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Ice Fury
This is a Ice Fury.






10 metres at maximum





Jaw Strength


Shot Limit




Plasma Type

Frosty breath

The Ice Fury is a thoroughly interesting creature that could be related to the Night Fury. The information acquired about these elusive beasties is now being written in the Book of Dragons. Ice Furies are native to the Shivering Shores, however when they were discovered one was brought to Berk to be trained and studied.


As I mentioned earlier the Ice Fury is now being written about in the Book Of Dragons. For a long while it was debated whether or not to put them in the Sharp Class or the Strike Class, so they couldn't be written about. The motives for the debate were simple: They have all the physicle attributes of the Sharp class dragons, Very sharp wings, tail, and tall icicle like spikes lining their spine, but they have extreme intelligence and have a top speed, though they rarely go this fast, of 93 miles per hour (149 kph). Those are, of course, are attributes of the Strike Class. It was then after The Ice Queen tested one of this kind and proved that they have vice-like jaw strength. It was then decided that this dragon had to be put to Strike Class. This dragon was very smart that it even talks to humans if they wanted to using telepathy.


The Ice Furies breath looks very similar to the Skrill's.

The Ice Fury is one of the only dragons that can actually breath Ice, though, from a distance, it looks like Pink fire. The ice actually looks quite similar to the lightning that the Skrill exhales. The Ice Fury's breath is virtually the only defence it has. But most of the time, they fire a Night Fury-like blast that always turn the projectiles to ice.

The Ice Furies roar sounds very similar to the Night Furies. However, it is slightly higher in pitch. The ice Fury is almost as good of a swimmer as it is a flyer. They can't travel nearly as fast in the water as they can in the air (their top speed in water is 30 miles per hour), however they are still excellent at maneuvering and diving. They can hold their breath for approximately ten minutes. The Ice Fury has a very odd tactic for catching fish. First, it will dive into the water, and find a school of small fish no more than two inches long. Then, it will dive down below this school and swim up underneath it. Next, It will blow its breath into the school, thereby trapping several fish in stars, cutting them up ready to eat.

An Ice fury example



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