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Echo, is a character in Before the Riders this is her first and last appearance. the fanfic is owned by Nightfury4eva

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Echo is a beautiful or not silver deathsong. she has dark blu spots on her wings and 'fins' with pale blue details/ underbelly. the pale blue is often highlighted by pale violet/lilac.


Echo hatched on melody island but since her colors didn't blend in with the orange leaves of the forest. she wasn't a very good hunter but is an amazing 'singer'. she drew lots of dragons in but wasn't very good at trapping them.  she hypnotized Nightshade. Kaya and Nightshade were on a fly through the archipelago when they came upon the island. Echo lured Nightshade in with her enchanting call. even though Echo was a young dragon she was still pretty capable of shooting amber. her parents only really used her for free meals and neglected to feed her. Nightshade put an end to that and by putting an end to that I mean showed up and acted aggressively as the parents abandoned Echo hoping that Nightshade would kill her and leave them alone. Nightshade really likes the Echo for her singing 'voice' plus Echo is a really sweet dragon. Nightshade then introduced her to Sunstone, Vera, Thunder, Elka, and Scarlette. they got along pretty well and Echo soon became really close with a few of them.


Echo is a very sweet dragon, she is usually very submissive and does what others want them to do. however, if something is threatening her friends or her rider she will act. she can be very proud at times often singing just to show off that she can do it or to stroke her ego. even with all of this, she has a problem trying to stand up to authority figures.



Echo shoots Amber, she can shoot 8 blasts before stopping. she usually misses 4 of those shots because, like Thunder, she isn't the best at aiming but unlike Thunder, she does not accidentally hit her friends. her amber cocoons are fairly easy to break, most dragon fire can penetrate it after enough tries.


Echo can see pretty well. she's no Strike class Dragon but she doesn't have awful sight. she is color blind though. she can not tell red from blue. this can cause some directional/ pathfinding issues, especially in forests.


Echo is extremely strong, she can carry Gronckels and Singetails without a problem. she has demonstrated that she has the strength of a normal adult deathsong. she has been seen carrying dragons far bigger than she is.


Echo can go for fairly long without stopping. she can go for at least a marathon without taking a break any farther than that is uncharted waters. she has never had an instance where she's had to fly farther than that because she never got to go very far in life. literally and figuratively.


Echo isn't very agile, due to the inability to pull her wings in. because of this, she can't really weave through tight spaces. she can turn quickly but she cannot maneuver very well in close quarters. she is probably the worst at weaving in her entire 'family'.


Echo isn't very stealthy in the forests. in the sky, during the day she can hide pretty well in the clouds. however, unlike Thunder, she doesn't have an obsession with clouds. she isn't very stealthy at any other time though.


Echo is probably they smartest dragon in her group. her species may not have the best intelligence she is the only one who has any common sense. making her the smartest in theory.

Submissive nature

Echo is a pretty submissive dragon. she doesn't really stand up to Elka's authority when the other dragons love to argue against Elka. Echo believes that standing up to those in charge would be disrespectful, although she is sort of true you should always question things which she doesn't do. (authors note: children ASK QUESTIONS. question everything like why am I doing this? why aren't they doing this? questions lead to understanding more about the world don't just follow blindly! learning moment over back to the character)


Echo is a great singer, she can attract dragons from miles around with her little songs. she generally doesn't sing very often because of this and only chirps out little tunes every now and then. she really only sings whenever Kaya tells her to or Nightshade. she allways sings when someone asks her to because she likes singing the only reason she doesn't sing often is because dragons allways crowd her.

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