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Dragon Hunter: "What dragon are we hunting today sir."

Dragon Hunter Captain: "Where going to the island of Echoing Souls, a place where you don't hunt dragons, the dragons...hunt you."

-Dragon Hunters Before Setting Foot on Deathshrieker Territory.

Brief Description

The Deathshrieker is a very deadly and dangerous Striker Class dragon with unbelievable intelligence, instant death acid, extreme hunting skills, and have a horrifying lifestyle. Its no wonder they are related to the Deathly Draith! With about 2,000 known Deathshrieker packs living in the entire world, surely you will encounter one once and your life and hopefully survive. While most dragons only attack when needed to. Deathshriekers are different, they kill for sport and enjoyment. Its not just for survival. To them, killing is just for fun. Some even consider them beasts or monsters instead of dragons because that matches their personality. No dragon is as savage as the notorious Deathshrieker. It takes a lot of skill to be able to be able to tame these beasts.


"What kind of dragon would eat these strange rocks?"

"Uh, sir? I don't think those are rocks..."

-Dragon Hunters Finding Deathshrieker Eggs in the gullet of a Nadder.


One Deathshrieker egg is never the same as the others in its clutch. All the eggs in a single nest for Deathshriekers are always a completely different color or shape. It could be a round and clear egg that feels like jelly or it can be a brown cylinder egg with purple at the end. Deathshrieker eggs are injected into the throat of a living dragon by the female Deathshrieker where the eggs are incubated. Each egg requires a different skill and which the dragonet inside has. For example it may need to use its poisonous tail to poke through all the holes in its egg in order for the egg to come open, or it will need its long claws to rip open the top of its tail. Each egg has a dragonet with a different ability from the others in its clutch. After about a week or two the eggs hatch and burst out of the dragon victims head, killing it, and crawl out, welcomed into the pack their mother and father were apart of.


Baby To BroadWing

Like their cousin, the Deathly Draith, the Deathshrieker inherites a sheild like crest at the back of their heads to protect their necks from being bitten in battle and have multiple pairs of limbs. However, the Deathshriekers wouldn't be cousins to the Draith if they weren't different to them. Unlike the Draith, Deathshriekers (Shriekers for short) can come in a large variety of colors, but the most common is a grey or black with blood colored stripes running down their backs this color usually matches the caves Deathshriekers live in as they are usually filled with black and red rocks, sometimes even rubies, which helps them master the art of stealth. There eyes are always completely black with the tiniest pupil inside, usually red in color.

A dragonet looks almost nothing like its adult form. sporting a light brown color, their eyes are a blank shade of white, they only have one pair of limbs for walking and the back of their body is a long serpentine tail, they have blood colored gills on the sides of their chest, as their lungs aren't fully developed and breath in carbon instead of oxegyn.


When the Shrieker gets into Shortwing their color slightly changes, their scales both brown and the color they are growing into, their tiger like stripes begin to how and their limbs develop, their eyes become darker and if you look closely you can see their pupils. Their neck shield which is made of cartilage grows harder their tails grow more spiky and a barb begins to form. They usually have raspy breath as their lungs are slowly changing to breath in oxgyen rather then carbon docide.

Broadwings which are at the peak of their adultery,  have all their colors, their tiger stripes are visible, their eyes are no more but black with a dot of red or blue for a pupil. Sharp spikes form on their backs to help them become more agile in battle. Their limbs are fully developed and can use them whenever they like, their tail know wields a poisonous bard for combat. Shriekers claws extend to have a longer reach. Their tounge strangely extends to become longer and know drips with black salvia. They develop stronger volcal cords and can now produce that horrorifying shriek. Their lungs develop so they now can breath oxgyn.

Titanwing Shriekers are very rare to see because Deathshriekers kill dragons so often their is usually a high chance of them getting themselves killed. Titanwings as you'd expect are twice as fast and powerful as a normal Deathshrieker. Titanwing Deathshriekers are twice the size of a normal one (12 feet or two meters). They wield a darker shade of their normal color and a multi colored sail on their back  which normally are used to attract mates. Small 1 foot tusks develop at the ends of their chins. A sharp crest used for marking territory forms on their snout and are also a sign of dominance. Their tail becomes ten times spikier and longer. and are primed with venom twice as deadly as before. A comet like shape forms around the Titanwings eye which now changes to have a red surrounding with a firey yellow large pupil. Feather like spikes form on the shoulders of the Deathshriekers front limb which help Deathshriekers have better accuracy with their attacks. As you'd expect any Deathshrieker who reaches the Titanwing state usually become the alpha of the pack. These Deathshriekers now have an extremely powerful line of intellgence and can speak to humans, form strategies, and sometimes are even known to build and once were spotted making wooden spears to stab enemies.

A Titanwing Deathshrieker



Deathshriekers have eight limbs, two for slashing and holding, two for stabbing and cutting, two for kicking and walking, two for climbing and two for crushing and bashing. The bones in all of these limbs has a special skeleton and muscle structure that allows the Deathshrieker to fold the limbs a way when their is no need for them. These limbs are used commonly in combat as it is easy to confuse prey by constantly switching limbs and using them for weapons. Deathshriekers of course commonly use these limbs for fighting, cutting their preys throats, stabbing them in the underbelly, kicking them over, and smashing them in the skulls. But they limbs are also used for eating. Use to hold chunks of meat, cutting flesh off a corpse, and holding the meat for the Deathshrieker to eat. Deathshriekers how ever also use these limbs for many other things, climbing walls and ceilings, to communicate during a hunt, and marking territories.

Despite the use of these claws, Deathshriekers can only extend six limbs out at a time, so they cannot use them all at once. The limbs are probably one of the things that Death Shriekers mostly rely on. 


The Deathshriekers unique skeletal structure allows the Shrieker to walk both on its back legs and on fours, they walk in different ways depending on different events, for example they walk on their leg limbs and their front claw limbs at the same time when they are hunting, and on their back legs only when they are fighting or curious.

Spine Flip

A special ability a Deathshrieker uses and which when it runs at full speed, the tucks all its limbs together and forms into a ball, rolling forward at increasing speed at its enemies to slam into them, driving its back spikes into them and causing a lot of damage. Deathshriekers however like to mix it up a little. Sometimes instead they will unfurl and spread out their claws to perform a deadly slash or to stab the prey with its tail, so their prey can't always expect what will come

Strength, Speed, And Combat

Deathshriekers have an unbelievable strength, two Broadwing Shriekers could lift up a Titanwing Mostrous Nightmare if they wanted to. Deathsrhiekers have powerful limbs. A strike to the head from a claw is almost always a fatal blow. Deathshrikers have an extreme speed of 5,500 miles at full speed, but of course, they usually don't run that fast as their usually are trees and rocks in the way. Deathshriekers have a special row of spikes on their back that help them with wind currents, allowing them to change directions at the last moment in a battle. Titanwings have feathery spikes on their arms that help direct their blows. A normal Deathshrikers hit rate is 50% (1 out of two attacks is usually a hit) while the Titanwings is 70%!!  Deathshriekers seemingly never run out of stamina, they almost always are eating so they can run and fight for up to 1 hour before needing to take a break. Deathshriekers are very powerful in combat, a single Titanwing can wreck an entire ship alone. However Deathshriekers perfer to live in packs because they have a WAY higher chance to kill their prey  together.


Dragon Hunter: "Sir, how can I survive a cave full of Deathshriekers?"

Captain: "Always watch your back or they will impale you in the back of the head, always watch whats in front of you or they will stab you in the stomach. Look twice, no three, four times at any dark corner. If you survive this it will only be because the gods were on your side."

No matter the size of the pack or the size of their prey. No matter what. As long as its dark, Deathshriekers have away better chance to kill prey in the dark. Deathshriekers are one of the most stealthiest dragons to walk the Earth. Deathshriekers are always black, and their other color (usually red) is very dark to and super hard to see. The Deathshriekers scales can that repels light, allowing it so light cannot light up the Deathshriekers scales. Deathshriekers aren't called the "Killing Shadows" for nothing, in the darkness Deathshriekers are nothing but a tiny glowing orb (their eyes) in the shadows. Prey may notice a Deathshrieker, but it usually is too late for them to run. Deathshriekers

Deathshriekers following a soon-to-be dead dragon hunter.

together as a pack in the middle of the night literllay have an 89% chance to kill whatever they are hunting because of their extreme stealth. Upon finding prey Deathshriekers will usually follow close behind their prey, hiding behind any cover they can find, trees, salagmites. Most Deathshriekers will climb on the wall or ceilings or hop tree to tree to get the higher groud. Surpringingly the pads  on the Deathshriekers feet are super soft, allowing them to make barely any noise when jumping or walking. Upon getting to their prey, when the alpha gives the single, one or more Shrieker will pounce on their prey depending on the size, while another will jump down and inject the prey with venom or stab them with their tail.


Every Deathshrieker inherits some sort of venomous trait. It can vary from, poisonous tipped claws, poisonous fangs, venomous tail, scales with venom glands, poisonous barbs on their wrists, acidic venom in their scythe like claws, a gland full of paralyzing toxins in the center of their crab like claws, burning toxins shot from their snouts, venomous tear ducts. Anything practically!  The venom is super deadly and can kill someone in a single day.



Dragon Hunter: "How in the name of Thor can we kill these things?!"

Dragon Hunter 2: "Well its not like they are suddenly going to charge at us with spears or anything..."

-Dragon Hunter accidental foreshadowing.

Deathshriekers are probably one of the slyest and smartest dragons. They can be taught to speak human language (but only up to three word sentences), can make gestures during a hunt, shout out commands, even to using sharp rocks to carve out wooden spears to stab or throw at enemies.Deathshriekers may not understand something at first (like how to open a door) but after a few minutes they will be able to understand it and later memorize it. Deathshriekers can memorize faces of their packmates and even learn to make names for themselves so its easier for others to tell them apart. Shriekers also have likes and dislikes, while one Deathshrieker may love eating eels another may have a huge dislike for them. Deathshriekers are even known to have ranks in there packs, first ranks in the pack is the alpha and fifth rank ones that are young or old. Shriekers teach things they have learned to other Deathshriekers so later generations can learn them to. While most people consider the heartless and only know one thing, killing. Deathshrikers are even known to express emotions like anger, surprise, grief, embarresment, love, and curiousity. Some Shriekers have been known to mimic a packmate in a somewhat sarcastic tone (which usually ends up with one or more packmate giving them a warning snap) Some even observed them gathering around a kill, bowing there heads in silence as if "honoring" their kills death.

Vocal Cords

Deathshriekers have amazing vocal cords and calls. 50% of their calls are so louds nothing up creatures that are hyper sensitive to noise can here it. Its very common for Deathshriekers to emite their creepy call, they do it as a way of greeting, happiness, calling for help, and finding packmates. They are capable of mimicking other creatures noises from a human yelling in pain or a Deathgripper snarling. Which is why some hunters and creatures fall prey to the Deathshrieker because they here the call of one of their own kind. Shriekers volcal cords allow them to roar in any kind of voice they want no matter how high or how deep it is.


Deathshriekers use various gastures with their limbs, chirps and growls, and shrieks to communicate with each other. It is commonly used during hunting or fighting to confuse their prey. Generally they communicate is gestures to not alert their prey of their presence. They can speak in many different way, happily, sarcastically, quietly, sometimes even in an "accent" sometimes. Sometimes the Deathshriekers speak in full conversations, however its unknown what they could be about. Alpha Deathshriekers use speacial calls and chitters to make announcements or orders to the rest of its pack and doesn't want to alert any enemies. Two Deathshrieker's that are mates, sharing food, anything that is a sign of affection they usually speak in small gestures and chitters. Shriekers also used a high pitched shriek to alert the pack of danger or to get their attention. Similiar to the Rattlesnake the spikes on the Deathshriekers tail is made up of hollow segments of keratin, and which rattle when used. The tail usually is rattled when a Deathshrieker is excited or angered.

Here are some basic Deathshrieker Communications:

Flicks left front limb forward: "Go away"

Makes a Click Sound: "Yes"
Clicks Twice: "No."

Spreads out sycthe like limbs: "I am hungry."

Makes a sucking noise: "I am thirsty"

Flicks left front limb left/right: "Go left/right."

Tilts head upwards: "Over here!"

Deathshriekers of course get there name from when a packmate dies or when they kill their prey the pack will emite sorrowful shrieks.


Deathshriekers if running at their top speed can race across water like a speed stinger, they can't jump onto boats or make quick directions, but it is an easy way to travel from island to island. If a Deathshrieker falls into the water they know how to paddle and float but that is practically all.


Deathshriekers eyes are hyper sensitive to the light which is why their pupils are very small. If their pupils extended slightly in the light by a centimeter they could go completely blind! While they can see as good as humans in the light, their eye sight increases twice as much in the dark. 


Deathshriekers commonly use their tails as spears. Stabbing and impaling their enemies with it in combat. However their tails are also strong enough to support the Shriekers body weight temporarily, being able to scan the area from higher ground with it. Some Shriekers tails are poisonous and can be deadly if injected. Deathshriekers also use their tails for fishing, striking fish with them 


Deathshrieker Titanwings crest is as hard as iron, Titanwing Alphas use this crest to attract mates, and make terrtory marks, Titanwings also use this in fights, imapling their enemies with it, however when to Titan Shriekers encounter each other they use the crest for fighting.


  • Deathshriekers are nocturnal are perfer to hunt at dark.
  • They are hyper sensitive to light.
  • Deathshriekers can only use six to eight limbs at once.
  • Deathshrieker venom cure is boiled Dragon Nip, which is common to find in the wild.
  • As you would expect, Deathshriekers will become very confused and disoriented when they lose their alpha.
  • They are very vunerable in water as they can barely swim at all.
  • Pantothetic Acid's (something in fruits) is poisonous to Deathshriekers.


Unlike the Deathly Draith that feeds on whatever it can get its claws on. The Deathshrieker have a variety of foods they eat. The bigger the pack the bigger prey they hunt. While lone Deathshriekers catch  fish, and small dragons like night terrors. Packs of Deathshriekers will go after things like boars and large dragons like a Triple Stryke. Shriekers also don't mind on catching and munching on eels if they managech one. Humans are also a tasty treat for them.  Deathshriekers are practically on the top of the food chain only being outclassed by large dragons like the Tarscaler as they can take down anything as a pack. Deathshrieker teeth are quite sharp and can tear through flesh if they wanted to. However Deathshriekers perfer to use there limbs to cut up food before devouring it. The scythe and crab claw hands mainly are used to cut up the foot into bite sized for the younger Shriekers to feed on. Deathshriekers however don't seem to mind eating the corpse of an unknown creature if they come across one as they can pretty much digest anything. However, things like fruit contain an acid that is extremely poisonous to a Deathshrieker and the speacies will always keep away from fruits when possible. Deathsrhiekers will usually share their meal with other member of the pack, usually with packmates they have a affections towards.


Deathshrikers are said to be one of the slyest and curious speacies of dragon. While they may seem very agrresive to humans they are not doing it just because, they are doing it because they are trying to protect their packmates and dragonets. Deathsrhiekers can actually be very tame to humans if you gain their trust. As long as the alpha trusts you the entire pack trusts you. Deathshriekers are always curious and enjoy trying out new things and learning from other creatures. 


If a dragon of a different kind is invited into the pack as a packmate there are chances of a hybridization. Here are a few possible dragons that could hybridize with a Deathshrikers. Sadly hybrid dragonets are usually kicked out or killed in a pack

Deathly Draith-Both speacies are similiar in body shape and are related, so it could be quite common for Draith-Shrieker hybrids to occur, and which sually will come in shades of red and purple.

Deathgripper-It is possible, Deathgrippers sometimes may ally with Shriekers, they have similiar colors, the Deathgrippers limbs look similiar to some of the Deathshriekers.

Triple Stryke- The speacies can communicate in a couple ways using the tail, one tenth of the gestures a Shrieker uses a Triple Stryke can understand.

Speed Stinger- Quite a common one, the speacies sometimes encounter each other on islands so there could be a few hybrids.


Deathshriekers have a few mutations.

Emotional Seers- These Deathshriekers have somewhat of an ability to be able to "sniff" out another dragons emotions and tell how they are feeling.

Senseless- These poor dragons lost two or three of their senses, this usually happens when a dragons genetics get go wrong. These dragons are usually abandoned.

Sixth limb- Shriekers like this have a second pair of one of their limbs, a common genetic malfuction.

Shyness- A common mutation where a Deathshrieker usually is extrmemly shy and refuses to talk or eat near anyone, this usually results in it not getting a mate.

Rusted Crest- Some Titanwings crest are flaky, dull, and unattractive, they usually are extremely sensitive to touch and break easily, this usually occurs when the Shriekers nose is badly wounded or scarred.

Rouges & Outcasts

However Deathshriekers sometimes may decide they don't want to listen to the alpha or disobey one of the alphas commands and leave the pack. This usually may happen if the Shrieker has a dislike for the alpha or the packs lifestyle or has young with a different dragon speacies. Outcasts before their exile get clawed in between the eyes by the alpha to mark them as an outcast so that other Deathshrieker packs know that the Shrieker is an outcast and stay away. Rouges, unlike Outcasts can be adopted by a pack if the alpha allows it.

Starting A New Pack

It takes a lot of work to form a new pack. First of all two rouges must find each other and be willing to breed with each other or a large group of Deathshriekers are exiled from there pack, sometimes a healthy group of Shriekers may leave their pack to start a new one. Once the two mate and have eggs, the Deathshriekers will need to find a group of young rouge Shriekers or some Deathshrieker's from a pack who are willing to give their young to the pck for their children, then do the same for the Deathshriekers hatchlings hatchlings and a pack is formed. Another thing is Deathshrieker packs on the same island as the new pack have to approve of the new pack and be willing to give some of their territory to the pack. If the packs decline the new pack may have to move or will move in to one of the nearby packs. The Shriekers also will need to decide on which packmate should beome the alpha, the two Deathshriekers who started the pack will usually fight and the winner will become alpha while the loser becomes second in command.

War And Migration

When the pack of a Deathshriekers grows larger, more prey and territory is needed. Deathshriekers don't have a limit to how many they can have in a pack. They just keep populating. What happens next basically varies on how violent the alpha is. If the alpha is a peaceful type they will choose to migrate to a land for their pack to live in, usually a place where no other packs are living in. migrations can be quite dangerous as they can pass through aggresive dragon territories, have to cross the ocean where young Deathsrhiekers could drown, and sometimes even end up starving to death. However violent alphas will declare war on the other packs, either forcing them out of their territory or wiping them out completely. This is usually ends up killing a lot of Deathshriekers from the alphas pack which shortens their need of territory and food which makes the war almost pointless unless the Deathshriekers are extremely skilled fighters. 


Deathshriekers breeding season starts at the beginning of fall when the leaves begin to change color. Only two to six Deathshriekers in a pack mate. The alpha usually selects which Deathshriekers mate and almost always selects the most healthy and strongest in the pack. However two Deathshriekers can "request' to become mates and the alpha can accept them if it wants to. Deathshriekers during mid fall actually are know to have some sort of "wedding ceremony" and which the pack hunt down a large group of plants for a feast, and then all the Shriekers gather up in one spot and do some sort of dance, bobbing their heads, hopping up and down, spinning and more. The selected males however are taught a special dance, which is different each year. The dance includes a lot of gestures, mostly gestures and chitters that are a way of saying "I love you". The dragons selected by their alpha to mate usually will groom their future mates. Some of the Shriekers will offer gifts to the dragons. Later after the "ceremony" the selected Deathshriekers will mate. After a few days, the selected females will be sent out to find a victim to inject their eggs in. The males usually help find the victims. After the target is implanted the male will use a speacial scent gland near their underbelly to put a strong scent on the target which makes it so that the pack can always track down them. The mates will check on their victims every few days and once the young are born the mates will gather them up and announce their births to the clan. Shrieker young will usually experience two to three "weddings' before they can participate in them, themselves. On the third year Deathshrieker females will be taught how to inject eggs and males will be taught how to do a special dance.


Deathshriekers most of the time are peaceful to the other packs, if one pack accidentally crosses another territroy they will be given a friendly reminder to stay off. Its rare for two packs to fight. However sometimes when an extremely powerful dragon attacks another pack or something that one pack cannot stop by themselves. Deathshrieker packs will form an alliance with one of the packs to deal with the problem. This means that the two packs for a short while will merge into a single pack and are allowed to use each others territory, until the trouble passes or until the dragon is defeated. Alphas will usually give other packs a bit of their territory if the pack agrees to form an alliance with the pack. Alliances may end quickly but it does help gain trust between packs.


"A Deathshrieker? Those things only listen to the alpha!"

"Then I'll become the alpha."

Deathshriekers are quite difficult to train but with some effort it is possible. Trying to befirend and tame a Deathshrieker is quite hard because they are very loyal to their alpha and will attack you on sight. The main goal is to get the alpha to trust you. In order to gain the alphas trust you, try to do something that would gain your trust, liking helping kill a dragon they are attacking or healing one of their own. Another way of doing it is more dangerous and that is reaching Alpha status. Meaning challenging the alpha to a battle to the death and the winner becomes alpha. This allows you do gain more trust to the pack because the pack doesn't care about what kind of speacie you are, as long as you kill the alpha in battle they will be loyal to you. However you can not have any aid or help in battle meaning you would have to be pretty brutal and sturdy in order to defeat the strongest dragon in the pack.

You can also try gaining the trust of a rouge or outcast Deathshrikers by caring for them and acting as if they are a packmate.

Once you manage to tame a Deathshriker you will have a heck of fun. Deathshriekers can learn just about every trick in the book and more! From learning how to track down Dragon Root to even sword fighting!

Related Speacies

As you know the Deathshrieker is closely related to a speacies known as the Deathly Draith. While Death Shriekers has many sets of limbs, the Deathly Draith can handle them way better then the Deathly Draith. Draiths are more skilled and that they can live their lives entirely blind and manage to kill prey, Deathly Draiths can also handle being in the sunlight unlike Draiths and can happily devour fruits (if they want) without risking death.

Draiths And Deathshriekers are common allies. When the two speacies cross path's they almost never start a fight unless they are starving or just insane. However fights usually end in both creatures dying. When they do encounter each other the two usually will make gestures and chittering sounds. While the two are very different their language is just about the same. Shriekers sometimes may offer gifts such as spears and such despite the Draiths likely not knowing what they are. It is common for the two speacies to teach each other things.

While the Deathshrieker has its extreme stealth and supreme intellgents. Compared to the Draith which can grow its size and can camoflauge the Shrieker looks like a Night Fury dragonet.

(Credit to Eva who made the Deathly Draith, the dragon the Deathshrieker is based off and therefore is WAY better then the Deathshrieker.)


The Deathshrieker makes an appearance in Pigeons Fanfiction. It will also appear as one of the main antagonists of my upcoming horror fanfiction.



  • The Deathshrieker took the longest to make out of all my dragons!
  • The Deathshrieker is based of the Velociraptor from Jurassic World and the Xenomorph from Alien ​​​​​.
  • Its roar sounds like the Spinosuarus in Jurassic World III but more shrill.
  • Credit to DeepFlame3 who's page on the Deep Flame I based my page and information off!
  • Deathshriekers spoops level: 5/10
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