Gyrd Grimson - The White Death

Gyrd was a famous warrior and leader all around the land of the Vikings, earning his fame in the First and Second Viking Unification Wars, which were amongst the bloodiest and violent battles in all of the Kindred Lands. Coming from the settlement of Whintby, a settlement famous for its peoples hunting skills, Gyrd grew up with his massive axe that his father passed down to him, called Grimshear. Gyrd earned the name, "White Death", because of his snowy white beard, and his famous Guerilla Warfare tactics.

Abilities and Skills

Gyrd is a very skilled axeman, and often uses the spiked end of his axe to impale foes during a charge or stand before using the powerful blades of his axe to split foes in half. Gyrd's leadership skills are astonishing, he is adept in many kinds of warfare tactics, ranging from massive army tactics to small squad tactics. Gyrd is also known to be a terrible cook and smith.

Grimshear, the Axe that Split the World

Grimshear is a legendary axe, said to be built by the even more legendary Dwarves of Ragecrafts, and blessed by Týr, the Norse God of War, himself. Grimshear has a massive bladed axe on one end, and the other end is similar to a pike, with four spikes coming out. Grimshear is strangely light for its massive size, and it is said that Grimshear is made of a special metal that only the Dwarves can mine and smelt. The metal, able to be sharpened to the molecular level. Grimshear earned the "Axe that Split the World" name from the First Viking Unification War, where Gyrd's father used the axe to split a mountain in half, causing one half to come sliding down, crashing onto an opposing army. Whether this is true or not, remains unknown.