"Hail, Hail is my name. I do not have a last name, and I expect you not to

question me."                                    - Hail

Hail, is known as a very important character that appears in the first season of Httyd Dark as a possible teammate of Lumin Arch. He also makes his appearance in the rest of the seasons, as well as being the main focus in some of the episodes.

Hail's background is mostly unknown to everyone around him, including his most trusted friends and mentors. In the first season, Hail is sent to a training ground for dragon riders so he could have a place to stay and help overcome the war between human kind and dragons.

Hail rides a male Fleet Figher that he has named Aspen, however their relationship is tainted, and they seem not to mix well, unlike the rest of the riders, who all have a incredibly strong friendship bond with their dragons.


Hail is considered fairly well built and athletic for his age, being around (173.4 cm/5'6") at only 15. His eyes are described as a deep shade of blue that barely reflects light, and his hair is said to be incredibly weird and unnatural, almost inhuman, that juts out like glaciers. The white and silvery strands of hair may just be dyed, but no one knows for sure now, as it doesn't wash off very easily when in contact with water. Many point out the fact that his hair feels jagged and fairly sharp when touched, which causes his friends to joke about his hair at times, usually calling him, "Hedgehog hair." or other terms similar to that. Hail's appearance resembles none of the characters in the existing franchise, which adds to his mysterious background.

Season One

In Season one, Hail was introduced in the third episode called, "Time to Begin." where Hail was seen wearing standard training clothes, as he had been accepted into the academy just prior to when Lumin showed up. He wore a basic folded up shirt that repelled high heat flames, most poisons, and ice blasts. He had bracers on his arms to avoid injury or stress to his arms, as well as kneecaps strapped to his pants to prevent scraping if he falls. He had a basic belt buckled to his waist, that held a lot of special items.

Season Two

In the Second Season of Httyd Dark, Hail has made some simple changes to his outfit. Overall, he has tried developing boots that grip onto Aspen's slippery ice, and has switched his normal shoes to brown high boots. In addition to that, Hail has tried wearing an anti freezing coat that he could remove at ease if he wanted to. The coat was very long, and was in a shade of greyish blue with fur trimmings on the edge. In one particular episode, Hail contemplated cutting his hair, but was interrupted by an enemy attack, and he later changed his mind.

Season Three

From Season Three and onwards, Hail has worn the same bright white anti freezing shirt, and has completely abandoned his old coat, which was torn and burnt in a fight. Hail can never feel at ease when wearing a full set of dragon armor, so he decides the pieces that he feels are most vital to him, the arms, hands, and chest. Because of this, Hail wears armored gloves and a special set of chest plates, as well as an extra garment that protects the front of his neck and chin. The gloves and the chest plates are all made from Aspen's shed scales, and are painted in the color of a deep aqua green. Hail also wears a sort of armor around his waist to protect his upper hip. It is carefully lined with Aspen's dropped scales, and it aids the belt that holds all of his important items that he uses when in combat.


Despite his overall, "Edgy." appearance, Hail is really easy going if you get to know him well, being slightly careless at times, but he always means no harm. He doesn't trust people very easily, but when he does he will be sure to treat them with the utmost respect.

At times, he is shown to be completely clueless, whether of who he is, or what he needs to do next. He claims that he doesn't see any of his own future, and will only move along at its pace for now. Hail is slow to come up with things, often becoming lazy or giving up too early if something is too hard for him to figure out. As you can see, he isn't particularly the sharpest tool in the shed, and it's pretty easy to fool him.

Hail looks incredibly intimidating at times, mostly looking sad and filled with grief, altough, Hail sees things as any normal human would. He can be jolly when he wants to, but most of the time he'll laugh at the slightest jokes like a total goof.

Hail is very aware that he is an idiot. He even goes out of his way to claim that he is an idiot, either to his enemies, or to everyone around him. Needless to say, he doesn't really care what other people think of him. He has no reason to care, afterall he seems to not understand himself as a whole.

His laziness could be described like his procrastination. When assigned any assignments and homework, Hail would usually look at it and think that he has all the time to the world. Unfortunately for him, a week really does pass by fast, doesn't it? He would then proceed to panic, and either abandon all hopes completely, or he would spend all night cramming all the things he needed to learn into his brain. Sadly, this doesn't always solve his problems. When in training, a lot of mentors look him off as, "Dumb." since he takes so long to learn certain things properly and at times he would act like a moron.

Here's a link to his theme song. It's called, "Make Me Fade," a remix version by Vanic and K.Flay. I'm pretty sure not a lot of you have heard this song before, so give it a try if you'd like. Okay slight warning though. This song does contain bad words, and it's overall meaning could be inappropriate to younger users, Please avoid if you don't feel comfortable listeining to swear words.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Spicy Foods
  • Dogs
  • Fooling around with his axe
  • Playing Games
  • Wasting Time
  • Sleeping
  • Jokes
  • Card Games


  • Work in general
  • Training
  • Tests
  • Non-related people joking about his hair
  • People asking about his past 
  • Asparagus
  • Water(Hail is scared of the ocean)

Abilities & Strengths


Though Hail behaves and acts like any normal human, Hail does have an increase in strength, demonstrated by his ability to easily carry his injured friends or settling down a rogue dragon. Many of his peers find this ability slightly unnatural, for children his age should not be able to perform such tasks with ease.


Hail is fairly skilled in combat and is trained by Ace Atled and a few others to effeciently fight off his foes. He knows many fighting strategies, and is able to find weak spots within the people he combats. He is able to carry out simple commands such as taking out a few guards or startling a few dragon hunters. 

Most of the time, Hail would also use his trusty axe. Hail is almost always seen with his axe, and it will never leave his side during battles. He would use his axe like any other trainer would, except he uses it more often, since he needs to hack off the ice Aspen shoots all the time.

Dragon Training

Like all of his other friends, Hail is specifically trained to train dragons and know their powers/weaknesses. Though Hail might take some time to remember most of his information, he does know quite a lot and could use them to his advantage at times. For example Hail was able to memorize the blind spot of Nadders, so when one was attacking him and his friends, Hail remembered to stay in between its eyes so that the dragon wouldn't see him. Then he reached out to scratch its chin, which made it fall, and it was later relocated to the wilderness.

Pain Tolerance

Hail has an abnormally high pain tolerance, as shown in the episode,"Fire Flies," where he was cut in the shoulders by a heated dagger. Instead of howling in pain, he only stood and focused all his attention on removing the dagger before it burns through more of his skin. At times, Hail was able to endure many cuts and slices from enemies, without ever hollering a single yell. This could contribute to his weakness, as he wouldn't realize all the damage he is doing to his own body.

Early Life

Not much of Hail's early life is known. We were only told that Hail was raised in a village that was burnt to the ground by the rogue dragon hunters, and that he has nothing left to return to. Whenever someone tries to ask him of his early life, he becomes unresponsive. If the person continues/forces Hail, he will become agitated before telling them that it's none of their business and that he does not wish to speak of it. Despite being an all around dunce, he would become violent if agitated too much.



Aspen is a male Fleet Fighter and is also the ride dragon of Hail. Their relationship is unlike any other. For, instead of loving and treating his trainer with respect, Aspen doesn't seem to take a liking to Hail as much. Aspen is shown to be aggressive at times to everyone, as well as Hail. Aspen seems cold and unresponsive, often ignoring the calls of Hail, he barely cares for Hail and a lot of times Hail feels like he has done something terribly wrong. Hail doesn't know why his dragon is being so mean to him, and later on he has begun to seperate himself more and more from Aspen, believing that there must be a reason why Aspen hates him, and that he,"Does not deserve him."

However, later on on the fourth season their relationship began to become better, due to an event that happened between Pura(Lumin's dragon) and Aspen. It changed Aspen's ways of seeing things, and somehow, he began to respect his trainer more and more.

Ace Atled

Ace was the main mentor of Hail, and he was very well respected by him. Hail looks up to him more than anything, and takes all of his advice and words to his heart. To Hail, Ace is a noble man of great talents, the one who has a bright and burning future. Hail hopes that with his training, he would be able to melt the ice that is freezing his future, and finally allowing him to seek a better truth in life.

Ace is very fond of Hail, and almost treats him like a son. He shows him all of his techniques, and likes to tell Hail stories of when he was first a young dragon rider.

Lumin Arch

Lumin Arch is one of Hail's closest allies, as they have trained and spent a great portion of their lives inside the same academy. Most of the time Lumin would help or assist Hail when they have quests, or are being sent out to investigate, Lumin can often be seen paired with Hail and a few others. Lumin is one of Hail's few friends, and have been through thick and thin. There was even a time that Lumin admitted, that he'd trust his life with his own friends, which included Hail.


Pura is Lumin's ride dragon, a purple Lightscale that has a great sense of pride. Hail understands how much Lumin loves Pura, and how much Pura loves Lumin back. At times, he would often question why Lumin and Pura's bond is so close, yet the dragon he'd been with despises him, and wishes for his own death. Either way, Hail treats Pura with respect, and sees her as a valuable member of the team.

Wren Lyris

At first, Hail never knew that Lyris could not speak, and asked him where he came from. After Mia replied that he was mute due to a childhood injury, Hail apologized, hoping that he did not offend Wren too much. That is, instead of getting angry, the mute boy returned him with a smile. Ever since that they have tried to know each other better, as well as teaching each other sign language, and writing on paper if something is not clear. Though they can't always communicate by speech, they are still strong allies, often seen on quests or assigned tasks together.


Crowfist is a male Night Dire dragon, that is the companion and friend of Wren Lyris. Though he has an originally unsocial attitude, Crowfist seems to be comfortable around the people he trusts, usually friends of Wren or just good people in general.

Mia Josten

Mia is an adorable, friendly, and easy-going girl, or so that's what it seems. Make her angry and she'll disassemble all your weapons before aiming a gun straight at your forehead. Hail knows not to get on her bad side, everyone knows not to get on her bad side. Despite knowing that Mia cannot be underestimated, Hail has good bonds with Mia, since she is a close friend of Wren's. They can often be seen hanging out together, whether it would be casual chatting, or maybe even quests and raids on enemies.


Maceface is the sturdy and reliable dragon of Mia Josten. Though Hail doesn't know much about her, he knows that Mia adores her more than anything. Maceface trusts Hail, so it could only be assumed that their relationship is neutral.

Ruth Liz

Hail regards her as a fierce warrior that has a never dying ambition. Ever since he heard that Ruth Liz joined in hopes of finding her sister, Hail wondered what his own purpose was for. Hail has a neutral relationship with Ruth, but these two work fairly well in battles despite one side being ice and the other being fire. Hail finds her strength and valor admirable, and hopes that one day he'll find what he was meant for.


Thermo is a male Ashlauncher dragon, and the battle companion of Ruth. Hail has worked several times with Thermo before, and he doesn't seem to mind having Hail around him despite being an ill-tempered and hot-headed dragon.

Cyanne Skyes

Cyanne Skyes has a neutral connection with Hail, but she vows to risk her life for anyone she respects. She respects Hail, and he respects her back. Hail has faced life and death situations with all of the riders, and Cyanne has proved herself reliable and loyal to her friends many times.


Piper is a male Pipestoker dragon that is the ride dragon of Cyanne. Hail finds it kind of cute at times that a dragon with such destructive firepower would be so shy and nimble. Overall, their relationship is neutral.


"Oh? You'll beat me? Hehe, you know, I never thought someone would be dumber than me, ever in my whole entire life. Now, as for you, you've already lost the battle."

"An axe is an axe, if you don't use it, it'll just rust away. I use whatever I have, after all, beggars can't be choosers."

"Hey! Just cause I look like that one edgy side character in an anime doesn't mean I AM one!"

"My hair is really weird, honestly I don't even know why it's like this, and it's pretty sharp too. So, if you don't want to get stabbed, stop asking me why it's like that."

"C-crap, I forgot to practice. At this rate, I probably won't be able to answer a single question right. How the hell am I supposed to pass this test without looking like a moron?"

"Sometimes I feel like Aspen must hate me for a reason. Well, whatever it is, I will admit that I'm not perfect, or anywhere near good. Aspen...I hope I can solve your hatred...or else you're going to make me fade away..."

" I don't understand this feeling..but at times I feel so- Well...out of place in this world. I'm afraid I can't see anything that has in store for me, my eyes and head are blank, like a white page. I see nothing at all, and I can't find anything at all. I feel like I'm going to die very soon.... I feel like I'm going to fade away."

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