Hangnail is a female Viking who is the rider of Dust Devil.


Hangnail is an average size female with an odd sense of fashion. She was originally born with light blonde hair but managed to dye it to pink using different berries. She likes to wear white and black dresses with pink and green shoes. Hangnail seems to get along well with Cutthroat.


Hangnail was born in the village of Bleeding, and she has always been a little off, but her parents encouraged her to be different and true to herself. Her parents worked in the market making and selling clothing, where Hangnail learned how to sew. She later met her own dragon, a baby Gronkle named Dust Devil. Later she and her family moved from Bleeding to Frost Fall after an incident. There she met and befriended Cutthroat. About a year or so after moving to Frost Fall, a strange group called Ivory came to Frost Fall. Hangnail met and befriended Treva and Ernesto


  • Hangnail makes clothes for her dragon to wear sometimes.
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