Ember was born on April 22, is the Chief's firstborn daughter, and has two siblings named Cedar and Breeze. Breeze has Down Syndrome and loves Ember a lot. Ember escapes the craziness of life by exploring the nearby islands. She lives on an island called Blue Isle that is situated 1 hour away from Dragons Edge.


Being the oldest requires a lot of her but, she often is bossy and according to Cedar her 9 year old brother, annoying at times. Nevertheless, her siblings still love her and they get along very well.


Her best friends are her cousin Strøm Skyfjær and Wyndy Ørn . They get along really well and sometimes only her friend can see the true Ember.

Small Issues

Due to an injury that happened when she was 12, Ember has an interesting run. She fractured her lower left leg and now runs more like a horse. She also has SPD and can get quite overwhelmed in her loud home, she escapes this by taking a flight around the island.


  • - She has several friends but, one of her closest is very close in age.
  • - Snowflake actually chose her for her rider.
  • - With her unique run, she is actually much faster than others.
  • - Ember was based off of LightFury271, her creator. LightFury271 has SPD and is a sensory avoider.
  • - Ember's sister, Breeze, has High Functioning Down Syndrome, making her able to speak and ride dragons.
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