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This is a longer and more serious version of Attack On Berk By Dinosaurs. 6 months after the victory at the Dragon Nest, Hiccup and his friends lived happily on Berk. Suddenly, a disturbance occurs in the afternoon of a day in late August. A rip in the fabric of time. Sort of like VOA, but there is no direct villan and the Automatons are replaced by Dinosaurs.

Chapter 1

Hiccup was flying across the afternoon sky above Berk, with Astrid watching him. Billybob was playing with Tuffnut and Ruffnut when a strange object appeared in the Market. Stoick and Astrid stared at it, it was like a broken mirror. Suddenly a large, brownish grey "Dragon" came out. It had no wings, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and three huge claws on each hand. It was the size of a Boneknapper. "Sweet mother of Thor", Stoick said, with a terrified look on his face as the Monster ate a Viking alive. Hiccup and Toothless had shocked looks on their faces. Astrid screamed at the top of her lungs. (Note: The Dinosaur is a Carcharodontosaurus.) "I thought those things were supposed to be extinct." Snotlout said.