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Part 1:


(This takes place when Magenta is 7)

"AAAGGHHH!!!" Magenta cried. Her father appeared immediately and inspected what was wrong. "What happened?" the Nadder asked. His daughter showed him her front leg with a bite mark on it. "A-An eel bit me!" she whined. "It's okay," her father said, putting a bandage-leaf on the bite and helping her up, "Be tough. If you're tough, no-one will ever hurt you," The little hybrid hugged her father. "Never show weakness," he whispered to her.


(This time she's 11)

Magenta stared into the lake, the Hidden World crystals reflecting in the water. Magenta's mother landed and came up to her. "What's wrong, sweetie?" she asked, seeing the sad look on her daughter's face. "Nobody plays with me or wants to be my friend," Magenta said sadly. Her mother smiled sympathetically. "Get up," she ordered. Magenta stood up. Her mother looked at her. "Be perfect," she said, "Make yourself look presentable all the time, be intelligent, take orders from no-one and... be your best self. Do what makes YOU happy," Magenta smiled. "Never show weakness," they said together.



Magenta flew over the Hidden World. She spotted her friends and dived down. There was Shadows (A Nadder), Mist (A Light Fury) and Olivegrunt (A Hobblegrunt) who was coloured green-yellow. "Let's get going then?" Olivegrunt said happily. The young dragons began walking to where they usually hung out.

As they were making their way, a Thunderdrum drifted past. "Weirdos," he muttered. The Thunderdrum continued moving on, but Olivegrunt stopped, pale red. Magenta knew this meant Olivegrunt was angry. Now glowing red, Olivegrunt turned on Magenta and growled. "That's your fault!" the hobblegrunt said. "What?!" Magenta objected. Shadows and Mist backed away a bit. They did not want this. "I said it's your fault!" Olivegrunt said loudly, "Nobody ever used to call us 'weirdos' or 'strange' behind our backs! They never did until we made friends with you. The disappointing, disgusting hybrid dragon!" she spat. This annoyed Magenta, who began to growl softly. "Your PATHETIC AND REVOLTING - AN OUTCAST!!" Olivegrunt continued. Mist and Shadows exchanged worried looks. "AN OUTCAST," Olivegrunt lowered her voice, "An outcast without friends," the hobblegrunt turned and trotted on to the hang out. She motioned for Mist and Shadows to follow her. With some sympathetic faces to Magenta, they slowly and reluctantly followed the bright red hobblegrunt. Magenta sighed. Again, she was alone. A tear ran down her face. She used her petal blast and disappeared - invisible. She slowly wallowed away. With herself.

Part 2:


The tiny, red monstrous nightmare broke out of his confining shell. He looked around. He saw other nightmares break out of their shell to. He also saw firecombs stacked high on the cavern wall. Fireworms scuttling around furiously. One of the nightmare's nest-brothers decided to touch one. He leapt back in pain. Noted, they all thought That burns. A Fireworm Queen crawled into the cave and looked at the nightmare babies. "They hatched?" the queen hissed. Her fireworms nodded. She came up to the nightmares. "I am your mother," she said to them, "And you do as I tell you," The hatchlings looked at each other. They understood, so they nodded at her. The Queen smiled. "Good," she said, "Now you all need names," She looked at the red baby monstrous nightmare and tapped him. "You are Stoke,".


(13 years later)

Stoke was sleeping in the cavern wit some of his nest-brothers. The Queen came in. She looked upset. The nightmares got up. "What's wrong?" they asked. The Fireworm Queen looked at them sorrowfully. "I only have room for one of you anymore," Something clicked in the nightmares' mind. Stoke turned on his nest-brothers, as did they. A terrible brawl began. Fire blasts, flame-jackets, teeth and tails flung everywhere. Stoke bit and tore, blasted and bombarded. Until, the gruesome battle ceased. Stoke stood atop the pile of dead monstrous nightmares, glowing. "TitanWing," the Queen whispered. Stoke felt his mouth. His tooth had been ripped out.