The same as a Monstrous Nightmare


Fire, teeth, claws, tail


Monstrous Nightmare


Dull green


Good eyesight and smell, poor hearing

Danger Rating


Grizzlers are relatives of the Monstrous Nightmare. They are a dull green colour, and a dark peach on their underbellies. It is low slung, keeping its body close to the ground and spreading out its wings and rear legs. They have a good sense of eyesight, and perfect smell, but poor hearing. Their ears can only pick up sounds over 100 decibels (much louder than most humans are capable of procucing), and extremely low frequency.

They can breathe fire, except it is a bright green and the shock from the collision often does more damage than the actual burns. They have large teeth arranged identically to those of the Monstrous Nightmare. There claws are small when compared to their body, as long claws would be impractical on a creature that walks like a Grizzler. Its tail-tip is adorned with 12 spikes - four on each side, and four on top, similar to a Stegosaurus. This tail is a primary weapon in the Grizzler's lifestyle.

Grizzlers are excellent climbers, as their short claws curve like hooks, gripping sheer faces perfectly. Though it can fly, it normally refrains from doing so, preferring to keep to its low-down lifestyle. Why it does this is unknown.

Production Notes

If you have HTTYD on DS, you can create a Grizzler, or close enough. First unlock the Monstrous Nightmare, then go into Customise. Keep everything the same except the tail and colour. Choose the second tail option for the new tail, and choose green as a colour. Then it will look sort of like a Grizzler, but you've got to imagine it's a bit more low-slung, and the green needs to be a bit duller.