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"Looks like a giant turkey "
Ryan Kato

Tbe FireDemon is a giant stoker class dragon that first appeared in

Official Description

Physical appearance


Lava breath: The FireDemon fire type is a type of a lava heat that can heat up to 12000°C. As a result sometimes the FireDemon body is hot to touch as burn human flesh on impact.

Cyclonic streams: When the FireDemon flaps it's wings In place it creates a type of cyclonic tornado-like force that can rip anything apart in it's path.

Endruance and stamina: Due to their large size FireDemon's can fall from a long distance and not get hurt. They have the ability to even swim in lava.

Speed: All though it's a giant dragon's the FireDemon can fly up to great speed, it can keep up and outfly military figter jets. It has the speed to keep up with smaller dragon's like the Razorstrike or Skrill. Rodan has proven this by keeping up with Rahzar and fighter jets.

Strength and combat: Tbe FireDemon uses it's beak and claws as it's primary weapon. It can throw things with his beak up to miles away and grab heavy object with claws. Rodan has demonstrate this by throwing jets with his beak and throwing large dragons with his claws.

lava proof skin: like an Eruptodon the FireDemon can touch lava and not get burnt. It dose not eat lava like an Eruptodon though.

Intelligence: Though they are giant dragon's the FireDemon have proven to have a bit of intelligence, such as when Rodan was able to maneuver his way around fighter jets.



The FireDemon is very sensitive to have his skin stabbed by stingers of other dragons like a Deathgripper or Triple Stryke, even Speed Stinger stingers can have a negative effect on them.

Behavior and Personality


Because of its giant size the FireDemon is not an easy dragon to train, it will however be very loyal to the alpha of dragons shown when Rodan bowed to Rahzar.