Huge, sharp, and deadly, injecting Fatal Familial Insomnia through the front claws, and a neutrotoxin on the back claws. Each claw is 1 meter long, and the Dragon itself is 15 meters. The neutrotoxin paralyses the prey and puts it into a permanent sleep. This keeps it fresh.


1 Meter long, with 4 inch teeth that inject FFI. They are strong enough to rip open iron with ease.


Like a classic European dragon monstrous nightmare hybrid with wings on the front arms and a mane. It is black, but can turn transparent.


not very good prefers to just run in.

Acid And Fire

Strong and Corrosive. Eats through iron. Fire is so cold it causes hypothermia.


Night Fury and Skrill


Meat and fruits.


Night Fury salvia or spit can kill it if injected

 AHH! Factors

  • They hunt in packs

.*Nothing can survive an attack by these. Except Night Furies & the Sea Death .