Celestia is a female Light Fury in my yet to be finished quotev fanfiction, Remember the Stars, which I will link here when I get some of it done. She fell in love with a male sand wraith named Sandstorm. She had Sand Fury babies with him and shortly after her youngest grandson hatched, she passed away and joined her mate in the stars. Her theme song is 'Heart Of Stone' from Six the Musical.


Celestia was said to be a stunning Light Fury, with glitter smothering her wings. Her eyes were baby blue and she had a pastel blue tinted underbelly and chest.


When Celestia first hatched, dragons had flown away to an island not far from the Isle of Berk, which said to have mythical humans. They were in hope of a new Alpha, the Red Death. The current one was in dragon paradise with a mythical human too! Celestia believed none of the stories of clever little-haired monkeys slaying threatening dragons and dragonesses. Those who escaped the Red Death immediately fled back to the Hidden World and spoke stories to the children to never go there, and that you could barely have food to yourself. You'd have to go to a human inhabited island (no matter what they said, she wouldn't believe it till she'd see it!) and steal their cattle, with around an 80% mortality rate. Then, you couldn't even eat the sheep you stole! You'd have to give whatever you caught to the Red Death who never left the nest, and only when he was full could you catch a fish or two for yourself.

One day, when her parents where teaching her how to catch fish, the salmon she had her eye on slipped down a waterfall. Totally not keeping her eye on her parents, she soared after it, but the rushing water connected with her wings and broke her flight. Soon she was swimming desperately in deadly rapids. Another high waterfall came, and the pressure of water when she landed knocked her unconscious. But when she awoke, she wasn't dead, there was a beautiful sand wraith sitting, watching over her.

"Oh, hi! You're finally awake!" he exclaims. "I'm Sandstorm, and I just saved your life!" He hopped about. she could see where they were, the closest island to the Hidden World. Home was only half an hour's flight away.

"T-thank you." Celestia managed to choke out. She sat up. How long had she been unconscious for. Well, looking at the sun, clearly not long, as she could see the sun was only a small bit higher than before. Couldn't have been out for more than 20 minutes.

A few years later, she's now 20 in dragon years. It's officially Sandstorm's birthday, and she made him a flower crown out of red roses, and one for herself with pastel blue flowers. They went flying around the outskirts of the inner hidden world and found a small passage way. They slowly flew inside and found a cavern, with a pool of water. This would proceed to be their secret hangout.

Fast forward 5 years, she's now 30. She's now counted as an adult. In the Hidden World, 15 year old dragons and dragonesses can have a mate. Of course, you know who Celestia married. Sandstorm.

One day, while they were eating breakfast, they remembered the old tales of the red death. They decided to check it out themself, disregarding the very real danger.

When they arrived, they realised in a horrifying moment that the elders were telling the truth, but now, they can't escape as the red death must have realised the escapees. Now there were guards - and no way out.

There would always be one guard in the scavenging groups of about 5 - 10 dragons. And they weren't allowed to catch prey in safer areas; The Red Death commanded the guards to take us to only the finest buffet, also known as Berk.

On Sandstorm and Celestia's first journey to Berk, they were very scared. If humans were real, which seemed likely, they could die..

When they arrived, it was a sight that was terrifying for the dragon eye. These now very real and very scary humans were stabbing, choking and tying up dragons just trying to steal to not die. These poor dragons who were being cold heartedly slaughtered by cunning monkeys after making a grave mistake. However, despite the traumatic event occurring right before their eyes, they flew out to the cattle, now unguarded. All the Vikings were busy spilling green blood.

"Quick, grab something big and fat. We might need to take second trips, so try to get the biggest you can so it can feed him more." Sandstorm suggested as he snapped the neck of a chubby, fat pig. Celestia grabbed the largest sheep she could right before the guard called them to retrieve their prey to the "king."

5 more trips back there that very night, until the Red Death vomited up nearly half of his servings, and starving gronckles and monstrous nightmares and deadly nadders and light furies and stormcutters sped to the rotting meat. Sandstorm and Celestia looked at the vomit in disgust; they were going to catch some fish. After all, they hadn't reached that level of despair yet, they just got stuck in this mess that afternoon.

These trips continued for another year until.. they both met a Night Fury who had got stuck in this hopeless tragedy after being tricked to join by the guard of their hunting group: a triple stryke called Scorpion. He was around 4 years younger than Sandstorm and Celestia and he had a very flimsy tail flip, one shot from a pesky person and it would fall off. His name was Noir. Noir was a lively dragon, and it was a shame he was tricked as he was about to marry a Light Fury named Luna (but don't worry, they'll meet and get married later c:)

One day, they were out trying to survive by getting cattle when they heard a cry from Noir. Celestia immediately jumped up, and went out of her way to find out what happened. Just in time to watch as Noir was shot down from the sky.

Celestia knew it would be hopeless saving him. Next thing you know the human that shot him will walk down to where he landed and cut out his heart.

She broke the news to Sandstorm and they were both distraught.

Little did they know help was coming..

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