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"I'll protect those I love, no matter what!"~Everglade


Everglade is deep jade-green, she has yellow-orange flame markings on her wings and underbelly. her eyes are bright teal as are her details. she has legs and fire like a Typhoomerang and the body of a Timberjack. although she is only about the size of a StormCutter


Everglade was hatched in a hunter's base. they had a chain roof and a large fence. she was always small and waited to get bigger like her siblings but nothing ever happened. so she decided to be big in another way. she helped anyone in need of it and was always friendly to everyone if they were nice to her and her friends. every day men would come in and take away another dragon, another friend, another family member, and none of them ever came back.  

she lived this way for many years before she had enough. she decided to break out. her plan was to dig a hole under the fence and get every one out this way. eventually, the hole was big enough and everyone got out together, except two, her and her partner. the men then poured out of the building and took her partner they then killed him in front of her. she was broken and didn't fight back as they chained her.

Everest seeing the fleeing dragons followed them to Everglade he helped her by killing the hunter and freed her from the chains. she told him that she freed the other dragons and he asked her to join them. so she did.


Everglade is nicknamed the guardian for her protective instinct. she is kind but strict and acts aggressively when someone or something threatens her friends. it's hard to catch her eye but it can happen she isn't looking for love but will take it if the opportunity comes. 



Everglade has the fire of a Typhoomerang, a powerful cyclone of flame burning everything that's not at its center, being part timberjack some of the flames are greenish tinged, if you inhale too many fumes from the fire you'll get pretty sick.


Everglade has amazing vision, she can track down a dragon through a forest with ease. she can see very far and very well during the day. however, in lowlight her vision quality goes down significantly. she has a hard time seeing at night and during heavy storms.


Everglade is pretty strong she can carry twice her weight with no problem. she can't push things very well but she's very good at picking things up, like boulders, trees, and dragons. her wings are very strong as well, they can carry her for a long time.


Everglade can fly for a very long time. she has yet to find a limit but she hasn't flown very often so she hasn't gone very far. it is assumed that she can fly for many days and nights without rest but that thought has yet to be proven.


Everglade is NOT agile. he relies on cutting down everything in her path other than avoiding it. this can cause major issues if she doesn't want to cut everything in her way, especially trees. Everglade likes trees which causes some problems with flying through forests.


on the ground or in a tree Everglade is pretty stealthy. her green and yellow matches the leaves and trees and grass and bushes. this gives her the advantage in a forest but elsewhere she is a sitting duck. she is bright green and sticks out like a sore thumb sometimes but she's fine with it.


Everglade is pretty smart. she understands a lot of human speech and will follow orders to a 'T'. she is very trusting which may not be the best thing in the world but at least she can always find dragons to rely on. although she's pretty smart she doesn't always understand what Apollo is trying to say but sometimes it's for the best.


Everglade can not defend her back, if something (or someone) jumps on her back her only defense is to roll over and get them off that way. other than that her back is a HUGE weak spot on her well-protected body. the milneys use this to thier advantage most of the time and she now has a scar on her back.

eels, Everglade hates eels, they're scary.

huge bodies of water. Everglade doesn't like the ocean, so much water, such little land. she feels like at any point she'll get tired and drop into the ocean at any point. this frightens her so much that she will try to avoid flying over the ocean at all times. she'll come if she has to but she won't like it.

hunter arrows. Everglade can't turn as well as other dragons, she's completely useless against the hunter's arrows and will get hit if she's within the range of their fire.


  • Everglade is named after the national park in Florida
  • Everglade is stunted, she's about as big as a Razor whip
  • she currently has no ship, because she's too darn ugly and the wrong type of dragon (wooooooooo)