The Hail Storm is a voracious species of dragon that is a cross betweeen the Tidal and the Strike Class. This powerful Dragon species flies high in the clouds, and is often seen during thunderstorms. No one has ever trained one of these elusive beasts, as those who have encountered it are often left extremely injured, or more likely, dead.


The Hail Storm, being one of the rarest and most mysterious Dragons out there, is currently not in the latest publications of the Dragon Book. Henceforth, it hasn't officially been given a class, but most Dragon experts say it appears to be a species of 50% Strike Class personalities, 35% of Tidal characteristics, and 15% Boulder.


Hail Storms appear in cyan, blue, and navy blue colors. Spikey ice sickles grow from the Hail Storm's supernatural body. These spikes also grow on its tail, similar to a Deadly Nadder's tail, when the tail's shape is more like that of a Night Fury. Its body is equipped with many scales and ice sickles, and is a general shape. It's head is similar to that of a Whispering Death, but has a bit more of a hard jaw than the snake-like Death. Also similar to the Whispering Death, the HailStorm has many rows of teeth. Hail Storms also have Night Fury-like shaped wings.

Abilities and Powers

The Hail Storm is an extremely powerful and lethal dragon. Its breaths and can shoot plasma lightning vortex from its mouth, like the Skrill, but it also has another rare ability - Hail Storms can shoot razor-sharp ice sickles from its mouth, and according to rumors, its aim is spectacular, and it never misses if it is twinty yards away or less from its target. Also, when combining its lightning and ice sickle abilities, the Hail Storm can fire electrified ice sickles down upon enemies. This incredible attack has proved deadly for many Vikings and sailors.