Ok?”

“Kay,” Breeze said, hardly looking up.

Outside, Håber and Stryker were playing their version of tug of war. Håber was given the most of the worn out rope and Stryker would gently pull on his end. Håber thought this was great fun and would growl a bit to make it more exciting. She was able to play exceptionally well considering her three legs and four years.

“Stryker!” Cedar called for his Cloudshatter. Stryker put the rope down and ran to Cedar. Ember clapped her hands for Snowflake to come. The Light Fury woke up from her shady spot under a tree and trotted over, purring as she neared Ember. Ember climbed onto Snowflake’s back and she and Cedar took off for the stables.