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this is a character in my story Hearts of shadow he is owned by Nightfury4eva also this page contains major spoilers.

"Are you still with him, I think that you shouldn't be, he's kinda sketchy,"~Flint


Flint is a regal looking Woolly Howl, he has a mane-like pattern of fur with black highlights, he has dark grey fur and body with white splotches and electric blue eyes.

History *spoilers*

Flint died before he hatched, Neberu killed him and 'fed' his energy (as well as his brother's) to his younger sister Elka. when he became an echo he couldn't remember how he had died. this was because he had nothing to remember. he aged normally until he turned 25 than his aging stopped and he stayed 25 for hundreds of years while being technically older than his brother. his mother and father didn't talk to each other anymore (because his mother killed his father and tried to kill their younger sister who at the time was frozen in a glacier). he 'lived' very happily with his broken family, it was mainly him and his brother until he met Tie. Tie was a young Silver Bellied Green-Scale about Flints age. when he met her sparks flew. They stayed together pretty much all of the time. sadly since they were dead they would never be able to have a family but they were very happy anyways


Flint likes to have fun, he's always playing or trying to make someone else happy. he has a good heart but his head isn't always in the right place. he can be very incompetent at times and he acts unbelievably stupid. his brother Saber has to constantly remind him of what not to say by hitting him on the head.



Flint shoots Nitrogen in its solid form, upon contact with a warmer surface it liquefies and freezes. but he is dead, si his blasts don't do much. unless they're fighting Screamers.


Flint can see very well, he can see pretty well in the dark but he can also see in storms, such as blizzards, and rainstorms. it is implied that he like other woolly howls might have heat vision to make it easier to see in low visibility conditions, however, this is more of a myth.


Flint can carry his own weight and more. his forelegs are incredibly strong he needs them to be for climbing. his wings are just as good. he uses them to jettison himself up craggy cliff faces. he is a very strong dragon even if he doesn't look like it.


flint can only fly for so long. he can fly extremely fast but he can't fly for very long, he never learned how to fly before he died and he never really flew when he was dead so his stamina needs to improve. 


Flint can weave through trees pretty well, but he is kind of clumsy and easily distracted. he bumps into things all the time. on his feet he is even more clumsy, he falls down often when playing running or just doing anything in-between. he has learned to live with being clumsy and he can take a hit pretty well because of it.


at certain times Flint can be stealthy. his dark coloring allows him to melt int the shadows as long as he doesn't fall over. at night he is especially stealthy his white spots look like stars from a distance. during the day he's a sitting duck, his black and dark grey stands out like a sore thumb.


Flint is pretty thick-headed, he is a big doofus and he doesn't bother trying to act smart. even though it annoys the crap out of Saber. Saber has to constantly 'tell' him that he said something that was not right. he often accidentally tells secrets without knowing it.

family relations *spoilers*

Flint likes to try to stay close to his family, he talks to his mom and his dad often even though his parents don't want to talk to each other. he likes to try to keep his family together but some things are beyond repair. nothing was the same, his father never talked to Elka, believing that she was the reason that Flint's mother had killed him.  Flint tried to convince him to at least see her but some scars are too deep.

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