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Dragonfly is the owner and rider of Dizzy the Armadillo Dragon. She is like Hiccup, in some ways: she's not very brave or tough and she won't kill anyone, if she can help it outside of battle. Even though she will hunt and kill animals for food, she gets a queezy stomach from the gore from butchering. Dragonfly's not the best warrior Viking, but she's not the worst—she'll do what she has to do, and she'll do it right. A social person, she makes friends easily and keeps friends easily. She has a good sense of humor, but she's funnier when she doesn't try to be, and she's not as funny when she tries. Dragonfly loves to adventure and discover new things, and Dizzy never leaves her side. Dragonfly and Dizzy make a great team: Dizzy can't fly very high, and Dragonfly is afraid of heights; when Dragonfly hunts for animals for food, Dizzy keeps her safe from predators and other wild dragons; and when Dragonfly stargazes at night, Dizzy is right by her side, sleeping.

She's the calmest of her family, next to her mother, Katastrophe. Where her father and siblings will eagerly jump into battle, Dragonfly would rather stay at a safe place and hand out weapons to the Vikings. Even though her mother doesn't fight and most often stays home, her mother will butcher animals for food, and Dragonfly makes clothing from the skins and furs.

Dragonfly's younger brother and sister often rough-house with each other, sometimes even with their dragons, and they are always looking for something to do; her father and cheif of the Warrior Wolves tribe, Hammer the Red, is usually keeping their tribe organized and making sure they're safe, well-armed and well-trained for battle; and Katastrophe is usually tending to household chores. Dragonfly's the least warrior-like in her family—her dad and younger brother and sister don't fear fighting, like Dragonfly does.

Despite that her father is often training new warriors and spends some time away from home, and her mother is most often taking care of their house while Dragonfly and her siblings are out adventuring with their friends, they all have a great relationship with each other as a family and do things together as a family.