Abandoned Stories is a page where users can ask to adopt a story tagged as 'abandoned'. Stories are tagged by typing {{abandoned}} at the top of the page. For a list of currently abandoned stories, see Category:Abandoned stories.

Basically, adoption means:

  • The story now belongs to you
  • You are free to continue the story, but
  • Don't remove chapters by the previous author

Adoption Rules

Put your request under 'Adoption Requests', with the following:

  • A Heading 3 title, which should be the fanfiction name
  • Link the title to the page
  • Small piece of writing (e.g. I would like to adopt -fanfic name- because I have some good ideas for continuation of the story)

Then put another Heading 3 title under 'Community Votes'. Again, the Heading 3 title should be the fanfic name.

Save the page. Then, users can edit the Heading 3 section in 'Community Votes' to say whether they give their approval or not. After a week or so, the votes cast will decide whether your adoption has been successful.

Adoption Requests

Put requests below, following the rules.

Community Votes

Same here, following the rules.

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