Fallen Dreganaught

Terror of Vikings and Dragons alike, Legend says he can only be killed by a Night Fury

Dreganaught is an Atlantain automaton and the primary antagonist of Vengeance of Atlantis. Dreganaught is at least 4,500 years old. Making him the oldest automaton still active. He was the orginal commander of Xenocon forces during the first great war between Dragons and Atlantis. Cold, cruel and calculating. Dreganaught is a master in combat and battlfield strategey, his every move masked with trickerey. He was a force to be reckoned with and still is. Orginally defeated by Nobelieus, a night fury and leader of the Dracorangers. Dreaganaugtht however was not completley defeated. Nobelieus sucummed to his wounds before he could deliever the killing strike. But the Xenocon leader was weak enough to be imprisoned by the remainder of the Dracorangers. Released by Triton during the events of Chapter 11. Dreganaught is now ready to extract his revenge on the dragons and thier masters. Armed with an retractable arm blade, mutiple energey weapons, missile launchers,back mounted thrusters for high speed flight, and his infamous ability to manipiulate time and space with his telekinteic powers which include short ranged teleportation. Dreganaught is by far the most powerful foe Toothless will face in his life. But even the last Night Fury might not be able to defeat this master of death and shadow.