Cantona is the younger brother of Rafola Yardies and his dragons are Bugaboo and Gothic.


Cantona is friendly by nature, and was always considered popular and a bit of a goofball. He seems like he wouldn't be responsible but after living on his own with his brother, he became more reliable. He however is more reliable to his brother than he is around others. Cantona usually is seen goofing off and playing pranks on his brother or friends. He has pale skin and light blonde hair, very pale blue grey eyes. He always wears a necklace with a daisy on it.

When Cantona was young, he lived with his mother and father with his older brother in a small village. There he learned how to track and hunt. Cantona is very good with traps. He would go out hunting with his father and older brother, this was how he learned how to identify animal tracks and learned different behavior of the local wild life. Cantona has a fear of snakes after he was bitten by one and almost died. Cantona however doesn't fear dragons and in fact thinks they are cool.

When he was 12, his parents died from an illness leaving him and his older brother Rafola orphaned. Sometime after this, they left their home and spent a few months wandering around. One day while out hunting Cantona accidenly trapped a dog ina snare. He convinced his older brother Rafola to allow him to keep the dog whom he named Scampi and nursed him back to health. After that Cantona taught Scampi how to be a hunting dog.

Not long later the two brothers settled down in Frost Fall and built a small home for themselves. Cantona works odd jobs and also hunts to make a living. He and his brother had visited Berk and learned about dragon training during their travels. After a month or two in Frost Fall, Cantona found himself a Terrible Terror whom he named Bugaboo.


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