The Ebony Wyvern is a small dragon.Despite its name,it is not related to the Ebony Dragon


Like many other wyverns,Ebony wyverns lack forelegs and have feathered wings.They have a long tail with a fan,a beak-shaped mouth and horns protuding from their heads as well as chicken-like legs with long claws.It gets its name from the color of its scales,which are dark black.It has razor-sharp teeth that allow it to chew its food very well.Ebony Wyverns prey on rodents,small amphibians,birds,birds of prey,insects and fish,but will also attack and eat bigger prey like deer,weasels,foxes,wolves,moose and even buffalo.The ebony wyvern is a very fast dragon and can reach up to 90 km per minute when flying.Ebony Wyverns are hard when it comes to get one.They are also very hard to train,but are very loyal pets and great friends when successfully trained and mastered.

Ebony Wyverns breathe a purple blast of fire from their mouth,similar to the Night Furys' blue.Their blasts are fast and can blow up many things and even set a small cabin on fire.