Dante Royal is a member of Ivory Clan and his dragon is Smokey.

Dante Royal
Race Unknown
Gender Hermaphrodite
Age 21
Dragon Smokey
Basic Info
Residence Frost Fall
Affiliations Ivory Clan
Weapon of Choice Sword
Occupation Leader of Ivory
Owner Aniju Aura


Dante has ADD, so he is hyper, spastic and a bit of a goof ball. Dante has brown hair with a yellow streak that covers his right eye. He wears red and has a collar of white fur. He also has a lip piercing on his bottum lip on the right. Dante also has helmet with horns on it but he doesn't wear it often because it fells over his eyes too much. Dante likes animals escpecially cats. Dante stranely seems to be afriad of beautiful women. Because of his ADD, Dante gets easily distranced and can wonder off and get lost, though that seems to be fun for him. Dante find the other dragons fastinating.

Like Aniju, his girlfriend, he is not from the World of Vikings, Dante's origins are unknown but he is apart of Ivory Clan, actually he is referred to as the dominant male by the others. He is second in command. Dante enjoys music (He is especially good at playing tencho music on his keyboard.) Dante possess his own power, he can create sound waves of all kinds, some even deadly. He can mimic sounds an voices and create Sound Bombs, some deadly and some can paralyze. He can also control and create glass from sand and is a little skill in blacksmitting. Dante has a large sword with the image of a Chinese dragon on it, however this isn't almost visible and needs the right reflective light to be seen.

Dante can change his form too, but only to a large demon cat with antles, feathered wings and fangs. This form is like a werecat to him, while transformed, he can not control himself as easily and usually goes beserk. This demonic cat form is called Demonclaw and is almost like another being within him, or his more primal state. Dante does not know what Demon is exactly or why he is there. Dante can also change his form into other creatures, but only if Aniju had given him the power to do so.


Dante appeared in Frost Fall along with Aniju and claimed to be a member of Ivory Clan. He started traveling around with Aniju seeking the evil that was currupting the world. Aniju made him his own dragon whom he named Smokey. Eventually Dante allied with some young Dragon Rider Viking.


  • Dante can also speak to the dragons in their own language, being that he is Dragonborn, or Dovahkiin. (This is part of a video Game known as Elder Scroll V: Skryim.)
  • Aniju and Dante's dragons were switched, originally Dante's dragon was Ember.