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"To punish and hunt"
―Electro motto

Electro is a Skrill and member of the Red Empire who first appeared in Dragon Defenders


Early life

Electro was one of the many dragons living in the Hidden World but along with many others abandoned his world, and spent ten years in hiding.

Finding the Strike Stone

After hiding on earth for ten years Electro went to pick up his friend Terror in order to find the Strike Stone and the Red Death location on earth. Using the information Terror collected from U.S military HQ, they learned about "Project Dragon".

After meeting up with Starrunner, Blackout, and Rhinocrusher and finding the Red Death who is starving, she sends to find the strike stone. Electro went to Brighton to look for the stone and there he found Sean Nicholas who had found the stone four years ago. Electro than caught the boy and was about to blast him until Clawer came to his rescue and battled it out with Electro fleeing. Electro then goes back to the nest to inform his master who is disappointed in his failed attempt to get the stone. But he tells the Red Death the dragon was a Razorstrike the queen is shocked to learn that their species survived the exodus of the hidden world.

When the Red Death awoke other dragon's around the world, Electro along with the other red empire dragons invaded Brighton and when Sean stopped Rahzar from killing his father Electro took the stone from him. With the stone in their possession Electro and his comrades went back to the nest and gave the stone to the Red Death who gained her full power back. But the people of Brighton along with Wilson Darby and the military invade the nest and when Brighton and the military are losing the Dragon Defenders come in on their own dragons.

The Red Death gained enough strength to fly and went to Brighton with Electro and the others following. There they were destroying the town until the defenders came and battled it out, Clawer and Barricade battles it out again with Rhinocrusher battling Rahzar. When Rahzar killed Rhinocrusher and Drift joined Sean and his two brothers Electro retreated and did not witness Sean and Rahzar kill the Red Death.

With the Red Death killed along with Rhinocrusher and Blackout. Electro went off to the unknown.

Physical Appearance

Electro resembles a regular Skrill with large wings and a spike crown on his head and more spikes back running down his tail. He has a few spikes on his chin and a sharp horn on his chin. In coloration his crown is light blue along with his back and tail along with part of his wings. His face is black with yellow eyes and he has black stripes down his sides and tail. All his spikes and both his legs are black along with his wings.


Electro is a staunch dragon believing in the cause and always remaining loyal to his master the Red Death. He not very loyal to Staruuner as he will only put up with his leadership until they find the Red Death.

Though he can be cocky at times and is sometimes showing off to his fellow comrades he knows when to pick and choose his fights and when Blackout challenged Starrunner for leadership he did not get involved as they had already found there leader. He is not afraid to speak for what he believes even it's to his master.

Barricade is a deadly dragon in combatant, and prefers to close the gap with his enemies rather then a fight from a far distance as shown when he took on Clawer, but was defeated.

Abilities and Skills


Speed and Agility:


Strength and Combat:

Stamina and Endurance: