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How to Train Your Dragon Fanon Wiki

This page is for help with obtaining a photo for your dragon.


Free to use generic photos. Please do not edit these.

How to Get a Photo for your Dragon

There are many ways to get a photo to use for your dragon. You make use one of the stock photos or find and edit one for your self. Keep in mind we do not want Art Theft. No stealing a picture you find on th interest for your dragon. There are alteritives and the best ways can be found below. 

Flash Games for Dragons

Various Dragon desiger games. You will have to take a screen shot. 

Night Fury Maker - created by Wyndbain

Dragon Maker - created by Wyndbain

Create a Dragon - created by KennonInk

Dragon Builder - created by KennonInk


Various Human Designer Games.

Viking Maker (Only Female) - created by Alisa Christopher<


There are many free to use bases on DeviantArt. Really regular human and dragon bases would work find for customization as well. Just follow the rules made by the artist. Always give credit!

Xboy-DS-Gameboy is an amazing artist and has awesome HTTYD bases and more! Here is a link to their Base Gallery.

Feed the Dragon

A rather angry looking Night Fury

Night Fury Base

Deadly Nadder

Another Nadder


Whispering Death

Skill Creator

Nightmare Creator

Nadder Creator

Night Fury Creator

Night Fury Family


Sand Wraith

Close Base

Death Song