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species by Nightfury4eva feel free to use if you'd like. (just credit me)

"they're around, you don't know where they are, but they know where you are. run, and you're as good as dead,"~Viking upon entering Eklof island


these dragons are very aggressive do not approach. they have three greenish-blue eyes. they have hard scales on their head and covering their crest/frill. they usually only have two colors on their bodies; purple and black. behind their eyes are moth-like antennae that can sense vibrations.  they have two huge fangs in their mouth packed full of powerful venom. 

they have six legs, two in front for stabbing. two behind those for gripping. and two back legs for running, kicking and tearing. 

no wings on this dragon nor can they travel over water. they are forever stuck on the island they live on. because of this, it is thought that Vikings accidentally bred this dragon into existence but, this fact was never proven


Vibration sensing

Draith's are mostly blind, deaf, and they have no sense of smell. to cope their species evolved to have these moth-like antennae to help them feel their way through the world. they use their antennae as their eyes, nose, and ears. they can pick up sound vibrations and other things like heartbeats, footsteps, and when they step and something's blocking their path they know where it is and can get around it. 

although this is very effective at replacing their main senses it isn't perfect. they often run into things like trees and rocks when they're sprinting. this is their main problem with thier antennae.

exponential growth

unlike most dragons, Draiths can grow exponentially. a strange survival tactic. when put on their own island they needed a way to make sure that they didn't all kill each other. their solution to this is very different than anyone would've expected. they can grow to insane sizes. they're usually quite small some adults have only gotten to be the size of a panther. before recently they were only thought to get this big, but it was quickly discovered that they can get MUCH bigger. the biggest one ever seen was about the size of a T-rex.  

Powerful venom

the Deathly draith has some of the most powerful venom in the dragon world. they have fangs like a snake that they can extend and contract at will. when they're little they can't control their venom and anything they bite they inject with their neurotoxin. their venom is able to rival that of the Slitherwing one of the most venomous dragons on the planet. however, they aren't immune to their own venom so they can and often end up hurting or killing themselves accidentally.

how the venom works, as soon as it's injected into the victim's bloodstream the neurotoxin gets to work. it gets to your brain and starts tearing away cell tissue causing migraines and muscle failure. eventually, your respiratory system will shut down, as well as digestive, and circulatory. this happens when the venom reaches your brain stem, the place for your most basic survival functions. and you'll be dead pretty soon after.


their scales contain certain chemicals that reflect different colors of light. when wanted they can release these chemicals to change their scale's appearance. however, they're not completely hidden thier scales generally act more like a chameleon's. it's hard to spot them at first glance.


they'll eat anything they can kill. due to nearsighted vision, they can't usually tell what they kill until they kill it so fifty percent of what they kill they don't eat. their favorite food is other dragons, preferably fresh. they're not above eating carrion and will eat rotten flesh if they must. 

they have been known to eat their offspring and are total cannibals. they're not above eating their own kind and do it often. they've pretty much wiped out everything on their island other then their own kind. 

Behavoir/ life


they're very aggressive. do not approach.they're not smart enough to tell friends from foes so they just kill everything. sometimes they can tell parents, mates, and siblings from the crowd of other dragons. they can form relationships with other dragons but it's very very rare to find a Draith smart enough to form a meaningful relationship with any other creature.


for Draiths it is unusual to find a mate. they don't really see other dragons as friends or potential mates. they've evolved to be somewhat asexual and can reproduce with and without a partner. however, being able to reproduce without a partner does have disadvantages. what happens is the babies are the exact same as the parent, same persona, same weaknesses, same strengths, same everything. which makes them more susceptible to diseases.


Deathly Draith's arent the most social dragons. they're extremely territorial and some even see thier family as enemies. they prefer to be left alone and will attack anything and anyone who comes too close. (it depends on if they find anyone coming close because they aren't the most preceptive dragons.) however, some of them are intelligent enough to find 'friends', and out of the few dragons that want this most of them die to other more territorial dragons. very few actually make friends and those few go on to form a little group. 


it has yet to be proven that these dragons are trainable, they always seem too aggressive and too territorial to 'listen' to any commands.

if someone were crazy enough to even try to train one they'd find it very VERY difficult. the first issue that you'd encounter is the biggest one. getting the dragon to not kill you immediately, one thing you could try is finding a dragon that's formed a group, those are the less impulsive 'smarter' ones and have a better chance of not killing you instantly. 

once you got past that the other issue you'd have is getting the dragon to recognize you as an individual and not just another human. since they have a hard time seeing, can't smell, and can't hear they'll have a hard time recognizing you as 'thier friend' or trainer. a way around this is talking to them, although they can't hear their antennae will be able to recognize the vibrations of your voice as appose to any others.

if you somehow passed both of those then you'll have the issue where they can't follow orders. unlike other dragons, the Draith's thought process is largely based on instinct more like a crocodilian's and not like a dragon's. they also can't listen, literally. they're deaf which makes it hard for them to follow orders, their antenna might be able to pick up emotions but that doesn't really help you. there seems to be no solution for this.

((however, if there are any young trainers who want a Draith bad enough you could spend your time trying to find a workaround))

so with all of those factors into consideration could you train a Draith? the answer is probably not. they don't have the right skill set for being trained but I suppose with the right person and the right dragon it could theoretically work. but for now, they'll remain wild and free.


Low sight

Deathly Draiths can't see very well, despite haveing three eyes they're surpriseingly near sighted. they can't see at all. they can't see untill you're at least three feet infornt of them. even then you're a gray-ish brown blurr that looks just like any other tree or bush. as soon as you come within one foot then you get even more blurry and they tend to stray away from you. so as long as you stand still and make sure you're calm you will probably survive an encounter with one.


they can't hear, at all. the world is completely silent for them so you could literally scream at the top of your lungs in the middle of their island and they won't flock to you. they'll pick up soundwaves sure, but they won't be able to follow them back to you. if you shout infront of a sleepy Draith they won't wake up, their antennae can only function when they're awake and active so when they're asleep their defenseless. 

no sense of smell

they can't smell, their tracking ability is pretty much non-existant. you could take a dead fish, stick it to their nose and the only indication they have that something's there is that it's now hard to breathe. further more they can't tell what species another dragon is by smell so they don't think that  they're the only one of their species on their island. well, some think that, other's are a little smarter but not by much.

related species

the Deathly Draith has a related species called the Deathshrieker, they look similar but at the same time couldn't be more different. while the Draith is a clumsy, mostly blind, deaf, dumb mystery class dragon the Deathshrieker is fast, intelligent, keen eye'd strike class dragon that's known far and wide for their ferocity and ability to form packs. 

if you run into both the Draith and the Deathshreiker at the same time you should bolt for the Draith,  as spoopy as this dragon is you can out-run it just avoid getting bitten. the Deathshrieker doesn't play around it'd run you down in an instant nowhere is safe, not even the water because these dragons can run on it.

kind of makes the Draith look like a puppy dog. for more info on this dragon click the blue text near the heading. (thanks ArachnidTheHivewingSkywing for makeing the Deathshrieker, really cool species)

egg to adult


the Deathly Draith egg is somewhat translucent, it has a somewhat thin shell with thick jelly-like fluid on the inside. the egg matches the dragon's eye color usually starting pale green and fadeing into pale blue. when the egg comes close to hatching the shell becomes more and more clear as the jelly-like fluid absorbs into the hatchling so that their scales can change color easily.

even though they're still developeing their antenna are still active in the egg and whenever they sense movement other than their parent their eggs change color to camoflauge them. (they can tell what their parent's footsteps are due to weight variations).


after hatching the small Draith's eyes are fused shut, their only knowlage of the world is vibrations. some dragons get eaten by their parents (or parent) at this age, the one's that done't usually go on to survive adulthood. they have a large round head at this phase with a small frill on the back of their neck. their limbs are short and stubby and they have no venom. they completely depend ont heir parents (or parent) at this age as they are completely defenseless.


these dragons leave thier parents (or parent) as soon as they get their venom. stay too long and they become dinner. at this age their venom glands have started forming and by mid-adolecence they've been fully formed. their eyes are open and their frill is closer to full sized. their body has begun to catch up with their head in size and their limbs are  longer and sharper.


this is the final stage of life for these dragons as no one's ever seen a titan wing Draith. at this age the dragon in question has reached sexual maturity and has made a life for its self. maybe takeing care of young or possably living with a mate (if they had one and didn't eat them). their limbs, frill, and other features are fully formed and their skeleton is complete. however they don't stop growing when they reach their 'normal size' which is that of a panther. they can grow impossably huge by the time they die and it can be scary how big they get.


  • these dragons and their island were inspired by Isla Sorna and the dinosaurs that inhabit it.
  • I also took insparation from the How To Train Your Dragon books, the Skull Lion a blind and deaf dragon that hunts by smell was my main motivation, because they creeped me out so I wanted soemthing equally creepy to use. did it work? are you spooped?
  • I based their antennae off of a moth's, because they look cool.