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this dragon character is owned by Nightfury4eva and is the 2nd main character in the story Hearts of shadow,Before the Riders,and Shattered Kingdom

"I-I'm fine I just want you to be happy," -Copper


Copper lived with his mother and father and two siblings ( male: Pine female: Current)  when dragon hunters killed his mother, his father became heavy with grief and rage, he took that out on Copper and his siblings hurting him and Pine mostly but occasionally Current who had taken over the role of mother and father because Blue was not a stable dragon anymore. Copper left when he had the chance and never looked back, before leaving he told his siblings "fly towards the sunrise, and the first island you see will be the one I'm on,". he found a new island and stayed there. he met a titan wing woolly howl named Elka, and fell hard for her, to his dismay she did not share his affections at first, she would avoid him and whack him with her tail. but Copper still persisted. he noticed Elka liked white roses, whenever she was sad or hurt she went over to this one bush in particular, in the middle of a small cove on the island. one day the bush died and Copper couldn't stand to see her sad. he left to find another bush when he did he carefully dug it up and planted it where the old one was, he then picked a red rose (white would mean he hurt the bush)  and when she came to the spot she saw him and the new rose bush, and the two became close.


Copper is sweet, he has a great sense of humor and is very social. he is not easily annoyed but if something is directly hurting his friends he will act.

he does not do well under stress, he kinda freaks out if a ton of stress or pressure is put on him but all in all he is pretty chill.

testing his personality

so for most of my characters, I used mock situations to help me understand how to better use them... this situation- a random dragon is really injured...

"owwwww!' the dragon roared contorting in pain.

"uhhh.a-are you okay oh my Thor it looks really bad..." Copper whined.

"n-no.." the dragon responded.

"what do I do, what do I do????" Copper muttered trying to help.

like I said before he panics...   



Copper's fire is a hardened ball of sand shot with weak fire, it is especially strong on the eyes because hot sand in your eyes, no thank you. he can also funnel his fire to make it act like a sandblaster and if you've ever seen what those things can do that's terrifying.


Copper has decent vision, being able to see better than humans but not as good as some dragons. because Sand wraiths live their life with their heads in the sand (literally) it is assumed that vision is not their main sense...touch is. they need to feel vibrations underneath the sand to find their prey...because of that, he is extremely sensitive to his environment.


Copper is pretty strong, being able to launch himself out of the sand effortlessly and he can tunnel quickly in the sand. this implies that he has powerful upper body strength, as well as decent cardio and wing strength he is able to carry his weight for some distance.


Copper has very good stamina, being able to tunnel under sand for a long time with inadequate oxygen, in-flight he can fly for 40 miles at a constant speed non-stop. his skin is not as fireproof as other dragons but it is more breathable, meaning he can cool himself down quickly and moisture in the air will stick to him like an amphibian. so he can travel farther than most dragons on one wind.


in the air Copper is very agile, however, on land, he is kinda clumsy on land, constantly tripping over things and falling off of ledges. in the air Copper has amazing maneuverability he screws up a lot when it comes to this though, mostly when he's talking, much like the twins he loses focus when his mouth is moving. 


Copper has camouflage... when he's on land not so much in the sky. his tan brown sticks out among the clouds but on land, you could step on him and not know it (at least when he's burrowing). however, when he's walking around he trips, like a lot, it usually makes a big loud noise and that has ruined tons of stealth missions between him and Elka. although they were pretty much already ruined because Elka's fur is insanely bright colored.


Copper is a wild dragon, he doesn't like humans because humans accidentally killed his mother, he loves Elka enough to tolerate her trainer and eventually begin to like her. he sometimes even lets her ride him but only in dire situations. he at first attacked her until Elka got mad at him for attacking Kaya.

irrational thinking

Copper is kind of sensitive to dire situations and existential crisis. he doesn't like them because of his past. he's constantly worried on the inside but doesn't like to show it. when someone he loves dies or when he goes through a breakup he tears himself apart internally.  he usually likes to pretend that everything's fine and stays in his little bubble of ignorance.


Copper is scared of eels, he burns easily having not so fireproof scales. he is extremely attuned to other's emotions and when things get to be too much he tends to run from his problems. he cares VERY much about the ones he loves and sometimes that can blind him because he sees what he wants to see, not what's actually happened.


  • Copper at one point was named Atka and was a female, the main protagonist of HoS before I discovered Woolly howls.
  • Copper only hung out with Kaya and the riders when Elka was there, he had and still has a fear of humans. he very rarely lets kaya ride him and barely ever lets Hiccup ride him.
  • the cove Copper used as a home was once supposed to be Elka's home until I decided to have Elka hang out around tons of humans because her rider was in a 'gang' of sorts.
  • if he had a theme song it'd be "King of the Clouds" by Panic! at the Disco.

Main dragon relationships


upon first seeing the purple Woolly howl Copper knew she was special, at least special to him. he accidentally startled her and that lost some trust between them, she wouldn't let him come to close. and to his dismay, he was put to the friend zone.  he tried to impress her multiple times but failed and ended up getting hit with a tail. Current told him to give it up but he never listened to her because he didn't want to. eventually, he earned her trust with a rose bush and they were in a relationship. witch, he likes to rub it in Current's face that she was wrong. they later became mates and Copper was really glad he followed his intuition.


Current is Copper's older sister, she took care of him and pine when Blue went ballistic and hurt them, Copper left her to take care of Pine because she told him to leave the first chance he gets. she told him that as soon as Pine could fly she'd follow. Copper wanted to stay but Blue was starting to scare him. later she found him again she and Pine had multiple Scars on them but other than that they were fine. after a few months Current told him that she was going to find her own home, she was going to take pine with her, she stayed on the island but remained in a sea cave by the coast. they remained close but lived in different areas


 Pine is Copper's younger brother, he enjoys playing with Pine when they were together on the island. when he feels sad he comes and played with Pine as his way out of those bad feelings. when Copper left Current and Pine with blue he was worried that they'd be hurt or killed, he was right about the hurt part. when he next saw Pine his little brother had scars all over his face and body but his spirit remained intact. Pine has what you'd call an infectious personality and has helped Copper through some rough times


 Copper's once caring father turned mad by his mate's death. at first, he did things like say harsh things to Copper and his siblings but he quickly got out of hand doing things like shoving Pine's head underwater and claim he was teaching Pine how to 'swim' and throwing Copper and his siblings into trees when they screw up. eventually Current told Copper to leave for his own safety, Copper reluctantly left her and Pine with Blue, Copper hasn't seen Blue since.


 Lyla was an amazing mother, she loved Copper and Current with all her heart. she never did meet Pine for he had hatched when she died but if she had met him she'd love him. Copper and his mom went hunting all the time. when Current had returned from her hunting trip with Lyla and told the news of her death Copper's heart broke a little, and to this day a part of him died with her.

Elka's friend group

(note this group includes Nightshade, Vera, Echo, Scar, Sunstone, Thunder) Copper likes them enough but sometimes keeps his distance. they're nice most of the time but when they aren't they scare him. he knows they'll never hurt him but they are all unpredictable and slightly psychopathic. 


Copper hates Reed with all of his heart, Copper attacked Reed when he was trying to hurt Elka Reed disappeared. 

'Flint and Saber' 

more coming soon.....

this wonderfull art is by @Miaou9, Copper and his sibs