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A story I thought I would work on because currently I'm running dry on Joy the Nine ideas. There will be slight gore, and some light swear words. The heavy swear words are bleeped. Cover art coming soon, maybe depends


Sunn Golding: Main character of Brother.Lightning.Thunder. He has black hair and amber colored eyes. He rides a Bold Boulder called Lumpy.

Storm Golding: Sunn Golding's bigger brother. He has curly locks of black hair, like a storm cloud, and golden colored eyes. He rides a pitch black Skrill he calls Thunderbird.

Ian Devoni: Sunn's best friend in the gang, aka Fish cheeks boy. He has brown hair, with greenish eyes. He rides an Armor-Jaw. He calls it Biter.

Gray Smogg: A notable member of the gang, he used to help Storm fight in Squares before moving further into the city to work and find a job. He now helps with the fishing industries. He rides a New NightFury called Counterfeit.

Tawny Falkinns: Another gang member for the squad. She has beautiful brown locks of hair and friendly brown eyes. She is the girlfriend of Storm Golding. She rides a female snow white Skrill called Shiro.

Merle Elrem: A member, she is mostly very calm and collected in certain situations, but she won't let others take advantage of her that easily. She is very intelligent, and her favorite game is chess. She is in a relationship with April. She has blonde hair with blue eyes. She rides a StormCutter called Brook.

April Arden: April is another member of the gang. She is very reckless and impatient, but overall, she can wait if she needs to. Though she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, she is very loyal, and you can trust her with almost anything. She is in a relationship with Merle. She has black hair and teal colored eyes. She rides a Rumblehorn named Tumbleweed.


The setting in Brother.Lightning.Thunder actually takes place in the modern times, except for the fact that the world is suffering from war and corrupt leaders. They do have access to tvs, and other similar technology, but these are rare, as only high class folk can get them. A lot of the other weapons are also banned, such as guns, and others.

The world they live in has run out of fuel for cars, and all the transports have been banned.

The city Sunn lives in is called Iridess, and it is somewhere close to the Hidden World. The buildings and structures are all made out of stone, and the algae helps them glow in the dark area. (it is not the same Hidden World as the one Toothless rules, this one is very far from the one close to new berk) (This Hidden World has an abundant population of new species of dragons.


You see this?


I do...

You will soon have to gain its power, and become a leader.


I know...

You seem hesitant.

I am....not.


Don't lie to me, I know you're too weak to handle this.


If it weren't for your psychopath of a mother, your brother would still be alive.



That's right, he would've taken this much better than you.


I miss Rose.




Rose is no longer with us, you'll need to accept her death.




Come back to me when you can get your mind off that ****** dragon, then we could talk more.




Would you forgive me, if you saw who I will become?

Chapter 1. Once I Was Golden


Once I was golden...

Once I was a leader

And once I was...


I can rally up the children... they'd come laughing with me

They'd be celebrating and chanting

"Oh how great Storm is! How great he can do all sorts of things!"


But now that time has passed...

I assume...

My back aches with pain

The wrenches, the nails, the bolts, and the screws

They twist and clank endlessly...

My infinite labor is unbearable...

My only surviving mother is hanging on to life support...

The piles of cash doused with my own tears and blood shall be swept away in the mere wind

My team, they need a place to live...

They are...

My family


Sunn, what can I ever do to make you...

Forgive me?


One day you will understand...

The Sun shines because it just does...



I walked and I stride, I hopped and I pounced, I couldn't do much they say.

I sweep up the floors I tie up the knots

Still I could do nothing they sway

I burst in my might

I scream and I cry

I kill a few people tonight

But I'm still the weakling they say

As they watch my accomplishments decay

"Dude," Ian tapped my back as he held up this very weird page from a poem book and shoved it into my face,"I just noticed how much this fits you," He snickered jokingly.

I gave him an unimpressed face, "Yeah yeah, I get it, very VERY funny."

Ever since Ian found out I used to write poems as a kid he always bothered me with it. I never heard an end, EVER.

Ian sneered slightly again, he starts to crack up, "Dude, you should become a poet or something, now everyone would know that you write these type of stuff, you'll become noticed in no time."

I pushed the book out of my face with slight irritation, "I told you I aint gonna do poem crap like this again, I just wish you would stop bothering me with this EVERY TIME WE GO TO A BOOK STORE!"

"Dude, be quiet, this place is for reading, you don't wanna make them kick us out," He said sheepishly.

I huffed, my temper can get a little out of hand sometimes.

I didn't reply, because I didn't bother to.

Though I should be tolerant to this now, since it's been the literal 56th time, it's just way too annoying to stop caring about.

I mean, jeez, why the hell is this a trend now, can't people just calm down about it?

Ian seemed to lose interest in me for now, because he picked up a cool looking manga book and is now flipping through the pages like a maniac, like the geek he is. In fact, that manga is about the ocean world, and everyone knows that he loves the ocean.


"Bro, bro," he tugged at my leather jacket.

"What," I asked, slightly annoyed again.

"Do you think it is possible for a human to withstand such deep trenches without exploding? I mean," He flung through the black and white pages again.

He pointed to a character, that looks like he is swimming through a deep trench, accompanied by alien creatures from a distance planet," Look at this, this is total bullcrap. Imeanahumancannotpossiblysurvivesuchpressureunderwater,infacthe'sgonnadieinlike,5secondsorsomething-"

I tuned out after that, he always nerds out on facts, and seems to nitpick with logic, EVEN IN FANTASY.

I sighed as I put my back to a book shelf and stared into the streets of Iridess city. Lumpy and Biter stood outside, near the waiting station made for dragons. Their scales faintly glowed at times, the glowing rocks and algae reflected upon them and their shining eyes.

I grumbled and looked to my watch, where is that brother of mine? Isn't he supposed to pick us up and bring us to some 'Special meeting?'


I narrowed my eyes, trying to catch a glimpse of him, but I saw something else instead.

A very faint figure...

Tall, around 6 feet

Wearing some sort of armor...

I recognize that tattoo...

But I can't make ou-


That must be a Skull Scout...

He has a dragon too, a Boneknapper

That must mean the fight has already happened?

I poked Ian a bit as he woke up from his trance, "Hey, you see that?"

Ian muttered grudgingly, "See what?"

I pointed to the suspicious looking rider, "That's a Skull Scout, Storm warned us about them earlier, you see that tattoo on his shoulder?"

A skull shaped tattoo stood out from the rider's shoulder. The deep red color and its blood red marks stained.

Ian rubbed his eyes and peered out, " Oh yeah, that's a Skull Scout alright-wait he's gone!"

"Huh," I said as I checked again, he was indeed gone.

"You think he saw us?" Ian asked.

"Possibly, our dragons might've given it away..."

"Cmon, let's go check it out, Storm might be near like he promised us." I said as I leaped out of the book store.

Ian clumsily stuffed the book back into its shelf and ran out the door behind me.

Jumping on to my dragon, Lumpy lifted off the ground, his wings beating in motion, swiveling around rising higher and higher into the air. Ian and his Armor-Jaw flew right behind, the heavy wing beats kept me concentrated.

Lumpy sniffed the air in front, and he seemed to be able to track something down, swooping downwards into a open area of air inside a huge cavern, I realized that the scout was no where to be seen.

Must've escaped.

I'm not surprised, since we actually took way too long to get out of the store. If he knew we where here, then he obviously aint going to stick for long.

I just hope that he isn't planning on doing anything funny...

At least, not plotting something to harm us...

We've had a lot of grudges with different dragon riding gangs in this vast city, but the Skull Gang was one of the most infamous and hardest to deal with, despite their awful and cliche team name. Heard stories of them ribbing stores, apartments, whole sections of a city, and most importantly, ruthlessly killing people and dragons. They give no mercy, and we will give no mercy to them.

That's what I've heard about them so far from Storm, and they seem pretty tough, but somehow my moron of a brother managed to get himself in beef with this team, and now I have to jump in this boiling pit of oil with him.



Moving my eyes around, scanning the surroundings, I tried to see if the gang member was still there, or maybe even find signs of my bro.

So far all I saw where wall, walls, walls, caverns, and more walls.


Suddenly, stray and wild dragons burst from the ceiling, hundreds upon hundreds of them, the whole cavern shook with the fury and might of the momentum, the heavy wing beats, and the millions upon millions of thunderous shrieking and roars. The dust and the gigantic pieces and chunks of rocks flung down upon the buildings and destroyed them, leaving a wreck of a foundation. Screams cried out from the streets, from the people who sought to desperately hide themselves from the dragons who have seemed to gone mad and has started attacking everyone. The voices and deafening noises bounced around wind rustled my dark and messy hair as sand and dirt particles tried to pry deep into my eyes.

Shielding my face with my hand, I knew me and Ian needed to get out of here, and fast. Wild dragons don't normally behave like this.

I shouted through the chaos, "Go Lumpy go, get us outta here bud!"

Lumpy lifted his wings and frantically dived into an open and free tunnel, where we nearly escaped a swipe from a Peak Fyre and the tail sting from a DeathGripper.

We flew as fast as we could, checking behind once in awhile to see if Ian was following.

He was panicking by what I can tell, since he's usually too anxious to talk when worried or in danger. He held close to his Armor-Jaw, whistling in the dark tunnels, following my steps.


Circling around, we didn't stop until we knew we where out of the city area, flying out from a large opening, it lead into another mass of caverns and walls. The glowing stones flickered slightly as we zoomed past them. The bright aura illuminated from a patch of luminescent mushrooms as we sat down on a giant piece of weird coral.

Landing down panting, Lumpy and Biter immediately flopped down onto the floor, resting their wings and their bodies.

Ian panted, " What was that!?"

"Are dragons supposed to act that way," he asked.

"No, I don't think so. The dragons in this underground city are mostly reclusive and don't like hanging out in places with an abundance of humans."

Ian sat up, "Well then why are they acting this way? Couldn't it be some sort of force, or natural disaster?"

I cupped my hands to my face, "I don't know," I paused, "Whatever it is we don't need to worry much about it, we need to see what the rest of the team is up to."

"Aight," Ian responded as he flipped back onto his dragon.

Shuffling myself up upon Lumpy's saddle, a familiar figure from the distance approached us.

It was a silver Night Fury, with rich blue eyes, and its rider sitting on his back was Gray Smogg.

"What are you two doing here," He barked, "Storm's waiting for you two down near the northern chambers."

He pointed his thumb backwards towards the entrance to the dark tunnel.

"Huh? I'm pretty sure I heard him say Eastern chambers, or is that just me," Ian muttered.

"Well, whatever he said, you two are late, we are already halfway during the fight. Do you know how long it took for me just to navigate through these damned tunnels? I bet the fight is already over, and you two did nothing!"

The silver fury snorted and rolled his eyes at his trainer's attitude. He'd much prefer a more upbeat one, but he assumed he got stuck with a grump.


"Well too bad you were born in this era then, grumps, the tunnels were built for something you know? Or else you'd be stuck with miles and miles of solid rock and metals." I sighed, "Well then, lead us to fight, so we could quote on quote do something," I said as I held up my two fingers and made a quotation sign.

Gray did nothing but stare in anger, he huffed, and turned his dragon near the tunnels to lead us to the destination. He didn't utter a single word, since he was probably too mad too say anything.

Serves him right.


We met up with the rest of the squad, turns out they were fighting a few gang members down in the glowing taverns. Without a second word, Gray dove down back into the fight. At the speed of light, his silver fury dive bombed into the battlefield, just like a hawk.

I gawked at how fast he was, I still couldn't believe a guy like that can train a NIGHT FURY. Like I was sure at least a dragon with common sense wouldn't choose a grump as its rider. Well no time for complaining, I need to get into the fight before Storm tries to kill me.

Patting Lumps on the head, it signaled to him that he should dive down and attack. Figuring out my directions, he swooped down into the swirls of the vacant and gloomy canyons. With a speedy flyby, Lumpy landed a concentrated blast at two riders unconscious of what had been going on.

Heh...they totally didn't see that coming.

By my side, Ian's Armor-Jaw zoomed past and tackled down a rider at full force like a freaking bullet. The rider toppled down into the air as the Whispering Death dragon turned away as it snarled.

"Hey, that was my kill!"

"Too bad for you then, cuz that point's mine now! Aha!"

Before I can say anything back he swiftly dove past me, and rocketed deeper into the fight. No way, this guy is beating me, AGAIN. Last time I lost I had to force shove a dozen dragon chili peppers down my mouth. It wasn't a pleasant experience, and I certainly wouldn't want to do it again. I keep on remembering the feeling, like a Nadder's fire but lit directly in your jaw, it's like burns, but worse.

I realized that I lost myself in thought again, ah I better get to work, or else that fish cheeks boy will beat me. Lumpy flapped alongside the tunnels and swirled, shooting his violet fireballs in the midst of the fury.

A zap of light came from below, and a distant, "SKRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" can be heard. It was Thunderbird, the Skrill my brother received from our parents on his 14th birthday. Lumpy was actually his first dragon, but with Thunderbird around, he got bored of him, and now this pile of lumps is mine.

The dark and shadowy Skrill twisted like a hurricane, its midnight wings folded like slick daggers as the current of bright yellow volts ran across his scaly body. The golden eyes beaming and pupils knife-like slits. Its rider, wore an electricity resistant jacket, and a shiny helmet, spikes thrusting out like a crown.

The black dragon's mouth lit up as sparks licked the side of the rider's helmet, and without any hesitation, it fired off a beam of bright lightning, straight into the center of a coral stack. It crumbled to freaking pieces within seconds, and caved in at least seven enemies at once.

He didn't even glance at me, he just zoomed off like a jet beside me and left at the speed of light. He probably wanted to show off and make me feel worse than him. He thinks he's so tough and worthy, huh.

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