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Note: this is for arachnidthehivewingskywing's 'evil dragon hunter oc' contest... also don't use this character without permission/credit or i will drop-kick your alpha and unsheathe the KEYBOARD OF ODIN!

'The villain that NEVER gives up.' - Hiccup

Calamitas is the self-imposed ruler of the Dragon Hunters and false antagonist of Fatal Error. They are merely an incarnation of X-Aster used when he wishes to play with his toys.


Born to a village far to the north, not much was expected of Calamitas. Her brother Daedalus was far better in the field of combat. While Daedalus and his friends wrestled in the frozen courtyards, Calamitas tinkered with technology and necromancy, creating a suit of armour that was extremely powerful. However, without a power source, it was useless. That was, until one day the stars came blazing to earth. A comet wiped out Calamitas' entire village. Half blinded and freezing, Calamitas was left for dead. However, on the comet was a deadly pathogen. Who knew where it came from or what its goals were. But as the infection scanned the derelict village for a host, it chose Calamitas' limp body, and overpowered her consciousness, subjugating him to it's will - or more accurately, X-Aster's will. The twisted scientist had orchestrated this affair from the start. The pathogen inhabiting Calamitas' body used the suit of armour as a shield to protect the frail host body. The virus came to be known as [ERR], a name synonymous with the havoc it wreaked.


Calamitas is utterly ruthless and unforgiving. Her sole goal is to cover the globe and the universe. She is unable to feel compassion or love. She is cold-hearted and treats everything the same. This unwavering thought combined with her master craftsmanship is deadly. She is responsible for the creation of the Draco-Automata (later known as the Devourer Of Gods) to attack the Dragon Riders and New Berk. Despite this, she has a sense of honour and if you beat her in a fair fight, she'll let you go.



In battle, Calamitas uses her tri-axe, an axe-staff-spear hybrid wielded only by the strongest of warriors. They can be thrown like a spear, struck like a staff or swung like a axe. Either way, it is a deadly weapon and NOT to be underestimated. Calamitas can summon it at will and wield it with force and grace.

Intelligence & Armour

'In this world... it's kill or BE killed.'

Calamitas is a master blacksmith, engineer and craftsman. Her armour is impervious to regular swords, axes, maces, and any other conventional weapon. It can also resist high and low temperatures and extreme conditions. The virus itself survived the vacuum of space, so it can tank most things. The armour suit also has a system of hydraulics to allow the lifting of heavy objects.


While adventuring in a strange land looking for fabled crystals, Calamitas came upon a brightly coloured egg. The dragon inside was named Yharon and is Calamitas' foremost companion. It is also fiercely defensive of Calamitas and it's loyalty to him is strong enough for Yharon to resist the call of the bewilderbeast.

Jungle Dragon, Yharon from the Calamity Mod


If Calamitas is close to death, the virus overrides her system and goes into overdrive. In this stage the virus quickly replicates cells that have been destroyed and raises Calamitas' metabolism. This mode will only last for a while, but it can repair the body extremely quickly.

The Devourer Of Gods

'You are no gods... but I shall feast on your essence nonetheless!' - The Devourer of Gods to the Dragon Riders.

The Devourer of Gods (or DoG for short) is a monstrous cybernetic serpent created by Calamitas' vast intellect and X-Aster's multiversal abilities. Plated with thick Cosmilite armour, futuristic Gatling guns and is practically a walking fortress. It can also tunnel and sustain human life for long periods of time. It is way ahead of anything around then and is a practically unstoppable force. The Devourer is also clever and cunning.



If Calamitas' armour is put through several different extreme conditions rapidly, it will break. Calamitas also relies on Deathgripper venom that she breathes in to survive, which is provided through a tank in the armour. Calamitas also has a huge ego and can never turn down a challenge, although her common sense will usually prevent this. Calamitas' SOUL is her most vulnerable spot, kept in a container in the middle of her chest. If the SOUL is fractured, Calamitas will die, but if Calamitas dies without the SOUL being cracked, the SOUL will persist after death. Unfortunately, the container is buried under several layers of reinforced metal and Deathsong Amber.

The Devourer of Gods' Core is submerged under layers of Cosmilite, dragon proof metal and Deathsong amber, however, if you can force entry to the Core it can easily be destroyed.

Calamitas' sense of honour means if you best her in a fair battle, you can go free. However, this sense of honour doesn't prevent her from playing dirty.


The idea of a pathogen being on a comet is based on the Astral Infection lore from the Calamity mod for Terraria.

The names of [ERR], Yharon and Calamitas are from the lore of the Calamity mod for Terraria. In the Calamity Mod lore, [ERR] was said to be a master engineer and craftsman for the Jungle Tyrant, Yharim, whereas Calamitas was his main fighter, necromancer, and mage.

The Tri-Axe was inspired by Triactis' True Paladin Mage - Hammer Of Might from the Calamity Mod, Undyne's spears, the Undine's Retribution (again from Calamity) and Optimus Prime's Energon Axe (yes i watch transformers, come at me.)

The 'Undying' ability was inspired by Undyne the Undying, the genocide version of Undyne.

The Devourer Of Gods is an actual post-Moon Lord boss in the Calamity Mod.

Her theme is 'Stained, Brutal Calamity' by DM DOKURU, which is the theme of the superboss Supreme Calamitas.

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Calamitas' armour bears resemblance to Undyne's from Undertale.