How to Train Your Dragon Fanon Wiki

This page is to help you set out your fanfiction. Here is how to do it:

Example Fanfiction Layout:

Start with a small introduction, stating who's fanfiction it is, and a link to their user page. This will hopefully stop other users from editing your fanfiction.

Be sure to include the {{Infobox fanfiction}} template after your introduction. Code example:

{{Infobox fanfiction
|name=How To Train Your Dragon
|owner=DreamWorks Animation
|main=Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
|villain=The Red Death
|continuity=Original Source (Film)

Story (heading 2)

Chapter 1 (heading 3)

Write the first chapter of your fanfiction here!

Chapter 2 (heading 3)

Write the second chapter of your fanfiction here!

You can continue for as many chapters as needed.

Characters (heading 2)

Vikings/Humans (heading 3)

  • Write a bulleted list of humans featured!
  • 2
  • 3
  • This can continue for as long as needed

Dragons (heading 3)

  • Write a bulleted list of dragon species featured!
  • 2
  • 3
  • This can continue for as long as needed

Sequel (optional) (heading 2)

If your fanfiction has a sequel, add a link to it here.

Example Dragon/Character layout:

First, write a bit of information on the character/dragon - for characters, personality and appearance, for dragons, traits and appearances. Then....

Appearances (heading 2)

  • Write a bulleted list of fanfictions this character/dragon appears in!
  • Fanfiction 2
  • Have as many as you need


Be sure to place your fanfic in the following categories:

Category:Fanfiction Category:Fan-Fiction stories


If you are creating a fan dragon or character, don't call the page 'Night Fury' or 'Hiccup', because others may have the same character/dragon, but want a separate page for it. Instead, create a page like 'Night Fury (Toothless99)', if your name was Toothless99. If your user name was <insert name here>, create a page called 'Night Fury (<insert name here>)'. Then you can have pages about the same dragon or character, but altered by each user.

Also see Style Guide Code to help you set it out.

Finally, you don't HAVE to set your fanfiction out like this. The Letter B is an example of it set out slightly differently.