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Ember is the main character of the Ember Series and Singing with the Wind. She rides a Light Fury named Snowflake and has many other dragons under her care.


Ember was born on April 22nd to Chief Acer and Aspen Akasie. She was their firstborn daughter so, she inherited the rights to becoming chieftess when her father either gave up chieftainship or died. When Ember turned three, her parents took her to the dragon stables to have her dragon picked for her. Her parents were sure she'd get a Deadly Nadder or a Hobblegrunt, like her mother. When they arrived a small Light Fury walked up to her and started playing with Ember. One of the stablekeepers said that the Light Fury had bonded with Ember and they were now a pair. Aspen asked Ember what she would name the Fury. After a moment of thinking, Ember looked at her mom and told her the dragon's name was Snowflake. When Ember was four her brother, Cedar, was born. Ember was quite bored with her brother for the first two years because she wasn't allowed to run around with him. When Ember was six, her parents learned of a little girl who was just born on a nearby island whose parents had died and needed adoption. Ember's parents decided to adopt the little girl and named her Breeze. When Ember turned seven, she and Snowflake took their first flight together and officially became a dragon and rider pair. Ember and Snowflake took daily flights together. When Ember turned 13, she upgraded the saddle and she and Snowflake began to explore the archipelago.

Physical Appearance

New Horizons and My Hope

Ember wears a purple mid-thigh length dress and has a gold lace belt with a small pouch. She has her light brown hair in a long braid down her back. She has bright teal eyes. She has a slender build.

Breaking Daylight

Ember has a dark blue dress that has golden embellishment on the elbow-length sleeves. She has the same belt as in New Horizons. She has two long braids and her hair is slightly beached due to being in the sun for a long time.




Cedar Akasie

"Um, we had a dispute with a bag of flour..."
"How does one have a dispute with a bag of flour?"
-Ember and Cedar

Ember and Cedar share a very close bond with each other as shown on many occasions. Sometimes Ember can get annoyed with her younger brother but, ends up laughing in the end. In New Horizons, Ember is confused with Cedar's proclamation that he and Breeze "got into a dispute with the bag of flour". Ember asked what he meant by that and he responded with the answer that he nor Breeze could open it so, Cedar cut the rope that held the bag shut. While he went to put the knife away, Breeze threw a handful of flour at him. He returned the favor and the flour-ball fight ended in a white kitchen. Sometime in the fight, Breeze threw the rope into the flames to see how it burned up. Cedar thought the predicament was hilarious but, Ember was annoyed. She eventually found the funny side of the situation. Later, when Snowflake was bitten by a venomous snake, Cedar became very concerned for his sister's dragon. He and his Cloudshatter, Stormy, transport the unconscious Snowflake back to Blue Isle where she is cared for.

Breeze Akasie

Breeze is Ember's little sister. She is very confused as to why she cannot have a dragon yet. Ember has had to explain many times that she isn't old enough to have a dragon. While Ember loves her sister dearly, some of Breeze's logic is off and often Breeze goes with an idea without thinking it through. Once Breeze threw a rope used to tie a bag of flour together into the fire to see how it burned up. Ember told Breeze that next time she wants to know what fire does to just ask Cedar because he had burnt up plenty of things.

Chief Acer Akasie

Ember, being the firstborn, has a very special relationship with her father. Currently, Acer is teaching his daughter how to successfully lead the tribe and how to choose advisors. Ember has adapted well to the new responsibilities that she has to learn but, is worried she'd let the tribe down. Acer is convinced that she will be a great chieftess someday and won't let the entire tribe fall.

Aspen Akasie

Aspen is Ember's mom and she is convinced that Ember grew up too quickly. Aspen enjoys teaching Ember how to bake and cook, things Ember excels in, and other basic homemaking skills. Other than cooking, Ember is more interested in leadership than anything else. Ember enjoys taking flights with her mother in the evening. W.I.P.

Strøm Skyfjær

Strøm is Ember's cousin and best friend. Oddly enough, Strøm is just a couple months younger than Ember which also makes them good friends and easy to be around each other. Ember and her cousin have a habit of getting into strange situations together and often end up with scrapes and bruises, even if they are just outside in the grass. She and Ember have a secret hideout on an island in their archipelago that only they, and now Cedar, know it's location.

Kaskade Skyfjær

Kaskade is Ember's older cousin who often tasks herself with watching over the two girls. She sometimes walks into conversations or situations at strange times and is confused at what the girls and their friends are talking about.

Willow and Wyndy Ørn

Willow and Wyndy are near-identical twins who are some of Ember's good friends. Both ride Tiderippers and are sometimes able to talk Ember and Strøm out of getting into their "situations". Willow, Strøm, and Ember helped save a blind Light Fury from being swept into the ocean by a river. Later Willow adopted the Light Fury.

Lavendel, Hazel, and Amethyst Orkan

These three sisters are some of Ember's good friends. Hazel, the oldest, often sits quietly listening to the other girls' conversations and interjecting her opinion now and then. Lavendel, the middle one, often is right in the middle of everything and loves getting together with her friends and having fun competitions. Amethyst, the youngest, loves Håber and wants her to be really happy, to the point of bringing her a couple slices of bread each day.

Stormi Fiskeørn

Stormi is one of Ember's good friends. During a competition, Stormi accidentally dropped some invites and all the pages flew in the wind and she coined the term "flyer". Ember and Stormi have a lot of fun painting cave walls together with bright colors to make the caves more fun to hide out in.

Ignus Selgere

Ember first met Ignus when she was three and her father met with his to discuss the dragon hunter problems. Ember did not see him again until they were much older. When the Dragon Riders of Berk were alerted to a dragon hunter ship with lots of Furies on it, they asked Ember to come and see if Håber's parents were there. While there, Ember came across Ignus and his injured Dusk Fury, Sunset. Ignus and Sunset had been shot down three days before and, while they were able to stay out of getting captured, had no way of getting off the large fleet of ships. Ember helped him get Sunset to a point where he could fly for a little bit. Once the group of riders got out of the fleet, Ember and the Blue Isle Dragon Riders took him back to Blue Isle until Sunset was a bit healthier. After the escape, the Akasie and Selgere families started to get together more often. Ignus's father, Griffin, and Acer had been good friends, almost brothers, but had little time to get their families together.


New Horizons

Ember makes her first appearance in New Horizons riding her Light Fury, Snowflake, are out flying and Cedar comes behind them on his Cloudshatter, Stryker. Cedar decides to go back to Blue Isle as he did not rest well the night before. Ember continues on with out him and finds an island that she starts exploring and observing. Hiccup and some of the dragon riders come over to where she was. Astrid is suspicious of the young girl at first and asks Ember if she is a dragon hunter. Ember responds with no, she is not a dragon hunter. Hiccup tells Astrid to calm down and then asks Ember who Snowflake is and then gives Ember a tour of the island, Dragon's Edge. The next day, Ember and her mom are making bread when Breeze asks if she can help. Ember lets Breeze stir the dough and then knead it before Aspen puts it near the fire to bake.

After a short-lived Dragon Hunter attack, Ember gives the Dragon Riders, who had come to help out, a tour of Blue Isle. Snotlout starts an arguement with her about the possibility of her wolf-dog, Alpine, actually being a hybrid. After the issue was resolved, the tour was finished and the Dragon Riders fly back to Dragon's Edge. The next morning, Ember was at her cousin, Strøm's house. They decide to go to a small island that they had built a hideout on. After staying there for a while, they headed back.

After they landed on Blue Isle, they went over to the Orn girls' house and asked if Lavendel (the middle of the three sisters) wanted to come on an adventure with them. She eagerly complied and they took off. They found an island outside of the Blue Isle archipelago and landed on it. After talking for a while, a thumping sound was heard and a small, three-legged Light Fury stepped out of the bushes. She was tangled in a net and a section of log was connected to it, producing the thumping sound. Ember knelt down to release the small Fury while the other two girls watched. After freeing the Light Fury, Ember formed a bond with her and gave her the name Håber. Wondering where Håber's mom was, they searched the island for an older Light Fury. Upon not finding one, they decided that her mother had either been captured by Dragon Hunters or killed. Ember took her back to Blue Isle.

When they returned, Lavendel's two sisters, Amethyst and Hazel, and Kaskade, Strøm's 16 year old sister, greeted them. Amethyst was confused by Håber's leg and asked why she only had 3 complete legs. Ember explained that Håber was probably just born like that. Ember then sent a Terror mail to Hiccup, requesting his help and advice on taking care of Håber. He comes, along with Astrid (who wanted to visit a friend she had made) and Fishlegs (who wanted to visit the stables), and helps Ember construct a prosthetic for the Light Fury. Håber struggled with keeping the prosthetic on for the first week and was constantly chewing it off. Ember got annoyed and asked Hiccup what she should do about Håber. He responded that she should train Håber to wear it and that because it was something new for her, it probably was uncomfortable and confusing. Then, over the next couple of days, Ember worked on getting Håber to wear it. Eventually she would wear it for an hour without trying to chew it off.

Later, Lavendel and her sisters decided to hold an art contest for the tribe. Ember and her friend Stormi helped them with collecting the art and sorting it out to be judged. While preparing for the contest, the girls made pamphlets to pass out around the island. Stormi accidentally dropped her stack just as a gust of wind came from in back of her. The papers flew away, prompting Stormi to coin the term "flyer". The word got around quickly and eventually the contest was finished. Snowflake began to get annoyed that Ember was spending time with Håber and other dragons. When Ember began to pet Wyndy's Tideripper, Fog, Snowflake had too much of it and flew off.

Breaking Daylight

In Progress!

My Hope

Håber's PoV about meeting Ember.

Tracks in the Snow

(Audio Adventure)

Work in Progress!


Ember is very good with dragons, sometimes feeling safer with them then she does other people. She is very attentive to her dragons' needs and is able to provide them with whatever that need might be quickly. She is a good leader and, though she often doubts it, is good at keeping arguments under control. While she doesn't look like it, Ember is very strong and often lives by the saying "if there's a will, there's a way". She is very agile and can maneuver quickly through large crowds. She also is sure-footed and is able to run quickly over rock fields without any troubles, earning her the nicknames 'mountain goat' and 'mountain lion'.


  • Snowflake actually chose Ember as her rider instead of being given to her by a Stablekeeper, like most other children in the tribe.
  • Ember is ambidextrous.
    • She writes with her right hand while doing just about everything else with her left.
  • While Ember is very introverted, she has many friends.
    • Her closest friends are included as main characters in New Horizons and Breaking Daylight.
    • While most of the Dragon Riders she considers as friends, she's a little disturbed by Tuffnut and annoyed easily by Snotlout.
    • Some of her friends, like Ignus, come from nearby islands.
  • Cedar teases Ember that she and Ignus will get married someday.
  • Other than having many dragons, Ember has many pets.
    • Some of them include Alpine (a wolf-dog), Solis (a red deer), and Taj (a cat).
      • Solis was found as a fawn after she was abandoned.
      • Ember got Taj's name from a trader.
  • Ember is a good singer but, is embarrassed by her talent and won't sing in front of others.
  • Ember exists in many franchises.
    • This is her original version.