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Everest has been adopted by LightFury271 (Ember Akasie)

Everest is my character please don't use him without my permission ask reb9287nadder for permission.Please don't touch my work unless if there is spelling, grammar or if it makes no sense.


He is a handsome black Deadly Nadder with gorgeous red with some orange spots that shine in the sun. He also has yellow eyes and an overbite with most deadly Nadders. His appearance really catches most Vikings eyes and even to his offsprings. He is a really handsome young, grown-up Nadder. He also has great appearance that reminds you of a teacher.


Everest is very protective of his offsprings and his family (mostly because of his history). To earn his trust you must show him and his family you mean no harm. He can be dangerous and aggressive if he has too especially with the dragon hunters, rivals, and Kek (and his pack of speed stingers). When you show him you mean no harm you will gain his loyalty, friendship and will stand by you. He loves his family and is very gentle with the young ones although he is quite serious at the same time. He gets a bit more bossy with the older dragons or trainers. You would think giving him some chicken would make him like you, no he is very wise and he doesn't get motivated by chicken. He is also the leader and maker of the Soteria team.


Everest has a not so good past when he was about 5 months old and is the main reason he is very protective. When he was young he had a very protective mother and father. He also had a twin brother named Calbero and Kamara, who is his older sister. He lived in the Hidden World with his amazing family. One sad, day Kek's gang broke out (when he was playing hide and seek with his siblings) where his family lived and killed innocent victims. His parents protected his children's lives only for them to be sacrificed. The children were in much grief without their parents and still are knowing what Kek can do, he must stop him. Kamara and Calbero thought he was crazy, but when he told them something smart they finally agreed.


Spine Shot: Like most Nadders, Everest uses his spine shots in confrontation more than his firepower. His spine shots are very accurate, in fact, the only time he misses his spine shots is when he accidentally shoots them which he has rarely done. Yes if you tap the back of his neck he will shoot a single spine with even more accuracy.

Magnesium Fire Breath: He also uses his magnesium fire breath in a more serious and gruesome fight. He has a normal Nadder flame as well as the blue flame (which is more powerful than the standard). He will never use his breath on anyone innocent.

Speed, Stamina, and Agility: Everest is extremely fast on both sky and land. However, he isn't fast enough to catch up with Kek (his a speed stinger) or a night fury. Being a Nadder Everest can run and fly for long distances. He is also an agile flyer and can be a sight for some Vikings to watch when he flies by. He also has an amazing grip like most Nadders. Sometimes he likes to run with his children, the only problem is that they can't catch up.

Fighting: He is an amazing fighter, he only fights to protect. He uses strategy in all of his fights, he also makes sure if it is safe to fight, family comes first. Pain doesn't bother him and is resilient even in the deadliest of battles. Everest has been practicing fighting, defending, and combat at a very young age which makes him experienced. He never shows fear when his fighting.

Intelligence: Everest is a very intelligent Nadder and always thinks before shooting. He knows right from wrong. He is also very warrior smart. His intelligence also makes up why he is a good leader and father.

Strength: He is a very strong Nadder and that's probably because he pushes himself too much, but it hasn't bothered him yet. He can push another Nadder his size over on the ground (only rivals he does this too). He is also strong enough to carry heavy cages full of speed stingers and have a Viking or two on his back.

Senses- Since he is Nadder he has a strong sense of smell and hearing. He is able to smell a speed stinger from a mile away. He has trained is senses to be even stronger than the average Nadder.


Maraberry- Everest love's his only and will always love his mate Maraberry, forever. When they first met it was love at first sight. They knew each other at a young age and always got along. They now have a family with 3 kids.

Kamara- He has always sided with his really kind older sister. Even though they are family, they work well as a team. When they were young and all alone, Everest was protective of Kamara from other dragons. She was really thankful and payed him back by joining with him. They made a secret Nadder club/army with Calbero, called Soteria.

Calbero- He has also sided with his twin brother Calbero. Calbero is less mature than Everest but he is still very smart. When he was young he liked to play a lot with him and be a pain to poor Kamara.





Rest of the team-


  • Family,friends and his team.
  • Freedom, Happiness, love, or good qualities
  • Strength and Wisdom
  • Nature


  • Evil
  • Negative Minds
  • People intefering (when he is in bad mood) with his ideas.


  • Everest in named after the largest mountain in the world, Mt Everest located in Nepal.
  • Everest was in the making for quite awhile and was always imagined as a black Nadder.

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