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Physical Appearance

At eighteen years old, Freyja is said to take a lot after her mother to the point that **** notes the resemblance between the two is "remarkable".

version of her with fair skin, bottom heavy lips, deep green eyes and long, straight red hair that extends down to her lower back. At 5'6", she is at a relatively normal height that befits her slender yet athletic build with a body that has "curves in all the right places." She is thought to be rather beautiful with Five thinking of her to be breathtaking and Nine describing her to be "a total hottie" after seeing a picture of her.

After two years, Freyja's appearance has changed as she is physically more mature and slightly feminine. Her hair is slightly darker with the majority of it now tied back aside from a few loose strands that fall in front of her face. She also has a small piece tied in a braid. Freja sports a metal earring on her left ear and her left arm has a blue rune tattoo.


Abilities and Skills

Physical Abilities

Fighting Styles

  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Miscellaneous Abilities

  • Keen Intellect:
  • Dragon Training and Riding:
  • Dragon Calling:
  • Cooking:
  • Singing:









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