Hversu til vandi ykkarr drak

An Old Norse sentence meaning:

How To Train Your Dragon


This is Berk its just twelve days north of Hopeless and a few days south of freezing to death its located solidly on the meridean of misery My village in a word sturdy Its been here for fourteen generations It snows nine months of the year and hails the other three any food that grows here is tough and tasteless the people that grow here are even more so the only upsides are the pets you se most places have mice or mosquitos We Have Dragons!

Chapter 1

Ever since Hiccup Horendous Haddock the Third convinced the tribe that dragon's didn't half to be Killed its been pretty peaceful around here. But its since been overrun with particularly blood thirsty dragons and thats not all The War on Terror has landed here probably because of its remoteness. So we are now fighting dragons and defending our land against suisidal terrorists. and if we don't run out of food and medical supplies we do okay. You just can't get enough of this place.

Introduction to characters

Okay I'm getting ahead of myself first let me introduce myself and the neighbors:

I am Hiccup Horendous Haddock the Eighth. But you can just call me Hiccup.

Then there's my daughter Ashley.

and my wonderful wife Astrid, wich unfortunately died in a plane crash before this story happened.

and there's Hoark the Fiercesome,

Velma Vengeful,

Ack the local blacksmith,

and then there's the dragons:

my dragon Intruder,

Ashley's dragon Amythest,

Toothless, yes Hiccup the Third's dragon,

and Stormfly, yes Hiccup's girlfriend Astrid's dragon