Early life

Dino was one of the many dragons living in the hidden world but along with many others he abandoned his world . Later on Earth he was captured by Ragnar's army and was later freed by Maureen Nichols and Skycutter were he lived in Maureen sanctuary.

Meeting Sean and Rahzar

Dino was introduced to Sean and Rahzar along with Skycutter, Skids and Mudflap and Roadbuster showing how she rescued them. Dino participated in the battle at Maureen's sanctuary and when Ragnar's bewilderbeast killed Maureen's he was forced to go to Brighton. There he was freed by Rahzar and started firing against the gigantic dragon and. He then bowed down to Rahzar as the new alpha staying on Brighton.

Fighting Rippen and Tardorah

Dino was seen when the defenders raided a ship and he fired at the hunters. When Rippen threatened to destroy Brighton unless Rahzar was handled over Dino did anything to help the town. Dino along Sideswipe,Rahzar,and Clawer were assigned to take care of a gang in Detroit and then figured out what the government was doing to species of dragons. When Rahzar and Peral were captured by Rippen Dino along with all the other dragons came to rescue thee alpha but were forced to when Rippen threatened to kill Peral he was later locked in a cage and was freed by the defenders joining the battle. When Rippen and Tardorah were defeated Dino along with all the other dragons were set free to Dragon island.

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