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(Disclaimer: Furosa no longer belongs to me as someone else has adopted her.) Furosa was one of my roleplay characters at one point, and I decided to make a page for her. She is a Night Fury because I based her off from a timeline where Night Furies still existed.

 Physical Description

Furosa is the average female Night Fury with a wingspan of 42 ft and a body length of 23 ft. Contrary to the common Night Fury, Furosa has these glowing violet tips on her wings, ear plates, and tail flukes. She has a line of violet by her sides and neck area.Her eyes are the same color, with a dark iris.

These violet spots can glow in the dark, and makes her stand out in the night sky. (These violet glow markings do not contribute to her Titan form. Furosa is NOT a TitanWing/Alpha) Her hide is a rich shade of solid black, with little to no greyish patterns. (Different to Toothless in the first movie, who has those smaller grey patterns in his scales)


Furosa was hatched out of an egg alongside the rest of her three siblings. During that time, her father was too busy to take care of them, since he worked for the fishing teams at the Hidden World. However, her father never returned to take care of her or her siblings. No one knew what happened to him, he just disappeared out of nowhere. Blind with grief, Furosa's mother has become wretched and lonely, and had to bear the weight of taking care of her four children alone.

After a year of living together, a terrifying event happened in the Hidden World. It was the Mawsicaa an ancient type of Alpha dragon that took over the Hidden World. It was like a parasite, it had its own disgusting minions and they used these flesh attachments of their own to control dragons to do their bidding. Around 80% of the Hidden World was infected, and nearly all of them have been turned into flesh monsters. They had no idea why this horrific monster was trying to enslave them all, it almost made no sense. Except for the fact that the Queen dragon was looking for something. She was looking for a special dragon, a dragon that had blood that will make her ultimate, blood that will transform her to become ever powerful if she had consumed it. The Alpha, having no choice left waged war against the beast. Nearly all of the army was lost, but they managed to punture one of its eyeballs, which lead it to bleed to death. During this event, Furosa lost all three of her siblings, leaving only her behind.

During her childhood years, Furosa was often teased by other young dragons. Her being a food bin, or being a giant weirdo. She did have certain friends, but she found it hard to keep up with them and their habits, so she always drifts away from them. All this impacted her self esteem greatly, which might explain why she's so insecure these days.

After she had grown up, a mass genocide occured inside the Hidden World again, causing lots of drama and danger. The mass genocide consisted of a large clan of blood thirsty dragons, that have decided to lay their wrath upon the Hidden World's citizens. At this time, Furosa was outside of the Hidden World, spending time with some of her friends.

After she had returned, she cannot find her mother anywhere in the den, so she set out to find her. After flying for awhile, she saw a group of dragons huddled together, looking at something. She flew down closer to inspect before noticing that the algae was red instead of bright blue. Shoving herself past the crowd, she nearly fainted when she saw what it was. Her own mother, sprawled out across the beds of algae, her throat sliced and her eyeballs gouged out of their sockets. The red algae was because of the blood stains pouring from her leaked corpse. Furosa broke down after that. She hugged her own mother's corpse while wailing hoping that she could wake it up somehow but it was impossible. Shadeflight was dead.

Furosa was broken by grief, and she became very distant from others. After awhile spending time alone in the Hidden World, she came upon another attack. This time they were a group of DeathGrippers, obviously sent in by dragon hunters. She saw a young Night Fury about to be killed by a Deathgripper, and she dived in to save her. She shot a plasma blast directly at a stone pillar above the Deathgripper, and crushed it beneath it before scooping up the young fury and leaving it somewhere safe.

A few days later, a Night Fury with a ripped ear approached her by the river when she was hunting for fish. He introduced himself as Eon(This was actually Duskwing. Like Furosa, he hid his real name to sound cooler) and thanked her for saving his sister's life. He then asked her name to get to know her better. At this point, Furosa wanted to make a good impression, so she lied about her own name, saying that it was Stellaris. After this, Duskwing started to hang out more with Furosa, and they became good friends until they both realized that they liked each other.

After courting for awhile, they both revealed that the names they were using weren't real, and told each other their real names. They spent more and more time together before becoming official mates. Duskwing's existence improved Furosa's mood majorly, and helped her through her grief and rough times.


Furosa is not a very calm dragon. She often freaks out and gets anxiety attacks out from nowhere. She can be a loud mouth, and she likes to look like an idiot, though she is often very insecure about herself. Furosa is incredibly gullible and stupid at times, making her look like the biggest moron to ever exist. Furosa isn't very responsible, and she is terrible at managing her own time. Often times, Furosa would lie about her name and status, just like how she did with Duskwing. She would think that her own name is, "Lame", and try to find a better one. With Duskwing, she lied to him and said that her name was Stellaris, thinking that it was, "Cooler."

If there is one thing that Furosa loves more than wasting her own time, then that is wasting her own time EATING. Furosa LOVES food, she loves it so much she cares to admit that she is a ,"Food bin of the Hidden world." It is proven many times that she loves trout and salmon, heck, any type of fish she'd eat! Well, except for eels, just like all dragons (except typhoomerangs), Furosa hates eels and is deeply afraid of them.

Lastly, though Furosa can be incredibly shy and unstable, she is willing to stand up for her friends and make justice for the things that are wrong. Her insecurities can get to her, but with encouragement from family and friends, she will be able to make it through.


Plasma Blast

Just like all Night Furies, Furosa can charge up a plasma blast and shoot at incredible accuracy. However, Furosa's plasma blasts are more unique. Instead of hitting upon impact and releasing a deadly explosion, Furosa's plasma blasts are more suited for defense rather than offense. Her purple plasma blasts seem to, "Bounce" off objects better than destroying them. This allows her to bounce certain stone pillars or maybe pass items mid air with her firepower.

Speed and Agility

Though Furosa isn't considered a,"Fast" Night fury, she is still a member among that species, which gives her an overall speed boost above other species. Her naturally streamlined body allows her to fly with ease.


Furosa is able to cloak herself like all Night Furies. Prior to leaving the Hidden World, she was unable to use this ability. But ever since she summoned the lightning from a storm, she is able to cloak herself fully. She highly appreaciates this ability, since her glowing tips can easily make her very visible.


Furosa loves food, so it is obvious that she has to be able to hunt properly. Furosa's favorite fishing spots are usually small rivers inside the Hidden World, where all the fish have migrated to. She would then catch herself a snack(And when I mean snack, I mean literally a truckload of fish)


Furosa normally uses her echolocation ability to determine her direction or which way to go. She gets lost very easily so having this ability benefits her greatly. The Hidden World has many caves, caverns, and tunnels, in which she would need to make her way through.

Retractable Teeth

Just like all Night Furies Furosa has a set of retractable teeth. She retracts her teeth to avoid wearing them out.



Because of her unique plasma blasts, her firepower is significantly less powerful then the average Night Fury's, meaning that it takes extra effort for her to bring an enemy down with her shots.

Lack of Physical Strength

Furosa isn't an incredibly athletic individual let's just say. She tires out very easily, and her combat skills are technically mediocre. She wouldn't stand a chance against physically stronger opponents.

Social Anxiety

Furosa becomes anxious when approached by dragons that she does not know or recognize. Everytime it happens her head fills with insecurities and it's difficult for her to think straight.(It cuts her attention short) Often times she would just make herself look more like a dunce.

Glow Markings

Because she has these neon purple markings, she stands out against the night sky despite having completely black scales. This limits her stealth greatly, and brings it from an average of 18 down to 13.



Duskwing was a close friend of Furosa's until they both noticed that they had feelings for each other. Both tried to play it off, since both of them thought that the other wouldn't like them when infact they both liked each other. After spending many times together, they became mates and close lovers. Duskwing is an idiot just like Furosa, and he doesn't try to hide it. He has a good sense of humor, though it can be dark at times. Often he would hang out with Furosa, and they would act like buffoons together, making bad decisions and being morons. Despite being gigantic dunces, they both love each other very much. Duskwing even manages to have Furosa quit thinking about some of her insecurities.


Shadeflight is Furosa's mother. She is deceased due to a mass genocide in the Hidden World. She was a caring mother to Furosa, but often times she was too busy fishing for the Hidden World as her own job to care for Furosa anymore. When spending time alone, Furosa often misses her mother, since she loved her dearly.


Lakira was a very close friend of Furosa's. Most of the time in their friend group they would often travel around the Hidden World and gather breakfast/food together. Lakira was the alpha of the Hidden World at the time, having royal blood in her system. She was a victim of the assasination event and had to go through many hardships. Needless to say, Furosa and Lakira share a strong bond. (This character belongs to SensableSensible)