Everett is a dragon that appears in the fanfic Before the Riders owned by Nightfury4eva

"just don't get yourself killed,"~Everett


Everett has amethyst colored eyes with snow green scales. she has royal blue details like spikes and wing tips.


Everett used to live on Glacier island with the other Snow Wraiths. when a group of teenage Vikings came to her island. her friends attacked the humans but Everett stayed back, she didn't want to hurt them if she didn't have to. they didn't hurt anyone or anything, sure they knocked over a Snow Wraith nest but they didn't do any other harm.

she had a chance to hurt those people but she didn't all of the other Snow Wraiths didn't like the fact that she didn't hurt the humans when the humans invaded their home. they drove her out saying that if she liked humans so much then she should live with them. 

so she did, she found a little human village and stayed there. the humans thought of her as a nuisance, a pest who steals food, their original plan was to kill her but a little girl stopped them. she and Everett became inseparable and they moved to Valdark and joined Forever clan. 


Everett is pretty protective, she likes to make sure her friends are safe and happy. she will defend those she loves at any cost and is quick to help them in any kind of conflict. 

other than that she's a pretty chill dragon, she isn't super energetic and likes to sit back and enjoy life. she isn't super aggressive but will become agitated pretty quickly. she's also kind of insecure and has a MAJOR anxiety problem.



Everett has exploding ice balls for her fire, on contact with a hard surface, it explodes into many fragments injuring their scales and maybe hitting their eyes and wings.


Everett doesn't see color, she sees infrared light. meaning she sees heat. she usually uses this in the snow or in situations where her rider can't see. however, when the object she's looking for is buried in snow or in a cold substance she can't see it. which causes many problems.


Everett is pretty strong, she often uses her legs to burrow and kick. she also uses them to pick up large things, like other dragons, boulders etc. she is marginally stronger than Elka, so whenever heavy lifting is needed they usually ask Everett.


Everett can fly at the same speed for a long time, the speed depends though. if she's flying fast she can only last so long. at a more casusal pace she can fly for miles and miles on end. she highly dislikes flying slow but can do it for longer then both of the other speeds combined.


Everett is kind of bulkey and not very agile. she's built more on strength than agility, if you put her in a forest and tell her to fly fast she's gonna hit a tree. she is used to flying in an open area there aren't any trees on glacier island so she can fly fast but she really can't turn at high speeds.


Everett's only stealthy in the snow, anywhere else and she's a sitting duck. she s easy to spot in the woods, sky, and flying along bodies of water. she has a hard time hideing in the open but stroms and clouds help her sometimes.


Everett is extreamly intelligent. she's smarter than Elka, no extreame feat but still impressive. she can figure out complex problems and can use critical thinking to solve issues. she has a lot of commen sense and is very intellegent.

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